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QancerClown (EUNE)
: After 5 years of playing this game, I am done.
Agreed with: Balancing Dragons RNG is real, and yes infernal/Mountain are the only ones people give a flip about. I laugh when the enemy team uses teleports and flashes to contest an ocean drake. Plating on Towers being abuseable by champs with higher aa damage/atk speed (IE: Orianna, Fizz, Trynd) You are winning lane as morgana and when you get to yasuos tower your melting it at a snails pace, then you back at your tower only for him to push the wave up and you come back to a tower with 25% of its health left..... the fuck? he just got his farm back in plating! Rewarded for me leaving? lol... Bounty System- Broken as fuckkkkkkkk, you farm well and have a bounty? you oppress the enemy team with higher skill and have bounty? This Bounty system is in place to make games take forever. Jungle - I think we need LESS to think about in the jungle, and haveing to contest scuttle because its so damn valuable is stupid, (100g+river vision). Jungle as it is feels like there are just TOO MANY damn objectives and its hard to know which one you should be securing at any given time. The only thing you can do at this point in the game is do what everyone else does, vertical jungle and try to contest scuttles and pinking herald/dragons. Its lame as fuck, and its predictable for BOTH junglers. This is why the state of the game is the way it is because back in the old days junglers did a full clear and the had a good 1 minute before their shit started respawning to question themselves on what lane they would like to try to gank or sneak into the enemy jungle to fight them. -------------------------------------------------------------- Disagreed with: Rengar Revert being bad, he was in a terrible spot before they gave him his Q aa RESET back. --------------------------------------------------------------- My Own ideas: Meta Change: I would love for there to not even have a meta exist. Play the champ you want to play where you want to play them at. I don't know how this could be a thing, or if it can ever be that utopia... its a nice thought.
: Honestly, Riven, Yasuo, and Sylas are so fcking broken right now that I wouldn't even mind if they just reverted Akali to her un-nerfed rework so that we have a little bit more options to pick so that its actually possible to win games.
: Ironically, Yasuos only weakness is...
lol i do agree with this haha some how the yasuo who fed 0-20 ends up becoming 20-20 and winning lol
: Renekton is really unfun to play against
I saw a post like this a few days ago about Renekton being "OP". He operates in the same fashion Trynd does. Just..... deny.... him.... rage...... Its a really really dumb and simple concept... it means from the start of the game that you see a Renekton, be the first to the lane, because any ren/trynd player knows they need to HIT shit to get fury because they are half a champ without Fury. That is your moment to bully the ABSSSOLUTE SHIT out of him my friend. You arent doing work unless you are making him pay for auto atacking those minions for rage and if he decides to fight you? good, watch him burn that fury just to get a shitty level 2 heal off. I saw maverick mention heal mitigation items, but instead of going that route straight away, try to win the level 1-3 trades so you CAN continue lane dominance. If you can get a kill on him, that 1 item difference could change the next dual between you two as well, or just wait for wave to crash back into your tower, and watch his fury go away again, and rinse repeat the same strategy above yet again on the new wave. TL;DR manage his fury.
: Morgana nerfs: but why?
I feel a lot of people think its a "bad champion design" for a mid lane but look at most of your picks mid. Its a far cry from back in the day when mages ruled the scene. Control mages were 99.9% played mid lane for the control they brought to teams. If you picked an assassin and couldnt snowball you were useless the whole game unless you found a way to get ahead However, fighting against a Morgana isnt hard, nor is it impossible as some of you dim wits put it. It's simply a matter of baiting out skills like you would any other damn champion. Yasuo can do this rather easily, it can be an exciting skill match-up between the two. Zed doesnt give two shits about CCing morg or her black shield, and good luck ever rooting a zed. You guys put so much emphasis on how shes ungankable. Teemo top lane post 6 is? Camille Top lane with E up is? Jax with his Q up is gankable? You guys sound like you have no idea how to wait for an ability or get it baited before trying to gank. Morgana without E is a totally different beast. and she is EXTREMELY vulnerable.
: sylas's weak point is his requirement to be on you. so play in a way that counters that mindset.
Literally, this offered me nothing because I think everyone goes into the lane match-ups with this mindset already. edit: I suppose i should of given you an example of what I mean... ahem... Darius's weak point is his requirement to be on you. So play in a way that counters that mindset.
nm1010 (NA)
: Theory crafting here since I barely play the game nowadays. I would treat him like I do vs Fizz/ekko. Start corrupting and aery/inspiration secondary + defensive stats, aggressively trade with autos while pushing with w. He can't really kill you unless you play like a monkey, corrupting and biscuits will keep you topped off. If he makes the mistake of using mana to trade with you then you will get full lane control. Post level 5 you basically just instantly shove and look for plays on the map. If you feel heavily pressured then opt for a dark seal into protobelt, otherwise beeline for luden's. You out scale him in teamfights unless your team has crazy ults for him so just play for that.
When you say he cant kill you, I am taking into consideration you read my style of play in my TL;DR wall of text. If not I will summarize... I try to stay the fuck away from him unless he goes aggressive.
: morgana early game has mana????
> morgana early game has mana???? yes... about 5 uses of pool and oom levels 3-4.
Shahamut (NA)
: If you were designing Yasuo...
He would literally suck the opposing champions butt and eat his farts, and gain max %HP permanently. The game would revolve around dodging the wind samurai's Q because the more asses and farts he eats he just grows bigger. Eventually he can release that max HP% life he gained as damage back at the enemy (his new ultimate) while retaining 40% of the max HP he had and must continue building the HP stacks up again.
: oh trust me snowball is still here and worse
This is a snowball game so, good? anyway, Low Elo gold and below.... not so much. It's a shitfest of trading bounties until one team wins.
: Ranked Lanes
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Jamaree (NA)
: You aren’t supposed to fight him early though, that is literally his gimmick, all he really is is an early game bully and lacks the damage to move into later tiers of the game, unless fed of course.
Wrong my dude You can actually fight him early but if you go aggressive (which you should). Deny him rage, same tactic really for Tryndamere, be the first to the lane and begin beating his ass the moment he starts trying to build rage (because rage fighters require rage to ((*SHOCKER*)) be effective!). If you dont let him empower abilities you will see he is far less troublesome and if he does decide to empower abilities that means you've hopefully been smacking him that entire time and he is low on the HP and will either heal up or try to go for all in himself. I play top with Trynd when i get filled and I can tell you top vs ren is a rat race to first blood because whoever gets the item lead, can pretty much change the flow of the lane. Ren can be a big bully who you have to cs to out-scale eventually (and you will out-scale because his scaling ratios are trash) or WIN the trade from the get go and have an easy lane. *note* if your jungler doesnt know or understand the commitment that lane will cost you then he is basically not playing his role by supporting you because by going aggressive you become a target for the opposing jungler.... that's the weakness in this strategy.
: Shes designed to lose early and that means by some miracle you're letting her get to 16 when she is designed to powerspike drastically, this is your fault.
Correction, it's his teams fault.... not every one who plays league plays league to win and take objectives like good little children. Some people think once they reach the end game fantasy they are somehow unstoppable. Then they die 1 hit anyway and they still havent gotten a clue.
: Sylas
Sylas buffs were stupid strong for him. He is a true lane bully for just about anyone mind Darius. He has so much up front stick and burst within his combo and being able to begin his combo with a dash W auto and then E shield auto E CC auto Q auto is usually 75% of someones HP. meanwhile my Q+W morgana is like *hah bitch you lost ..... 20 hp.... .....*
: Plz fix the bounty system
everyone complained that this game was "too snowbally" and so now they got rid of snowball in a SNOWBALL GAME and you all bitch for more changes. *facepalm*
: THIS IS LOW KEY BUSTED!!! (Freak the Meta: Urgot Jungle) [League of Lege...
this isnt meta breaking, he has been a capable jungler in the likes of graves forever now, he lacks the quick damage and gap closer to dish it though.
: Let's chat about Aatrox
.... if im not mistaken, steraks gage has a unique interaction with aatrox's ult where the ult is tricked by the low health amount and heals a certain percent but by the time the shield wears off it continues healing because the health pool depleted more giving you a 100% health heal? anyway.. just buy a spirit visage.
: Wait... is Aatrox actually designed the way he SHOULD be?
: umm... i really don't know what to say this this.. nidalee is in the best spot now she has been in over a year... i mean sure there are QOL buffs i would want for her.. but to ask for buffs now.. is kinda.. not really necessary. i mean i still want my 5 second cooldowns back... i still want my % hp traps back. and for the love of god can we have takedown prioritize hunted targets and i desperately want trackers knife back.. but honestly.. nidalee right now... is in quite a good spot especially compared to the vast majority of other junglers that got completely screwed in 8.10.. the changes in 8.11 really helped nidalee get back. the only thing she really has going against her is her hard-counters are also particularly strong {{champion:24}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:131}}{{champion:56}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:86}} but for the most part nidalee is in what i would consider a fantastic spot and based on mastery points (combined between this account and my smurf) i am top 50 nidalee NA and rank 230 worldwide. sooo.. yeah... i really don't think she needs buffs and yes... this name refers to nidalee.. (as well as to cheetah and my birth year) my clan tag is Nidl3 and nidalee is my main and has been since the day i started playing in patch 3.6. right now... nidalee is fine.. believe me.. if she wasn't, you would hear me talking about it.
I just feel like its a weird 'chase your tail' statement to make: > the only thing she really has going against her is her hard-counters are also particularly strong > > but for the most part nidalee is in what i would consider a fantastic spot would this not mean she needs help if her hard counters like Udyr, Jax, Xin are in a much much better spot?
: Wuju Dagger / Wuju Style - Master YI's Wuju Style rework idea
: why does zed exist?
I faced a one trick zed once in ranked, and i made my mind up that with that much power, mobility, and mind game spam.... he has to be fucking banned every, god, damn, game. Regardless of what champ I picked.
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: Thats never gonna happen. The only time Riot will ever give you loss prevention is from something involved on their end.
: Intentionally trolling teamates to lose ranked game.
i just want that loss removed as it really isnt a reflection of an even team game.
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Dadame (NA)
: Ali > Naut clearly
ali's cd's and his ability to choose as engage or disengage set hi apart from nauts pure engage as his disengage is shit because it creates no space gap like ali can.
: Lets talk about how easy it is to get fed as Yasuo AND THEN litterally carry every lane
You're right, most other champs can ult without any setup at all.... what a dumb argument lol
archerno1 (EUNE)
: He has no escapes at all. He is super easy to gank. His damage is magic so MR easily counters him. His Q is slow skillshot, easy to dodge. He doesnt have global map presence. His ulti is low range early and medium late. You can beat him on support role. Easily. With poke champions. You are not supposed to engage on ADC, you engage on Tahm.
your rebuttle was insignificant compared to what the OP appealed to.
: Thoughts on Kai'Sa
and yet she is still garbage
: You might want to look at just how long Yi's CD is for Alpha Strike. Even with maxed AS his Alpha still takes a while to round back to 0 after using it, and let's not mention he has to be in the enemy's faces to AA like a madman for that to happen. (Also Yi players also do not stack CDR, because he's intentionally designed that it's not worth to stack it, and so players are pretty much pushed to use the AS related builds, which in return makes it so CDR stacking won't be a thing for Q, and the only factors will be his AA and R-passive) Yi can only Alpha "every two seconds" when he's downing your teammates 1 by 1 and use the refresh attached on his ulti to continuously use Q. So your suggestions mean a couple things: 1. You don't believe Yi should be rewarded for getting to his mid-late game as a hypercarry, nor do you believe he should be rewarded for snowballing as a hypercarry. 2. Your changes touch on nothing that's actually relevant to the topic you're trying to tackle, whether or not it's a real issue worthy to be tackled. Because his CDR per hit is only a minor player, his R's passive refresh is what POTENTIALLY allows Yi to use Q that often, **IF** he can manage to continuously score takedowns in combat. Again, refer to point #1. .......... Also, making Alpha a dash will literally destroy him. That untargetability is the center balance point for him, that makes his entire existence and design, and the fact he's intentionally made to be over-reliant on Q, work. It's there so that it justifies having him being squishy as all hell despite being a melee character, that he has literally ZERO CC and utility of any sort, high base CD for Q, Q being intentionally overloaded so he has to choose from using it as either gapcloser or trading tool or dps or situational escape at any given moment, and having no real escapes of his own (I mentioned situational escape, because Q offers "escape" ONLY in the form of either running into other but hopefully lesser danger (and also limited because it needs both a unit that is also hostile AND nearby) or you have to pray you kill the enemy so you can leave with head still on the neck), being stuck in a long animation for Q that you have little to no agency over, etc. All of those are tied to a central balance point of untargetability in a delicate manner as the 1 big plus that balances all of the big and small dead weights of Yi's design. And if you just take untargetability away, well, Yi literally becomes trash. And he already is anyway, or at least we're talking about elo where it has any semblance of skill, so imagine where he will be if this change were to go through.
im pretty sure sneaking in an essence reaver into the build nets you at least 30% cdr and any rune can get you that 10% more so when you land a kill the Q is literally off cd. Just get IE + REAVER and satic+phantom for 100% crit against super squishy comps.
Solicitude (EUNE)
: Well, the support is not a babysitter for the ADC. The support also needs to ward, provide cover for the jungler when he tries to deep ward or counter jungler and a lot more things. If you are an ADC, or any other role, and you have no backup, tunnel visioning or pushing without vision is totally your fault. Just accept that the support is not your babysitter.
You are wrong there, the support is the adc's babysitter. Infact to think he isnt, is sort of funny considering how strong the adc game is right now. If you main support, you have the enagage/disengage tools the adc does not have (unless you are ashe). albeit a step aside or some caltrops here and there but thats not really the safety net they need, its the supports tools that keep them from perishing. The moment a support leaves lane what do you think the enemy support/adc do? harass... why? because its free harass.
Kiryu (NA)
: Really, she just is kind of the epitome of the struggle of balancing adcs. They're meant to be tank killers/turret breakers but at the same time, being able to shred a tank usually means being able to burst a squishy as well which generally leads to frustration.
lol i mean they could balance her to do just that, just change the passive a bit to do something like this "silver bolt arrows will deal #-#% true damage based on the 5 enemy teams individual max health pool, while dealing the full damage to the enemy with the highest health and the least amount to the lowest max health enemy." I dont see why this wouldn't work.
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: Kai'sa build
she is absolute trash
1eone1 (NA)
Honestly, it may be painful to do, but if you first buy silver sash, you can shit on him after the wither. THIS is my first buy gainst him top lane using trynd. If he uses wither and pushed up, i just go fucking ham.
: what improvements do you think could be made to her an would you like to hear my ideas?
I don't know, sitting here analyzing why something isn't fun isn't really fun to me either. I guess the fact her Q doesnt prioritize champs? I can't do any cool stuff in lane like E up and Q or walk up Q E out because it just hits minions and pushes my lane (not what i am trying to do). Or most of the time I get caught and have no escape til mid game, and even then its not really much of an escape. I just think she is underwhelming. Also, why does plasma require 5 stacks? like.... i think they did that because of the mechanic that ally CC can add stacks for you but that makes her totally shit solo without guinsoos, she has to take guinsoos if she wants to be effective, and just effective, not great.
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: Devourer Shaco?
i have alot of people laugh when they see my build but i build almost identical to adc... 1. Shiv 2. IE 3. Zerker Greaves 4. Phantom Dancer 5. Last Wish 6. Hydra I do this for two reasons.... This build is ideal for split pushing towers, and its also ideal for 100-0ing squishy adc/ap carrys. I do not like bruiser/tanky shaco at all There are some games and enemy team comps where team fighting on Shaco is completely viable.. by this I mean you can Q in and take out two people or kill the adc get away or kill the adc and make the team chase you wasting precious time. If the team comp is not a viable fight for shaco you can split push lanes like crazy still and still find openings to kill off carrys. I dont get tri force because the stats that benefit shaco the most are actually less and considering shacos base AD is actually pretty terrible since nerfs years ago trinity doesnt feel like a top dog on him. Yes he benefits from every stat but the IMPORTANT stats imo are atk speed, crit, damage.... assassination. the tri will help you a bit with an upfront q burst but that is also what hydra is there for... just q in hit hydra+auto attack -> shiv and they are dead... oh... throw in ignite if they are not dead for some reason... then when team sees you save ult for team abilties to dodge it similar to Yi. edit: I do not FULLY UPGRADE the machette past rangers..... fyi... ;) i sell it as soon as i see fit.
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: Hey, jungle mains: How do I jungle
Uhm, it depends on your champ but I reached silver 1 last season and hit promos 6 times and lost them all to trolls :D I mained shaco a ton last season but you really have to know your shit and the tricks he can do... for other junglers it goes the same way... know their tricks.... every champ has a specific kit good for doing something and there is always usually something they can do with their kit to give them an early advantage. Counter jungling helps to keep your jungle opponent low on levels so if your not counter jungling a strong duelist jungler like jax, or yi, then you could be burying your team later. Here are a few things you need to do as jungler imo... #1. Map awareness... you should be doing camps while literally staring at your map. If you see bot is mid of the lane fighting do a quick click check the health of the enemy team. also... first clear you take warding trinket to check for enemy counter jungler at your red/blue ready to smite ur buff and try to make an attempt on your life (looking at you kha zix, shaco). If your champion is not the best at sustaining life to continue farming and looking for a gank now is the time to base and grab your upgraded jungle item as well as turn in your trinket ward for the sweeping totem. Why? This is why.. before you go to gank a lane the biggest part of failure is not knowing if the enemy knows your coming. example... enemy team is on red side and wards that tiny bush in mid river bot side. You walk close enough begin sweeping and it disables the ward as if the time on the ward has completed. This is obvious though that its being sweeped if they are smart enough to keep track of ward time on their own trinket but lets get serious 99.9% do not. After sweeping you can freely kill the ward and they wont know your there THAT is when you make your move. I know ping spam is annoying as hell when its being done to you but assume your team is full of downsyndrome's and they wont hear it the first 4 times. Ping spam what your planning and show them your commiting and hope to god they commit as well... if not back off.. and (usually I would never come back to this lane but that is actually a toxic characteristic im currently trying clear from myself) let them know next time to fully commit. sometimes if you see tons of pressure being applied to one of your lanes you can make an attempt to balance it by helping them in the lane and putting pressure through simply dealing damage to his enemy laner. This sometimes will not result in a kill but could very well set the advantage back in your allies hands. If a lane is 0-3 and they are the type of player to not learn their lesson and keep feeding the enemy you have to give the lane up and ask for mid or bot to assist you in ganking that lane. Do not risk giving up a double kill and if no one is willing to team up on that fed guy then you have to let the lane die, sorry. While ganking is an important aspect so is keeping up in levels.... do not forget to take camps as you roam up and down the map. You should be able to stay the same level as bot lane at least and never be below your support and adc. infact if your playing someone like Udyr you can actually out level your mid/top. It is alot to keep in mind and if your mid is getting ganked and he isnt warding ask him and i say ASK him if buying him wards from YOUR own pocket will help him or not because if you make the choice to spend 200g on pinks or 150 on greens and he still gets ganked its money that was better spent somewhere else... although your role is technically second support of the overall team by giving up vision.. if they tunnel vision too hard for the wards to be worth it then really all you can do is use the wards to counter gank and camp the enemy jungler because you know he will show up. wow.......... this is fucking disorganized as shit. edit: I just want to say if your ganks are successful you made up the lost time you spent ganking instead of farming because champion kills count towards alot of experience. I think it is % based? Can someone clarify? I remember i was level 5 udyr after getting blue stolen from invade in the beginning and having my red stolen after i based.... so i literally had no buffs right out the gate but later i got 3 kills and I went back to farming and noticed i was above level over my bot lane and 1 level under my top... i was 1 below them before ^-^
Aroph (NA)
: pleaes nerf lee sin
not only that but for some reason with just two defensive items he was able to tank an entire fed team and just destroy us..... It didnt make any sense i had 4 defense items and a stacked devourer how the FUCK was he annihilating me.
: So when is easymode Ahri getting nerfed?
this, she is all early game and roam and hope to do something. cuz mid and late especially she does no damage.. its a joke xD
SIayton (NA)
: I'm at Diamond elo lol. This statement has come through observation climbing from Bronze since season 3. There's seriously like an 80% chance Kush Masta Dank or Dubzzzz is going to suck major dicks if you get one in your game.
I just told this to my friend the other day and i just started playing ranked this season in silver 5.... wow
: They don't really wish to because that's actually his core identity. He was designed and meant to be an AA procing machine in the first place you see. Removing proc'ing on WW is like removing spell visions from Lee, they just won't. Problem is Riot, they shouldn't have introduced %hp proc'ing or nonsense like that onto items in the first place. It's in the end, not really WW's fault. And yes, against WW, you build mostly magic resistance and HP if you're trying to tank him. Or you can just get more team awareness and kill/cc (knockback/up, silence and stun all work if I am not wrong) him when he suppresses himself during his ulti too.
how is it hard to spend 1250 gold for a QSS? my god the wood 5 edit: not to mention it builds into something even more useful for AD caster/ADC with magic resist and Attack Damage making it worth keeping all game. It helps tank his damage NOT ulting too.
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