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: Working as intended. All multipliers are additive. It adds 100%, so with a Recurve it would be 120% added (.7 + .7*1.2 = 1.54 attacks per second). Tooltip could be better. Attack speed hard cap is 2.5.
This isn't with any items involved. A 'doubling' implies increasing attack speed by 100%. 100% of .7 is .7. Attack speed is not being increased by .7, but by .51 or 70% of .7 Using your same formula without the recurve, 100% added would be .7 + .7*1 = 1.4 attacks per second, not the 1.21 it's giving.
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: Urf mode will come back when the time is right. We like to bring game modes back with improvements or slight modifications to keep them fresh, so we are also looking for opportunities to do that. In the Shurima lore Xerath is the bad guy that betrays his emperor and tries to install himself as leader of Shurima. Not cool, let's get him!
I'm extremely late here, but I'd just like to suggest URF mode vs DOOM Bots... Call it Legion of Doom (bots) vs URF's Justice League


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