: Kled and his Mount Reunite
Damn Riot, I hope you are paying rights to the studio that brought us 'How to Train your Dragon' cause that lizard thing is a wingless Toothless painted yellow and green. That aside though, it does looks awesome. Can't wait to play with them.
: Except the system can. You don't see people complaining about getting banned for int feeding or trolling because they know what they were doing wrong -- but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Just recently in fact, a guy was here on the boards saying that he didn't understand why he was banned for int feeding. Here's the reason why people think that they don't: even with an actual person, it can be hard in a lot of situations to tell if someone is actually trolling or int feeding. That's why Riot gives them the benefit of the doubt and takes more time before they level a punishment. However, if a pattern emerges, then a punishment will be dealt
Then RIOT needs to be more vocal on how they punish and that they actually punish such behaviors. What discourage bad behavior isn't punishment you get after trolling 50 games, but knowing that others are getting punished.
: You didn't get what my comment said. Riot *does* punish for more then that
Do you really think so? It seems they only ever punish those that AFK and those that use certain words in chat, functions they can just program a bot to do. Ever since the Tribunal was brought down it is all done by computers and those can't tell if a person is just a horrible player or an intentional feeder, they can't tell if a person is trolling or if they just don't understand the game. You need a human for that and currently, all we have protecting the community are bots.
: > Riot only punishes for Racism or Death Threats. Otherwise, honestly, I don't think fucks are given. That statement is flagrantly wrong. In fact your entire comment is.
Agreed. I am hoping (though from people downvoting without leaving comments) this post gets enough traction to draw a RIoter's attention so we can get a few answers. It is wrong that only certain behaviors are punished even though they tell us to report a lot more than that.
Grashnim (NA)
: Riot only punishes for Racism or Death Threats. Otherwise, honestly, I don't think fucks are given. I think they took away the tribunal so we will never really know what's punishable anymore. I've noticed the game is a lot more toxic since the removal of the tribunal system. Must be cash reasons behind it. Pretty soon I bet they start letting unlock your banned account for 50$.
And that is a problem, the Tribunal being removed has caused the community in game to worsen ten fold. And that is why I am making this post... I want to see if a RIOTer comes and discuss this with us... If they don't well, then they clearly don't care. I just came out of a match in which we had an ok team comp, everyone was talking in chat while building the team... Everything seemed to be going well... Until on the last second the person who was left to play support changed his champion to Master YI and said "I am double jungling. hahaha." The guy (Kvng Jon - NA Server) invaded early, died to a Leblanc and from there, all he did for at least 10 minutes was feed. He ended up with a score of 20 deaths and 80 CS at 41 minutes. Now, you ask why we didn't surrender? We tried, but the troll of course said no to surrender and the Ezreal that had ended up alone in the bot lane said no as well just so we all could be as irritated as he was. My question to RIOT is this, how is that supposed to be fun? How are we supposed to have fun in a situation like that? If your answer, dear RIOTer is to say this game was an exception, I am sorry, it isn't an exception, I played several games this last three days and I had 5 autolockers that went on to cause problems in the game. Do you guys care? I don't think you do.
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: Another reasonable suggestion, though it runs into a bit of a strange edge case where the Aurelion player isn't ever quiiiite sure if the enemy saw them or not. That's why I prefer the all-or-nothing approach a little more, if we were to go with hiding stars - sweeper-ing a brush and then standing in it, you should be 100% sure the enemy cannot see you or your stars. Getting the player to understand what the _enemy_ can see is really difficult in League since there's no good way to do direct feedback on it. It's why we frequently fall back to the red exclamation mark particle, which is too noisy for all but the most major of visibility mechanics.
Have a range indicator when he is on the bush >.> doesnt seem like it would be that hard. By doing this you are excluding Sol from being used in several typical plays in this game... He cant juke around the bushes using flash, he cant jump on someone from the bush, he can't lay on the river waiting to gank people... he is always freaking visible... And that is very bad >.>
: I agree that it's inconsistent, which is unfortunate. I feel pretty strongly that skills should telegraph clearly, and if it were up to me Nunu and Sion would work differently - I was actually surprised when I found out after release that Sion's Q indicator didn't draw out of brush. It's difficult to change characters once they're out. There's a lot of "grandfathering" in, since their players come to depend on those quirks. That's why we're starting with stars visible - we can try this out, and it's much easier to change them back in line with Nunu/Sion than it would be to do it the other way around.
I'd be perfectly fine with active abilities being visible and telegraphed, my problem is with a passive being visible... you cant turn those off, so part of his passive is to always be visible
: Hey there! I'm sure this question is going to get asked a lot / upvoted a ton, so I thought I'd tackle it first. TL;DR: Aurelion's passive is visible in brush so that it's clear and understandable to his opponents, but also because I'm interested in finding out just what happens when a character bends the rules around vision. **First off, to be totally clear** (for other readers) - **if Aurelion is in brush, his character model is invisible like anybody else.** Can't be targeted or basic-attacked. Only his stars will loop out of the brush, giving the enemy a very good idea of where exactly he is. That said: Aurelion's stars do a lot of damage - enough that getting hit by an invisible one out of a brush would be a pretty big deal. This presents us with a choice - we can make the spell both strong and invisible, which is _unfair_ (we don't like unfair very much), we can make the spell weaker and invisible, which is _lame_ (we wanted Aurelion's stars to be a big deal), or we can make the spell strong but visible, which is _inconvenient_ (Aurelion can't hide in bushes). That's an oversimplification, but it's the sort of spectrum of choices that we have. Given that, I decided to lean hard into the "strong but visible" camp. Present the counterplay clearly to the opponent at all times, and if they fail, or Aurelion succeeds, then Aurelion gets to _win_. The second part to the decision has to do with a desire to test the limits of the rules of the game. Given that Aurelion was shaping up to be a big, boisterous, magnificent spectacle of a character, it made me think that maybe this was the first character in League to _not be sneaky_. A star dragon does not crouch in a bush waiting to pounce, he soars above his enemies and rains down the heavens upon them. I'll admit that this is (perhaps) my curiosity as a game designer getting the better of me. But I believe that providing new and different gameplay experiences is one of the jobs of a champion designer, and that we should always challenge assumptions. So what happens to the game when a character can't hide? What kinds of things can their kit do instead to compensate? What happens to their playstyle when I tell the player that standing still, ever, is a bad idea? What gameplay comes out of being out of vision (so, not targetable) but having your position given away? I'm excited to find out :) All that said - I stand by my decision as it is, but I'm also aware that **I might just be _wrong_**. If Aurelion comes out and he just isn't finding success because his stars give away too much information, then I'm absolutely open to re-evaluating. League is great in part because we get the chance to take risks and adjust if they don't work out. But players are clever - I'm pretty sure once Aurelion is out there, you guys will figure out how to work around his vision game pretty darn quickly. Finally, just so you guys know, if I were to change it later on I would probably go with "Passive stars are visible only when Aurelion is visible. Toggling on W makes them visible on their own, like missiles". This is in part because "in brush" and "out of vision in fog" are so similar to the opponent's view. Thanks for reading this far - I went with a long post because I know this is a big topic with a lot of players across the world :)
great idea! make a jungler that can't hide on bushes!!! It doesnt matter if he cant be directly targeted, everyone will know he is there... Make his W visible, not his passive cause otherwise you are making so his passive is "Can't hide in any bush in the game!"
: Just think if an enemy champion was close enough to a bush to be hit by his stars, they would be taking damage from an invisible source and that would be incredibly unfair
Yes... And the best solution Riot could come up with was a passive that essentially says "You cannot hide on bushes". Great job Riot... You just excluded this guy from doing bush ganks with a team,use flash to juke enemies by going from bush to bush... All sorts of things...
: Aurelion Sol Q&A 3/17
Alright, let me start saying I love this champion. I think his kit is great, he looks awesome, sounds like a dragon should (smug)... But... The idea that his stars are always visible is stupid. It means he will never be able to bush gank someone, which is very bad on a champion that with every ability, screams jungler. You want the stars to become visible? Make so that when his 'W' is active, not as a passive otherwise you are essentially saying "this champion is always visible, which... Let me say again... STUPID. No, let me correct it... It is lazy. I think this is a bug with the champion and you decided not to fix it for some odd reason. Why I say that? Because you had to change the tooltip, it wasn't released as it is now.... This is a Bug and not fixing it is super LAZY.
: Player Behavior Design Values: Punishment
Meanwhile, as you try reforming an entire community, we are forced to deal with daily autolockers, trolls and idiots that your current system does absolutely nothing to protect us against. I am sorry, but your band-aid solution that you decided against sounds a lot better than an extremely long term, dubious process.
: Udyr
Wile Udyr is a tanky champion thanks to is turtle stance, e does not needs rebalancing, unless RIOT is willing to give him a descent Gap Closer. As @ValyrianBlade mentioned does not have an ultimate, meaning he has no huge burst, no great engage, basically, nothing amazing like most Fighters. Udyr is very easy to kite, if you ward well, he will have a hard time even getting close to you.
: Azir Q&A: Gameplay - COMPLETED
I have quite a few questions about this guy: * Are the sand soldier's attacks considered Auto Attacks or are they considered Spells? My main reason to be concerned about this revolves around Item Procs. Will the sand soldier's attacks proc items like Lichbane? Or will it proc items like Rylai's Crystal Scepter? * Still about Arise and Autoattacks. Are the sand soldier's attacks considered an AoE or a targeted Ability? * Still about Arise and Autoattacks. How do Blinds affect Azir's Sand Soldiers? * Is Disk Of the Sun affected by CDR? (I really hope it is :p ) * Still on Disk of the Sun, is Azir able to teleport to any destroyed turret on the map if his passive and the summoner spell are out of CD or has that feature been patched as a bug? * Is Azir still able to Solo Baron without taking any Damage or has that been Patched? >.> * On Conquering Sands, are the sand soldiers able to Auto Attack while moving to the targeted area? Ok, I guess that is it for now XD Thanks!
elduris (NA)
: Hey there Riot would like you to try to talk to your fellow teammates and come to an understanding about roles, but if that fails, they endorse pick order over "call order". The reason for this is another player's connection might differ from yours and if everyone says something at the same time, they might see it in a different order. This can cause a lot of frustration and so sticking with the pick order as a way to choose roles is the best option. You won't always be able to play your preferred role, that's a given. Dodging when you don't get it can lead to account penalties. AFKing in game is even worse and will lead to suspensions from LeaverBuster if you continue. Purposefully staying AFK because you didn't get the role you wanted makes you no better than the players that "autolock" their preferred champion without communication. You're intentionally ruining the experience for 4 other people because you didn't get what you wanted. League of Legends is a game of mastery; the better you are at the game as a whole, the better player you become. My advice to you is to practice all kinds of roles and not pigeonhole yourself into one particular role. Don't threaten your teammates when you don't get what you want. Play the game out and try your best or dodge the queue entirely so they don't also have to suffer through a 30-40 minute game at a huge disadvantage.
Well, is pick order who locks first or who chooses the champion first? And that alone causes several problems since multiple champions can fit several roles, like Kayle that can pretty much be played anywhere. As for AFKing hurting more people, yes, I am aware of it and I regret doing it, but since I can never get a response from a Rioter on this issue and this has never been addressed in over 4 years of this game, well, I think you can see where I am going. What I want is an official position. I want an official position on what is considered Pick Order, if Autolocking is punishable and how Riot punishes those incurring on that infraction of their code, if they do. I want to feel this is actually been addressed and not just ignored as it has for the past few years. I want to feel treated fairly, if I am punished for AFKing I will take the punishment, but I want all factors to be taken into consideration. As for LoL being a game of mastery, before that, it is a game that relies heavily on technology. My ping interferes heavily on my ability to play other roles, if it didn't I'd gladly play more complex champions and other roles.
: My suggestion would be to play Team Builder. You can guarantee your role 100% of the time. Especially if you main jungle, which is a role that is always in demand. This mode basically solved the auto-locking and the "who called first" problem. If you cannot play, or are uncomfortable playing more than one role in the game, team builder is the best option.
Yes, I've tried that and it works certain hours of the day. Unfortunately it doesn't always work as normal solo queue still seem to attract most players, resulting in hour long waits.
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Rioter Comments
: Laziness on Riot or just hate?
Before accusing RIOT of being lazy about translators, maybe you should ask why a translator is needed in the first place. LMQ plays in the NA server, they should at least put an effort to actually use the language of the server. If anyone is being lazy, it is them. And before you say it, no I don't have any prejudice here. I actually really enjoy watching LMQ play, just like I enjoy watching SKT T1 and all the other teams in the LCS, OGN, etc. I just feel it is a little disrespectful that a team representing the American server can't actually speak English. As for the interviews, have you considered the players them selves don't like speaking publicly? They are from a different culture, maybe RIOT is simply being respectful of the Team's wishes. Don't jump to conclusions or make inflammatory insinuations so foolishly.
: Do you guys feel that you properly captured the scariest parts of all the bots that were included in the game mode? Were there any champions that you wish could have made it into the game mode?
Kassadin... Then again, I think the only thing you'd need to make him Doom is revert the changes he suffered this last few months XD
: The honor system messed up?
The Honor System is a complete disappointment. Seriously, I've had 3 of the 4 possible ribbons so far, but keeping them is IMPOSSIBLE! In Solo Queue, almost no one honors and when you are with a duo or a premade team, any honor given is disregarded by the system. Just a really pointless features to keep around since only new players actually manage to get the ribbons!
: We need a new Tenacity jungle item
Yes, right now as a Udyr Main I buy Merc Threads 100% of the games and upon reaching late game (really late game) replace it with Zephyr (The item is too expensive for an early game buy and not as cost efficient.
awashert (NA)
: Probs with NA server.
I am not upset about the game crashing, but wondering why no Red released a note on the Server Status link.

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