: I understand and agree with that, but if one of your teammates abuses a form of communication to act like a degenerate, they should lose the right to that communication
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Cause they are reward for your final result that season?...
I wish you could see that you've made it to silver out of bronze by getting it upgraded at that moment, and maybe we could get different rewards for end of season placement.
: Because current changes often, every season is once a year. It is a symbol of accomplishment of getting to and staying at a certain rank by or keeping until the end of the season.
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Theoben (NA)
: Pls bump this so it doesn't get lost
: And ARSR means All Random Summoners Rift URF Ultra Rapid Fire ARURF All Random Ultra Rapid Fire anymore?
: That and because it has absolutely nothing to do with ingame, hence the term GAMEPLAY.
rewt127 (NA)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJlgKT_BItQ
Lmao who am i kidding OF COURSE theres a youtube video
: This new Legacy Client
I love how you can't even post about this in gameplay. Just another way to silence us.
rewt127 (NA)
: Dawngate used to have a mode called ARAB All Random All Bot. I still get a kick out of it.
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: I might get downvoted, but the classic ping spam is the ONLY instance I actually leave the game, because I cannot focus in a competitive video game, annoying as hell, and because riot hasnt implemented a cure for this cancerous attitude.
I haven't left a game for ping spam, but I've had to mute sound in league. Thus causing me to miss other teammate pings sometimes you just can't focus on the map and game at the same time. :i Usually it just leads to more ping spamming by other previous non-toxic teammates But, don't leave buddy. Play it through!
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: {{champion:122}} Get better
: > The irony How's that ironic? That's the opposite of irony.
: Tell everyone how to beat your main.
{{champion:412}} The moment he goes for a soul, hurt him till he wishes he had one. *bonus* If playing {{champion:236}} taunt after every kill.
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: :/ feelsbadman .
I think its just luck balancing itself out though, cause i got two championship skins {{champion:429}} {{champion:412}} . So im not THAT mad but still :i
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: I consider my self lucky.
I need level 7 thresh, I have the shards and everything. But i keep getting legacy skins and 0 champs :( And I can't buy those ip tokens because I'm saving up for a name change. RIP
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: type in /ignore ( champion or player name) i don't know if it still works. it use to but i normally mute people in ranked at the start of the game so i don't really have a and issue.
I type /mute all every game but it doesn't mute pings my dude
: They should at least cap ping amounts to 2-3, so you don't get 7 "?"s.
: The new client actually has nothing to do with the game, only before and after it. I'm unsure how this bug is triggered specifically though (because it doesn't always do that on muting). If you can figure out how to reproduce it reliably make sure to add the steps to your bug report!
I just typed /mute all works in bot game also.
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OldOnyx (NA)
: [REQUEST] Community members, there must be someone here able to make an old legacy clients
Rioter Comments
: I like when people argue this with "BUT YOU CAN MUTE THE SOUND!" when we want to hear MEANINGFUL pings and not hear PING PING PING PING PING and watch the chat fill with Dickbutt McRager (Yorick) signals that enemies are missing Dickbutt McRager (Yorick) signals that enemies are missing Dickbutt McRager (Yorick) signals that enemies are missing Dickbutt McRager (Yorick) signals that enemies are missing Dickbutt McRager (Yorick) signals that enemies are missing Dickbutt McRager (Yorick) signals that enemies are missing
: I get that is irritating, but that is a case of the players, not the system being at fault. If you it so you can mute pings, you get additional problems, groups of people muting solo players, players muting everyone else in the game , etc, without really solving the original problem. People will still do something to troll you. It may not be through pings, or through the chat, but if people really want to troll you, they will. Making it so you can mute pings won't change that, and only removes a final line of communication.
1. Yes, if someone wants to troll they WILL troll. However, I can at least report a troll who int's, or through chat. You can't report ping spamming. 2. Why does it remove the final line of communication again? Because it doesn't, if I'm muting ONE or a few people on my team that are ping spamming, it's going to be because they aren't acting as a TEAM. I'm not going to mute my teammates if I clearly need them to win. I get that you've never experienced this problem, but its ANNOYING and that's all there is to it...
: I get where you're coming from, believe me I do, But I also want to mute those people who literalyl question mark you when you're in the middle of something, and basically theyre doing it because you muted their blind rage, because they're basically flaming you, but like... you get a tower and a double kill in a short amount of time and they keep pinging you because in that time they got caught out in enemy jungle, and then they just ping the entire match This happens then theres people who ping simply to annoy
THIS is the reason why I want them to be mute-able. Why should I have to suffer to trolls, I don't a problem with map awareness.
: {{champion:13}} will be a well-made champion before then
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Kei143 (NA)
: It sounds like you are suffering from "I can't see the system working so it must be shit" syndrome. Current priority for Riot's engineers: 1) New client 2) New Honor system After those two I am crossing my fingers so we get a system that improves behavioral visibility.
Oh wait you made a mistake > 1) New client Forced laggy client down my throat* Like i have a good pc that handles league on max with 90+ fps, but i can't load this stupid client..
: Player Moderation is a Joke
> Ping spam reaches the top of boards on a weekly basis. We can get updates to ARAM and poros, but still nothing to address it. Hopefully by the time i make like my 30th thread about this, it will be solved.
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TheRealTD (EUW)
: Hello man and thanks for grammar correction and your review. As it is now I am an Engineer (Master Bachelor Degree) and i work as a Software Developer and, yes, being one of two in my team I handle customer support for requests from customers. That said I find your tone very aggressive which is not good for this community. That's only my opinion. I proposed "ideas" you deliberately mocked me for no reason.
TheRealTD (EUW)
> 1-Option to disable pings on the screen Right now its only possible to mute a teammate/enemy with the button in scoreboard or with the “/mute XXX” – “/mute all” command. It should be nice for suppressing abusive pings to add a button in the screen below to not see pings from a selected teammate and of course add in-chat commands do to so: /disableping XXX – for not seeing pings from that teammate /disableping all – for not seeing pings from all teammates YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Rioter Comments
: Because you need some form of communication in a team game. Why is that concept so hard to grasp?
: I think you are. A literal vice versa would mean pings would be muteable, but chat wouldn't be muteable. Some baseline of communication must exist. If you want to be able to mute chat, then you don't get to mute pings.
And that goes full circle; if i can mute one and you acknowledge that they're both forms of communication. in a "team game" why shouldn't i be able to mute the other??
: Chat isn't necessary for communication. Its an optional function, which you can use for conversing with other players. Due to the fact that we have pings, chat can be muted.
The legit vice versa can be said. You're missing the point here.
: I'm not seeing a contradiction. Care to enlighten me?
pings are necessary for communication.... so is chat no? And what can we do with the chat? MUTE TOXIC PLAYERS
: At this point its somewhat daily, I'm here to remind you that pings are necessary for communication in a team game, and there isn't a system you could in place, where you could mute pings, and not have them abused.
Im gonna leave this comment here, and let you re-read your contradiction..
: You can lower the ping volume though
: Daily reminder that y'all are blind. You can mute pings ffs. Go into settings and set "ping volume" to 0. Goddamit.
I'd be a shame if i wanted to HEAR my OTHER non TOXIC teammates? ...
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: Daily Upvote Farm.. (Downvote me Idgaf) *Edit Go on keep downvoting. So what if you agree with it, the op's using it as an upvote farm.. If not that then it's a seemingly pointless post that they assume will do something... They do three things in this 1-Format, every single time you use a daily XXX it looks like an upvote farm/circlejerk and is less likely to actually be acknowledged. 2-Really? Gonna call the person your asking a censer? Oh damn... Funny how many accounts they ban for disagreeing with them... OH WAIT THEY DON'T! It's for breaking boards rules... 3-Damn won't even appreciate sandbox mode, no wonder they won't do quality of life updates. They give you a meal and you start ranting about wanting a car before appreciating the meal.
Your wrong because 1. I don't define my self-worth from numbers on an online forum 2. It's about an actual game feature that's being abused for annoyance
: If a player is just constantly spam pinging, they aren't using it for anything useful anyways. I'd rather outright ignore them so I can focus on the other members of my team.
infest (NA)
: 10 bucks he doesn't repost tmr
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