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Porocles (NA)
: I've seen a few reports that some players can't see their match history on the external site, and is something that's being looked into. In the meantime, some players were able to fix this by forcing a refresh. On the match history page try tapping Ctrl+Shift+R. Let me know if that helps!
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its been 6 days for me too. finally got it to where i can log in but lose contact with maestro a min after logging in. every single time
Suntv (NA)
: This has started for me today. Can't play it. At. All.
if u find a good solution let me know. its been like this for 6days for me and i want to play so bad
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: You've been posting in the **Report a Bug** board, not **Help & Support**. There are dedicated Rioters in H&S to assist. The maestro error is almost always a connection issue caused by permission or firewall interference. If you haven't, try running League as an administrator by right clicking the shortcut and selecting "Run as Admin". If that doesn't work, try launching league with the **lol.launcher.admin** which is found in the top of your League folder. Make sure your firewall is allowing LoL too. If that doesn't help please post in H&S.
thanks for all that. ive tried launching as admin and using the admin laucher before. and ill try it on that board. hope something works soon
: I can't really help if all you post is a complaint about Player Support. Post details about your issue on the **Help & Support** board and they'll do their best to help you out there.
i have days ago. this was just a vent thing. everytime i click launch on my normal launcher bugsplat. my pbe launcher will launch let me log in and then loses contact with maestro in less then a min. ive ran hextech repair tool multiple times ive uninstalled and reinstalled twice ive tried every piece of advice i have gotten from friends players and riot support. im just at a loss
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vairgo (NA)
: Cannot Log In to Client
wont even let me get that far for 2 days i get bugsplat at launch
Arax Vex (NA)
: I'm getting the same thing. I did a full repair and rebooted etc. No help...
lol let me know if u figure anything out ive tried everyting
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Kaioko (NA)
: For starters, Kayle and Tryn have their own weaknesses that you can abuse. Just because they're immune to damage does not make them immune to CC. Secondly - why does it matter to you since you said this game isn't worth playing anyways?
u beat me to saying all of that lol
: Just when you think a team fight is going well.
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: pretty much run like hell. thats how you ADC, deal out sass and be a little bitch when anybody else gives you any.
also know that fighting alone is always dangerous no matter how fed u are. its a team game so play with team and continue to destroy
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: What are some "counters" that aren't really counters to your main?
The thing about counters to me is its easy to look up any specific champs counters and ive meet some people that pick there champs based on that but its not a counter if you dont understand why its a counter
: Void Staffel Malzahar
thought he was part of the ss at first lmao :D
Ackelope (NA)
: Toxic Friend
It sucks bro mayb you could say something about it killing your fun? i have toxic friends but we only mean to one another. if it keeps ruining ur fun ditch em on league lol
: Online-only tournaments are no longer sponsored (RP, boosts, Triumphant Ryze) by Riot, so it's going to be a lot harder to find one with prizes.
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Palasonic (EUW)
: Why so sensitive
I feel the same way but this game is now made for every1 to run crying every single time something is said to them that they dont like. even if they are ruining the game for you riot believes that you have no right to say anything to them that they may consider offensive
: Ranked/Tournament Team Recruiting!
League Name: saixIHI Role: adc/jg/top Rank:B1 A Few Favorite Champs:{{champion:29}} {{champion:96}} / {{champion:35}} {{champion:120}} /{{champion:41}} {{champion:85}}
Frius (EUNE)
: one for all is stupid
personally my fav is playing shaco. can play ap and ad give your team some variety. If u hate the mode that much then dont play
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: Do you have discord?
> [{quoted}](name=Astrophel,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=b8469ImR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-01T16:23:36.639+0000) > > Do you have discord?
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Luxre (NA)
: LvL 27 Noob? Help!!
try using or for builds and such
zetSUN (NA)
: Removed enchantment boots?
yeh it was sometimes nice buying pre 20min
: Lee Sin Montage I made, please give feedback
like how baron fight looked right outa Final fantasy 8
: The quality of support players has dropped
Ive always wanted to main supp and tryed to but at that time i was in bronze 5 and u cant climb playing supp so was forced to drop the roll to play a more impact-full role
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