FuQueue (NA)
: In the jungle you must wait....
until the dice read five or eight. If you get stuck being a jungler, be a protective jungler, farm, ward, and countergank. Gragas, and Reksai are fairly good. Can get out of trouble easily with their mobility, clear reliably and safely, and are fine as pure tank if you don't do well. If you get stuck supporting it's a bit more complicated. You need two things, lane presence and the ability to NOT die during laning phase. Lane presence means being positioned so your ADC can last hit and you can counter-harass or threaten if they try to piss off your ADC. Against kill lanes (Leona, Blitz) or even just strong laning things (Draven, Thresh, Sona) keeping your distance and possibly letting them push you into tower (or if your ADC is hard pushing, help them) being in the middle of the lane against these champions tends to be the worst. The general rules for picking your support is 1) Can my ADC push early? Y - defensive tank support like Braum/Alistar work for living through most lanes that your ADC is already strong in early. N - Supports with some early push/poke to help them farm like Karma, Lulu can help alleviate their biggest weakness (careful of all-ins) 2) If the enemy lane mainly Poke? Sustain supports like Soraka, Sona, Nami and even Janna (shield timing) can be phenomenal. 3) Fuck the lane, I'm roaming? Blitz, Alistar, Thresh, Bard, can win other lanes pretty quickly and hopefully translate that down to smash the bottom laner.
: When the hell is AD itemization getting nerfed?
*grabs cane* I remember the jokes about ADC's I remember when ADC's did nothing but kill objectives... I remember seeing mid-lane mages, top lane bruisers, and jungle assassins carry games... Now I see nothing but *darkness*... fuck off Nocturne.... You either carry the game by 20 minutes... or see yourself become a support.
: So, on the PBE Galio's W now also deals damage
Riot: Hmm Galio's winrate isn't so good. Phreak: Tons of damage. Riot: Good idea, give him more damage.
Feathermane (EUNE)
: Every mastery gets bitched about except the worst one
I hate it in ARAM, but on SR it's fine, it's main strength is on Team fight tanks in the late game as they get a huge amount of health back if your team starts knocking people down meaning the first team to start winning a fight smashes the fight. However, fairly low impact overall outside of large team fights. I want it nerfed for ARAM though, 15% missing health heal to pretty much the entire enemy team each death is insane.
Penns (EUW)
: So "Hexdrinker is a lot better than Seekers because mages outscale assassins" - Riot
Hexdrinker builds into Maw of Malmortius, which for assassin's is significantly worse slot-wise than a Zhonya's is for an AP Carry. To the "Mages outscale assassins" This isn't entirely true, they just do very different things late game. Mages tend to team fight, assassin's tend to split-push/make picks. --- Then you have Kassadin.
: Would you play an MMORPG based around Runeterra's lore?
ROFL. No. This game has *STORIES*, not fleshed out close to reasonable lore. Some of the stories are damn good (Gangplank event a while back), even Braum's mini-comic story was fantastic, but they're as poorly interconnected as a Twilight fan-fic written after drinking too much scotch.
: Lvl 34 today and Gues WHAT !?
Has *ANYONE* in the entire *WORLD* hit level 50 yet? Christ this systems been out a week and you've already leveled FOUR times.
: For how impactful runes are and how hard it is to change them, it's crazy that we only get 2 pages
Guess that post button took 6 years. Clearly is complaining about the original format.
: I never see these champions being played anymore
In the past week, I've seen all of those except Zilean Support. (Technically the Heimer I saw was top lane)
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: Riot, did you really lie about orange essence?
Previously, the only way to obtain Orange Essence was the chests you had to open with keys. Those still exist even if the overall value of each chest you open is reduced from what it was originally. On top of that, for each level you get access to chests that you can open without a key. More than likely the system is designed to emphasize champion shards for the majority of the levels were in, this is because if you started a new account and made it to 30 you would still have very few champions. It makes sense for the next 20~ levels to pretty much only give champion shards still to help you fill out your account since without Runes, only your champion pool is a limiting factor. Once people start hitting the 50/75/100 milestone, I'd expect a significant increase in skins/cosmetics to crop up as those are times where anyone reaching that point should have gotten a large quantity of champions unlocked already. TLDR: I doubt many people have more than a 2~3 levels so far, and skins EVERY level would be hilariously insane.
: Kleptomancy is amazing.
The rune is one of my favorites. It gives resources for trading in lane consistently, and tapers off in the later game where those quick trades are less prevalent. I do however, forsee a sizable nerf towards it because of Ezreal (less so GP) because he can make benefit of it the entire game, and is almost abusive with it in lane.
Escheton (EUW)
: If adc get +24% dmg from runes, +20% from 1 item, and 250% from crits. How do Tanks tank?
: ***
Back in my day you could only build six items. *Except that annoying Lone Druid*
: On the option to sell the sack of gold item which you get from Kleptomancy
60 is the "halfway" point. A 50/50 gamble is actually fantastic compared to most casino's that are heavily favored towards the house. Also, Kleptomancy is the "Oh god my inventory is full" so using it is encouraged so if you get a situational (oracle's etc) elixir it's not auto-used.
: It is going to take forever to unlock 6300 champs now. Roughly every 150 games played.
You expected them to actually put in place a system that further benefits you? Hahahahahahahahah... *deep breathe* Oh you're serious? let me laugh even harder. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n5E7feJHw0
Yenn (NA)
: Enemy Trynd just backdoored and took inhibitor + 2 turrets + nexus in ~20 seconds without wave @ 30
I liked this Dragon Ball Z episode, 20 seconds of combat in 4 episodes.
Éthàn (NA)
: Just a lil confused about preseason
Don't worry, within a few weeks (if not days [if not hours {if not already}]) there will be a similar thing for every champion telling you which is being used most effectively. Until then, try stuff out, maybe you'll end up somehow innovating the next thing.
: > [{quoted}](name=Old Man Teeto,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Y0ydr1TG,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-04T16:58:03.462+0000) > > Does it pull tower aggro now? (If so they probably did the trundle treatment of 1 true damage) I thought they made CC in general pull aggro
Terrain like Trundle Pillar and Anivia Wall, didn't actually *do* anything to champions directly, so the AI for a tower to swap and attack them when it got used to cut off an escape wasn't occuring, so they made Trundle Pillar deal 1 true damage to everything it touches to make it pull aggro. Dunno if they made that change to Anivia, don't see Articuno too often past few years.
: Why is there never a middle ground between obnoxious burst and obnoxious tanks?
Riot has that month'ish period where bruisers are strong each year. Then everyone screams "Tank Meta" for some weird reason and we get overbuffed ADC's for six months.
: They HAVE slightly changed her displacement effect because now I actually get assists when enemies touch the wall. :D
Does it pull tower aggro now? (If so they probably did the trundle treatment of 1 true damage)
: Apparently going 18/1/17 as Jhin on Aram doesn't give an S
Kill participation? Damage % for team? For ARAM, you need near 100% Kill Participation for S's on most non-frontline champions. Also, 35~40% of total team damage. My guess is you played *TOO* defensive, ended the game with a ton of extra gold (or were on the field with your starting item for over half the game), your team members did a large amount of the damage and you got a lot of last hits.
: Jarvan is a diver with extremely high tank stat and cannot be cancel dash
: I wonder if Riot is preparing for the coming storm....
I'm ready to stomp out them weasels on patch launch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k76IGLi6jWI
: PBE Balance changes to champions are NOT based on optimal runes as RIOT said they would be.
Riot *WANTS* to break the game. They *WANT* the game to be a shit-show of balance for the next 12 months. They *WANT* to pidgeon hole you into Rune/Item builds. It's how they as a company have *ALWAYS* been. If you don't like it, tough, ain't gonna change. Riot isn't trying to make a balanced game, they're doing the opposite, an inbalanced crazy cesspool game with rapidly swinging doors to champions and strategies. The second you think you've remotely figured out the game, they *WANT* to change it.
: Why are there so many AD bruisers but almost no AP bruisers?
I'd argue that Cassio, Ryze, and Aurelion Sol are AP Bruisers. All three tend to build several defensive items, aren't really heavy bursters, and don't have great zone control. Rumble is played a lot, and Mordekaiser has seen a fair shake, Vlad falls in and out of meta, but Singed has had a sudden resurgence. Seems to be a good amount to me, perhaps our definitions are different.
: brainstorm how to kite away an olaf when he ults
Olaf does not "one shots everyone through my shields." and if he IS, he's so squishy just turn and burn. If Olaf is THAT far ahead that he can live and deal that level of damage, than pray there's a wall to flash over.
: Can anyone tell me why Morde gets a free dragon
Why does{{champion:41}} ult have upgrades? Why does {{champion:429}} ult let the one she grabs choose how they're thrown? Why does {{champion:86}} have a villian mechanic? Why does {{champion:516}} let his whole team get an upgraded item? Because Ghost Dragon's are freaking cool and unique to him.
: I'm pretty disappointed in the effort put into Harrowing this year
Is it celebrated in Korea/China? Yes: Event No: NOTHING Welcome to Tencent.
: > [{quoted}](name=Old Man Teeto,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=pijkvMzu,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-10-29T10:24:28.673+0000) > > Should just let Faker make his own champion. > > Not a skin. > > A CHAMPION. > > (like that old recruiting bonus they did.) I thought they never held up their end of the bargain of creating a champion with the recruiting bonus? > [{quoted}](name=Explorer Ezreal,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=pijkvMzu,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-10-29T10:28:26.345+0000) > > This time the players will voice the characters clearly. > > But SSG will win. And it should be all in Korean too so everyone can feel pro.
> [{quoted}](name=How Do You Meta,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=pijkvMzu,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-10-29T11:24:10.569+0000) > > I thought they never held up their end of the bargain of creating a champion with the recruiting bonus? > They did, sorta, you can look it up but they invited everyone down to the headquarters to take part in the champion design, possibly influencing some aspect of it, but not entirely create it themselves. It was like a backstage pass into Riot.
: Went to a Halloween party today. Cosplay turned out great!
I play a LOT of Pokemon. And it took me scrolling down to go "oh yea, he does look like Cyrus". Hopefully the people you partied with got the reference.
: yea skt has won worlds 150 years in a row, fakers children has always been the midlaner for the team
> [{quoted}](name=DaenrysTargaryen,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=6cUEuU4a,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-28T21:37:31.356+0000) > > yea skt has won worlds 150 years in a row, fakers children has always been the midlaner for the team Yea but last years final, the twins really put in a good show against each other. Never seen a Tryndeemo and a Cassigath played so well. Too bad they didn't play Mordecrank though, wanted to see the robot dragon in a pro game at least once during the tourny.
: When SKT wins again, will their skins be 1820 RP each?
Should just let Faker make his own champion. Not a skin. A CHAMPION. (like that old recruiting bonus they did.)
: Serious Talk: People need to chill out about the Balance Team
Two major things. 1) Each season HUGE sweeping changes occur to League, while I'm sure the balance team is involved, changing the foundation that champions are balanced around yearly makes consistent balance VERY difficult. 2) Mid-season re-launches of Classes such as Juggernauts shake balance up a ton. Part of this is that play rate of all the reworked or tweaked champions will spike dramatically, and how to play/how to play against have to be relearned so raw statistic's isn't useful for the first month at least if not longer. Ultimately, compared to Dota 2 or HotS, League continuously changes and has by far the most variables. It's been a positive as it keeps the game fresh for old veterans, and a negative for those who don't like whichever meta the game falls into (or even which champions are doing good). The big thing to remember, Riot isn't TRYING TO CREATE A PERFECTLY BALANCED GAME. They're trying to create a fun, enthralling gaming experience that you can enjoy, and have done so marvelously.
Cloud273 (NA)
: What was the first video game you ever played?
Hmmm... Pretty sure it was Pong, but it's possible it was one of those word RPG's on the Commodore.
Snowic (NA)
: Everything wrong with this meta in 30 seconds of worlds
Current issue is that defensive play is more rewarding than aggressive play. The only "initiation" type abilities/champions were seeing are ones that are great defensively but if used offensively they can run away if they decide the fight might not be in their favor. True "Hard" initiation needs to be FAR more powerful while these dual-purpose abilities need to be far weaker to make up for their flexible nature. ----- TLDR: Riot made the most defensive meta to date, Hyper Carries are the best thing to defend, so that's what we have.
: Allied heals are reduced in ARAM, why not shields?
Same reason Soraka can build warmogs and her team is now immune to poke and fights of attrition. You know why.
MysterQ (NA)
: Welll, I think TSM "has been to worlds" more than anyone. Lul, they just never actually show up.
What are you talking about? TSM always shows up. And quickly leaves.
: whats the counterplay to akali
Kick her face in with a strong bruiser DPS. Double team her *giggity*.
: Cody Sun here is your award!
Honestly, looked like he was told/paid to throw the game and ensure they lost. I hope that's not the case however.
: Sorry but no, he has no counterplay and has the one of the highest safety measures in the game. That stupid fuck needs to be deleted.
Here you go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBKH-2ihOXM Zed does have counterplay, you just aren't good enough to do it =D
Xonra (NA)
: What Is It About Certain Champs That Brings Out Specific Attitudes In People?
CertainlyT creates champions that appeal to subsets of people and disgusts another. Believe it or not, he has some of the more interesting champions in the game and *whether he knows it or not* is following a simple design motto to evoke emotion from his audience. It's better to have people who LOVE the champion and others who HATE it at the same time than for the majority of the population to be middle of the ground, as it leaves lasting memories and thus a brighter playing experience. One of the reasons old Karma was reworked was because she was just... there, the subset of players who REALLY liked her were extremely minute and I can likely count on one hand the number of people who actually hated her. Of course, this is the boards, clearly everyone was a Karma main pre-rework here right?
: Riot can supports just rely on their own kits?
Back in my day we supports lived and died by their kits. You had a heart of gold, a philosopher's stone, and for those lucky few Kage's Lucky Pick. They funded your ceaseless vision war of pink and green wards. You didn't get a bunch of fancy items, crazy actives and such. *strokes beard* I miss playing champions instead of items. But I do like having items. A true conundrum.
: suggest the best way to climb form the god damm bronze
Play. Enjoy yourself while playing, and just ignore your teams stupidity and smile at their brilliance. Slowly, you'll improve and everyone will be happy.
: The only thing worse than ADC meta?
The first frost has chilled the ground around mid-lane... Faker picked Fizz...
Rioter Comments
: Fucking hate katarina
She had a level lead, and had just backed as you clearly were trying to prep the wave to back. The all-in technically ended in your favor, as she likely didn't have enough gold to get anything impactful after the kill, missed a wave at her tower, and gave more experience and gold to you for the return kill.
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: It takes up an entire item slot.
: Who do you guys think is the most balanced champion
A question of opinion about a game with nothing but split opinions. My feeling, it all depends on items. You can turn any champion into trash or god-tier with access or lack of items worth purchasing.
: @Meddler: new rift herald requires an inventory slot. What if you don't have one?
Rofl. Don't go DO rift Herald if you have six slots full. If you somehow have six slots full PRE-20 MINUTES, you either have no idea how to build, or are so hilariously fed you don't need the herald. This is a non-issue for 99.999999% of the playerbase, and something that needs no attention.
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