: The mute option takes away from the competitive aspect of the game. By being forced to mute someone, you're ultimately unable to strategize with that person if they were willing to cooperate. (However logically if you're forced to mute them then they have already stated that they won't be cooperating.) League is a team game, if you have to cut out one member of your team, you're already at a severe dissadvantage. This is why games with toxic players on your team are more likely to be losses than wins. Sincerely, Logical Reasoning
Not what I'm talking about. Sincerely, Learn how to read
: I think they view it as not everyone is the same age, some players are quite young and under 14, while some players span into 30's. Allowing players access to younger people who could be deeply affected by toxic behavior of others is one of the risks that Riot faces and so they have a 0 BS policy for poor behavior. Just imagine a younger player being harassed in a game and the impact it might have. Not everyone is emotionally mature, and some players are just not equipped to properly handle and brush off toxic behavior and so the would sooner say NO to egregious behavior and prevent unfortunate consequences to others who are vulnerable.
then they shouldn't have a mute button if they're so against it. and if they're so against it, why is it that the people who flame me never get punished? and why is it that the people who follow me relentlessly to shit on my post have nothing happen to them? Is following people around to shit on them not the same as being toxic to others?
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: Multiple bans for stupid reasons
No matter what anyone says, the question is for Riot, not you. Answer all you want.
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