: Please bring it back. Anyone who votes no can just go play another mode. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only tweaks that I can think of that need to be made are: -Reset all abilities for the Match Fights -Reset any traps, turrets, mushrooms in the area where the Match fight will be - OR Teleport everyone to a dedicated Match Area. -For the Shrinking Circles there is a bug to where the entire team respawned at the base (I forget why) and the circle was shrinking faster than we could run to the middle so we all died! -Roaming Veigar/Teemo/Etc. Great mode but sometimes it's roaming all around the enemy turrets or their side of the jungle. Perhaps have a better set of random pre-defined paths.
Dr Dog (NA)
: they're just testing it a lot, a new version of it will be out again with more added soon
ah ok thank you.
Sukishoo (NA)
: It will be back in the future. The game modes is in testing as it's incomplete and they plan to make it a permanent part of the game.
thank you. I truly hope so
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