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: Xerath bug patch 5.7
Yup hes broken. His Q will cancel itself if you cast it immediately after his W unless you activate it before his W hits.
Anthios (EUW)
: Same happend to me, hope this gets noticed by Riot & fixed.
: Singed is suffering from a related problem. This isn't using smartcast or quickcast. Whenever i go to cast fling or megaadhesive around enemy champions it seems to happen more often, I press e or w and the targeting indicator instant cancels. Sometimes this occurs 2 or 3 times in a row, and yep its a game breaker.
Just made a post above about Xerath Q canceling itself. Although I thought it was due to something else, this sounds like the problem I was having with his Q caneling without firing which is basically impossible for Xerath's Q. It has to fire once you start charging it.
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