: I feel like I've got a bigger problem with Kog'maw's Ultimate. It's the same thing, where Battlecast Kog has an indicator of the Ult's hitbox while the other skins don't. It makes these skins feel like "pay to lose" skins. Having the indicator on both abilities makes both skins feel better to play as.
Maybe it's just me but Battlecast Kog also seems much larger. Shame people don't use that skin
: Urgot Ult is the Biggest Fuck you to Healing/shielding
: can we stop making no-effort grievous wounds
Well I like how thornmail now has HP and you can get a reflect item for 900G
: Am I the only one who is getting tired of all these leaks?
Veltox (NA)
: If Yas and Riven can be in a gamemode made for assassins
Damn Nocturne is so outdated even Riot doesn't consider him an assassin
: Huge Buff to Mordekaiser this patch
You seem pretty accepting of Quinn/Kayle top for a die hard Mordekaiser main
: Instead of having it for ALL champions, how about we have it for champions that are placed in a certain category, based on their kits and overall purpose. For example, a mage pack, fighter pack, assassin pack etc..
You would get people who actually have a valid excuse not to play their autofilled role...
: Champions like Xerath, Nidalee, etc who relied on mostly skill shots were much easier to deal with or champions wh orely on a channel like malzahar or Nunu as if I am playing a champ who can interrupt those it will automatically do it on cast. The only champion that was tough to code against is Yasuo. He has so many dashes its hard for the system to predict where he will be and where he will dash so a lot of times it would miss against him.
You heard it right here even people playing the game on autopilot hate playing against Yasuo
: I get Twitch may be strong or whatever, but isn't the bigger problem that Leblanc is just weak?
If she was so weak they would have picked a better assassin of which there are none
: Nasus has completely lost his ability to carry late game.
I gave up on Nasus long ago. No point when Darius exists
Exxez (NA)
: A few sketches of some of my favorite characters
: Dont they already look racist? I mean lucians ult is a drive by. And ekko has quotes like "ah man who called the police". Not to mention other shit like. Kled quotes a serial killer, "total paranoia s just total awareness" Apparently leona has quotes very similiar to quotes by hitler. Etc.
"Total paranoia is just total awareness" I don't know why but I love this quote
: just got a friend to download league
League has a gigantic player base so i'm guessing Riot would rather work on keeping players they already have instead of trying to reach out to new ones. Besides, League is by design horrendous for new players between the 130+ champions, 500+ abilities, and 100+ items that all need to be memorized, including meta champs and builds, rune/mastery optimization, power spikes etc. And all that's just the non-mechanical stuff.
ybuR (NA)
: Im pretty sure the intended purpose of ga was not giving fat tanks a second life
Maybe if tank items were legitimately buffed in the stat department then taking away GA from tanks would have been fine. As it is tanks don't live any longer than they used to but now don't get a revive.
: When you finally learn how to do animation canceling
If there's one good thing about Overwatch it's that you don't have a problem of no one wanting to play support
: how do we make immobile melees with no ranged attacks NOT stat checks
Would you be fine with them removing Garen's silence if he got slow immunity for the duration of his Q speed buff?
: Your mains' Passives are now three times as powerful. How OP are they?
{{champion:122}} So my Bleed does 3x as much damage, and I get 600 AD late game? Better not let me touch you
: Riot you shouldn't force people to play certain champions
> [{quoted}](name=King Odín,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=tUhWRlw1,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-05T17:52:19.501+0000) > > Cause I don't think I can resist playing Yasuo Well you won't have to, thanks 10 bans!
: Boku no Pico ######Please, do NOT search that up. Trust me. You will regret it.
If that's the case why is any media referencing that show allowed here
: When you try to build your skill in league to rise up in ranks. . . .
It's the other way around. You try to get a good education and make money but League gets in the way.
: I hope this doesn't go live Syndra is obnoxious as it is
It was probably part of a nerf to her ult's base damage. That way she can't zero counterplay 100-0 someone if she can't land skillshots
: http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2473032037/38315864?tab=overview Probably the game in question. Just waiting on that replay.
I wish replay.gg didn't shutdown, we could check the replay directly
: #1 reason Yasuo is banned
So, how is this any different from what Vayne does?
: Happy Donut Day!
Let's get a one day discount on Officer Vi
MagÊ (EUW)
: i'm a mage main, and i don't hate yasuo
Probably because you're the kind smart enough to autoattack him when his shield comes up instead of cry that he has the "durability of a tank in lane"
: Especially since he's usually wrong or is super obviously biased towards juggernauts/tanks.
: Stop rewarding damage with durability
Where can I find a list of all the new runes
: The problem is most marksmen are not that great in solo lanes, so if we put more darius and yasuo in botlane, it's totaly against the game's diversity. I see enough darius in my games and I dont really want to also see darius botlane becoming meta.
Play any marksman toplane against Darius and tell me they're not that great in solo lanes. Ironically I would rather play ADC Darius against a traditional botlane instead of toplane Darius against ranged.
: Lucians passive is what makes him so bipolar in the meta
What would Master Yi be without the on-hit on his second passive strike? Granted Lucian is ranged and can activate his passive at will as well as chain them together, but such a drastic change could kill off interesting builds or synergies that aren't blatantly abusive like current BOTRK. I would prefer something be done with BOTRK and not Lucian, Riot had the right idea by making it weaker for ranged champs but reverted it sadly, would rather not see a champion balanced around building a certain item in every situation (especially an item not considered a cornerstone of their class). And this is coming from someone who despises Lucian's current state and bans him at every opportunity.
: How would you like your steak, sir?
You should have added a vote option that simply says "Fuck Riven". Slick double entendre
Ulanopo (NA)
: Another Yi skin, followed by another Tryndamere skin, followed by another Yasuo skin
EkyonKun (NA)
: {{champion:1}} Has Rammus's W for some reason on her E. Not that she needs buffs, but it's so out of place and just odd in general.
: Ever felt one ability or passive is totally out of place in a champion's kit and holding them back?
{{champion:429}} Her kit could be neat if her damn hops were removed or at least gated somehow
: The door is to your right, take my upvote and leave.
: I don't hate Yasuo and Riven players for getting nice skins
At least you won't be waiting eagerly for a skin only to have it end up being unattainable {{champion:122}}
: Would be a cool way of showing that he has his bonus armor pen buff up after ult, instead of just the burning sword
So a skin has more clarity over certain effects than the base model? I don't think anyone would pay to lose.
Rioter Comments
: Ohhh man I am going to scream into the microphone when a team fight breaks out, jump scare everyone :D!
Remember to keep using pings because you're getting muted
Cripple (NA)
: Graves smoke bomb stopping nami ult
Hidden interaction "Smoke on the water"
: Tristana needs to be given a proper niche
So you want turrets to disappear even faster than they do now
: Yasuo is no where near as mobile as Riven all the time fyi.
The big difference is Yasuo cannot use his mobility to escape except in certain situations. Riven just spams her 4 dashes to pussy out of the few trades she loses.
Oelyk (NA)
: If your main got another weapon, what would you make it be?
They really should have made Dreadnova Darius's ult call down a sky laser at max stacks
: Did you: * have low HP? * Get poked down? * Get ganked? * Ward? * use your pots? * Not bait out Tryndamere's ultimate? Those are the only things I can think of being the issue against tryndamere.
I just got pushed in repeatedly and Ivern+Trynd dove me without problem. Ivern was sitting on a ward half the time it didn't matter, I was red side and won't blame my jungler for not helping because no other toplaner is that helpless early game. Trynd took first tower and fought 5v4 while I was trying to catchup in stacks. Nasus doesn't fit in the game.
o Eon O (NA)
: That doesn't make sense, her aa range isn't much different than your pull range. Either this vayne was a diamond vayne main who kites like an absolute beast or you suck at Darius. Anytime you pull her it should be a breeze to finish her off unless you were down 50 cs super early in lane
You pull her, she tumbles away or she knocks you away. Since you're melee with no gap closer she can harass you in lane while saving those skills exclusively for when she fucks up. The problem is moreso BORK though as the item is strong enough to allow these ADCs to continue dueling tanky champions past 1st item
Seen (NA)
: Why hate toplane teemo
Heimerdinger top was definitely worse than Teemo, but Teemo was far more likely to be picked. Heimer also just got a rework with the goal of reducing his oppressive laning phase vs melee champions, unlike Teemo.
: When the Mastery 7 With Butcher Skin Urgot Goes 0-10
Well he butchered his KDA so at least his skin is appropriate
morris1 (EUNE)
: Or runs down mid.
I might as well be doing so considering how much I fed in that situation
Salson (EUNE)
: The second idea is better. There is nothing wrong about being autofilled support against someone as clueless as you are. Being autofilled against xxWifeStealerxx with 2k games on Tresh is another story.
When you're autofilled to ADC and the enemy Draven has Draven in his username
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