: Oh no, I am going by the gross number of upvotes, not the net. There are currently 359 upvotes and 21 downvotes. I don't count the downvotes (to discourage people just downvoting to troll)
nice, thumbs up man. https://media.giphy.com/media/XreQmk7ETCak0/giphy.gif
: 355 total upvotes as of right now
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6Sfool (NA)
: I can see that you both brought facemasks, shiny boots, and Evelynn's favorite toy. Kinky.
: That is absolutely absurd. While he has pretty terrible performances, yes, you can not realistically expect that to translate to him single handedly ruining the game for everyone else. Someone who flames his team 24/7, a sup who constantly KS and CS steals his adc, a jg who afk farms all match and refuses to gank to be a jerk, those are people who "ruin" part of the game for everyone else, because they are intentionally choosing to demoralize and/or obstruct the motions for the people around them. Having you teeth kicked in isn't you ruining the game for everyone else, otherwise every single player in ALL of League would be considered to be "ruining" the game. Each and every single one of you, pro or not, silver, gold, platinum, whatever, have had games where you had your balls ripped off and shoved down your throat, and don't even try act like it hasn't happened. I know damn sure that every one of you is judgemental here, but doesn't think for a moment when YOU have a bad game that you are at all to blame for your own team's downfall. Being bad at the game is not ruining it for others. It doesn't matter if you're bad 1/10 matches, or 9/10 matches. Either way, it's just being bad. It does not amount to trolling, no matter how hard the millions of you insist it does.
No, you don't make any sense at all. This kind of player should not play ranked games unless he wants to get reported every 2-3 games. 0/14 and 1/15 is not 1/10 or 9/10. This kind of score induces tilt for your teammates, so people report him. Hence, players don't want to see **particular him,** not every single player as you mentioned. If you played on his team 2 times where he was 0/14 and 1/15, you would've reported him. I am absolutely positive on this, sir.
Palhum (EUW)
: The reform card only shows this up anyway, you're aware that there are many toxic players that meaninglessy report when you're performance is not very good or they just get mad and start flaming, right? how many times you've seen "PLEASE REPORT X" on the all chat? same as pieces of bread you've eaten probably. the ban and punish is due to intentionally screwing up with other people's games. and this is something i didn't do. if you firmly belive that i do such a deplorable thing... well.
sometimes they don't show all reported games. Once i saw similar post about toxicity where one guy allegedly got perma banned for " just 2 games". A day later riot employee posted 19 more reported games. I am not saying you are a bad person or anything. You could not climb from s5 to gold anyway, so do not get upset this much. gl in the next season.
Palhum (EUW)
: well, with twitch raging and flaming his support and going afk, orianna shitting on chogath not helping her, and everyone mocking me, there wasnt much much of a team or and cho managed to get yasuo once using me as a bait though. look man, i'm not here to convince you. i'm just trying to state that i'm not a bad person who intentionally screws games, and trying to avoid a harsh punishment. if you won't believe me, that's fine, i can't do anything about that. i'm sorry to hear it.
But do you realize that you didn't get banned only for this game? I mentioned that before.
Palhum (EUW)
: i'm not trying to be unfriendly here but please state where in the code of conduct of the game, it'stated it's against the rules screwing up.
How do we know you didn't give up the game after 3-5 deaths? Seems like you also did not play as a team. Allowing this kind of score means you don't give a shit about the team work, my daw. These 2 points might have been violated.
Palhum (EUW)
: well i talk about myself because i'm the one getting banned here yes, my op.gg is really bad, i probably caused people to get mad at me. I never tried to ruin other people's fun. i simply sign up for solo Q and try to have fun whenever i get some free time. sure, i get that you would definitly not want me in your team (don't worry though, i dont think you'd see me in your team, our elo is probably very different), but c'mon, is really sucking at league a banneable offense?
But you are not considering the perspective of other people. You are legitimately ruining other people games who try to hit gold like you. Do not forget that. Worth a ban? I think so. When I see bans like this on the forum, it seems unfair. People who upvote you, never played a game, where you went 0/14 or 1/15, with you. However, if they were in the same game with you, they would report the shit out of you. You see my point now? Why the hell should you allowed to do this kind of stuff in ranked games? Worth a ban? I think so.
Palhum (EUW)
: i know full well the consequences of feeding intentionally, and these consequences are something i dont want to happen to me. the last thing i'd wish would be getting my account in peril or being flagged as a toxic player. i hold great value on this game, i have expent money on it, yada yada. I may be bad at video games but i'm not stupid enough to risk losing my account by throwing myself at an enemy tower all the time or something like that (thing that i didn't do) how did i die 20 times you ask? well, i tried to face off against yasuo in the beginning, and i ended up losing. at this point, i focused only on farming and avoiding him, but every single time he would run to me, dash through the minions and kill me. then i started to hide under turret. but eventually he was able to dive me with ease. look, i may have done really bad choices during the game, and i lost because of them. but i never tried to get killed on purpose.
Didn't you think about the consequences when you were 0/10/0? Like lane swap or simple surrender tier 1 tower and play really really safe? Another point, you always talk about yourself. You don't give a damn how your teammates feel when they have a person like you on their team. Your OP.GG is really bad and generated a lot of reports, so I don't know how to help you.
Palhum (EUW)
: It wasnt done intentionally! i genuinely want to win and try to rank up, i really do. my performance may not be any good, but i am trying to win, why would i lose intentionally? i hold great value to my account, which has many things unlocked, last thing i would want would be getting banned! you can check my history, you can see my performance is below average, sure, but how does that mean that i lose in purpose! even i had some good games every once in a while!
Dude, you don't have be like this. You can calculate your time spent dead+time walking to the lane (you didn't take TP). Of course you int that game. There is no legitimate way you go 0/14 in 20 minutes without inting. I see your last games, so it's clear for me you inted your ass off in your Darius game!
Palhum (EUW)
: "why shouldn't i be banned?" Because there's no rule that states that you have to be good at videogames for having fun? look, i won't deny that my bad performance makes games harder for the team and caused defeats. however, how is playing badly a banneable offense? i would accept getting demoted to bronze because im bad, maybe it's what i deserve, but being banned from playing and marked as a toxic player?
Then it was done intentionally? How can I believe you over people who reported you?
Palhum (EUW)
: I dont know man... i know i'm shit at the game, you can call it out on me right here if you want, but i was banned for "feeding intentionally" a thing i didn't do. i won't deny my bad performance may cause many defeats, but if lose, then i get down in the ranks, and maybe i should be placed in bronze 5 for this, but, being banned? cmmon.
I don't know how can anybody die 14 times in 20 minutes and claim it wasn't intentionally done.
Palhum (EUW)
: I deserve to be suspended for bad performance? how do you form this opinion? i got back into the game after a long inactivity recently and I'm re-learning the ropes and having fun as Kayn. i discovered him very recently and although i may not be good with him, he's a really fun character. i thought if you play badly you deserve a bad elo. not a game suspension.
But if you ruin game for the other people, why shouldn't you get banned? I see you single handedly destroyed around 5-6 games for 20-24 people in just 2 days! You must be stopped.
Palhum (EUW)
: Banned for "Intentional" Feeding, but wasn't intentional.
I am just waiting for a guy from riot who will roast this "victim", like it usually happens.
: Thread Voting and you (and me and him and her and little Jimmy and the community and...)
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Sarutobi (NA)
: It's probably going to be on the store just as long as Championship Zed (as well as I assume the others will be re-released as well) which should be as long as worlds tournament is, if not maybe a little bit longer than that. The status will be classified as a legacy skin and as such will be available in mystery gifting/hextech, as well as re-released the following years to come during the worlds tournament.
They could put her on sale for 2 days as they did 4 years ago. People will smash the purchase button anyway. I was hoping that Riven will remain its limited skin rarity due to the history surrounded it. Money gained from championship Riven went towards development of the game. Now any level 20 smurf can get it by playing with hextech/mystery chest things.
Breaku (NA)
: Will sales of all the championship skins go towards the prize pool, or just the newest one?
They might put on sale team icons for this reason, but I don't think championship skins have anything to do with this.
Flaherty (NA)
: I'm pretty sure all current championship skins aren't available in hextech boxes and like all other championship skins will only be available for a limited time
They are all out there. I saw a video on Youtube where one guy got championship Thresh and Kalista from hextech chests. Also, my buddy got Championship Shyvana from mysterygifting.
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Stop complaining. I used to play from east coast in RU server with 110-130 ping. If you live in NA and have crazy ping, just pay some extra cash for your internet. Cheap a$$e$. {{item:3093}}
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Chicago Server Move Complete
well, 90% of "cry-posts" are fakes or over complaining. {{champion:35}} People tend to have an event without the actual problem. People who worked at customer service will understand {{item:3751}} {{summoner:14}} .
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Chicago Server Move Complete
Hi, when Canadian players should expect to receive free transfers from RU server? {{summoner:4}} Thank you.


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