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: Poll: Lux Ultimate [NON-BIASED]
Rank 3 ult + 45 CDR + Kill = 14 sec cd.
: Yay Tank Fizz is back.
The same way Yasuo became good again.
: The Corrupting Potion
{{champion:34}} +{{item:2033}} :
: Has anyone noticed....
: When ADCs try to ward
Whenever I'm ADC, I buy a pink on first back WORSHIP ME!
: Kled's rivals include every champion, including himself.
No, no, no. THIS is jinx in URF:
: urfgot
Normal Syndra: URF Syndra:
: Genuinely Confused
Twitch's splash changes were worse.
: Loud unknown voice says: "Returning to Base"
: League is overdue for a champ that uses nunchucks?
: Who'd rather skip one or two new champ releases to focus only on patches?
The teams that balance the current game and the one(s) that create new champions are seperate. So, no.
: Cassiopeia is perfect the way she is. :)
: Well, I don't mind too much. I'v been harassed saying I lost lane just because I picked Yorick, but I still win lane from time to time. Plus, Yorick counters teemo so hard. Since I can detonate his shrooms with Yorick's W, so I can get rid of them and not take any damage from it whatsoever. I love Yorick, and I really don't understand why some say he's not fun to play. But I'll keep playing him, cuz I find it fun. Thanks for reading my post, best of luck on the rift man!
"I'v been harassed saying I lost lane just because I picked Yorick" Well they're wrong. Yorick is the epitome of a "Win lane, lose game" champion.
: ***
It's actually better than cleanse. Cleanse gets rid of ignite and CC, but almost NOTHING else.
: I LOVE Yorick.
"Seriously, am I the only one who can't get enough of this guy?" Yes.
: Oh my god. I wasn't a fan of Jhin but now... HNGGHH.
I honestly don't like that skin. I'll stick with classic any day.
Syphen12 (NA)
Looks like someone got wrecked by a level 2 Anivia.
: MFW I finally catch the enemy ADC all alone
Awnold (NA)
: 3 Refunds per season, upvote if you want 3 refunds per season.
Riot wouldn't lose any money if they gave us more refunds, the refunds just give us our rp back to buy other things with rp.
: Who is your favorite assassin
{{champion:38}} He's less the one I like most, and more like the one I hate the least.
Ecodeath (NA)
: rengar has been cancerous broken from day 1, shameful community only realizes it now
He's been very bipolar since his release. Iirc he was initially garbage, then got buffed into op status, then got nerfed into oblivion, then reworked to be really op, then got nerfed into oblivion again
: Hey I'm ganna be a one trick pony
: I've been playing Bankmo.
For a second I thought you were suggesting taking Cull on Teemo. Take the bandit mastery for cs you miss for extra bank
Varnoc (NA)
: The Immobile Mages
{{champion:112}} Is also an immobile mage, but he's been in a good spot ever since his initial rework (And a few months before it too if you ask me) so he'll probably be exempt.
: "Well I mean, Zed has to be REALLY fed to 1-shot 100-0 without relying on ult damage. **Much moreso than other assassins.**" lrn2reed
God damn, look at me, I'm actually DEFENDING Zed.
: **Everybody** has to be REALLY fed to 1-shot 100-0 targets without ulting. Which is why nobody all-ins someone at 100% health. That's not a counter-point to anything.
"Well I mean, Zed has to be REALLY fed to 1-shot 100-0 without relying on ult damage. **Much moreso than other assassins.**" lrn2reed
: > [{quoted}](name=OperationDEEZ1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pKEZzTty,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-01-09T02:37:35.090+0000) > > Vayne is not weak early game. Sorry. Yes she is.
shyie (NA)
: Well, most ADCs are late game champs anyway. With the exception of maybe Urgot and Caitlyn, all other ADCs turn into hypercarries late game. They're balanced out in terms of game progression too. For example, Vayne and Kog'Maw have horrible early games, but scale into late game gigacarries. Jinx and Trist are solid overall, but won't beat a Vayne or Kog'Maw late game, trust me.
: Zed... Soooo not an okay champion right now.
Well I mean, Zed has to be REALLY fed to 1-shot 100-0 without relying on ult damage. Much moreso than other assassins.
: What did Kassadin say to Lee Sin after he failed to gank top lane
: Bronze Climbing (It's definately Elo Hell)
Pretty sure plat 1 is the real elo hell.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=byMvA60p,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-01-05T01:04:10.569+0000) > > PBE is not there for balance testing. its for bug testing bugs make it through constantly
You clearly haven't played on PBE when the Elise instant kill glitch was floating around. Imagine if that made it to live.
: What champ do you hate playing against the most?
: Is F for Flash? Or is F for Fire/Ignite?
F is for fire that burns down the whole town
Paldox (EUW)
: Is Shaco still viable?
Shaco's great if you don't want to have any friends.
: How to Tilt Your Lane Opponent
Kikirino (NA)
: "Can Riot rework anti-fun champs?"
> How does one define anti-fun? {{champion:35}}
: Your favorite champion just got involved in Marvel's Civil War. Which side are they on?
: {{champion:14}} "Only cowards fear death."
PixTron (NA)
: What do you need to play as Vel'Koz?
: It's your duty to bring people to justice.
: Riot never shuts up about item and champion diversity, yet every AD Carry
: AP Ezrael is great, but you have to land your abilities. AD Ez is bad and RIOT won't buff him (they think that he will be too strong).
: God forbid that a stealth assassin...
darkdill (NA)
: @Riot: Is there something wrong with Tenacity being "good"?
Because Irelia. Irelia is to Tenacity as Vlad is to spellvamp.
: There is a plague over League right now.
: brnad support needs to get nerfed asap.
English motherfucker do you speak it?
: How it feels to play Bankplank
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