: so.. i decided to watch evil tanya
It's funny what actually causes me to log in to comment anymore but I love this anime. They are releasing another season of it and there is an OVA out too. For those wondering what this is about it's an alternative wold with a WW1 setting with a slight hint of magic. It is in the isekai genre but the main character struggles much more than those with the normal "cheat powers". The main characters power is more about the main characters understanding of warfare tactics and less of having high magical powers. Fantastic story line, good character development, and pleasing drawing style. Honestly so many anime today look like they are drawn by a 13 year old. Another really good isekai series is GATE:Jietai Kanochi Nite. This takes the modern day Japanese Defense force and puts it in a Dungeon and Dragon style world. My final Isekai Anime that I would recommend it the Twelve Kingdoms. This is by far one of the best but it is much older. {{sticker:sg-lux}}
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: Predators' trait needs to be changed
I understand your frustrations with predator and I follow your logic and agree with it until you realize that the only way to truly kill a Mundo with the right items, an Olaf with rb and bt, a 3 star vlad with spear of shojin, warmongs, and d claw, is with a kogmaw predator proc. Although it doesn't have to be him any of the predator champs are the only way to counter these other champs. This game is full of so much bs the only way to counter it is more bs. Anyone how thinks that predator is unbeatable just needs to build infernal or glacial and then all of a sudden predator isn't so scary.
: dont underestimate noct.
His true hidden strength is being able to proc his steal passive multiple times due to his life steal. But like PhearBunny says there are better options. I also find that I hardly ever come across three of them to get to 2 stars on him and I don't remember ever seeing a three star one.
: If you have 2 Maokai and no Ivern, you won't get the Druid buff because you have 2 of the same champion. If you have a Maokai and an Ivern, you will get the Druid buff, because you have 2 different druid champions. Throw in another Maokai, and that other Maokai will get the Druid bonus because it's a Druid.
^This is correct. Also if you have the woodland passive and you get an additional (clone) Maokai, Ivern, or Neeko, they will receive the buff as well.
: Is it just me or is the Warden buff worthless?
I honestly have a lot of success with wardens. A couple of things to remember is what other champs you are using with them what items you are putting on them. I like having Talia on the team to get the shield from mountain bonus once you get malphite. And on water maps I get qiyanna to synergize with thresh or naut. Volibear works great with both braum and ornn and add zed late game. For items I will try to spatual a non-warden champ into a ward to hit my spike earlier. I also use multiple sword breakers depending on item rng. It doesn't always win but I will normally get me to top 4.
: What beats glacial/poison?
while not a direct counter somethings that will help is to have the quick silver item on your carries and possibly the predator active to help deal with olaf. The real problem here is the combination of both olaf and singed together. By themselves they are hard to deal with but together it really will be hard to beat. tft also isn't about reacting to others build but having a goal in mind and working towards it. So you can try to beat your opponent by getting olaf and singed first. However since rng is such a big part of the game it might not ever happen for you.
: Why am I not allowed to keep my old Username for login anymore
What you have all failed to realize is that Riot will never ask you for your account or password. You have all been trolled by Warwick and he will now eat your Grandmother's cookies.{{champion:19}}
: how do i lane as support?
Some things to take into consideration to improve your support game. The synergy with your adc is very important. Lulu is fantastic with on hit champs such as kog, varus, and kai'sa. Not so good with pokers like ez, jhin, or ashe. Depending on match up and play style of adc consider what to max first. In higher elo it is almost always good to max your shield first and attack speed buff second. You should really only max q if you have a true bully lane going and the enemy support isn't a healer or mid lane mage such as brand or vel'koz. Lulu also play's very different depending on her keystone. Glacial augment is actually really good on her as it allows for massive slows through out the game, down side is she will be squishier. Guardian allows her to get a little more power out of her shield especial since it was nerfed pretty hard. And while it feels good to be aggressive and win lane as a support champ if you are not watching your positioning you can often die trying to be a bully support. There is nothing wrong playing a little more passively if it means you are not dying or causing your adc to die because they are trying to save you. Consider getting coin instead of frost fang, you'll feel less inclined to play aggressive since you will get more gold passively. As far as roaming goes this is something that will take practice. Some simple tricks that I use is when my adc backs what is the conditions of the lane? If it is pushed to enemy tower leave lane to ward and maybe help out jg invade or back up mid from any pressure they might be under. Whenever I back if my adc isn't trying to 1v2 the enemy and is smart enough to play safe I normally try to roam top, mid, or jg before returning to lane. But look at the condition of each lane and try to read where it will be by the time you would arrive to that lane. A good support to practice roaming with is bard since his portals allow for fast movement between lanes. Also think about how you joining the lane will help that lane. Are you going to create the opportunity for a kill? Is the lane you are going to prime for a gank and your presence will be a counter gank? There should always be a purpose to the roam and not just to roam for roaming sake. One of the best pro supports for roaming in my opinion is Smoothie who is currently on TSM. Watch a couple of his games and pay attention not only to the conditions of the lanes when he roams but also the time stamp in the game, and the items that he bought before the roam, often mobi boots. One last thing. You mention about not wanting to lose out on xp and I can understand this as you want to be as high a level as possible, however if you become a lower level because you are helping your other lanes become stronger it is worth the trade. You will get a little xp from assist if your roam translates to a kill or if you are able to press the enemy off their tower and help get a tower plate that's 80 gold in your pocket. It is better though to leave the tower so the solo laner gets 160 gold. Also try setting a goal for yourself, try to get at least one roam pre 15 mins a game. Your stat tab in the profile tab will show you how much you are playing the map with each champ you play if you check it out. I hope you find at least one of these tips helpful.
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: Nexus Blitz - Week 1 Feedback and Patch Notes
My biggest complaint with the new mode is that the camera is too zoomed in on the map. I would like to be able to pull out more. There is also too much fog of war. Half the time i feel like I can't even tell what is going on and who is where. And with all the particle effects in the game the screen is quickly filled with too many visual effects that i lose sight of my champ and my teammates let alone the enemy. Even with all the fog of war I felt like i had better vision in the ascension game mode and I hated how little vision was in that mode. It has potential to be a fun mode but for now it leave me dizzy.{{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: Building Better Onboarding: Intro Bots
So I really like the idea of a tutorial bot game for new players. Maybe in this version of bots if a player places a ward in a bush it could reveal poros that you can kill for gold. The point being that a new player is immediately rewarded for using vision items including trinkets. I think the hardest thing for a player to learn is to buy and place wards often and effectively. If a player is trained to place wards in bots then they may be more likely to place them in real games. You could start with poros that give the double the price of what the ward cost in intro bots, the same cost of gold in beginner bots, and half the gold cost in intermediate bots. Another idea that might be helpful is to make the minimap bigger so that a new player looks at it more often. New players often ignore the minimap because they don't understand the value of the information that it provides.


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