: What is your dream job? (besides being a rioter)
: What do you mainly do at Riot? Who's your Favorite Champion? what champion do you own but play the least? What item do you buy the most for ap/ad? Whats your favorite Role? What patch was your favorite? what patch was your least favorite? Whats your Opinion on Teemo? Can i buy an urf icon now? where is urf? can i have manatee powers too? can i be the new urf? can i come visit Riot? can i work there? can i become the CEO? Will League be Mine? Whys is the S still there in Riot Games? why is it Riot Games when you only have 1 game? do you secretly own more games? can i test those games? Did i spend over $300 on league? Do i have a life? (probs not) Most important of all questions is, When will the gamemode rotation queue be added?
Make pretty words. Jinx. Singed, probably. I buy boots pretty much every time. I'm a top main. Feral Flare WW patch was hilarious, repeat for the next question. I dunno. I imagine he lives near a pineapple somewhere under the sea. I wish I had manatee powers, whatever those are. I dunno how one goes about becoming a new urf. [Player tours exist](http://www.riotgames.com/tours). It's very possible. Seems like our founders are sticking around for a while. I don't know if League belongs to any one of us, I'm pretty sure it belongs to all of us. Riot Game sounds weird. Same. I own many games. You probably have at least a few of them. I don't know, but I'm confident I did. Apparently the answer to this is "probs not". RGMQ will debut with an upcoming patch.
Jav (EUNE)
: Which 3 champions that's you think is fun to play with ! in your opinion! ;){{summoner:7}}
I love stacking mechanics, so Veigar and Nasus are really fun for me (Kindred potentially, too, although I don't play much of them). Lucian would be my third, I think. Playing him really captures the feel of dual-wielding badassery, and it's always neat when you make a weird play and see an animation for his second shot that you didn't think someone could have possibly thought to capture.
: What is your favorite champion
Last time I answered this I changed it to "What was my favorite champion to work on?" This time, we'll try, "What is my favorite champion to support with?" As with Jinx, my answer here is a little biased, since I worked on his release copy and a few other words, but my favorite support is probably still Thresh.
Madams5 (NA)
: do you guys plan to do anything about devourer ? certain champs like Yi. Shyvana are way too strong [yi mainly] also are there plans to do something about AP mid laner's buying the spooky ghost supp item? I was thinking that you could give the supp items the Jung item treatment you can only buy them if you have exhaust? What do you think?
Usual caveat that I'm not a designer. I think 6.6 brings quite a few changes to champions wielding the purple/yellow gem, and the new build path for Titanic Hydra will likely help tame Shyv in particular. As for support items, I personally wouldn't want to see Exhaust become mandatory on supports (or champions looking to wield the gold-generation items). I like the flexibility of taking Ignite/Exhaust depending on circumstances/kill pressure, and I don't share your perspective on FQC being problematic on the few midlaners still building it. The item feels much more fair now, and if you're opting into that build path for the slow, it isn't that oppressive (and really helps some folks like Cho mid).
: why did you start working for riot? did you take any inspiration from anyone? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I'm inspired by all sorts of people. As silly as it sounds, I take inspiration from damn near everyone I interact with, whether that means the authors I've read, the speakers I've attended, or even the random folks I encounter at local watering holes around the country (and more than a few outside of it). I've answered why I wanted to work at Riot before, but I'll re-emphasize it: I've been playing games my whole life, and I'd never seen a company as open, authentic, and hardcore as Riot was when I stumbled across the job description late one evening. Finding a chance to do what you love, alongside other people doing the same? That doesn't happen often, and I'm extraordinarily thankful it happened for me.
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Which item that was removed from the game would you use again?
Heart of Gold. I miss my GP/10 Olaf.
: Do you or any one at Riot like Karthus he seems hated and unloved.
I used to play a ton of Karthus in Season 2 and probably even in Season 3. I wouldn't say he's unloved or hated, the visual update was pretty darn spiffy if you ask me. I think he's the kind of champ who benefits from a certain type of meta, and he just hasn't found a place in the most recent few. I do miss racking up ridiculous CS scores on him, though, farming Wolves and Raptors every time they spawned.
Fedellis (NA)
: Do you play any other card games other than magic?
Hold 'em and Hearthstone somewhat regularly, but I've played a bunch of card games over the years, from Jyhad (which became Vampire: the Eternal Struggle after a year), Rage, and Netrunner back in the day to stuff like Shadow Era more recently.
Dairdrek (NA)
: Hi freshman in high school here, could you dumb this comment down to a readable level for me. I swear I felt so stupid reading that... I'm an A- student too kind you and according to the state of Texas I can read at a college level, but I couldn't understand half of what you just wrote. Plz help
"The fact that everybody thinks 'LoL has the most toxic community' pisses me off to no end, because the fact that everyone says it all the time means it basically becomes true by default; in fact, even saying it so much might make it real in some ways because it lets players ignore the person behind the monitor, they just assume they're anonymous 'toxic' scumbags because everyone says so." That's my 10000 most common English words translation (it's not perfect).
: Have you Read the 5th wave? if not then i encourage you to do so, it was quite good. (do not watch the motion picture it is a sad excuse in comparison to the novel)
I haven't, to be perfectly frank, I somewhat got my fill of YA dystopian Alger-esque bootstrap myths when I forced my way through Collins' painfully blatant plagiarism of Battle Royale. I've tried to read The Maze Runner, I Am Number Four, and a few others, but most of them are unpalatable. Having said all that, I will trust ya, and I'll pick up the first book in the series (and stay far away from the film!)
MerlinMe (NA)
: How do you feel about the new Zendikar expansion, with the new devour mechanic with the eldrazi?
Devour's from Conflux and Shards block, but I find Ingest pretty darn intriguing. I'm a Johnny-Spike by M:tG psychographic, so I tend to focus on tournament play and limited formats, but both Oath and Battle have been fun sets--although I won't believe anyone who tells me that Modern was anything other than an unfortunate oversight.
Adinymis (NA)
: Ever Read the Dresden Files series? If so, what do you think of it.
Yup, even met Jim Butcher a few times. I love urban fantasy, and the Dresden Files in particular, as it combines my favorite parts of classic noir with a grokkable system of magic and tells a story about characters I can usually care about. As the years stretch on and the problem of power creep continues to rear its ugly head, I think he's had a rougher time keeping up, but I still pick up new volumes and I look forward to whatever this is all building to nowadays.
: Have you read Anne Fadiman's essay collection by that name? That was the primary referent that came to mind when I saw your summoner.
You are the second person in this thread to ask about her, and I'm very sorry to disappoint y'all, but I'm not super-familiar with it. I didn't mention this in the other answer, but the only reason I think I've heard of her is because of her work with Hmong culture and families.
: Any thought on a Zed x Syndra relation ship, Ionia's little rebels?
You could certainly have some fun speculating about it or trying to make it work with who they are as characters. I'd hone in on the power dynamic and the infatuation with power they might both share. You've also got the "no one believes in me" lone-wolf thing they're both doing that could serve as the basis for their budding romance.
Drunkle (NA)
: like any plot to a good anime.
I sometimes feel like anime generally is similar to great jazz: infinite (and infinitely beautiful) variations of the same few notes.
: people say teemos going to get a rework.. is that true?
Is that like a code word for deleted?
Pale Pirate (EUNE)
: Ever felt the temptation to troll-edit an announcement?
We get away with fun stuff sometimes. Back in the day when we did champion skin sales as stories twice a week, the first letter of each paragraph in one post once spelled out "It was Singed". There's a ton of in-jokes, memes, and playful language throughout most of our posts, but it wouldn't be totally correct to say anyone has ever "troll-edited" anything.
: How did u get a job at riot?
I wrote a really funny cover letter and proved I could take and apply feedback by fixing the terribad resume I sent along with it. After that, it was a lot of interviews and working hard to improve both at League and my knowledge of the company behind the game. (I wrote a longer answer that touches on this earlier in the Q&A)
: how many games you play each day with flash{{summoner:4}}
I imagine well over 99% of my games involve taking Flash, but maybe I'm not understanding your question.
: My friend is upset he lost AP Alistar {{champion:12}} in a plat 3 game. Should he be upset or is he just over reacting?
He shouldn't feel bad, no one can milk those.
: I am also eager to see the lore question answered! =) Do you ever wish you were on the Foundations team helping build the world and fleshing out aforementioned lore? Also, I picture you as being a voracious reader as a kid. Sort of an 'I got into trouble for sneaking books to recess' sort of character. Am I wrong? (I could just be projecting. Freud is even offering me a cigar.)
Starting with Mantine17's question: I main Nasus, really, although I've never been great about sticking to one champ during the climb. I've tried to cut down to three or four this year though. As for lore, my absolute favorite part of the League world (even after the Great Retcon--which I personally see as more of a comic-book style reset of canon for a new series) is the characters who populate it. I don't have a favorite champion, lore-wise, because somehow, impossibly, this eclectic assemblage of personalities hits nearly every note I'm looking for when I'm searching out characters to empathize with. One really neat thing that I think narrative folks like the Foundations team does is to isolate and accentuate traditional tropes, but then put a uniquely League spin on them. It's fresh at the same time that it's familiar, and that does a great job of getting me engrossed in the story. I read everything as often as I could. When my mom and I would go shopping when I was really young and had to tag along, she would grab one of my beltloops with her finger and guide me around the mall while my face was nose deep in one book or another. There's even a good chance my poor eyesight came about thanks to my insistence on reading long after the lights went out. When we moved and I couldn't get away with a flashlight under the blanket (because my new room was adjacent to my mom's) I started reading in the dark, forcing my eyes to squint and take in every last iota of small midwestern city light squeaking through the window so that I could finish "just one more chapter." One more story, because you definitely aren't projecting: when I was in sixth grade, I got detention from a teacher who otherwise liked me, because I finished a reading test in a little less than 10 minutes (was supposed to take the whole hour) and I turned it facedown like I was supposed to and started devouring one of the books I always carried around with me. He couldn't believe I was done and thought I was being impertinent by reading when I was supposed to be taking a test. Books are awesome.
narsh (NA)
: Hey man I was just playing with you the other night. You were struggling as J4 against a GP :)
I'm trying to pick up J4, I think his most recent buffs feel great in teamfight situations, but I still have a lot to learn. I always forget, going into the match-up with Gangplank, that there is a huge degree of difference between someone who has played a few GP games, and someone who has committed to mastering the champion (even at Silver/Gold MMR). I play a lot of games (and I often struggle against GP, lol) so I'm not sure I remember this one specifically, but I hope I didn't embarrass myself too much!
: Who is your favorite legendary creature from magic?
As cliche as this sounds, I've been playing for a real long time (I started in October of 1993), and I'm fairly certain my OG favorite legendary was the original Elder Dragon Nicol Bolas from Legends. I had some great success with Kiki-jiki during the time of Kamigawa block, so that's up there, and you could probably talk me into General Jarkeld for the Sorrow's Path synergy (please note, there is no real synergy between those two cards--in fact, Sorrow's Path actually kills the General--and you most certainly should never be playing with either).
: What roles/champions do you main for Ranked?
I'm Top/ADC primarily, but I'll usually help out wherever the team needs. I prefer playing beefy tanks that help mitigate my natural tendency towards going a bit too ham. Nautilus has obviously been fun lately, but if I had to narrow it down to a single main, I'm fairly certain Nasus is the only real answer for me.
: Are you a fan of Anne Fadiman?
I've got to jump back in and answer some more of these (so awesome to find a bunch more questions waiting for me when I refreshed the page!) but I'll really quick tackle this one: while folks have told me that she has a book with the same name as my handle, I'm not super-familiar with her work.
: Hey Ben, I have a couple of questions here: 1) Where, and what angle is the best place to take a dating website profile pic? 2) What has been your most challenging project since starting with Riot? 3) Duo and chill?
1) Whatever the opposite is of the angle they took my Between Two Turret's photo at 2) Damn, I may have to come back to this one. The biggest project I've worked on thus far was definitely Bilgewater. I wrote thousands and thousands of words for that event, from the website to the in-client reward experience to a bunch of blogs and articles. That was so rewarding though, being a part of that team and contributing to something so massive. (EDIT2: While I wrote the website that housed it, it was merely the frame for Burning Tides: The Reckoning, which was crafted by the narrative team) 3) I've been told I'm not allowed to use the phrase "and chill" because it means something very specific that I don't intend it to mean, but I'm probably down to duo at some point. (EDIT: Formatting, because I'm bad at the internet)
: areyou aware your name is latin for book plate fo those of you who dont know what that is it is a name tag for a book that informs readers of who owns a book
I am [insert appropriate emoji that I'd use if I knew how to use emoji]. It's also a reference to ex libris libertas (or "in libris libertas"), a phrase commonly inscribed above libraries, meaning "from (in) books, freedom".
: {{champion:26}}
Ministar (NA)
: I have a question. What is it like to work for the game with the worst Community on the planet?
There is someting suspiciously Ackbarian about this question, but I'm gonna dive in anyway because I've loved being a part of the League community these last four years and I wish we could shed the terrible reputation that's built up from having a hyper-competitive crowd doing battle in an intense, skill-defined arena. I play almost exclusively solo, and I've made literally hundreds of friends over the years through playing ranked. There are trolls, AFKers, and folks who haven't quite mastered the nuances of the language yet, but whether I'm playing on my red name or a smurf, I've found them to be relatively far between (although not always few). I had a rough game a few years back and had a guy get so upset with me that he called me out on the forums, and despite having done none of the things he accused me of, I still felt like an asshole because I'd ruined his game by playing so poorly. Most of the time, when someone is "feeding," they just got beat. It blows, and they probably won't admit it, but that's what happened. If someone wants to talk shit, I think there's a level of trash talk we've all decided is okay and a line that some folks still want to cross. From the live events I've attended to the meetups where I've met other players, the League community has always been awesome, and even the roughest edges often represent people who've invested hundreds of hours into the game, mastering their champions and grinding the ladder. Just because they get passionate sometimes, doesn't mean they're negative Nancy all the time, and it doesn't mean we're part of the "worst community on the planet."
Vixenne (NA)
: Were you born hard of hearing or did it come to you later in life, and do you know any sign language?
Deafness was like a sneaky ninja gene. I was born with it, inherited from my dad (who was fully deaf but who has regained some sound through cochlear implant) but none of us noticed until I was four or five years old. My mom finally decided to get my hearing checked when she caught me singing yet another theme song's lyrics wrong ("Robots, take the skies!" I thought Megatron was commanding Starscream). It's been all downhill from there when it comes to my hearing, although I've kept a semblance of it long after my first otolaryngologist predicted it'd be gone. I don't sign, unfortunately. I can fingerspell like most folks, but I can also recite the alphabet so I'm not particular impressed by the former given the latter. I think about learning, but I've never really fit in Deaf culture, and I've passed for so long at this point that I'm pretty sure I'm settling in to the end of the silence ride. We'll see how I handle it at that point, though. And as a random sidenote, I'm fascinated by Deaf poetry and often wish I didn't have to watch subtitled translations.
wamos (NA)
: Sure! I ended last season gold I.
: in your opinion what is the hardest champ?
Malphite. To play? I'd say Yasuo is my personal nemesis, I've never managed to even hit his skill floor let alone neared his ceiling.
Imaginng (NA)
: whats your favorite thing to do when you have free time and you cant chose league
Either writing or reading. I keep up my own personal writing away from the Riot keyboard and I'll never stop devouring great literature and mindless airport empty plot amphigory alike.
faizxer0 (NA)
: Hi there! I wanted to know how much experience in writing you needed/had when you were hired by Riot because i hope to also work in Riot after i Graduate Thanks in advance :)
Back when I was hired, I think the general trend was towards three or more years getting paid for the clickity-click of a keyboard or the scritch-scritch of a pen. I personally had been writing more or less exclusively for income the most recent two years when I joined Riot (I had some other jobs when the spec checks weren't coming in, but those weren't relevant). Before that, I'd done it off and on for the better part of a decade, although, like most folks my age, a huge chunk of that output was unpaid. Where you get experience and the degree of that experience is always less relevant than what the experience was, what did you write and how did it resonate? Can you demonstrate facility with multiple voices while dancing between styles dictated by the whim of an editor? And, honestly, how self-aware are you? I'm still not a good writer, and I can point to ways I need to improve. But I can also point to examples of how I have improved (and holy shit have I improved as a writer through my career at Riot). Young creatives tend to be pretty, um, confident. And that's awesome. But when it comes to the long road to improving in writing, it's far more important to know how much farther you have to go.
Arie (NA)
: Hopping in to nerd over Wheel of Time and Brandon Sanderson! I guess I'm a bit of a masochist because I've reread the entirety of the series about two and a half times. :O
I'm full on masochist then because I still re-read the damn things over and over again. The promise of The Eye of the World stretches on so damn far, close enough to the end that I'm willing to endure the trek through Sanderson's best attempt at channeling a much older man's style.
: Why did you decide to work for Riot when it came time? Do you feel like it is a hard place to obtain employment for those searching? And last but not least, What is your favorite type of cat? A picture will suffice if needs be.
Back in 2012, I was wandering somewhat aimlessly through my life. I'd given up a job in the corporate world, working as a--basically a regional manager for a chain, in order to seriously pursue writing. After two years of freelancing and slinging words for whoever sought them, I stumbled on Riot's website late one night--really late, if I remember correctly. I'd not only heard of, but played League before, but I knew nothing about the company that made it. This was a long while ago and the website looked nothing like it does now. But the job description for "Writer" was as vibrant and eye-pokey as anything I'd ever seen, luring me in with the promise of its crafty verbs and fresh nouns. I dashed off a cover letter and assembled what might have been the worst resume any HR person has ever seen and sent it out into the digital aether. Fortunately, I wasn't applying to be a resume writer, and I made it through the barrage of interviews and onsites. By the end of the process, I'd fallen in love with the company and the culture and not in the star-rimmed stupor of a silly crush, but that kind of love folks write sappy country songs about because everyone knows words that make sense can't describe that kind of love. Riot is hyper-competitive, and every Rioter I know is among the best in the world at what they do, but that shouldn't deter anyone from going for a position they feel they'd fit perfectly. I'm not enough of a cat connoisseur to have more than a layman's opinion on feline types. But I'm partial to my cat, who is mostly Siamese with a gaggle of other bloodlines no one recognizes.
wam648 (NA)
: Favorite song/music genre?
So, uh, fun fact about me: I'm well-nigh deaf. Basically can't hear much of anything without my hearing aids, so music has never really been my jam. That said, I've long been absolutely enthralled with rap, from the percussive beats you can feel without hearing to the intricate rhyme schemes and rapid-fire slinging of multiples a la Jay-Z and Eminem on Renegade. I studied Anglo-Saxon and became infatuated with the similarity in poetic culture, the parallels teeming between the scop and the street lyricist. It's a deep, complex musical form that happens to deliver ludicrously smooth poetry through its lyrics and that's something I can definitely bob my head to.
Imaginng (NA)
: What do i do if i want a name and some other player has it but is not active?
Disclaimer: I couldn't confirm this with an easy google, so it may be inaccurate, but we used to do periodic sweeps of inactive accounts. It's best to keep your eye out for those if you've got your heart set on a particular handle.
Ralanr (NA)
: Ahh. The grand climb. Thank you for your time. I shall do my best to get back towards writing everyday (preferably through a hand written journal since I'm too much of a perfectionist to write first drafts of stories through typing without making taking much longer than I really needed).
You're quite welcome! GLHF as you go.
Glow (OCE)
: Piggy-backing on this, have you read any of Brandon Sanderson's stuff?
I have. Mistborn and the Stormlight Archive (in addition to the WoT books he "co-authored" with Jordan). It's interesting stuff, even if I find his writing style feels a little immature, like he hadn't grown into his voice yet when he wrote the earlier books. It's obviously improved, and from what the folks I know who know him have told me, he seems like a swell guy, too. Pat Rothfuss, though, for recent work.
: I'm interested in interning at Riot Games. I am planning to apply for a position as a game designer/programming intern next year. I'm currently a Sophomore in UNC Charlotte. Any tips for me? And what do you think Riot looks for in its Rioters? I love this game so much! And I really really want to be a part of its crafting!
I hate being that guy, but I really don't know a ton about our internship program anymore. I knew more when we kicked it off, but there have been a ton of iterations and evolution since then. I have to recommend [checking out the page though](http://www.riotgames.com/internship-program). There's a ton of great info there that might help with some of your questions. And good luck with your application!
wamos (NA)
: Important question: Want to play a match with me?
Maybe. As I mentioned in the intro, I pretty much only play ranked. Are you cool with duoing around the Gold V range?
: Who's your favorite champ?
That's an incredibly broad question so in the bold tradition of American presidential candidates, I'm going to pretend you asked a different question for me to answer. My favorite champ to have worked on probably has to be Jinx. I was the copywriter and associate creative on her launch campaign so I got to work with Christian and the crew who made "Get Jinxed!" (highlight: appropriately losing an argument to cut the exclamation point from the title). I also got to work with Zach Roberson (a ludicrously talented visual designer) to write the graffiti Jinx scribbled across Vi's page. Also wrote her reveal article and available now and it was all just as awesome as you're imagining working on JInx would be.
: How are you liking the Pre-Taric Rework? And, if you haven't read them, I'd recommend the Wheel of Time series. :)
I'm not very involved in the Taric rework. By which I mean I'm not at all involved in the Taric rework. Jordan's epic is worth the read (tomatoes down hardcore fantasy folk who feel like it fell off somewhere around Lord of Chaos--if not earlier) and despite the lackluster ending, Rand's arc is still incredible for someone who stops being the hero of his own story, and Mat's is equally as powerful for being the story of a side-kick who becomes the main character. Poor Perrin.
Ralanr (NA)
: Do you have any tips for those who want to go professional in writing?
I have a veritable plethora of tips, but sadly, they've already been written down by folks more people have heard of. More fortunately though, that does mean it's pretty easy to find them (and there's a decent shot you've heard 'em before). All of the cliche advice is somehow real. I didn't believe it for a long time, but if you sit your ass in the chair and write every day and get better at it every time you get to key-slapping and then start bugging people with work that's getting better and better over time and just keep working until it seems like it has to be over soon and then keep pushing on towards an ending that's somehow perfectly fitting and satisfying but undeniably yours. What works for one person rarely works for another, unless you're tagging along with someone else--which still happens frequently. When I was young I had no idea what networking was nor the faintest gasp of recognition that would point towards how to go about it. Getting older, there's a lot to it that reeks of old-boy clubs and nepotism, but there's so much to be learned from others, too. Making friends with writers, hanging out in places other writers hang out, it all helps. But ultimately, at the end of the day, it's all about writing. If you do it every day, you're a writer and on your way to getting paid for it. If you slack off or forget that it's a job and a passion and not either by itself, then you'll fall behind. Writing is a job damn near everyone believes they can do, and the really cool thing about it is that's kinda true. But it does genuinely require a stupid amount of work. And you're never "great." You never hit your peak. That's an awesome challenge but it's intimidating at the same time. No one dies a worse writer than they were the day before they passed. You always get better. No matter where you're starting from, you can keep climbing, and you'll pass by almost-writers who gave up, and then the once-writers who did it but settled for a lower plateau. You can always improve. I think that's the bee's knees.
: How's your life Ben? :)
This cries out to be answered in GIF form, but my ancient thirtysomething brain can only muster words. Life is amazing, and vastly preferred to the alternative.
wamos (NA)
: What's your favorite book?
Almost definitely Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. I read something recently about whether or not GRRM's Westeros had a shot at thriving as long as Middle-earth and even the question seemed preposterous to me. The indelible, impossible aesthetic perfection of Tolkien's mastery of language persists through the ages because it marries a wonderful, if simple, story with unforgettably beautiful world-building threaded together with his unique practical application of philology. And, if you're the sort who prefers dissecting a butterfly to watching it soar, you can even apply most critical methods to the text and end up with something reasonably profound.
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