: I should not be forced to lose LP for this
You think Riot cares about anything but LC$ and skin sales LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
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: Kai'Sa is a jack of all trades ADC, she has an AD and AP build, can fit in any comp with how stupid her numbers are, and riot refuses to nerf her or {{champion:39}} ... but {{champion:113}}, oh jeez, gotta dumpster that champ... because she needs to be gimped because {{champion:39}} synergies too well with it
She also bursts harder than a 90 minute Veigar with just her Q from level one which is utter god damn nonsense.
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: Remove Akali's stun from her ultimate.
CertainlyT thought it was a good idea. He thinks everything is a good idea and his champions are pretty much singlehandedly destroying the game.
: Im starting to think that riot want to make trundle and sejuani useless
Riot wants to kill off their game because they're trying to become a company that sells SJW and not games.
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: Zed is way too over played, can we all finally admit it is because he is very easy to play?
I just love watching Zed fuck up his combo 78 times and just walk away since he has infinite get out of jail free cards, then when he finally lands it the 79th time he now gets to spiral out of control. So fun.
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jone115 (EUNE)
: Execute (insta-kill) ultimates are completely broken
I don't fully disagree with your point, but you literally chose the five examples of healthy executes while leaving out unhealthy ones like {{champion:122}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:64}}. My examples they have nothing curbing their executes. Each one of your examples are heavily gated in who they can execute.
: Games are a coinflip, fix it.
They're too busy white knighting.
: So first Riot is filled with "sexist pigs that fart on people" and now they're filled with SJW "femnazi's"? Different week, same boogeyman that can apparently have the exact opposite viewpoint within the span of two months.
> [{quoted}](name=SpecterVonBaren,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=PEvopjiJ,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-09-04T18:34:25.281+0000) > > So first Riot is filled with "sexist pigs that fart on people" and now they're filled with SJW "femnazi's"? > > Different week, same boogeyman that can apparently have the exact opposite viewpoint within the span of two months. No, same viewpoint.
Jbels (NA)
: I haven't watched competitive league of legends regularly since Season 5. After Season 4 Worlds blew me the fuck away, every opening ceremony has been boring/unable to live up to Season 4's massive hype (understandable, I'm sure Riot paid out the fucking ass to get Imagine Dragons to play live at the event). And the game itself has gotten so boring to actually watch. It's like Dunkey said: "The first 10 minutes is just everybody farming under tower with the occasional tower dive for first blood. After that both teams just wander around the map farming until one dumbass gets caught out." That's not fun to watch. I used to dream about being a pro player, but today? Fuck that. Who the fuck would want to play a game as a pro when first of all, you don't get to have a unique team identity outside of "We played the meta better than the enemy team", and secondly, you never have a chance of winning worlds because Korea isn't allowed to lose? Competitive league of legends sucks ass now.
There's a person that took over after season 4. I think his name was Ghostcrawler. Might have something to do with the decline of the game.
DaCurtis (OCE)
: Riot your recent balance changes will make people lose interest in Worlds.
Few of the playerbase was interested in it in the first place.
: So let me get this right - the same company with entrenched misogyny and sexism...
It's almost like leftists opinions and behaviors toward women breed misogyny despite claiming to be against it.
: I build hexdrinker, ninja tabi and oracle, but akali still can not be dueled in the early/mid game.
: One way to kill league is to call a large portion of there community manbabies
Yeah, I don't think I'll be playing league anytime soon after reading that dudes tweets. If this is the filth Riot employs good riddance to this game.
Rasphar (NA)
: Fnish the thought
: Where are the Graves nerfs.
Have you played Graves before? If he wasn't monstrously overpowered he'd never be played since he's so incredibly boring. Just another failed design by CertainlyT.
Áery (NA)
: Graves is fun to watch, gotta watch Graves
Graves might be one of the least fun champions to both watch AND play ever.
: After worlds, make sure to REVERT THE UNNECESSARY BUFFS you gave champions instead of nerfing other!
Onandaga (NA)
: As a Katarina player it sucks how her rework put her mains into a state of perpetual civil war between those who do and don't like the rework. A rework to an iconic champ should be liked by nearly everyone, a rework that has their mains 50/50 about whether they like it or not is not a successful imo and needs to be reverted or reworked again.
She used to have clearly defined strengths and weaknesses but her rework just made her dash all over the fucking place so that anyone with a skillshot is just fucked.
: Please, revert EVERY Assassin.
You spelled remove wrong. It's "please **remove** EVERY assassin"
koshkyra (NA)
: Prediction: Ignite will be nerfed after worlds
Prediction, this game will struggle to make it to worlds.
: Daily reminder to nerf Ignite
You can't make LC$ flashy playz with teleport since it's not usually taken on assassins.
: Worse part about this game recently
You mean it's not fun to watch some hyper mobile assassin run train on your team while you just hope they're bad at the champion since you no longer have the tools to outplay them, they only have the tools to outplay you?
: I don't get the Kayn/Rengar/Irelia/Fiora/Kassadin buffs.
They have to ruin the game more so that people start playing League of Legends 2.
Rioter Comments
: A lot of those aren't even new. Zyra passive is an after death passive like karthus and sion, and plants themselves was a mix of heimer turrets and yorick ghouls. Threah passive is just like vegiar and Nasus. Zoe e is basically the same mechanic as bard tunnel. Graves is a knock off of jhin like you said.
Sion's old passive was 40% chance to take 30/40/50 dmg from auto attacks.
: She has less mobility than before her rework. That is the opposite of mobility creep.
Does she? Old Akali had more mobility IF SHE WERE DASHING STRAIGHT TO AN ENEMY. New Akali can use all of her dashes whenever she wants AND her shroud is a MUCH larger range giving her more free mobility. She may have less number of dashes (situationally) but they're ALWAYS available.
: but notice how even when that kid made a rule(s) to suite himself we continued to play with him anyway
Usually my friends would kick that person out until next time and he'd be on increasing restrictions every time until he proved he could/would play within the confines of the rules.
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Moody P (NA)
: literally the only thing I want is for obscuring to just turn into stealth. There's NO REASON she should be able to 'nope' right out of true sight
I'd maybe be okay with the idiotic concept of obscurity (since for some reason we needed to make it rock, paper, scissor, sledgehammer) if it weren't instant or didn't cover the entire lane. I really just don't understand why the person that designed this champion gets credit for being creative. He's just like that kid that when playing a game HAD to change the well-established rules to seem clever or give himself an advantage over everyone else.
: From 20-30 people online in my friends list, came down to 0-2 being online.
It's CERTAINLY not a few people on the design/balance team ruining the game by MEDDLING with the wrong stuff. It makes me want to CRAWL away from the game because I'm too addicted to sprint away.
: Yasuo and Akali rework's gameplay are designed by the same guy.
Yeah but if you say his name the Gestapo will come and delete your post so we have to beat around the bush.
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koshkyra (NA)
: Tell me an unpopular League opinion that will trigger everyone.
Brand's passive and Yi's true damage have counterplay
: {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}}
Hardest champions, not easiest ones.
: are u trolling? buffing ad tryndamere?
Riot is actively killing off this game for whatever reason. It's extremely obvious after that Riot Pls video where they said jungle was where they wanted it and snowballing had been largely fixed. They're just trying to get as much money out of it as they let it die.
Rioter Comments
: VelKoz is stronger than most assassins right now. If you think Vel Koz combo tickles anyone then lol. Also this mentality of “I can’t 1v1 assassins” is fucking stupid. What about the fact that Vel Koz has huge range AOE and pretty good CC. Vel Koz melts through tanks as well. It’s like what the fuck... mage mains on boards think balance = I win 1v1 against assassins, out teamfight and damage ADCs, and have more utility than tanks. Also god forbid that you have to land skillshots to be able to do this.
Yeah man all those zero Vel'Koz mains in master and challenger! He's totes more viable than the plague that is assassins. Try attempting Vel'Koz combo with an assassin in the game. Just try. Try to lane as Vel'Koz vs. an assassin. Yeah, you can beat them but you have to be 99999x better and it's not going to be fun at all. Vel'Koz has a sub 50 win rate in both roles so I'm not sure how he's better than most assassins but yeah man, keep thinking your precious point and click champions that do more damage than immobile mages are healthy for the game. The playerbase doesn't agree with you and neither does the money.
: This time congratulations Riot. The Nunu rework is at ww level
I won't congratulate Riot for shit until they actually grow a pair of balls and fix the game.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: What do the boards want exactly?
http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=theeggsalad This dude has 1150 games of just Vel'Koz this season alone and stopped playing. It's hard to get people that addicted to quit something unless you FUBAR it.
: Especially back then when Banshees was a common pickup on basically every champion in the game due to all the click target CC and fairly undodgeable skillshot CC flying around (MS and overall champ mobility was a lot lower back then).
> [{quoted}](name=Z3Sleeper,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qAGAOAHv,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-14T10:57:26.523+0000) > (MS and overall champ mobility was ~~a lot lower~~ actually balanced ever at all back then).
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: What do the boards want exactly?
To be able to play the champions I like to play without some 12 year old assassin main who can mash his face onto the keyboard to smash me into oblivion because his point and click assassin has 28 dashes, true invisibility, and can one shot me with one full rotation while my insanely hard to land combo tickles him in comparison while they heal back all the damage with their ungodly sustain.
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