Tarlanor (NA)
: Can supports get more downtime between shields? Windows of vulnerability where Assassins can go in
How about just make Lethality/Magic Pen deal bonus damage to shields? It would give assassins a bonus without completely ruining the viability of shield supports.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ok sure but why,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ogrAKGQI,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-25T03:00:03.686+0000) > > Trust me, the new players are even worse lmao We've all been new players. No such thing as a player who was never new. Do you want people to grow toxic from the very start because they're first impression is guaranteed to be with someone who should've just been banned?
The only reason people are "toxic" is because they're playing Ranked, and they get mad that their team is full of new players that fuck 19 of their LP and 30 minutes of their lives, over and over and over. If they're playing unranked and with new players, then that won't be a problem! And if you're talking about the kind of "toxic" that implies them actually trolling matches, then yeah, these players are a lot worse. They won't even notice, because a Tahm x Anivia duo locking the ADC in base all game will just make sure that ADC goes 0/0/0 instead of 0/11/0.
: The absolute worst feeling
The worst feeling is losing your parents when a fire burns your house down
1uNo (NA)
: Speculation About The Next Champion. LuL
: > [{quoted}](name=Ok sure but why,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ogrAKGQI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-25T02:57:16.870+0000) > > Instead of banning, they should just reset people to level 1 tbh That doesn't do a thing except make them the new players problem.
Trust me, the new players are even worse lmao
: Oh, lethal tempo is a good idea. I took glacial augment. Built a Bork though, that was my first item, then nashors tooth and berserk greaves but it was over by then
Nearly every tank is good with Lethal Tempo, Rageblade and Titanic Hydra tbh {{champion:54}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:19}}
: An idea regarding money spent on banned accounts
Instead of banning, they should just reset people to level 1 tbh
: "My teamates suck"
Same tbh, I could look at every one of my past losses and recite exactly who decided to waste my LP and time
: “Sorry I’m banning your declared champion, but...”
But I've played Lethal Tempo Braum Top before and carried hard fym {{champion:201}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3153}}
Terozu (NA)
: Ok then you should probably know that the purple shield is called a magic damage shield not a spell shield. Spell shield refers to the period in which you are immune to cc. And dealing more damage than the magic damage shield does not disable their immunity to cc. Alistar dealing enough damage to get rid of the purple shield will not allow him to then cc. You still have to wait until the animation is over for the accompanying spell shield to go away. If they were the same thing Camille's passive would be broken af mid lane.
After breaking her shield with his W He could then CC her with his Q Because cc immunity only lasts as long as the shield does {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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: I am tired of being discredited for my work I put in as Zyra.
When you play Zyra and brag about dealing a shit ton of damage
Terozu (NA)
: If you mean what i think you mean, you're saying destroy the shield by doing enough damage right?
Terozu (NA)
: That doesnt disable the spel shield only the magic damage shield.
Maybe try using some common sense to understand what I just said
: Oh, Whats on the PBE Today? Oh, Dr. Mundo, What's He...
{{item:3076}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3165}} oh noooo what ever shall we do
: This game is designed such that damage outscales defense. It isn't really surprising that base damage outscales base defense.
At this point, it's not. That doesn't mean a lot of people are gonna be unhappy about it.
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: You realize most of tanks damage comes from being in the fight longer? If you have no defensive stats, then of course they're gonna do damage to you with their base damage. If tanks had 0 damage then why would anyone play them? You could just walk around them and ignore them, so no body would play tanks. This goes back to a topic I made a few hours ago. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/MrW8ky5z-sometimes-i-wonder-if-the-people-who-complain-about-champion-x-stop-and-ask-themselves-this?comment=0000 You play Yas, I could argue that he needs one of the many things trimmed from his Kit. Maybe like not getting his shield back automatically when he ults. Maybe you need to play tanks to understand how to play against them. Furthermore eventually tanks get shredded by ADCs (even Yas). They are also easy to kite. Shit Yas's ult gives him 50% bonus Armor pen for 15 (FIFTEEN) Seconds.
You could easily turn that point around to, "If you have no offensive stats, then of course their gonna out-live you with their base defenses." Except, while ADC's have to constantly do everything they can to kite away a tank for an extended period of time to win, all Maokai needs to do is root his way to you before whailing his full high-CC, high-base-damage burst on you before healing back up, waiting a few seconds and doing it again, all whilst either his CC keeps you from dealing any damage in return, or while his Thornmail is whittling you down just as quickly. If tanks had 0 damage, they would be used for their CC instead! {{champion:12}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:113}} If these assholes are building full tank, their ridiculous amount of CC should be enough to make them strong in teamfights. If they wanna build damage, then they deserve to do damage, just like everyone else! But no one should have it both ways.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: If assassins kill ADCs, and supports avoid that to happen...
Unless Ali goes full AP and cucks Morg's shield with his W before knocking him up
: they did actually, which is probably why mana is being nerfed IMO. assasins cant roam without 1/3 of their tower being gone before they get back. then an assassin that cant roam is pretty lackluster being that they usually require lots of kills. it gives pretty little incentive to decide to take an assassin over an AP-based waveclear/objective based champ. other then really looking cool though.
Well, what a shame I didn't start maining this bird half a year ago, instead of last week.
Ramaero (NA)
: Talon should NOT be reverted,slight update or rework perhaps,but not reverted,he is not Rengar or LB
I've wanted the old Talon back ever since they reworked him I miss the old talon so much
: theyre nerfing mana because OP waveclear
Didn't they rework Luden's Echo solely to help Lux's waveclear, though? Like, literally a month ago or something?
: its actually lots easier to get to level 30 now then it was before, so you're actually getting players significantly newer in ranked. therefore they aren't dumb as people (which a low IQ would imply), they just make dumb decisions or aren't mechanically the best due to inexperience.
Well, when someone dies outside of tower 7 times in a row, and when you tell them to simply stop leaving tower to avoid inting harder, and they decide to think you're WRONG and continue to do it, they must be moronic and beyond hope for learning.
: no. playing 100 questions *just to play a video game* is a terrible thing for league. in fact you don't need a high IQ to know "this person is stronger then me, I shouldn't fight", or to know in what situations to do what. that's all experience, not smarts. also people getting pissed and flaming each other has absolutely nothing to do with their IQ.
If you don't need a high IQ to simply not fuck up so hard, then that says something about someone that consistently does. Especially if they've played long enough to reach level 30.
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Ventura (NA)
: What if Janna's Instant Q was just a slow that scaled into a knockup with charge time
: > [{quoted}](name=Ok sure but why,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BBzAlK4r,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-23T21:44:01.995+0000) > > Man, I even got a Rioter to admit that the crit damage was the best rune to take! > > They gave League the whole Destiny 2 treatment with how oversimplified everything's become. I like having the 5 trees, but they never had to combine Runes and Masteries just to achieve it! I agree with this so much, having more trees is good but having less choices and points to spend? Afraid not. And yes, they shouldn't have combined Runes & Masteries into one thing, it makes it way too oversimplified. We basically don't have any variation in our stats given anymore, not to mention no choice in what stats we gain what-so-ever. Before the entirety of stats was left for us to choose via runes, and there were more stats to choose from too. We also had the choice between flat stats and scaling stats. As for masteries part 4/2 is way too dumbed down compared to having 30 points to spend on whatever you want.
Yeah, they should have never put any raw stats in these new "Runes," like Gathering Storm, Eyeball Collection, the Legends, the Hunters, Conditioning, or any of that! They should have given us nothing but the cool passive perks like Triumph, Sudden Impact and Transcendence instead! Gathering Storm could have just been dished out as "x AD per 10 minutes" runes, and let us keep that special customization to ourselves! They also assumed we were complete sheep when they tuned champs to balance it out. "Oh yes, these tank supports ALWAYS took full armour rune pages, so let's give them more armour!" How'd they know I didn't prefer a full AD rune page when I play Thresh for the sick Flays? Gosh!
Jbels (NA)
: I love the name of your thread because of how your username clashes with it when looking at it among the other threads
: Game item could work as scaling one like guinsoo or bramble vest .
They'd have to make it 15% damage per 20% at that point to balance out how much of a complete nerf it would otherwise be
: > [{quoted}](name=Ok sure but why,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BBzAlK4r,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-23T21:30:59.431+0000) > > I miss my 45% bonus critical damage page I used to have one of those too! Everyone said it wasn't worth buying them but if you got into late game with crit you basically wrecked everything. xD I miss being able to be unique and have choices.
Man, I even got a Rioter to admit that the crit damage was the best rune to take! They gave League the whole Destiny 2 treatment with how oversimplified everything's become. I like having the 5 trees, but they never had to combine Runes and Masteries just to achieve it!
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: Anyone else miss the ol'
I miss my 45% bonus critical damage page
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: hay man i play rank to have fun so stfu
: Hint: My kit revolves around pressing a button and running at a guy. {{champion:77}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:10}} Hint2: Most of my damage is auto attacks. {{champion:77}}{{champion:2}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:10}} Hint3: I have one ability that has minor CC. {{champion:2}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:10}} Hint4: I am a melee champion {{champion:2}} {{champion:10}} Hint5: I do need a rework {{champion:2}} {{champion:10}} Hint6: I can jungle {{champion:2}}
: Guess what champion I am
: Dear riot, I have a 30% winrate in bronze V
Now if a Silver player said "Stop matching me with Bronze players," the comments would be filled with "BUT I SEARCHED YOU ON OP.GG AND YOU HAD A BAD GAME ONCE LOLOL DOWNVOTED"
: Dear riot, I have a 30% winrate in bronze V
: Quality of Life Change to Champ Select
why would anyone be inspired to downvote this lmao what the fucking fuck
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: OK sure but why?
> [{quoted}](name=The Lord Cookie,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tnEcINbi,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-04-22T06:56:34.721+0000) > > OK sure but why? please guess
: Ability Draft - Pick your abilities
I think it would be cool, so long as they match the base champion with at LEAST his passive. I think {{champion:202}}P, {{champion:222}}Q, {{champion:2}}W, {{champion:36}}E, and {{champion:2}}R would be pretty funny.
: Syndra's passive should be changed into a series of Quests
Maybe we could periodically spawn in little chimes around the map for her to pick up to increase her power!
: most hilariously op gameplay interaction ive ever seen
I see a fellow scholar has just noticed something that has existed for over two years, now!
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: Garen pls stop that
You can never balance a training-wheels champ
Auccuatt (NA)
: What is your favorite counterpick and why?
{{champion:34}} into {{champion:77}} He just tries walking up to you, and you're just like, "Nooo, this is my safe space"
Invidie (NA)
: "There's no such thing as a counter when you're skilled enough with a champion." - Chermorg
: Don't think the people involved with physical merchandise have anything whatsoever to do with game balancing.
Yeah, but they sure seem to get paid a whole lot more lmao
Lutique (NA)
: Riot please, we need the ability to avoid games with premade groups
But that won't directly help them sell skins! Are you insane??
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