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: Try {{champion:78}} ? I think she'd fit very nicely into what you're looking for and she can carry quite effectively.
I do play {{champion:78}} and strangely enough I have a worse WW on her than {{champion:98}} XD
: You can carry with {{champion:412}} {{champion:223}} if you land your devours/hooks good enough. You can always go top lane thresh/tahm and that's really strong also. I heard shen is like 2nd worse to aatrox though so I'm not sure about him, play him if you want tho
Yeah {{champion:98}} got dumped on after the rework
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: Academy Adventures
I love this. More please.
: > [{quoted}](name=OneExit,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IvF6gHf0,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-11-21T04:09:36.735+0000) > > Fact checked that, because it sounded ridiculous, but you weren't lying 5 FUCKING BASE DAMAGE! I'm probably going to be making a thread covering how drastically nerfed he has been. This is a tad ridiculous.
Good luck with that thread friend I tried making a petition thread to just revert this stupid rework and it's currently sitting at -8 votes.
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: Yeah, I'm in agreement. He was nerfed, in ways he really didn't need to be, and compensated in no way, shape or form. His E is a god damn joke now, 5 base damage. Really? 5 base fucking damage.
Fact checked that, because it sounded ridiculous, but you weren't lying 5 FUCKING BASE DAMAGE!
: ***
you clearly do not understand the point, so just buzz off to some other post. thx
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Saianna (EUNE)
: > I played to the best of my ability, and was spam pinged, flamed, and reported at the end of the game. Almost feels like the support singed case, huh?
Kinda does... Didn't think about that.
: I think he's great now! I build ap top shaco, and spammed it a bunch last season, so this season just felt like a buff to me! :-D
Most AP Shaco players feel the same way, but the majority of Shaco players (like myself) played him AD, and that was what got nerfed into the ground.
: Chickenwrap made a thread about the build (he's a pretty solid diamond level shaco player who I pay attention to). It was something like {{item:3146}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3020}} {{item:1414}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3089}} I may be an item or two off, but I tried it and it works pretty well. Very strong. Ad shaco is in the shitter right now. I played shaco a ton, and after these changes the only way is ap (flashbacks to the period of time in season 4 where I would play only ap shaco lmao).
Thanks for giving me a heads up on the build. I tried my old AD build, and did absolutely nothing all game, so next time I feel like trying Shaco I'll pull this build out.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Encouraging suicide should always be an INSTANT ban
Personally I like the way that the verbal toxicity system in the game Town of Salem works. You can cuss and flame all you want, but the game will simply auto-correct all of the inappropriate dialogue to "flummery" or "gee golly" or something else equally silly. If you really want to censor what your players say in game I personally feel that this is a much healthier way to do it than simply banning toxic players.
: Because they shouldn't restore power. Should GP mains still have 60% winrates and oppress every top laner they ever face because they can just endlessly barrel poke and farm? no. Your argument that they will be crushed by any decent top laner is also pretty untrue. According to he has a 8% playrate and a 49% winrate. That's hardly "being crushed". His banrate is still incredibly high, 28%. He's not "being crushed" and he is certainly still an very powerful top laner in the right hands. rek sai is a different matter, but she will most likely get a rework at some point.
You're focusing too much on the GP and not enough on the point behind the example.
: Y'know what else sucks...... **Shen** *Really Salty Old Shen Player*
I've played Shen since season 4. I'm with you dude.
Zetto (NA)
: That's the thing though. They left the bonus gold alone for a good reason. GP requires a lot of gold because most of the items that make him good are ultra expensive. They wanted him to still be that late game hypercarry that nasus only wishes he could be. They didn't want to remove his ability to be that champ. They only wanted to nerf his ability to simply sit in lane and farm, healing through any poke you could manage while ulting to assist in early fights and pick up kills, which is why they nerfed his W/R, and not his Q.
The main point I had was that for the average player GP is pretty weak. Same goes for you average player trying to play Kog'Maw. I feel like late game hyper carries just get stomped a little too easy, then again if they don't they turn into nightmares (which we've seen multiple times).
Zetto (NA)
: GP's been a strong top laner for quite some time now, and frankly still is. Rito did what they did to ensure that you could actually work towards shutting him down, instead of simply delaying the inevitable snowball brought about by the bonus gold from his Q and bandit.
Riot made a mistake with leaving GP's bonus gold alone. It's a nice little nod of the hat to old GP, but it's REALLY broken in the big picture of the game ESPECIALLY since he's a hyper carry. Without relying on bandit, and parrrley's bonus gold GP would be laughably weak (IMO). Edit: TL;DR: I agree with you, and Rito did a fuq up on letting GP keep his bonus gold.
: Gangplank, even with the nerfs, was still one of the top performing top laners for a loooong time. What's your point?
The point is that in solo queue played by your average player, and not some top .0001% challenger GP god: GP will likely get crushed by any decent top laner. His latest nerfs were aimed at the competitive level, yet they will never restore any power to your casual GP player.
Zetto (NA)
: You act like GP wasn't deserving of those nerfs.
No; that's not the point. In the beginning GP DEFINITELY needed nerfs, but more recently GP has been somewhat balanced (in my experience), and only required nerfs on a competitive level.
: I personally think Riot should just have a different set of changes for pro players than everyone else. Since that's not going to happen let's just be grateful it only happens for about two months a year.
Yeah that would be a great solution, but I don't think anyone at Riot are even considering it.
: ***
You got banned unjustly, and the other two were being morons. :D
: He's saying you're an idiot.
No I was saying the other guy is an idiot.
: Yes you deserved it.
Pretty sure I could count your IQ on one hand.
nerak23 (NA)
: Op you blamed everything in game on someone else and then now say after a Perma-ban...maybe I....blah blah....I'm not buying what your selling. You had to know you were on the edge and needed to play right and still went over the line more then once... Nope, take some responsibility, I'm positive you don't like reading it right now but calm and try not to reach Perma status in next account. gl
People like you are the reason I have no faith in humanity.
: Do I deserve my permanent ban?
My ban was for an incredibly similar situation. I, however, lost my cool, and began flaming the living shit out of my teammates. Now when I enter a game 9 times our of 10 I instantly mute everyone in chat: especially Draven players (hehexd). You kept you cool. You should DEFINITELY not be banned, but Riot doesn't like to think that they're wrong, so it's unlikely that there'll be a red by here. Best of luck my reformed friend, and may the Rito be ever in your favor.
Felvyne (EUW)
: And Rek'Sai is almost gutted because the pro-play. You will have to endure it this patch, at least. I hope after it Riot will return some power to the ones nerfed just because pro-play, because is really sad getting your main or favorite champion nerfed just because pros abuse them
Ok, so does Riot have a history of restoring power to champs that they gutted for LCS reasons? Nope! They have gutted the FUCK out of Rek'Sai, and Gangplank for your casual players, because of pro play, yet they have never restored any of that power: not even in the off-season.
: Lol more Shen nerfs, better nerf Shen. Edit: Shen is litterally getting nerfed because: Teamwork op.
Ik; it sucks for us solo queue Shen players who just want to play our damn champion.
: It's for worlds they're trying to make more available picks. So unless you want to see ekko and shen every game, expect bullshit nerfs and buffs. EDIT: Got downvoted. Jesus, please just fucking understand they're trying to balance for worlds. Wether you like it or not it's the reality.
I didn't do the downvoting. Ok I'll tell you what I told the other guy. Worlds is all fine, and dandy, but here's the problem: Riot won't revert the nerf after worlds is over. They're going to dumpster Shen for the sake of worlds, and not ever pull him back out of the trash for us casual players.
: And that's a valid complaint. However, we are still approaching Worlds and Riot must honestly dedicate the game to them for at least a couple of patches so that we don't get the same tired old complaint of not seeing much diversity up in the pro scene.
My problem with this is: will they revert the nerf after worlds? The answer is no. They never do. This is going to hurt my favorite champion severely for quite a while all because of "competitive league of legends".
: Yes. But this does not stop Shen from being nerved as well. I understand you are angry that Ekko is not getting whacked any harder, but please understand in and of itself, the Shen nerfs are justified in the pro scene and not breaking Ekko's knees is a bad argument for not nerfing Shen.
I'm not a pro player. The vast majority of the community are not pro players. So the whacked the living hell out of Shen with the nerf bat for .0001% of the community while allowing champions like Ekko (not just Ekko he was just first to mind) to rolfstomp all over casual play.
: Please note that we are approaching the Worlds patch, and Riot wants to aim balance decisions towards the pro players a bit more. Shen is a rather solid performer up in pro level.
Yes. Shen does perform excellently with properly coordinated teams; however, he's still far under champions like Ekko in pick priority.
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Dynikus (NA)
: Fill isn't random, it's filling whatever missing role there is in matchmaking. Generally that role is support.
That's kinda my point. I enjoy filling in for whatever role my team needs, but I don't always want to play support. I feel that maybe a "random" option could help alleviate the feeling of fill just being a second support button.
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Kei143 (NA)
: understand that you being provoked has got nothing to do with what you say. When being provoked, you can choose to mute them, you can choose to ignore them, you can choose to reply without negativity, or you can reply back with flame (mild ones and super offensive ones). You had full control of what you could have typed, hence you are only responsible for your punishment. This isn't just one game, it happened consistent enough for you get a punishment. Hence what they say don't matter. Fighting flame with flame is just asking to get both parties punished. --- Also, for you to jump punishment tiers, what you are saying must be pretty bad. Those things that you say also isn't cool for when you start working and contributing to society. So you can use this as a learning lesson and understand what isn't acceptable for the future.
It was two games. that isn't consistent, and as for what I say I have 1st amendment rights so if someone doesn't like it they can shove it
Kei143 (NA)
: The chat restrictions only apply if you were toxic through chat. Extreme cases can get escalated and jump punishment tiers. Unsportsmanlike behavior is a 14-day ban for first punishment. If you were punished for verbal toxicity, feel free to post your logs to prove that you don't deserve the 14-day ban. Keep in mind that retaliating toxicity with more toxicity will still get you punished (in fact, both parties get punished). If you were punished for unsportsmanlike behavior, then that is the correct punishment.
I was punished for toxicity in chat, and I quote "found your in-game comms to be excessively inflammatory and offensive your account has been suspended" Also Riot only gave me what I said, so I have no way of proving that I was provoked unless they supplied me with full logs.
: I'm simply saying, don't waste your time. Riot isn't going to change. Don't waste your money, or life playing their game because it isn't worth it. Their company is here to grind money not play nice with people.
Been playing for over two years now; it's a little late. I don't know; I guess I expected some kind of ACTUAL justice in return for my loyalty to Riot over the time that I've spent playing. No matter thanks for coming on to the boards, and not being in the "just mute them" circle jerk.
: Same I recieved a 14-day ban on my first offense. Riot isn't going to change because Riot doesn't use logic.
I understand that I'm not the first, and likely won't be the last, but this is crazy.
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: Owning all the skins for a champion
łnśane (NA)
: {{champion:236}} x{{champion:43}} >.> Ive seen people ship them because they are both black, they need to stop <.< {{champion:222}} x{{champion:202}} I get it they are crazy!! doesn't mean they are for each other sheesh {{champion:163}} x{{champion:245}} Honestly its beacuse i ship {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Sue me
YEEESSS THANK YOU the {{champion:202}} x {{champion:222}} ship literally makes me scream at my screen it's just NO aaaaand Ekko has already expressed feeling for Jinx
Eedat (NA)
: The worst part of being a Jungler when your team is behind....
Was playing {{champion:56}} a game ago. My mid laner picked {{champion:34}} into {{champion:7}} and fed their ass off then proceed to take my toucans AND my wolves; meanwhile my top laner (also feeding) took my krugs; after this the enemy jg and took my red and the enemy mid took my blue. ALL I HAD WAS A GROMP WHEN I WAS THE ONLY ONE ON MY TEAM NOT FEEDING. #YesIAmSalty For real if you're behind at least leave the big toucan; I need it for ward sweeping and the big wolf spirit to guard my blue side jg {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: If you are mid last pick and you picks ad assassin when whole team have no ap
I main {{champion:121}} now, I will hover my pick and let you know I have > 75% win ratio on {{champion:121}} , but if someone else truly refuses to pick a tank then I will pick {{champion:14}} {{champion:111}} or {{champion:106}} . **MORAL OF THE STORY**: If you carry me; I will tank for you.
: They may not have anything positive to say, but if they cant respond to your gank messages etc, I would rather just have them banned from the game and not ruin my games. I am/was a toxic person. I control my anger during game just so I can keep playing because chat restrictions are disgustingly hard to play with. I cuss in my room out loud so I dont say it in game. If I can do it so can they
funny thing I used to get Chernobyl toxic, and the weirdest fkn thing helped: I just listen to creepypastas in the background and I'm totally chill. It's bizarre.
: Anyone else's parent's get way too irrational over you playing League?
See? This. My parents though? Not only do they get super pissed, but they blame **EVERY LITTLE FUCKING ISSUE** on "that game" **EVEN IF IT'S COMPLETELY UNRELATED** Ex: I stay up too late (NOT PLAYING LEAGUE) and was hard to wake up; in their mind it's AUTOMATICALLY because of "that game" like god-fuckin-damn that gets me so pissed. (Sorry for the excess language but this is like a huge problem in my household)
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: There's a reason it's a chat _restriction_ and not a chat _ban_ we use. The chat is necessary. Even if a toxic player didn't resort to in-game trolling and griefing when their chat gets taken away (which let's face it, they will, which is another reason chat bans won't work), they'll still have a negative impact on a game because they cannot communicate. Chat's important, you're not gonna be able to tell your teammates to beware of Galio's fancy new protobelt via pings.
Tbh I misread that the first time and I thought you said Galio's prostate XD
: Permabanning chat is toxic to our players on our team. I hate nothing more than a player who cant communicate via words especially when hes doing nothing. there are times where Ill gank a lane, and help them triple kill the lane, but Ill die just by a few HP, Ill check their summs and they had heal, and Ill type, couldnt use heal? and they wont respond this is just an example but there are so many versions of shitheads. Ive only had one 10 game chat restriction (a few months back) but if I was forced into a game of carrying a bunch of idiots, I need the chat. I need to tell them when to push where and what I am going to do, and who should do what in reaction. I would never play a ranked game without full chat privileges Because the problem (sort of problem), I have when I am helping my friends in bronze matches is you will tell them to do something, and they NEED the next step. they cant think for themselves. Anyway what I am trying to say is chat communication is necessary. After the 10 game chat restriction I only use chat to communicate game play strats, and occasionally if someone fucks up 0/100 in the first 2 minutes of the game, I say nj bronzie.
Well if someone is flaming enough to acquire a permanent ban then it won't be likely that they'll have anything positive to say anyways
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