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: > Thank you for reading, and frankly this is a new experience to me. From what I understand, Riot doesn't monitor private chat messages sent between players so even if someone was harassing you, they wouldn't know about it. Again, if you believe that someone was exhibiting unsportsmanlike behavior, I would screenshot their messages and submit them in a support ticket. I'm not sure if Riot would take action against those kinds of players because they say that they can't tell you what they choose to do due to "privacy concerns". If it were me, I'd go ahead and do it anyway because it's not like you have anything to lose as long as you weren't doing anything wrong.
I was just one shotting him with primordial burst a couple of times, that's not wrong is it? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Neither he nor I said anything to each other during the game, so I mean, he was probably just mad because I was the only reason the game lasted as long as it did.
Leylania (EUW)
: As far as I know Riot does not punish anyone for personal messages since they don't want to restrict the way people personally write with each other. If someone starts to flame you after the game like that never give them the satisfaction of making you angry, tell them to fuck off and block them. I don't think a support ticket would help but you can try ofc. Just learn your lesson for the future to not give attention to such people, because that is exactly what they want.
> I didn't actually have time to react to him, I added him, he said those things, I tried to respond but he had already removed me, and I blocked him afterwards, I just didn't realize he had malicious intentious until he had already said his piece.
Tarzeus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TonyWolf77,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=QwobIojR,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-06-26T00:22:55.904+0000) > > ACTUALLY, it'd be a good idea to check their terms of use on that cause if I'm not mistaken there are rules on most "facilities" saying administrators could check your messages at their leisure to prevent any underground mumbo jumbo from going on. As far as harrassment goes though, idk man. I'm not saying they CANT I'm am simply saying don't be surprised if they don't care. You accepted that invite over the Internet knowing people are assholes, and proceeded to hear him out instead of immediately removing him. If riot babysat every private chat they'd never get real reports taken care of.
I didn't actually have time to react to him, I added him, he said those things, I tried to respond but he had already removed me, and I blocked him afterwards, I just didn't realize he had malicious intentious until he had already said his piece.
: i sometimes do this:| i toxic????????
Well you are the only chaos who is in this thread at all so maybe? I honestly take that as a further step to be an inconvenience to someone, so each to his own.
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: > Also, by your logic hecarim should not be able to use his ultimate to land on cassiopeia's w. My logic will allow this to happen. What are you on? If he was not in the W then he can ult, simple as that.
Sorry, was responding to the other guy, my bad, I also meant that if somehow the hecarim ulti would not cast if he was not standing on it somehow.
: But it never touched {{champion:3}} . So he shouldn't have been grounded.
Also he is unstoppable once he begins his jump, so that still doesn't make sense. Also, by your logic hecarim should not be able to use his ultimate to land on cassiopeia's w.
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: i'd probably turn the unique passive from cowl to health regen like they do with banshees veil. otherwise i like it.
I thought about that, but that is another reason why this item would not be a good rush item, since it does not give flat regen but gives you regen in the thick of the fight, and I was thinking about increasing the percentage a bit, but I thought the stats were pretty worth for the cost already.
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: I love Jhin threads with perfect 4 upvotes, but then I hate it too because I can't upvote them further.
This perfectly describes why I am laughing so hard at this whole thread is that everyone has 4 upvotes.
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: When you reached gold V and sit with 0 lp because you're gonna get skin anyway so there's no reason try for more {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I got Gold V with almost no lp a month after this season started, and then proceeded to not play a ranked game for about 10 months I would say, I know the feel. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Having Daisy around when the enemy jungle picks a fight already forces that fight to be a 2v1 in Ivern's favor. As much fun as it would be for Daisy to mimic spells, I'd much rather keep her as she is than have riot nerf every other ability Ivern has to compensate.
I agree that we don't want them to nerf every spell to compensate, make it so that every time Daisy mimics a spell he loses a counter of his knockup attack, and I believe that this would be enough balance to allow daisy to be able to set up his team more often with spells mimiced or knockup wombo, but not both simultaneously.
: I once went into a blind pick and EVERYONE called top It was very funny
I got into a blind pick where 3 people called jungler I gave everyone the idea of going 5 smites. We all went five smites, and proceeded to win the game even though one of our guys left.
: Mfhhhhh
SALTS- Smiled a little, then stopped
Trias000 (EUNE)
: I know Daisy is just a piece of rock
Why can't they make Daisy mimic Ivern's spell casts in a weaker way? I can't imagine that it would make him that strong, and you would have options between just letting him attack for the damage and knockup or casting to help the team or help others engage.
Sohleks (NA)
: Actually agree [that elder dragon is a bit of a trap] It's more difficult than baron, typically less rewarding, and requires a collection of elemental drakes. It seems to me whenever it's taken it's either A) just icing on the cake of an already stomping team or B) makes little difference in a close game. It is usually C) people get thrilled to cash in on their elemental stacks and take down the big bad dragon but then get rekt or backdoored. It doesn't have empowered recall and is so tanky so it is pretty easy to make elder drake a trap. Is this necessarily a problem? Not exactly though. Not a glaring issue for me.
It seems that the problem with elder dragon is that it is hard to kill and utilize. Possible idea maybe reduce the total damage increase you get from the burn and maybe buff how long the buff lasts and reduce the amount of hp the dragon has. Just my two cents, but usually I do completely agree that it typically means nothing in a game and just solidifies a win, and having a longer duration and being a little easier to kill might make it easier to trade for a baron and be actually a worth it trade to take the dragon.
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: Laughing Fish's 100,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!) Laughing Fish needs a laughing fish fizz skin for his hard work where the fish laughs as it eats it target. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: It'd be a spam fest because you basically have 60% CDR on your ult. Now it being kill instead of hit would be understandable.
You obviously didn't read the example. If 4 people on the other team are dead when he ultimates, so he only hits one person, then it gets a reduced cooldown, giving him a little forgiveness if he ulties late and doesn't hit someone before it finishes casting, so if he doesn't get an assist he gets something back. How many times have you ultied as karthus and the guy died before it casted? If it hasn't happenened to you I envy your timing. To the previous comment, if you cannot say anything nice, don't say anything. I did say they may be overpowered, but you don't have to call them toxic. Besides, what is it that is unique about karthus? You can literallly dodge everything, and it makes him so very reliant on people being stupid and not juking, so if his ulti hitting through invulns is toxic, it is compensation for the rest of his kit being toxic to him by being impossible to land. Also I think it being impossible to dodge would be a unique mechanic, and wouldn't really put him over the top really.
Godtrek (NA)
: Can we do something about Karthus?
Just make it so that his ultimate is completely uncounterable, no zhonyas, no fizz troll pole, no nothing can save you from his ulti (edit: banshee's veil and spell shields would still block it, leaving buildable counterplay to not get hit). Also a nice little thing would be to make it so that his ulti goes on lower of a cooldown based on how many people he hits. For example, you kill 4 enemies in a teamfight, karthus ulties for the last one and hits only one person before anyone else respawns, he gets maybe a 20% reduction of cooldown on his ulti, 5% for each member of the other team his ulti did not hit. Just my two cents, don't hate if this sounds really overpowered. Keep the conversation going!! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Here's why ADCs are "mandatory"
They should just buff relic shield back to where you could take two bruisers botlane with both having relic shields, making it so you could take an adc mid or top or jungle and then have a tank in the botlane along with a support. As far as I remember, that was actually a fun time being able to run yasuo/malphite or something along those lines in the botlane and either not having a marksman at all or having them in a separate lane.
chaytonk (NA)
: Seven Deadly Skins!
Why not use {{champion:2}} for Wrath, as he does go into a kind of rage when he ulties?
: I can see what you mean. An Anivia, Ziggs, or Azir can clear waves pretty quickly which can stall the game. Against a decent team comp, and depending on who gets caught out, it is possible to defend for a considerable amount of time. I had these kind of games myself. Just recently, I played a game with a fairly large deficit, but my team had an Annie mid who would clear super minion waves and prevent engages with her stun Tibbers. The game lasted long enough that we were able to find a pick, get baron, and stall the game out to 40+ minutes. A team in a severe deficit often needs to make several good fights to push out from the super minions, regain vision in their jungle, and then finally siege the enemy base. To that, I think it is fair. The team in question probably made some misplays to put themselves in that situation, so they should play well just as often to compensate and earn the win. My issue is with the situation in which both teams are roughly equal, a member gets picked off, be it a misplay or an outplay, and the winning team gets baron and a bunch of towers. The other team cannot contest since they are down a member, and will need to take risks to recover. I don't think there is anything wrong with the concept, it is just that the amount of lead one can gain from a single kill is too damn high past 20 minutes. It is a 5 v 5 game, it is anticlimactic when it ends this way.. I am not losing more games because of this because I am on both sides of this scenario in equal times. It is just boring.
Mages mid can stall games with wave clear all the time, I agree with, but I digress due to the fact that mages in the midlane are not currently not people's first choice. 3/5 of enemy team comps I see are full ad with a zed, talon, or yasuo on the other side, and with a hovering around 53% winrate on zed, I can hardly blame them, but if they fall behind and the other team starts to siege he isn't nearly as good at stalling as these mages you speak of. Honestly I haven't seen a ziggs since season 5 and last azir I saw just got screwed over and over by being flung through his own wall as he threw it by a singed. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: When Hextech crate gives you a legacy skin for free
We must be like brothers since I got it too! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Announcing the rotating game mode queue
Will summoner icons be earnable through these game modes? I have perfect ascension and it feels really special that so few have said icon.
Rock MD (NA)
: AP feels so bad this season.
A possible change that might fix this inherent problem might be to take seeker's armguard and remove its current passive, and add a shorter zhonyas, like 1.5 seconds. Maybe this would allow for it to be a higher price with more peacemeal involved, but it would allow mages who are good enough at knowing timing to be able to spend 1200-1500 gold to gain a possible survival strategy against assassins. My two cents, though the gold for this item would have to be high or it would have to give no stats to be not overpowered, except that as long as Drakthars exists, this item will be reliable enough to deal with them without messing up your build path too hard, which is kind of what hexdrinker currently does.
: 10$ RP Christmas Giveaway :D
: PSA: If you're feeding, don't build straight damage
What is worse is when your laner gets killed because they have teleport and the foe has ignite, and then after they both go back, TRY AND PICK A FIGHT WITH THE ENEMY. OH MY GOD IF YOU ONLY GOT POTIONS ON YOUR BACK AND YOUR LANER GOT 2 LONGSWORDS THEY HAVE THE ADVANTAGE. Learn the symptoms of feeding and please stop before that fiora you fed to 4/1 ( I got that one kill as jg ) carries her team. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Make Cull like Eleisa's Miracle (disappear after requirements are completed.)
Well if you are going to make it disappear, at least make it disappear upon opening the shop next, so you don't lose the stats it gives (albeit not losing much) randomly, so that you have an opportunity to make up for that lacking of a healing source.
Solideus (EUNE)
: Expectated outcome for immobile Mage reworks
All they have to do with Morgana is make her passive spellvamp apply fully or more than 33% on her w and ulti. Also find a way to make her e benefit from that spellvamp as well, and you will see morganas mid all day everyday because building full ap with a good bit of farm and sustain would actually work now, as flashing in and ulting as morgana gets you dangerously close to being killed without zhonyas and she could use something to promote that playstyle.
: Do you mean that August 10th is not 3 months past? Or that 3 months should not be the number?
Oop my bad, I didn't see the three months prior part and I thought that August had been meant to be November, I have misspoken, apologies. Though I did get a red response though, so worth.
: TL,DR: Will I get Ranked Rewards? ***Reward Distribution COMPLETED***
> [{quoted}](name=dArtagnan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6pbIXEEx,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-04T22:32:40.737+0000) > > * Being banned or have ***active*** chat/ranked restrictions at November 11th, 00:01 PST > * Had a 7 or more day suspension active within the past three months prior to the end of the season (**August 10th)** > * For example, if you received a 7 day ban on **August 2nd** and it ended on or sometime before** August 9th,** 23:59 PDT, you are eligible for rewards > * On the other hand, if you received a 7 day ban on **August 3rd** and it ended on or after** August 10th, 00:00 PST**, you are in-eligible for rewards Not meaning to hate or anything but August does not seem to be the correct month to use.
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: I actually want Vayne to be nerfed, but...
Well if they wanted to fix vayne all they would have to do is remove the base true damage from her w so she doesn't melt squishies with her true damage that is supposedly designed to deal with tanks. That is mostly her problem right now IMO.
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: {{champion:21}} Flies across the map in high-heels. Gets leered at by a minion and instantly gains 50 pounds.
Minion used Leer! . . . It's Super Effective!!
Nagirte (NA)
: AP scaling isn't really there on Shen because he's supposed to build AP. They put it on a lot of champions who dont really buy AP to make certain items that have AP (esp. TF and IBG) give some additional scaling and cost effectiveness. It's also to make sure that buying the stat(s) that the champ will almost always prioritize doesn't scale up all of their abilities.
Can you tell that to all my shen teammates who decide that since he has so much ap scaling that he needs to go full ap?
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: what can I do if Riven gets ahead in lane?
I have had fed rivens so many times that I have actually figured out how to deal with her. In lane pick someone who can willingly keep away from her with movespeed and slows and damage that can't be cancelled or stopped by cc. I played rumble into her one game and I managed to snowball almost uncontrollably against her by staying away from her during first 3 levels and then overheating with flame-spitter and scrap shield to fight. Then when she would stun I would still hurt her up with flame-spitter, and even after that my overheat bonus auto damage would cheese her hard. I know this is more of a counter pick suggestion, but the only other way I see being able to counter riven is with exhaust.
: Giving away $100.00 in RP once a month. Free RP
Omega 360 North America So cool that you are doing this and I approve even if i don't win, gl hf all
: It is inconsistent, but it's been like that for as long as I can remember. The extra damage procs on inhibitors if you coordinate the 3rd strike onto them but not on turrets. I think the point of it is to emphasize his scaling as a central point of the team rather than a solo carry. He can gain such an insane early lead if played well that he takes turrets faster than you can imagine anyways, his W blood price procing on that would just add to the insanity.
To seem me it seems inconsistent in another way. If he is going to need more damage to kill inhibitors faster, then he will most likely be splitpushing, since if his team just won a teamfight, he wouldn't need more damage to kill inhibitors faster since there are probably 2-3 others there to help him kill it really fast. Another time he might need that bonus damage is when he needs to get the inhib down before the other team spawns, but this also assumes that he is alone, which means he might be splitpushing while his team is taking other objectives without of the damage of either their jungler or toplane, which in either scenario, might have a good portion or damage or kills on his team. Since he will be splitpushing most of the time that this inhibitor bonus damage takes place and has a good use, why have it for inhibitors and not towers, or not have it for either at all???
: It's working as intended and goes for all the skins. It doesn't proc on turrets, otherwise you could walk upto turret with a minion wave and have it at half health by lvl 4
What I'm wondering, is why have it for one and not the other?? I find it kind of weird to be inconsistent in this way, and why have one work and not the other?
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