: The jungle problem
junglers have all said 'screw this' and quit or changed roles, lol. It'll be interesting to see what happens because the last patch's buffs were more like targeted nerfs on Ivern. He's beast mode in solo que, I guess. Udyr doesn't even show up on the list of op.gg junglers, he's ranked so low, so Riot's answer is to move Zed into the jungle. The balance team are just interns, who knows what's going on behind the scenes. Mad cow disease?
: Can we get a bit less of level difference in the game?
ADC's are strong enough to fight at a level disadvantage, and fight on even terms. When an ADC is taken solo lane, they're automatically OP because they're balanced around the duo lane exp disadvantage. ADC being able to go solo lane and just stomp face because champions have been balanced for ARAM is a seriously problem that I see voiced again and again on the forums but continues to go unaddressed. I really think riot balances mainly around ARAM where stuff like AP nasus was a nightmare, so as a result his E is nerfed to oblivion where an ADC can stand in the thing and heal up from passive regeneration and a doran's blade. I agree with the thread that got 20 downvotes yesterday that most top laners/tanks are incredibly weak due to the game being balanced around ARAM, where tanks can dominate. True damage exists, but not flat resistance, for one example.
MetaGeek (NA)
: Sett
Um, compared to what? Senna who can perma-root from a screen away, Aphelios who glides along without pausing to stop for attack animations, or Vayne who can 100-0 a 'tank' with an E, Q and 3 autos? There's so much unbalance in the game, it's hard to say which is which. It does seem like new characters all have super, lightning-fast animations, such that their abilities can practically be combined together. Old champs didn't exist like that, moves were far more telegraphed and had more cast time. Cast speed is the most valuable stat in the game that cannot be itemized or runed for.
CyberPhobic (EUNE)
: How do I take 8 plates and kill my laner 3 times
Matchmaking, even in normals, cues you up for an auto loss roughly half the time. It doesn't have anything to do with top lane. Since I'm a competent player I often end up on teams of people so unskilled that if i were on the enemy team I could easily win the game 1v4. Matchmaking is a lottery system where 95% of the time the match outcome is predetermined before champ selection occurs, seems to me.
: Anarchy - a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority. If you can't use chat responsibly, feel free to remove yourself from the chat. You can opt out of Ally chat and Opt back out of All chat.
Anarchy can also be the result of improper jurisdiction, which punishes the harmless while letting the guilty go free. For instance, somebody being banned from a videogame simply for using the chatbox in an unplayable, 3/5 game for (at least) 15 minutes while the 2 people who went afk receive nothing. If the rules being enforced are nonsensical, the resulting conditions can also be referred to as anarchy.
: Ranked system, Dragons, Dragon Souls, Junglers, an the toxic state of the game
Yesterday I was forced out of my role and autofilled support in a ranked game so that a person with a 13% win ratio who locked in ashe top could auto lose the game for me. It's a great system, really. No complaints.
: maybe you don't care about them trolling or sucking and don't even notice it. so instead of mentally bitching and focusing on that, you gloss over it and keep doing you :3 and i would guess that it's not the sobriety affecting your match ups, but the state of mind your non-sobriety leaves you in could quite possibly leave you matched with "better (less trolly)' players. Or that you can overcompensate for their deficiencies given your altered mind and possibly attribute the lack of trolls to your unusual 'overperforamcne'
yeah, that might be true. or the truth might be that you are all like unevolved, primitive, and inferior lifeforms compared to me. you exist in the shadow of my majesty like tiny, insignificant little worms too pathetic to even bother with crushing. that might also be true.
: PSA: Playing Drunk or High Does not make you better
especially among people who believe themselves mistakenly to be intelligent, the problem with most people is they do not smoke enough marijuana. heads up.
: PSA: Playing Drunk or High Does not make you better
stop hating me because i'm smarter than you. lol i had something else to say entirely. ah yes, it is that it was my personal belief that the problem with most people is they don't smoke enough marijuana.
: PSA: Playing Drunk or High Does not make you better
i was, uh, just happening to be thinking about this very topic this morning. so i was well prepared for this very thread lol. i know for a fact i'm better when i'm stoned and drunk, my precognition engine fires at full bore. i do stuff that blows my own mind, that i'd never be able to execute nearly as smoothly stone sober. not only that, but i get 75% less trolls when i'm playing f'ked up. i know that's statistically impossible, there's no way my sobriety could have bearing on the temperament of the players i'm matched with, but i swear it's still totally true.
: PSA: Playing Drunk or High Does not make you better
actually, you're wrong. to frequent users of said substances, they can and do in fact make you better. there's something in my mind called a precognition engine, i guess others could simply call it 'the groove', or being 'zoned'. it's the ability to see something as it's about to occur, prepare, and then execute it instantly without even really consciously realizing what you're doing. the simple flow of impetus to action, which for most is inhibited by the consumption of such intoxicants, achieves the opposite effect for some while entheogenized, heightening senses and reflex above what is possible under ordinary circumstances. you, quite simply, don't know what you're talking about. go ask any artist if you don't believe me personally.
: Any point not to ban Tahm'Kench?
yorick counters him pretty well, his minions get in the way of the tongues. you might not always be in a position to be able to play yorick, but he's a good counter to a lot of champs that are otherwise pretty strong. {{item:3025}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3742}}
Rioter Comments
Håppy (NA)
: Stop Jungling In OFA
clean the gene pool, stop breathing.
: Remove Mordekaiser's pet dragon and W passive
i agree both things are totally superfluous and should just be outright removed. the dragon ghost is quite ridiculous really not sure how that even made it into the game. i'd trade both those things for a 1 second 40% movespeed slow on his E so he didn't feel forced into rylais or frozen mallet. nothing changes this from being the worst rework, though. he used to have an even power distribution across his 4 abilities, now it seems all his power is in Q and he just has these extra things tacked on to make up for the fact his other 3 abilities don't really do much on their own anymore. a shambling wreck of a rework, if you had to quote me.
: Wow OFA is so fun with al the tryhards...
somehow yesterday i played 3 nearly consecutive shaco games. got wrecked each time. then to have some clown somehow outweigh three morde votes so we can all experience the joys of doing no damage as taric. i've really learned that nobody likes the champs i like to play as, lol. if i could somehow spam morde and malz every game...I've also learned I don't know how to play nearly as many champions as well as I thought. also, wtf is up with the bronzies who will actually lead a parade of enemies into your fucking camps 3:00 minutes into the game spamming 'no', 'no jungle'. i wish putting a different name on a gamemode didn't give people the excuse to somehow become more retarded than they already were.
: Lets talk Mordekaiser
the funny thing people aren't even building him right yet. i saw it myself when i played a OfA as morde yesterday but i've known it since i read the release numbers. trinity/rylais morde puts out half the dps as sterak's gage/titanic hydra morde. yes, it makes him entirely reliant on his q but it also makes him one of the best duelists, and the fastest jungler in the game with a devourer added on. they could remove the w passive and dragon entirely and he'd still be one of the strongest characters in the game currently. lol?
: Hard to enjoy One-For-All
dude blitz is a support champ. every support champ in the game has been nerfed until they can only play as support. a blitz team has 0 dps, no waveclear, 0 sustain, no jungle ability. getting beat by blitz is just bad play.
Bellows (NA)
: Dont forget {{champion:45}} {{champion:75}} Impossible games.
i beat veigar as sion yesterday. it was a tough game that went on for like 50 minutes but we finally won. teams can do some pretty dumb stuff though. there's a definite tier list of which champs are best in OfA, so I wish people would stop picking stuff like heca or blitz. it really blows to crush a champ twice then in the very next game have your astro-physicist teammates pick that champ for you to be crushed as, lol.
Leu07 (NA)
: @Riot The One for All game mode proved me something...
some characters are just much, much stronger than others. played as fiddle vs. kench and got royally stomped like they were the globetrotters against a high school team, then played as darius vs. blitz and got a nearly unassisted quadrakill under their nexus turrets. i really don't think OfA is meant to be serious, but it does highlight some huge scaling discrepancies between champs.
: To all those who play Master Yi Jungle
i watch a lot of Cowsep streams, and he's like a diamond Yi jungle main on Korea servers. He actually changes his build, after sated and botk building crit, armor pen, or defense based mainly on the enemy team comp, i'm pretty sure. I don't even bother with BoTK i go right into Titanic, Sterak's, Deadman's after sated because the synergy between those items is fucking broken.
Bârd (NA)
: Mordekaiser, the lord of death
whatever, wake me up when more than 50% of the company no longer speaks english and 'taco man' releases.
: "Looking at him more closely, it was the metal-mage stuff that didn't really seem to fit cohesively"
it's most likely a show of solidarity for certainlyTumorous. they're all sitting around a bonfire in the riot offices, popping riddlin and burning effigies of Kennedy right now as we speak. proclaiming their undying bonds to each other while ritually mutilating themselves and drawing arcane symbols in their own blood. face it, riot's totally hollywood now.
: Mordekaiser is unbalanceable.
i agree, but for the opposite reason. i don't think mechanically morde is broken, he's got things inherent to his kit for no particular reason. the dragon ghost is entirely superfluous. I was jungling as taric, who's a weaker jungler than morde, and it seemed odd because why shouldn't he get a dragon ghost? why shouldn't any jungler who wrests control over that map objective get to have a dragon pet ghost? the answer is because it'd be unbalanced, and it is unbalanced for morde to have because it's just unnecessary extra power on a champ. i think the same goes for the exp passive on his w. It's like ice cream on a pizza, just kind of gross, really. Too much, way too much. The reward for morde and his team to take dragon is so much higher than the team without him. where x = enemy team and y = dragon approaching infinity. It's not reasonable to have in the game, and that's what I think will never be able to be balanced. So I would rather see that, the extra things morde doesn't need removed, and his bugs with on-hit item interactions fixed instead.
Gusicles (NA)
: We need to fix Guinsoo's Rageblade
rageblade just got a big indirect buff, although it's fairly obscure so I don't think it's been discovered widely yet. sterak's and rageblade's mechanics combine really well, both items tend to activate under the same circumstances, with sterak's shield mitigating rageblade's weakness of only activating at less than half health. buffs i think would be best are either a low amount of constant leech, like 3% of damage leeched as health, or just make the active controllable, with an 80 second cd.
: Another Worlds...
korean society isn't dogged by the albatross of christianity nor plagued by the pestilent spectre of multiculturalism. but no, it's probably because greed affects people differently, you're totally right.
: So.. we gonna do anything about Trist/Jinx/Vayne or we gonna wait for the second coming of Christ?
Christ?!? Shit, I've been praying for the return of Paul Bunyan this whole time. Don't I feel like an idiot right now?
Nebuul (NA)
: What it's like to create item sets for Mordekaiser
I didn't think titanic hydra was an autoattack reset. If you want that you have to use Ravenous, but then it doesn't proc on his 3rd Q attack. Strangely inconsistent. Anyway, I play morde as a jungler with: {{item:3930}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3748}} {{item:1310}} It's super effective, bugged item interaction or not. His jungle clear speed is silly.
: Bring back tribunal !!!
wtf for, riot's ban policy is the exact same it's always been. it goes like this: it doesn't matter how horribly someone acts, if only one person reports them nothing happens. it doesn't matter how innocent someone is, if more than one person reports them they get banned. easy fucking peasy yellow cheesy.
Shénzhì (EUW)
: Guinsoo's Rageblade & Aatrox
i think it needs to be a leech item. i buy it in place of a leech item. they need to move 3% of the lifesteal and spellvamp to a always-on passive. there, fixed.
: 5.16 is the attack on the meta Lol deserves but does does not need
batman is not a superhero, he's just a fag that dresses in tights. that quote is stupid. you are too, probably.
: Riot, I ask one favor
the morde rework is the worst thing i've ever seen riot do, and that's a fucking long list of wrongs. it's like he was recycled into fucking aluminium and replaced with a plastic made in china morde. it doesn't matter how strong or 'op' he is, I don't want to play as him. all of his cool animations with shards of metal and maces flying around replaced with blue rings and the color purple. absolute fucking retarded shitwork.
: The return of the tank meta
i'm upset with people who use tired, overused cliche phrases and can't even fucking spell them properly.
: Playing botlane this patch is the most horrible experience i've ever had playing this game
i've always sort of considered bot lane to be the pit of hell, personally.
: We should rework every champion like Certainty T reworked Mordekaiser
{{champion:80}} passive: call of the captains - we decided to make pantheon more like the only other guy with a shield we can think of, captain america. so now instead of blocking attacks, every 4 autoattacks will cause pantheon to utter a random curse word, and an appropriate phrase like 'get you some' or 'git 'er done'. q: shield toss - pantheon now throws his shield instead of a spear. actually, his spear has been replaced with a whiffle bat. w: lard slide - since pantheon is now a juggernaut and his lore, splashes, and models have been changed to reflect his unfortunate condition of morbid obesity, we changed his leap-stun into a butt slide that no longer stuns, but can be used in any direction without a target. e: frantic whiffling - pantheon makes 3 short feints with his whiffle bat that, while doing no damage, enrage and create a debuff on the enemy that makes their spells cost 4 times the mana they would normally for the next 2.2 seconds. unusable without an enemy champion target. r: made in china - since we all know that historically, gladiatorial combat's true home was the far east, pantheon now, instead of falling from the sky, emerges from the ground to the sound of gongs and everyone's favorite holiday musical phrase 'diddle-iddle dun dun, dun dun diiiiiiin'. Finally, the character of pantheon can begin to emerge from the shambling wreck he's been since his creation and find real identity. Rejoice, you lousy cretins!
: WE're buffing Lee Sin so he's in even more of your games.
you watch patch notes? dudes can't say sentences without including the word 'like' at least half-a-dozen times. the world is run by stupid people. accept and move on.
: riven and vayne currently 60% winrate in korea
wtf numbnuts I've been saying vayne was op since release. that much peel belongs on things like asphalt and bananas, not ranged adc's. see: kalista.
Cicote (EUW)
: BibleThump
you're a dumbass. this a fucking forum, not a church.
: One of those "fuck this game" threads.
riot doesn't ban for trolling. they ban for stupid shit like when you get mass reported in spite for picking bot lane nunu and getting stuck with an intentional feeder. the community doesn't report people for trolling the hell out of another person. the community reports people for petty, spiteful bullshit like 'oh, he typed too many words into chat'. i'd like to find the person at riot responsible for player moderation at riot and wring their fucking neck until chicken meat comes out.
: Can I make another morde thread?
you can, but riot won't let anything about this topic stay on the front page unless it's a certainlyT ass kissing thread with a bunch of fucking douches posting in it.
: Since her rework, Sona has seen 0 competitive play
sona could be played by a gerbil. I don't want to see her in pro games.
Michikun (NA)
: "Teeto's applications in a 5v5 setting have always been questionable" Does this still hold true now?
an ability increasing in range with levels just feels...weird. the only others I can think of that work similarly are the global teleports. having a skillshot changing range with rank prevents a person from ever getting in sync with the character and being comfortable knowing exactly how an ability is going to function. it's strange and bad. in much the same way as nerfing underpowered characters.
Mongoose (NA)
: why is gnar's ad ratio for his ult so low?
how can anyone with ears play as gnar? i can't even watch games with him being played in them.
Nekusen (NA)
: Does anyone Build Guisoo's ?
it's a sustain item that offers none unless it's active is working, and the passive doesn't last long enough between hits to even walk between jungle camps. if it had 2 or 3% life leech from damage OR 6 seconds between actions before the passive deactivates it wouldn't feel like such a horrible item to buy.
darkdill (NA)
: Say you pick Lux in TB, but the enemy mid-laner is Talon. Is there ANYTHING you can try?
alter your build slightly so you can't get 1 comboed to death? build Rod of Ages, catalyst passive will help keep you from going low and getting dove, right into Hourglass for the armor and passive stasis. far be it from me to suggest pure glass cannon might not be the ultimate build in every scenario, I guess i'm not pro enough to build like a retard. lol.
: I never wanted a champion rework to fail, but....
riot won't acknowledge the failure even when it becomes one. if they didn't they wouldn't have turned the iconic and thematically perfect soraka or karma into whatever the fuck they are now. and trundle would be a lovable, pelvic thrusting trollkid instead of The Ice Lord of All and Everything OMG King of everything and Crown of the Universe. they're a bunch of fucking dipshits, really. just like every other business, religious, and government organization. shit.
: Any AD supports?
no, there are no ad supports. there are, however, tank supports that function on ad. I actually believe that non-meta tank supports are the strongest in low-level soloQ. I've had success on trundle, sion, plank, and shaco. All building almost pure tank with maybe one damage item, like cleaver or gauntlet. support relies heavily on presence. any character that you feel comfortable enough brawling against 2 people with, and can maintain an advantage with, can support. I especially like taking a pure tank support against the glassy supports that are more popular. Janna, Nami, Soraka, and such. Once your tank build gets going on them you just steamroll them will their silly little mobility boots and talismans of ascensions. noobs.
: He also helped work on Zyra. +FUNFACT: "CertainlyT" stands for "Certainly True Damage".
: What would RiotRepertoir do if he was here right now? He'd use the feedback he got from you That's what RiotRepertoir'd do. When RiotRepertoir was reworking Garen with changes oh so bold He took ideas from the community and changed it based on those. When RiotRepertoir's crazy ideas were met with our despair He made changes based on what we said and showed us that he cares. So what would RiotRepertoir do if he was working on Morde today? He'd hear us n' scrap it for a full redo That's what RiotRepertoir'd do. But sadly that's just not what's true, it's up to CertainlyT, Who's ignoring all feedback casually 'Cause he thinks he's better than you and me.
: season 1 was 50/50 balanced for me (40 champions, nearly 35 were broken everyone except galio/veigar/yi/nasus ect...) but it was very fun unlike other seasons jax was the dodge master, twitch 60 sec stealth, pantheon full map tp, nocturne ulti being good, tryndamere going 1v5 like a hard carry when he was full stuff, blitz aoe 3 sec silence, mordekaiser being the god with warwick and udyr, release vayne/graves, shaco being uncatchable. GANGPLANK DENYING!! i dream all day for a nostalgic not permanent game mode, like reverting champions to X states adding old items riot if you watch this post i beg you ....
balance is a meaningless term, an elusive goal with a constantly changing destination. I would play on classic 2011 servers quicker than a heartbeat. when characters were dynamic and did have clear weakness, and before the release of such monstrosities as darius, thresh, and kalista. when dodge and nimbleness existed, support wasn't the only gp/5 class, and there was a real battle between health regen builds and life-steal sustain builds and not a one-sided dps fest. When you could walk through the jungle without the entire enemy team knowing exactly where you were because fog of war used to be a major gameplay factor that has virtually been eliminated. With everything that's been changed to supposedly 'balance' the game, the only thing I really agree made the game better was the buffing of neutral team objectives. The rest is monkeys bashing on typewriters.
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