: this is a really good rework but as a diamond 3 teemo main i stil feel as though q should be on hit otherwise this is beautiful,
On hit or targeted like his current Q?
Ralanr (NA)
: I feel new Swain and Vlad have too similar designs.
My complaint is that I thought they were going to ditch the drain tank style (since, you know, Noxus already has Vlad, who thematically fits so much better), and they were going to go full on Master Tactician and make him a kind of manipulative Enchanter/Catcher style support, one with heavy reliance on tactical awareness and traps and plots to ensare his enemies. That would give Noxus its support, and thematically, it would have fit soooo much better. I feel like Riot is running with this Darkin thing too much (I assume vague reference to demonic powers plus red glowing thing that saps life from enemy equals Darkin).
: I knew that. And I really like Nanbana's ult too, but might be unsuitable for this game as of now. Stealth is too BS already. With the arrival of Duskblade, Ren, Kha, Talon, all of those dudes can use Stealth to buff their dmg. Im not saying it is more obnoxious than the other ults, im saying it makes other ults more obnoxious.
What would you say to a delayed stealth like how Taric’s ult takes time to apply? Or a conditional, like if people are too close to the champion or if the champion is low on health?
: It's not a bad idea, but I do have some issues with this. So please bare with me. Starting off with Nanbana's passive, Trained Eyes, it does seem a bit overpowered as it basically renders all wards, traps, ambushes, and so on completely worthless. I would personally suggest lowering the range of the passive and make it so only she can see wards and traps but not the rest of her team. Also champions in bushes are fine but for champions that have stealth like Camouflage of Invisibility maybe make it so she has an idea of where they are at as oppose to flat out revealing them like how {{champion:28}} 'W' shows her enemy where she is generally but doesn't reveal her out right. Like maybe she 'hears' or 'senses' something nearby and that takes on a red arrow pointing in the general direction of the champion. Second, her Q's AP ratio seems WAY too high especially if her base damage is pretty high too going up by 40 each time she levels up. Not too mention that if she is going to get a 25% boost when stealthed which thanks to her passive it should be extremely easier for her to do. I would recommend that you either lower her base damage to go up by 20 per level or you lower your AP ratio from 100 to 80. Otherwise I think it's a good one. Third, most of her W is fine and seems balanced enough but I think instead of listing how long 'Treat's passive last at each level you should just limit to how long it lasts for each level of W since that is how most abilities's passives work. So I would suggest you have it so starting at level 1 'Treat's passive lasts for 30s but then goes up by 5s each time it levels up so when it is fully maxed out it stays for 50s. Honestly I have nothing negative to say against E since I think it is a balanced and good ability. Now, lastly for your R I really like the idea of having you and another teammate go into stealth to either form am ambush or to help make an escape. Especially since as of now there is no champion that allows others to stealth with them so that already makes it more unique and fun to use. The only thing I would change is that instead of Attack Damage you make it Adaptive Damage that way champions who use Ability over Attack Damage such as {{champion:103}} {{champion:3}} and {{champion:131}} can get something out of it. Overall, this is generally a nice idea especially for a more aggressive stealth jungler. Some elements seemed to be taken from {{champion:17}} but there are enough changes to be different since Nanbana is more in a passive/supportive role as oppose to {{champion:17}} aggressive style since Nanbana can help get rid of traps, wards and help warn allies of hidden danger while {{champion:17}}...well...he normally IS the hidden danger. Hope this helps ya out. Look forward to more!
I had envisioned her being a catcher support as opposed to a jungler. As such, her ability to scout out traps and wards is intrinsic to her role. As for stealthed champions, a reduced cooldown on trinkets plus being able to clear wards without burning the red trinket means that whenever she notices a stealthed champ or feels their presence, she can use red trinket to potentially catch them. Her Q is an equivalent to Morg’s, except Morgana’s Q deals 100% AP, ridiculous base damage and roots them for 3 seconds without being conditional (albeit at rank 5, but what catcher doesn’t max their Q?). The vision conditionality means that in a normal team fight, she probably will not have a chance to be hidden unless they step on a **Trick** trap. It’s pretty much only used in surprise attacks or laning. I would concede on the Treat point. It is probably better as a rank scale than level scale. Her E only buffs allied damage on non-champion units, not her own. Her wave/camp clear would be abyssmal, but she can help champs that are good at wave clear.
: So fucking hard to carry in this meta.
Think about what you just said. > ... because one of your lanes under performed. Be that laner that causes the other to underperform. Simple solution. This meta is all about the snowball.
: Vaynes "counterplay"
She falls under the “Stat Check” Champions. Basically, they are champions that rely on simply being stronger. Master Yi, Nocturne, Vayne, Garen, etc. are all this type. Sure, they each may have a way to play against them, but their abilities are so bland, they are either godly with no skill, or trash tier.
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Terakali (NA)
: Hey, so I am definitely going to be busy with that card game. A card for every item, at least 6 per champion, and then a bunch more based on Lore or minions/monsters... I'm about 3/5 of the way through the champs, but still. It's hard. If you're not paying me, I'm gonna be over here working on my own.
NiamhNyx (NA)
: Harold wouldnt makes sense since its a female. I just call it the big scuttle.
Terakali (NA)
: I would, personally, design a game in the same vein as Hearthstone and release it either as a web game or on Steam.
Maybe, eventually, it could be a phone game too. Maybe. At any rate, if you coded a game like this, what platform would it run on?
Terakali (NA)
: Well... {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
What platforms would you suggest?
Terakali (NA)
: This entirely depends on the game itself. I would be down- I play Magic myself- but I think a digital version would be better.
Perhaps. Of course I have exactly 0 hours of experience with creating digital games, so that’d necessarily have to be a second step for me, seeing as I’d have to contract it out to someone who can.
: Was it you that posted this a few days ago? Whatever not important. Likely not play it but I'd make someone relinquish their Morgana and Kayle cards to me.
I did, thread was taken down because meme’s and games wasn’t the right board.
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SolomonnG (OCE)
: Nocturne wearing boots? WTF is wrong with Cassiopeia?
This is the same problem that League has had forever: the items never fit the champions. Why are all of the legendary ADC items except Runaan’s Hurricane different versions of blades? How does Darius weild two two-handed war axes? How can Leo weild two shields and a sword? In terms of lore and continuity, items are a nightmare. That said, an easy way to change this all is to do away with the physical aspect and go with a more magical approach, such as enchantments or trinkets (necklaces, bands, sashes, etc.
: Anivia has feet So does corki lissandra and aurelion sol
Their movement isn’t tied to their feet.
: The boots are making his feet heavier, which means he is able to press that god damn sluggish gas pedal harder.
Best explanation for anything in League so far.
: Out of curiosity (and to build on Wuk's answer), do you think this sort of board would be better as an extremely focused board on player gameplay questions, or do you think it could thrive as a larger board of questions on a variety of ***League***-related topics?
That’s a question to be answered by the statistics of board users. I would say for right now, it should be a generalized questions board, but if demand is there, splitting it based on preexisting boards would be a good idea.
: All I'm saying is that most AP junglers, like Nid, use autos. Nid, Elise, Eve, Shaco, Diana, Ekko, all of them have an on hit. The only person that doesn't have an AA modifier and is AP is Fiddlesticks, and he is NOT the model of healthiness right now.
It really did suck to see Runeglaive go because it was simply better on almost every AP jungler. Being able to deal AoE on-hit that scales with AP was a huge boost to AP junglers’ clear times and mana sustain, and offered them a cheap alternative to Lich Bane. The Echoes passive is much harder to proc, and provides so much less comparatively.
: League feels boring at this very moment
I feel like the game snowballs way more than it used to. Like that early advantage means you win now.
: I think its fine that they stack, however, I think the stopwatch stasis time should be shortened. It's such an OP feature to have for either free or 600g, even if it is just a one time use. Especially early game it's a real pain in the ass, but if it was shortened, I think you could still use it to your advantage, but there still would be room to work around it from the opposing side
I’d say it needs to be longer in general. In 1v1 situations, a longer duration would be more negative, as it would put you out longer, allowing your enemies more of a chance to reposition/have their spells come back up. In a teamfight, however, many mages could benefit from a longer Stasis, allowing you to miss a larger portion of the burst that is oncoming. Considering the delayed damage that assassins have now, there is a need for a longer wait.
: Well, 180g since Commencing Stopwatch only contributes 300g to your item anyways, while the bought version contributes 600g, and it sells for 120g. Of course, hybrid champs could make extra use of it by getting GA and Zhonya’s (Akali might do that).
And really, it’s more like you get 1.5 seconds and 120g for the rune.
: {{item:3139}} is an alternative to {{summoner:1}}. {{item:3170}} is entirely unique as of this point in time.
I just miss Zephyr. Really good item for fighters.
Sohleks (NA)
: That ought to have been bewildering at first. Considering she passed on the gold savings and spec'd into the mastery it's probably OK as a rare once a game thing as confusing as it is. Maybe not though lol
I was so pissed when it happened TBH. I tower dove her when she had 200 health, and she had already used one of them, and so I figured I had a cheap, easy kill. Instead, I get brought to 100 because of turret and then she lands her Q to kill. I almost flamed her for hacking, but then I realized what had happened, and I was just sad.
: No, its fine. Youre going to sink 600 gold and an item slot for an extra 1.5 seconds. Its not like youre going to use the second stop watch to build into anything else so youre trading alot for the extra stasis. Seems super gimmicky.
Well, 180g since Commencing Stopwatch only contributes 300g to your item anyways, while the bought version contributes 600g, and it sells for 120g. Of course, hybrid champs could make extra use of it by getting GA and Zhonya’s (Akali might do that).
Mega Noob (EUNE)
: What makes broken what? that extra 25 ad from 20 cdr? Why not get 20 lethality instead? And some usefull passives? Like {{item:3814}} or {{item:3812}} What a nonsense, paying 3k for 65 ad and 400 hp.
Um... it's kinda the defacto tank shredding item used by juggernauts to absolutely ruin their laning opponents. It also gives them movement speed for dealing physical damage, something juggernauts need. It's THE class defining item.
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: > other than AA jungles and builds AP Pretty sure nidalee does both of those things.
All I'm saying is that most AP junglers, like Nid, use autos. Nid, Elise, Eve, Shaco, Diana, Ekko, all of them have an on hit. The only person that doesn't have an AA modifier and is AP is Fiddlesticks, and he is NOT the model of healthiness right now.
: > [{quoted}](name=Happy Lolis,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lMpic4IU,comment-id=000c000100010002,timestamp=2017-11-13T06:10:38.824+0000) > > Ezreal has broken almost every interesting, unique addition League has received and instead of looking at the champion, it's always been the item/keystone that gets nerfed. When Runeglaive was around, Ezreal abused it horribly and had it taken away from EVERYONE. Iceborn Gauntlet received a nerf after Blue Ezreal became so overwhelmingly strong and what did Ezreal get? Nothing, other than the ability to just go back to what he was doing before. When Spirit of the Elder Lizard was around applying a Red buff effect on autoattacks.. guess who abused that? Yeah, Ezreal. I realize I'm just repeating what points I made in the post that got you to reply, but they're the biggest offenders. He just gets a free pass whenever something comes along. In another thread, I read a term that I'm fond of - The Ezreal Test. Does it make Ezreal overpowered? Yes? Okay, get rid of it. Don't touch him, he's the perfect child. Always hit the other part of the equation.. Runeglaive was removed for being shitty on everyone who jungles other than AA jungles and builds AP. Which in the jungle most AP junglers are spell orientated not AA therefore making it a terrible item.
Nidalee begs, no pleads pitifully, to differ.
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6uxG09qN0s time stamps in description
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: Out of curiosity, what kinds of Runes would you consider tailored for Fighters?
Sustain (not just lifesteal), healthiness and damage boosts over the course of a fight, and movement bonuses for being withing a certain proximity to enemy units. Basically, a tree not just for if you get into a long fight, but specifically to make what could be a short fight last longer. Delayed, but powerful bonuses and low health sustain.
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Shinjrou (EUW)
: So, "Manaflow Band" is literally Lissandra passive...
Liss's passive should give her bonus damage against movement impaired champions. It wouldn't make her lane game stronger, but it would make her burst stronger.
: Magic Penetration reds, armour/scaling HP yellows, MR blues (or AP if you're daring), and AP quints. Standard mid mage page.
> [{quoted}](name=Kuronii Lumiira,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=51iL2rlf,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-11-08T13:45:37.705+0000) > > Magic Penetration reds, armour/scaling HP yellows, MR blues (or AP if you're daring), and AP quints. > > Standard mid mage page. ... should someone tell him?
: Damage is going up period. The defensive runes are shabby as can be.
That, and only one page is devoted to healthiness, while 3 are devoted to damage. Anyone else feel like Fighters got completely looked over with these runes?
: It's the last day of League as we know it
Just imagine Vayne with that Tempo rune... basic attack, disappears because of ult tumble, suddenly has 3.5 AS and melts through any tank regardless of health or defenses. FYI, tank meta is going to be gone for a WHILE.
: I imagine they'll stack, frankly. :)
So, would that be overpowered together, or it's better to do one or the other?
: I agree, they'll probably stack.
In that case, would it still be worth building Bloodthirster anymore, considering that a normal ADC will have the ability to gain a 200 shield at level 9/10, with no health buffs or anything? Or does having two max health shields make it so that ADC's can reliably sit at max health? Also, considering that Overheal outdoes Bloodthirster at 2500 health and above, wouldn't it then make Bloodthirster a definite no for divers, seeing as they could spend the money on Ravenous Hydra for much more effectiveness?
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: Thoughts?
: The scary fact about Zoe being an aspect is that........
I'm getting a Dragon Age feel from the Void. It almost perfectly lines up with the nature of the Veil. I wouldn't be surprised if Riot made magic come from the Void.
: Vex, the Lawman
: New Champ: Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight preview
To be honest, her art style makes her look like she's from Mobile Legends...
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: Crit also has a cap IDK what the OP is on
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