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: Does anyone know how to change the announcer and in-game music?
theres a lot of us that want the pirate announcer back, all we can do is hope rito gives us the option sometime RITO PLZ
: It's been less than 24 hours...
i miss the pirate announcer so much... like SO MUCH, its almost to the point i dislike the female announcer now that i had something really cool for the announcer
: I really miss the pirate music
I agree as well, and i want the announcer 2
Omnizoom (NA)
: Pirate announcer
i would support a morgan freeman voice actor for the announcer, glados would be nice for if im playing {{champion:61}} or {{champion:53}} or {{champion:6}} who am i kidding.. no one plays {{champion:6}} but seriously though, pirate announcer exists, you have the data and the assets and the capabilities rito, make it happen
: GP Voice Lines-- Announcer and Post 5.15. BRING BACK ANNOUNCER PACK AND PRE 5.15 VOICE LINES FOR GP
i agree with both parts of this First off, i want to use my gangplank skins and have the captain gangplank voiceover, not the new new one, he sounded more like a actual pirate and like a captain , now he just sounds like someone who's salty and angry about what happened. And as for the announcer, i REALLY would liek the pirate announcer, ive been dealing with the monotone announcer since beta and the pirate one brought in so much depth and difference Yes its more comical, no some people would not care either way and some would not want to memorize what each saying means rather then the bland single double ect ect to me hearing, "ally double kill" is boring now, its much nicer hearing "your ally found friends"
: Gangplank Announcer: 2 options
i agree with you, and yes i would play rp for the pirate announcer and i want it for ALL game modes, ranked and unranked
: I disagree with all of you: I like the gangplank announcer voice AND the music
well in ranked you can listen to the bilgewater theme or the classic summoners rift theme from the options but theirs no option to turn back on the announcer as a pirate and i REALLY want that option
Omnizoom (NA)
: Pirate announcer
you can turn the music on for sr again in options
Cabigon (NA)
: Why, WHY can't I just have the classic music and announcer?
a lot of people want this announcer permanently (me included) but i would vastly prefer it to be a OPTION as some don't like it
Strazty (NA)
: After the Bilgewater Update, can we switch between Bilgewater and summoners rift themes?
not to forget the announcer, the piratical announcer is so much nicer as well
: Will The Music Files For The Bilgewater Event Be Released Like The New Music On Summoner's Rift Was?
Valenten (NA)
: Gangplank VO announcer :)
as would i matey though i dont think it was gangplank himself announcing and also the different background music as well
Omnizoom (NA)
: Pirate announcer
is the announcer still there for butchers bridge?
Omnizoom (NA)
: Pirate announcer
well i mean AFTER his triumphant return and is the pirate announcer really {{champion:41}} seems a bit odd to play gangplank then and gangplank was announcing.. i think it was just "a" pirate and right now since bilgewater is in chaos he left for a bit
Omnizoom (NA)
: Pirate announcer
Also as a side note, i like the pirate theme on summoners rift much better then the summoners rift theme... can we keep that as well?
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