: thats like saying yasuo gaining flow or gnar gaining rage while dead.
yasuo does though when he respawns
: shy should gain rage while dead
: As far as I'm aware, you do get punished for rank shaming of any kind.
wELL aPpArEntLy NoT! Because I have to deal with the 0/9/1 support going afk as he google's everyone's rank in around 50.8074534% of my ranked games.
Heretics (EUW)
: LvL cap means nothing.
: actually kayn's still quite mediocre early and his shadow form is pretty decent but yeah red form is fucking brutally stronk. i've straightup had like 27:1 KDAs on rhaast and usually like 3:1 or 3.50:1 on shadow form. I'd be totally cool with rhaast getting a bit of tuning down so long as they dont gut base kayn or shadow form alongside it.
I don't know why I have such an easy time with Shadow Kayn than Rhaast, when everyone else is saying how the opposite should be true
Rioter Comments
: Why is literally trolling in game so easy to get away with?
Riot's too busy banning people for typing "SHYVANNA WHY WOULD YOU EVEN BOTHER PINGING??!?"
: allow remakes under a second condition
But then the trolls would have to purchase an item when they want to ruin my ranked games! Oh, the humanity!
: do they have any balance team at all? Or imbalance team?{{champion:64}}
Gotta sell that God Fist Lee Sin somehow
: His scalings aren't good, his early is just so strong that they don't matter as much.
No champion should be "Strong early and weak late" tbh
: Im not exactly sure, but i think blitz's ult cancels all charge or channel with a .25 second silence. so it might cancel mundo's ult? not too sure about that
: 1. There's 0 chance you're actually gonna dodge "every" E. And it only takes one to burst someone down to at least 50% health. 2. She can cast it freely during her Q and basic attacks. This means attacking her or using any ability with a cast time will allow her to land the stun while simultaneously not skipping a beat in dishing out DPS. 3. The "priming" of it is fast af (0.25s, the exact same as average human reaction time) so in melee range it's more on the side of Irelia missing it than you dodging it (granted you can slightly fake out by sidestepping constantly when she tosses the first one to create a 50/50 guess scenario). It feels fair to play against at a distance since you can react to the blades being tossed out. In melee range it's an atrocious 50/50 if you really spam back and forth movement. But let's be real, what Irelia doesn't abuse the instantaneous activation of melee range E? Every good Irelia will always Q to a minion near you before tossing the second blade down which instantly begins the 0.25s timer. --- Also the damage reduction is actually 50% unlike what Atmosphere said. This is at rank 1 of the ability. I don't think we can really compare hers to Warwick's though since they serve different kits, but Irelia's does have the plus of ignoring CC during the channel.
As much as I agree with this, I don't know why everyone says "____ is immune to cc during the channel," when it's just the aura/effect around them that doesn't get cancelled That's like saying Dr. Mundo is immune to cc during his ult because cc doesn't make the ult stop
Stratixx (NA)
: Unbalanced skins in gameplay
And Pulsefire TF's ult hardly makes any noise over the enemy and has a bland, unnoticeable symbol over enemy players
DeusVult (NA)
: no, that was shen w
: wanna know a big difference ? gambling depends on local laws you have to be 18/21 and you sit face to face with others treat someone like people do in league at a poker table with $ at stake you most likely gonna get your teeth knocked down your throat if not shot later on after you leave the table. cant hide behind a keyboard/monitor and oh we are dealing with adults who learned to not treat others like shit
And IF you're gambling with partners (if that's a thing; I don't gamble so idk), you can be sure your partner isn't an actual 8-year-old wearing a fake mustache who goes all-in with all your money when he gets a junk hand
: Why is kaisa allowed to be so busted
and here I am playing full ap Kennen adc
: Man, this 'Boards' must be a very bipolar person. We should get them some help.
: because the people on pbe dont know how to play the game half the time ever since they made it open to everyone so your sample size would basically be just some random bronze-silver games
Oh, dear goodness! More people would be able to give feedback? Oh, the humanity!
Rioter Comments
: Healer Support
Depends if your adc is an absolute caveman or not
: It just depends on how you have fun. My definition of "fun" changes every moment, depending on my mood. Some days, when I want to feel good about myself, I hop on my main, Yi and play for KDA. When I end up feeding or the game goes bad, it's not "fun" anymore for me. But usually I'm decent, so even if I lose the game, I get to kill people, so I'm still happy. Sometimes, I just want to meme, I pick Jarvan with Aery and build AP, trying to stack up "swag flag kills". I normally lose, but I get to have fun for a bit during the early parts of the game when I do get those. It's especially more fun if my ADC messes around with me, it's normal blind pick after all. When they flame me and leave me alone to solo bot lane, it's no longer "fun" for me. Or just a pick that I have 0 idea how to play even after nearly 30 games (Kayn) but I just like playing. When I get to play that champ, I'm having fun, even when I feed. Back in the old days, I was a tryhard, so watching the elo (it was a number back then) increase was my "fun". Losing and watching that number drop made it not "fun". Of all the 3, the first is somewhat controllable (if you're at least decent on mechanics, you will get kills on Yi in most cases - but bad macro may still lose you the game). This goes with a lot of situations where the complaints "I won lane but lost the game" come from, but as long as I won lane, I am usually happy enough. 2nd is all about perspective, which is 100% on you as well, if you feel like you're having fun, you won't mind doing badly. 3 however, is what most people describe about their "fun", which is where all the frustration comes from because you obviously cannot control your win/loss (or else everyone would have 100% win rate which is statistically impossible anyway), so you feel frustrated that you can't have your fun of gaining elo.
Yeah, but when I'm playing Ranked, I'm gambling my time, energy and free will for a match where my teammate DOESN'T got AP Jarvan and "lose but hey I'm having fun report this guy for flaming xd"
: life is a gamble. your mother guesses who's least likely to beat her your father tries to pull out your doctor hopes he doesnt get sued your birth is based on science that hasn't been proven. genetics are 50/50 upbringing is based on demographics out of your control appearance determines success in life personality is built on experience economy could tank at any moment the planet could fall out of orbit and sink into the sun no one knows how old the sun or earth is space can't be experienced by the common man religion is so old that no one knows what's true of false gpa is based on averages. averages are based on teachers ability to teach students students choice of school is based on the location they live and their financial standing parents overrule choices of the children and when you graduate elementary school you have to pick a profession you've never heard of that could be dead by the time you're able to work spend all highschool setting yourself up financially for the future if you fail you spend the next 20 years making up for it if you choose to go to college you spend the next 4 years ruining your financial gains by investing in the job market when you've settled on a career you move and potentially cant find work then you do the same thing your parents did. then you hope you have a decent life. ultimately you die and hope you get rewarded for your efforts. life is a gamble.
: Really? Someone ruining your league game makes you feel weak, embarrassed and like a loser in front of your peers? It’s really not at all the same. You can walk away from this game and still maintain a healthy mental state. Being shoved in a locker or physically bullied at a school.. hmm... don’t think it’s that easy. It’s a game. Some people are not going to take it as seriously as you, and there’s nothing you can do about that.
That's why we beg Riot to ban these mother fucking mother fuckers. Send them back to Norms, at the very least. Keep Ranked for the people that want to climb, so the only challenge they have to face is the enemy.
: This is true... if you only have fun when you're winning. One of the things that has always baffled me about the playerbase is the people who act like it's only fun to win. Yeah, it's *more* fun to win, pretty much always, but if I didn't enjoy the game when losing, I wouldn't play. That's basically half the time. I would much prefer to play something where I could fun *all* the time, or at least the vast majority.
Because unless they're an absolute caveman, anyone who loses a match knew that match was 90% against their favour. As they watch their teammates do everything they can to make sure they don't win. And you have to keep realizing this harsh truth every time they go in, die, die, die, die, feed, int, and int again. If you're able to find joy in that, then there isn't a single thing in this world you can complain about. "Starving children in Africa? Sounds bad... if you only enjoy stuffing your fat face all day long." "Homeless and unemployed? Sounds bad... if you only enjoy expensive mansions." "Molested as a child? Sounds bad... if you only enjoy wrapping yourself up in 17 layers of bubble wrap when you go outside." Like, what the fuck. No one enjoys any of that. This isn't a Princess and the Pea story. You don't need to be a stuck-up snob to hate when inting teammates waste your time and effort. There's a middle-ground between "winning" and "inting teammates putting you through actual torture," but they'll NEVER meet you there. That's why it fucking sucks.
zoliking (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MrFawknSunshine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hk7Rdczh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-07T03:12:03.270+0000) > > yet with gambling i can actually win $$$ > > so i say its better then league You do realize that the point of gambling is that most people doing it lose money, right?
Yeah, and most people that play League have their time completely wasted by their inting teammates who make it impossible for them to even enjoy themselves.
: how to learn new champions
Even better, 1. Queue up for ranked 2. Feed out your ass 3. Say "lol first time report my adc for flaming xd"
Rioter Comments
: I will not be returning to this game.
I just had a 5/15 wuk jungle who would dive in, ult the tank, then cancel the ult immediately after every single time
: New evelynn ... sucks, shes too Slow I want Old Eve Back!
: That sion nerf is absolutely useless
And here I am still building him full lethality support
: The mission is meant for the current Worlds event, which starts tomorrow.
Sukishoo (NA)
: That I don't know as you should have gotten it at level 200. Might try submitting a support ticket.
I'll give it an hour or something.
Rioter Comments
Sukishoo (NA)
: You get them all the way to Level 500.
Then what in the hell damn happened to my Legend 8 emote?
: But then we would have a problem: if I get poked by a lux support, get MR, I would have nothing to face her Draven ADC, for example. When you stop to think about the scenarios, the whole adaptative armor/mr concept becomes tricky.
That's why you wouldn't auto attack the lux support first
Rioter Comments
: How adptative Armor and MR would/will work?
It's usually based on how much of each type of damage a certain champion dealt all game aka cam would get a physical shield against full crit malzahar
: Duelist Junglers
: That's not what I meant. I mean that I get to a 99% full essence meter, and then it refuses to fill to 100%, for an undetermined amount of time.
Anìmê (NA)
: Yes to an extent. He gets less evolutions percentage early on and more later. It is pretty significant.
I thought they changed that to be vice-versa a while back
: @Riot: Please say you'll eventually include Medivh's Poly Bomb as an ultimate
So basically Varus's ult but not a skillshot and even more crippling
SatomiKun (EUW)
: For the general game? That wouldn't work, since some champions just synergise better with specific runes than others. For example, Shyvana can abuse press the attack greatly thanks to her Q. If you balance without these in mind, then balance in general goes down the drain.
That's because Riot creates and balances champions around runes and summoner spells! That's the problem!! Sheen items have the same problem -- forcing champions to play around it. I would LOVE to play Rageblade+Lethal Tempo Camille, but since she's been forced to be a spellblade bruiser, that's just not a viable option. The same goes with Skarner! If a champion is allowed to be absurdly overpowered **solely** because she's only good when her flash is up{{champion:1}}, then we've reached a flaw in design.
: Can we change twitch stealth back to how it used to be?
I agree with you, but not because it's too good now, but because I miss how fun it was before
: Curious How Popular This Idea Is...
Personally, every champion should be _balanced_ around the idea that spells and runes don't exist
: "Mini" Rework idea that could make Trynd less stat check, but better in fights.
Rioter Comments
: Am I Boosted? (Do I get carried enough to get to Plat)
Srbonator (EUNE)
: rito wants you to suffer
i learn that when i play ranked but THIS is just out of control
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