Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: Tarzaned need to be punished even before this guy.
> [{quoted}](name=Kitsune Kawaii,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ddJQan6E,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-04-14T16:00:39.431+0000) > > Tarzaned need to be punished even before this guy. Maybe? I won't argue against that. I'm more interested in the idea presented then the player himself.
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jdg321 (NA)
Naw, this is different. This is someone willfully not playing the game, costly the other team LP and possibly the game. If both sides are evenly matched, then there's no way to win. Yeah, I just lost a winning game cause some troll made demands, fed, and afked. Still, I think that I shouldn't lose LP cause of one person like this. It's not my fault.
bloodmoth (OCE)
: Bots
Was going to make a thread, but I'm glad someone else is doing something about this. I like to practice new champs vs. bots and I keep getting double bots in say, Twisted Treeline. All seem to follow the same pattern. Heal and Ghost as sums, and lately I keep seeing their screenname feature "Generic name M2 something." Of course they feed like crazy and generally make the game unfun and unwinnable. I'm curious, don't other games have a system for this?
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: Let's climb out of the depths of Bronze baby (need all)
I have similar goals. Sure how this offer is open two days from now! That's the next time I can get on. I typically play jungle, but can do top as well.
: I'v received this message twice this week.
You know, I've started to doubt the system even works. While I'm glad for you, I'm a little outraged over all the people I've reported with blatant bad behavior who hasn't apparently been caught yet.
: Loss Forgiven
Bumping, cause I'd like a loss forgiven too. It's a little selfish since I've had a series of bad games...but I keep getting "series" of bad games over the years I've been playing. This is something the community should push for, or harsher punishments to bad players. I just lost 60 lp cause two stoners (assumed cause it's in their screenname) fed cause they were a duo lane and wanted bot. Then lost another cause top lane had bad internet. Sure, this'd take some resources, but if lesser mobas are doing it why not this one? It doesn't make sense.
: Climb out of bronze together
This is exactly what I'm looking for. I just lost all my LP to bad solo q matchup and would like a smarter team. I main jg, but have some practice with Gnar and Chogath top, Jhin and Caitlyn bot. I have a larger champ pool in JG, with dozens if not hundreds of games as Kindred, Nautilus, Shyvana, Skarner, and Nocturne. Oh, username is the same as my screenname here.
DoFr (NA)
: as a Nautilus jungle main, new jungle is absolute bonkers
I share the same concerns, but I've played jungle Nautilus will some mix success. This might turn out better in practice then in theory. For example, just because LW is cheaper doesn't mean it's always the best thing for them now--you're giving up damage to other champs for increased damage to tanks. Against a squishy no armor assassin LW is just a pickaxe. I feel this thread is a little too negative, though not unwarranted. I'd actually like to hear more from other people's experiences as a tank jungler rather than assumptions.
: Just bought $10 RP as a thank you to Riot
> [{quoted}](name=HealbotSugadaddy,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=h4I0xUOh,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-06T09:39:40.587+0000) > > Had an extremely toxic player in ranked. "I'm afk", "I'm going to intentionally feed to make sure you lose", the works. After the game we reported him, and maybe 5 min later we both got the notification that a player had been punished due to our reports being the final straw. > > That feeling. Thanks Riot. Wait, that's a thing that happens? I never get a report like this, and I've reported a bunch of toxic players...
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: Gold and under team LF Top, Jungle, Support for ranked 5's and tournaments
Application: Id: OneMoMan Rank: Silver 4 Roll: I main Jungle, as Nautilus, Nocturne, and Rek'sai, but I'm at least average as both support and ADC. Champ pool: Nautilus (supp and jg), Nocturne, Rek'sai, Tristana(adc) , Morgana(supp). I've also played a lot of Gnar and Gangplank top, but my recorded toplane is 50/50 at best. Availability: My work hours are random, but generally in the evening. Eastern Pacific Time. Biggest Strength: I've been playing the game for years, while I could be better mechanically I think I understand the basics well. In game I'm cautious and rather obsessed with taking objectives, weighting the benefit vs. the risk (I've seen too many soloq teams give up 4 deaths to take the first dragon buff). In short, a lot of experience, map awareness, and I've seen enough soloq games fall apart to know when to keep calm.
: Surrendering in Ranked
Some people aren't that serious though. You're talking about solo q I assume? Well there's the problem. I just lost a few games cause my teammate clearly didn't know what they were doing. You're probably getting someone who just leveled up, or simply hasn't had enough success or experience to realize that some games can turn around.
: Mastery screen glitches in champ select [CLIENT]
I just lost LP for this glitch. It's a month old, surely its been solved by now...
19 19 19 (NA)
: We need this to happen for Nautilus [Deep Terror?]
These skins are great. As a Naut main who already owns Astronautilis, I'd buy these! They have a certain style a presence that his other skins lack. I mean, they aren't bad, it's just they don't fit my taste. These have a clear theme going on.


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