: We can't check them individually! If you're approved, it'll just be as part of a giant batch randomly pulled from our pile of applicants. Pray to alpha zeus for good luck!
Oh a time to be an Omega Hades worshiper.
: Skin Pack: Dark Lights
I feel like most of your dark stars could have actually background and not just a "once innocent." Sounds like a lazy approach. Then {{champion:50}} as a star guardian? His kit provides so much more flexibility and character as a dark star.
: > [{quoted}](name=137434,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=5137ANZr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-28T15:59:37.428+0000) > > You just played an ARAM game 10 minutes ago. Or how about the ARAM I played yesterday where 3 players on the enemy team told us we were all n*iggers and spent 5-10 minutes going on a racial rant about anyone of color? Not pleb trash though. Just regular old league players.
You realize those aren't league specific. THose are in every gaming community.
: Emmm, is there something wrong with Queue times now?
what do you consider lengthy?I'm getting around 2.5 minutes queing bot/supp in high plat low diamond.
: I know Lucian is played alot...but
This idea that only your score and CS matter is annoying. THere is a lot more than simply your score that goes into it. KP, Towers, Epic monsters, etc. There is more than just those 2 rudimentary numbers. Second those are actually not that great of numbers. You are being compared to every other lucian. You have to be a top scoring player for that champ as well. Means other lucians are doing much more than you are.
: You ever heard of DOTA 2? they balance champions by not under powering them but by giving opponents more opportunities to outplay the heros and capitalize on their weak points.
I have heard of it and they have their own balancing issues as well. They aren't some golden team of balance that has a perfect game.
: Anyone else feel like "balancing champions" is just a giant wheel of rotation of whos in power next?
Its not deciding whether it is or isn't. Its balancing around items, champion "dreams," other champs, and where to make the changes. You've probably never sat down and actually attempted to make a balanced champ or to balance one.
uwukøng (NA)
: ???? Dynamic queue does not work, it works on paper but not in practice, just like communism. Stop accepting a broken system just because you're too lazy to protest it.{{summoner:14}}
I'm not too lazy to protest when I don't find a problem with it.
: "There is critical feedback the community is giving, I better tell them to all shut up and just accept that Riot made a miserable decision because community feedback is pointless and means absolutely nothing" FTFY{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I don't find a problem with DQ. Gets the same stupid shit that I got in SQ. I have more of an issue with new champ select and the roles than DQ.
: I've been waiting for a good sale to get Rainbow Siege 6. Almost time for the Steam Summer sale, and the PS Summer Sale. Depending on what relatives and irl friends get, ill join em. But i'm not the biggest FPS fanboy anymore. I use to be a shitbucket in BF BC2 and BF3. Made it to the top of the ladder. Even though, historically i sucked at FPS games i somehow managed to learn enough of the gameplay mechanics of BF games to play in a smart way to make up for my poor mechanical skill (smarts OP). Now you give me an FPS game, and i will do "alright" for my skill level (which isnt that great) ^_^
If you are a smarts guy you'll do better than "alright." Shooting enemies through barricades, walls, floors, and ceilings all based on cameras. Nothing is more satisfying than taking a blind shot through a wall and taking an enemy out. Shooting them while you see them setting up a breaching tool is great. If you want to be competitive then yes you'll need those mechanical skills, but its not like other FPS where the faster trigger wins. The person who knows where the enemy is wins. Its great when it comes to mind guys and gives smart players just as much of a chance as mechanical gods.
: I use to play 3 or 4 matches a day. Now i play that in a week. There is a HUGE decline in the hours i play. Now i am playing Overwatch... but FPS games are not my thing, so playing an hour of FPS per sitting is the max i can. i use to obsess over FPS games, but Activision gutted Infinity Ward when they fired the CoD creators, and then DICE/EA destroyed BF franchise with BF4 issues and Hardline being a shitty CoD rip off turned me away from the series so much so i have not bought Battlefront (and i was a super huge PS2 Era Battlefront fan). The Division feels like an alright game, to me it is very casual focused and went into it like that. So i enjoy it for that, but another game i cannot play the entire week. Now Riot are doing some of the same to LoL, making it less fun. I still crave BF3 and some BF4, but it is just not the same. Guess now i got to finally fix Blizzard's stupid patch problems (they intentionally, and knowingly release faulty patches that prevent players from playing since they pretty much expect the player base to solve it for them). Now i got to finally cut my loses and stop being lazy and fix the damn client so i can play Starcraft 2 and HotS. But i will still play LoL, but it isnt the same. Now i actually have a reason to play other games, b/c they are now "as fun as LoL". (since fun is not something that is truly measured, and is totally relative to each person's perceptions).
If you want a good FPS try Rainbow 6 seige on a free week. I use to play a lot of the same games you did, but haven't stuck around in the new ones. I love Seige as an FPS. It has some typical Ubi issues, but its so much fun. Its even more fun with friends or people who talk (which it has comms). Its much more tactical than the newest itterations of the other big games. Also if you like camping or getting the jump and mind games then you'll enjoy it. Nothing like a 5 man shield rush on a group of enemies in 1 room and they don't have a nitro cell to kill you.
: Why can he do everything so well right now? Because his numbers are too high. When they aren't too high, he never sees the light of day. Then he gets buffs, and is in the same situation as before.
He has never fallen out of favor since his reworked E back in season 4. He has always been a reliable ADC. The only time he wasn't good was when he was first released. Riot changed his E and he instantly got played. I told you why he does so well at everything. His build paths. Its not because his numbers are too high. Youmuus/BC is a good tank buster and great at the early build against ADC that rushes BF items especially IE. He can go Essence if he needs sustained damage and to dance around the fight. His numbers aren't overtuned. He benefits from very favorable build paths.
: forgot to mention i already did report it and everything, mb. Was mainly just saying to have the system at account creation that dictates name appropriateness to be fixed.
They don't really vet anything. You can make whatever name you want. Thats why there is the report feature for it. If its really offensive you just send it into Riot themselves.
: Can we make Lucian more than a stat ball who has no niche but just has high numbers
I'd tell you its because his builds are super flexible and he benefits from pretty much all ADC items. He can go full dash and build Essence or go early power with a more smoother build with Youmuus. He is a self dependent adc who doesn't need a support with him to succeed. He has good waveclear, aoe, single target dps, all depending on his build. He is a very versatile adc who fits into pretty much any comp and can even have the comp built for him. It is not simply because he is really strong right now, but his ability to be what the team needs. He has always been high pick rate since Riot changed him to what he is today. As long as he remains this way he will always stay relevant when it comes to picking an adc.
: I know it doesn't work like that and i never said it did. all i was pointing out is that it is situational power that makes it to where yasuo literally can not lane against annie
Thats how some matchups play out. You can't have the edge in every situation. You also can be dealt the wrong hand because of poor champ select. Thats on the player. Its a mechanic where you have to decide when its more important to use your Windwall to stop damage.
: I went back and took another look. Her passive reads "After casting 4 spells, Annie's next offensive spell will stun the target for a short duration." While i get that the way it is worded could mean that its intentional. Rito should at least say the next offensive spell that damages a target will stun them if they wanted it to work like that. Its worse than TF gold card going through the wall because at least he uses the stun and cant use it agian on something else. I get what your saying i really do but i dont think the wording of this is any different from her "old passive" which the only thing that i am aware of them changing was the 4 auto passive jhin like indicator on the bottom of her health bar.
You may get the wording, but you don't understand how Annie's Q works with her passive. When they say the next offensive spell (immediately eliminating E), it means the next spell consumed. W and R are instant meaning you consume the stun as soon as you hit the ability. Q has a travel time and can be canceled. The way it works doesn't have it being consumed until it hits something. If it worked the way you are talking annie could walk around and just spam W until she hit something. She wouldn't lose it for checking brushes or misclicking. She would actually have a pretty large buff because it would be she was guaranteed to keep the stun until she hit an enemy. Functionally the way you word it and the way it is are 2 completely different things. You are making her stronger with your wording.
: If you Windwall An Annie's Q stun she keeps the stun passive stacks
Re read anies passive. It spells out why it stays active after her Q is negated.
: > [{quoted}](name=Onegarion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vRcfFU6U,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2016-05-23T22:34:16.187+0000) > > Its not missed. Riot hasn't reverted that change because they don't want it to go through without interaction. You would HAVE to actually ban it. They don't give us the benefit of the doubt now so why in any logical sense would they for something like this? > > This isn't a problem with the boards as much as people who don't think an entire idea through and why things are the way they are. Okay maybe I need to clarify. When you press the ban button, that's when the message pops up, not when you select the champion. Does it make sense now? I'm not sure how to word it to compensate for even lower IQ levels.
Attempting to insult anyone who disagrees with you is never a way to get people to listen. You seem blinded by your own idea and won't take well. You can try to "compensate" all you want, but that won't make it an even better idea. Its a useless bit of work for Riot to deal with people who already don't pay attention in champ select. If Riot were to ever actually put this in they would take it on with one of the check boxes to remove it like all other newb information. It would be checked for most players and ultimately be wasted.
: > [{quoted}](name=Onegarion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vRcfFU6U,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-05-22T17:11:09.623+0000) > > There is a draw back. You know those last second bans people pull? You couldn't do that because of some stupid annoying message. This is an uneeded change that only affects people who don't look before acting. Thats on them and shouldn't be made an annoyance on others. I already addressed that issue in the post. This is the problem with boards nowadays, no one reads anything past the title.
Its not missed. Riot hasn't reverted that change because they don't want it to go through without interaction. You would HAVE to actually ban it. They don't give us the benefit of the doubt now so why in any logical sense would they for something like this? This isn't a problem with the boards as much as people who don't think an entire idea through and why things are the way they are.
: > [{quoted}](name=Oleandervine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vRcfFU6U,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-22T16:47:07.121+0000) > > Yeah, I'm with the other guy. I don't want to see a champ for a reason, mostly because said champ is OP cancer and not fun to play against. And if it's not fun for my team to play against, it's not fun for the opponents to play against either. I'd much rather the match be decided on your teammates' and opppnents' skills than on whether or not someone carried the game with a massively OP champ. But does it hurt to add a warning message? Literally no drawback as far as I can see.
There is a draw back. You know those last second bans people pull? You couldn't do that because of some stupid annoying message. This is an uneeded change that only affects people who don't look before acting. Thats on them and shouldn't be made an annoyance on others.
Mhija (NA)
: So let's hear it. #TeamLucian or #TeamThresh ?
Well given that the lore says that Thresh was able to hold off both senna and lucian...and I'm a thresh main #TeamThresh
: riot employees should read the chat before banning
so wait. You claim they don't first and then recant and say you aren't sure. Seriously bad way to get anyone to agree with you. Also it doesn't matter who started the flaming as long as you flamed. 2 wrongs don't make a right, which means you are still wrong.
Vanic998 (NA)
: Is this balanced?
Velkoz is a bit of a special case. He does much more damage anyway simply because of his passive. Dealing true damage will benefit anyone when it comes to just dealing more. On top of the fact that he is a champ that has 4 damaging abilities. Again adding to Velkoz's ability to deal a ton of damage. Now this doesn't disprove or discredit what you are trying to show, but doing it with a champion that already is stacked with ways of dealing damage you aren't really impressing me with this data. Do something like a tank , janna, or even bard and get top damages and you'll impress me
The8east (NA)
: When You don't normally use a champ but your're better than someone who mains them
You say "Main" as though that means something. People who "main" champs only matter when they are actually good. There is a big difference between a bronze "main" and a Diamond Main. The former simply plays that champion a lot, while the ladder being someone who actually understands the champ. At my level I'm probably better than most people who "main" a champ at anything under gold. Having a basic understanding of the game will let you be better than most people.
: Tyler 1 gets XJ9'd
He can still stream. He is just permanently banned from leauge. As long as they don't know he is the one playing on it they won't ban it. Gross Gore got banned for that by twitch and not riot. Man learn your facts
: What you say makes sense, yet you're wrong. Let me explain you: URF fun is not about winning faster. if you understood: good else: i dont care, its my last repsonse.
That is your own opinion. Clearly to many people its about winning. Which would mean that their URF fun is winning and winning fast. Its an opinion that you hold that doesn't mean the others are wrong. They just have fun in different ways than you.
: God forbid...
Its not just the saying, but the connotation that it has in online communities.
: Ideas for Hextech Crafting boxes
That would essentially be like buying RP only aspects. It would be a pointless addition for Riot to implement.
: Dynamic Queue will be worse for people as long as support is considered "unrewarding"
My que times became almost non existent. This change has benefited me.
: Its so different in chess and monopoly. In a normal or ranked game, using strats like splitpushing or grouping mid early to win an advantage and take some turrets is great. You win some gold you put yourself ahead of the enemy team and that may guide you to victory. In URF you could do the same, of course. The difference is: URF is a mode where the fun lies on fighting and using spells all the time, trying to outplay the enemy by a really fast combo or something like that. There's no way somebody can say: "I had so much fun on URF because i could take turrets really fast and win the game so early!" over "The best thing about URF was when i outplayed that zed with my vayne". I'm not good at explaining myself. But the point is, winning is not what URF is about.
There is actually a ton of ways for someone to say exactly that. Its a game and the way you play it is how you have fun. It is completely possible that 1 player loves just spamming spells while another loves crushing their opponents as fast as possible. If you can't see that then you are under your own delusion that URF can only be played and had fun in a certain non-tryhard way. Winning is what any game mode is about in League. There is no tie, there is no nondecision, there is only a victory or defeat screen. There are varying levels of how much people care about the win or loss, but Victory or defeat are the only 2 outcomes in URF games.
: ... are you serious? URF is not about being competitive is a crazy fun mode to HAVE FUN, you wont rank up un URF, where's the competition?
The competition is in the fact that you do win or lose. That is competition enough for some people. After that they need no other reason. Same reason why people get all competitive playing chess, monopoly, etc with friends or family. They gain nothing from winning, but that doesn't stop them from trying.
: Can we remove champion mastery/rewards from featured game modes?
People have been tryhard in urf since the first time. THere has always been a meta formed each time its released. This has nothign to do with mastery and everythign to do with peopel playing games to win. You could take away the mastery rewards and for sure there would be 0 difference. No one plays special game modes for the mastery points or rewards.
: People made URF unfun.
Wait you thought a game mode that "Everyone" wants to play that has been out for 3 different times isn't going to be competitive? Someone is delusional.
: There's just one thing I don't understand about this Vlad update
His Q sustain was upped because he can't get the free spell vamp that he got before across all abilities. Its now packed into 1 ability instead of 4. This balances out his overall healing compared to previous.
: Expectations for Any Taric skins
: Yo Yousosmart! Star Guardian is absolutely a line that we want to explore further, skins team itself is comprised of a ton of Magical Girl super fans! We definitely want to make more SG skins in the future (TBD), so keep your eyes peeled for cuteness! :3 As far as our data goes players lovvvvveddddd her, like off the charts positive player response. lol **Question for the thread: **What other champions, aside from Lux, would make great Star Guardians?
I feel like the easy ones are {{champion:134}}, {{champion:103}} , and {{champion:40}}. Personally I would like{{champion:1}} even though she already has a ton of skins. For more fun I'd say {{champion:222}} I mean rainbow Ult, Shoots star dust and meteors. Shooting star for Zap. {{champion:28}} Coming out of the fog of war or stealth with a pop of light and Star shaped hate spikes to boot. {{champion:89}} would have really cool particles to go with her abilities and every group needs a tank. She would be the Jupiter to compare it to sailor moon. For us guys we need some representation too so I nominate: The obvious {{champion:44}}, the fan favorite {{champion:6}}, and my favorite {{champion:38}}. My selfish pick is {{champion:412}} just cause he is my main.
: Star Guardian Urgot. Urgot is love, Urgot is life. This would be of course sometime next year when he will get his likely rework.
IF this can't be a thing it better be a buddy to the new Sion skin.
sryanr (NA)
: Dynamic Queue: Making it impossible to play your primary role if your secondary role is support
This to me is the major drawback to the new system. I don't mind DQ, but the new champ select is where I have the problems. Personally I'm a support main, but it was always nice getting to play something else every now and then. With the new system I feel like I'm only going to hurt the teams I'm on if I don't que up as my top 2 roles and just bite the bullet. The thing DQ was set to fix, being reducing fighting in champ select, has created another problem. Because people want to try and get their role bad enough the will put mid/adc as their secondary role which inflates those pools with people that don't want the role, but chose it to increase chances of getting their primary. This is just a major headache that has been created for the normal player which is one I'd rather trade in for the old issues of solo que.
: League of Legends TV Advertisement?
Only thing I know that is going on around that time would be MSI, but I'm pretty sure thats early may not mid may.
Rioter Comments
: Yeah i guess.....i just cant help but to feel a bit ignored :/
What do you expect them to do tho? The system is not made for players like you at all. Its really hard to make a system that is perfect for you without being totally broken for the other 99.99% of the community.
: Should I Play Jhin Mid?
Mid lane he has a lot of counters, so I would never pick him blind. I would try to only keep him mid as a counter pick to an opponent that won't jump on your face and delete you. Also keeping in mind that you then really want a top/jungler with AP damage or you have a different problem.
: Teased Swain Splash is Much More Pleasing than New Splash on PBE
They both look very disney to me. Like something they would make for little kids or teasing the new big villain for a movie. Doesn't really scream the great tactician that General Swain is suppose to be.
: Hextech a reward or a curse?
You are by far a massive outlier. You make the people who own every champ (like myself) look like the majority. There is very little that can be done for you. Your best goal is the fact that now you can just stack skin shards for when new skins do come out and get them without having to spend more money.
: Something going on with garen champion page
i'm surprised that is still up. That was the jihn teaser from way back. You'd think they would have taken it down by now with jihn being out for so long.
: Ahh the ever wonderful Tank Fight
Aradehk (NA)
: Dodging penalites
If you take away dodge penalties peopel will dodge a lot more. You clearly haven't played any new game where you are allowed to dodge freely. Takes forever to get into a game and people will dodge for any reason. You banned their champ? They don't like your pick? Your sarcasm isn't received well? It doesn't matter. There is no penalty now.
: and you my good sir would be a cry baby, thats whats wrong with this generation. Ever heard of "sticks and stones", taught in preschool when I went. I don't believe you have so i would look that up first.
I fail to see why my statement makes me a cry baby. I'm avoiding dealing with someone who is demanding to be paid attention to. If anything that would insinuate you being an actual cry baby, but even that would describe it because of how immature the word is and how little it explains. Maybe tone down on the drama and the desire to be noticed and try to have a conversation. Yelling in a corner is quicker to get you removed than to be given the time of day.
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