: Strat Roulette (Season 10)
I'm bookmarking this and sharing this with my friends, this looks like a lot of fun. Kind of like Ultimate Bravery yet different. Nice work! P.S. Spanish Inquisition gave me a good laugh {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: In Loving Memory
For me it's {{champion:43}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:50}}
: > [{quoted}](name=H00KIE,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ottvljUc,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-12-29T06:07:41.049+0000) > > Did she have some underlying health conditions? Dying that young in such a manner is unheard of - sad. Look up her involvement with Chris Badawi while she was playing for Renegades
Damn I just googled 'remilia Chris Badawi' and the stuff I'm reading is just.... ugh. Makes me even more sad reading the tweets of what she had gone through. Rest in peace Maria.
: Where did you see this notification? My friends list is kinda bugged right now too but I didn't see any notification that it would be changed.
In the spot where you can sort your friends either alphabetical or by status. There's a third option there now, which is added in preparation for future games developed by riot. I suppose so you can sort your friends online based on what game they are playing.
Rioter Comments
: Why Runes Reforged should be reverted to the Season 1-4 Runes+Masteries system
Rioter Comments
: "ugh another useless drake"
I personally hate getting Earth Drake as it only helps you with securing future dragons and barons faster(towers are already squishy enough as is). The other 3 drakes are useful for a much larger portion of the game. They just feel like the impact the game much more than Earth does.
: Auto fill is fine. TLDR @ bottom
Honestly, I overall preferred the old system because of the very point you had made about everyone requiring to be good at every role. I've overall felt there was less dissatisfaction from people who were stuck in last pick and didn't always get the role they prefer because they were most likely somewhat competent at it and the game was less likely to be a 1 sided match because everyone had a basic knowledge of all of the roles. Where as today you see people complaining about being autofilled to support or jungle because they can play several games of not having to be in those roles because they aren't forced into those roles as much. Sure champ select may have been more frustrating back then but once ingame, I felt the where less stressful compared to today's games.
NY64 (NA)
: Make Hextech require 3 champions instead of 2
I'd rather the 2 hextech bonus make the disable last like 4 seconds instead, leaving the 4 hextech bonus untouched.
: Is Celerity good on anyone that isn't Hecarim? Think we could look at tweaking it to do anything?
I've been experimenting with it on Lux as I usually build movement speed items on her (Twin shadows, Lich bane, even Swiftness boots). I think Absolute Focus is still better overall for the damage but having close to 500ms out of combat movement speed is damn nice to roam around the map during mid and late game.
: You're only allowed to play one champion for the rest of your life.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: To the people who are Saying Season 9 is the worst season and calling it worse than season 8
Season 6 was the worst for me as it killed my motivation to play ranked. Even with dynamic queue gone now, I just haven't felt the drive to climb in ranked anymore.
Whitleigh (EUW)
I just wish the pink ward and sweeper didn't disable his shrooms. That's my main problem when I play as teemo. If they only revealed traps but not disable them, I feel like he'd be a lot better. That way the enemy still has to tread carefully if they choose not to destroy them but continue chasing. As a side note, same thing for shaco boxes.
RiotLamz (NA)
: Favorite/least favorite Running animation in League
: I Hate Tryhardamere
I'd never thought I'd see a post complaining about Tryndamere anymore. Not gonna lie, it's actually refreshing for a change.
: I don't usually do these kinds of threads but I need to vent
I haven't checked PBE for any changes yet but I feel like they should change the lifesteal on-hit effect on her Q to treat the missiles as aoe so she gets a lot less healing from it. To have massive healing on top of everything else is just plain dumb. I mainly play her AP, not AD but I still get a gunblade on her and the healing is just stupid, even if it's only 6 missiles instead of 12.
: If you're not sure what to ban, use it on a common smurf champion
My motto is ‘When in doubt, ban Morgana’. Because getting the afk snare really sucks and her black shield is really strong if she times it right.
: I gave it a shot but I much prefer her at tank. That said, Nashor's Tooth is a great call on her. Might consider coupling it with Wit's End. Rip their MR down and then finish with a W.
Tank Kai’Sa? Haven’t considered that. What do you usually do for that?
Ixoziel (NA)
: You should probably get some amount of AD to evolve the Q if you're going AP. Her Q has a fantastic AP ratio when evolved, and it does physical damage which makes it very hard to itemize against her. I've found success with death's dance / gunblade into pure AP later (nashors, deathcap). It gives you a disgusting amount of healing from abilities (30% from the Q even) and a great anti-burst effect as well.
It may not show on my match history anymore but I’ve built gunblade in quite of a few of my games for the active and sustain. I never got around to building a death dance(which I think is a great option for her) mainly because most of my games never reach 6 item builds. I think the early stages of the game, evolving Q is very good but as you get more AP, W just does more damage over all as it has higher ap scaling not to mention if you W a low health enemy, they take even more damage when you proc your passive. I’ll definitely keep that in mind though.
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LG4iZL_6jM here fam learn the truth of spaghetti code, and no this is not fixed.
Done25 (NA)
: How to beat GP in top as melee?
I usually have good success playing Renekton against GP. Dash in, do your combo and dash out. That’s the general idea anyways.
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: I want to say something about Ornn{{champion:516}} . I loved him at release, but now he just doesn't feel the same. {{sticker:cass-cry}}
SmashinBob (EUNE)
: Kaisa buff 8.6
I haven’t had a chance yet to play her on this patch but I feel like the buff on her AA is a big help for her in teamfights. There are many times where I’m hesitant to even auto attack for fear of getting ganged up on right away and I can’t ult behind them because their carry is well protected. I’ve been playing mainly ap Kaisa in the mid lane and im already nervous about the ap buffs as the only real problem I’ve had with her is her range. Her Q being buffed from a 0.5 to 1.0 ratio when getting a single target is huge and I have a feeling ap Kaisa is going to be stomping in the near future. But like I said, I haven’t played yet so I’m only speculating.
: Did Sudden Impact just get gutted because of Irelia?
Eedat (NA)
: Is Wukong the oldest champ that has no kit changes?
: but he can also auto attack while dead :^)
No he can't, he can only run around before exploding.
Rioter Comments
Jamsheer (EUNE)
: I like this so let me elaborate {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} My favourite champion: {{champion:36}} Counters (personal opinion): (hell mode): {{champion:67}} others: {{champion:55}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:5}} ______________________________________________________ My freelo champion: {{champion:40}} .. No counter found yet .. {{champion:497}} is maybe a candidate
: What champ was released closest to the time you started playing League?
OHminus (NA)
: You could build Cho like a tank, but why would you even do that when you could {{item:3089}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3089}}
I remember when {{item:3089}} used to give 150-155 AP many years ago.
: **Leans forward angrily in rocking chair** Back in my day, getting one shot meant you got Deathfire Grasped by an LB in a quarter of second...
There's no DFG in this one but it still sums up LeBlanc. It never gets old for me: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9uklqnTGyD0
: {{champion:203}} Play a champion with strong displacements, such as skarner, poppy, or the reworked zac when he comes out {{champion:163}} Play yasuo, or other assassins with lots of mobility. Just beware if your champion has a dash. {{champion:72}} Play a champion with true damage, such as fiora, or play a ranged champion as he is very easy to kite. He hurts like a bitch tho, so dont let him lock u down with ult and e.
Interesting, I usually pick Taliyah to counter Yasuo lol.
: Tell everyone how to beat your main.
{{champion:67}} Screw her over in lane really hard. I've found the mage supports like {{champion:1}} or {{champion:63}} wreck her hard. Almost every adc can beat her in lane if you're equal skill(try to avoid {{champion:81}} unless you got counter picked). Try hard to deny her farm. If you're up 2-3 kills on her but her farm is as close as 10 cs behind, you might be in trouble if the Vayne is any good in team fights. Champions with point and click cc are the easiest way to shut her down since she is so mobile({{champion:111}} is like the ultimate fuck you to Vayne). Syndra also works. If Vayne is first picked on enemy team, try to avoid having too many skill shot ability champions as she can dodge a lot of them easily(avoid picking {{champion:81}} into her for lane phase unless you want to challenge yourself). I'll say it again, just deny her any access to gold for as long as possible. She will always be relevant late game.
Vallalan (NA)
: as an adc main I'll tell you why Caitlyn is both total cancer, and should also not be "nerfed" but rather changed to make her less frustrating. Why shes cancer: Oppressive lane phase if played properly, there aren't many champs who can do anything against her if she decides to auto push a lane. her range is oppressive but even against similar ranged adcs (Ashe, is only 50 range less I believe) she can just push in the wave with peace maker. She can place traps UNDER your tower where you CANT SEE THEM. and they do FUCK TONS of damage. this is toxic as fuck as it isn't skill for the enemy cait or you to dodge. its just her pushing you by default and then cheesing you with traps under tower. If you try to aggress on her, her escape can be used OFFENSIVELY to get a head shot for fuck tons of damage. nevermind that it already slows to allow her to kite you with her ginormous range. Why she shouldnt be nerfed. She's balanced around having an obscene early and late game, but where most games matter she is actually and quite literally trash tier. her mid game if not stomping lane is quite bad. and by stomping I mean destroying the game. not just being up. if shes mostly even or only slightly ahead she just doesnt do that much damage in the mid game outside of her lane phase. While very strong, she is relatively immobile. she needs to be relatively strong to make up for that slightly. definitely not akin to an ashe, varus, etc. but she needs to be strong with her autos since thats pretty much how she's going to do be doing her damage. shes not spell casting or weaving in shit. shes just auto based making her limited in what she can do. My suggestion to make her less frustrating is to make traps time out under an enemy tower quickly. i dont mind her using them directly in front when sieging. What i do mind is that she can make it incredibly difficult to farm under tower without getting head shot constantly and you know shes gonna push. she's caitlyn. Don't even need compensation for that. Just dont let her place traps under tower. make her place them anywhere else. Her net should not proc a head shot. there I said it. it gives her burst damage on anyone running at her which is just silly. thats supposed to be an intended weakness. Here you would need to compensate her since thats a BIG blow. I'd say give her an attack speed buff she lands her E so it rewards caitlyns who kite after landing E and not just mindlessly shooting you once for 30% of your health with one auto. overall though while caitlyn is toxic, she doesnt need nerfs per say outside of her traps not working under an enemy tower for very long.
I guess one idea I just thought of is make traps last less time under tower, but that duration increases back up as you level it up? I don't know the exact numbers but just a thought. That or nerf the damage early game but keep the late game damage of traps. Just brainstorming.
: Ughhh I loved the pre-juggernaut patch looking back at it. I really enjoyed playing in Season 5, partly because my main hadn't been reworked yet. {{champion:98}}
I loved how simple Shen was before he got reworked. I played him a lot then rarely played him after rework. :(
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Ahh, the times when you could go 30/0/0, 0/30/0 or 0/0/30...you'd be a fool to do it, but you still had the choice. http://ps4daily.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/freedom-braveheart.jpg It's kinda funny though - all these threads about how the current state of League of Legends is not as good as it used to be compared to 2-3 seasons back...what if they made "Vanilla LoL" as a Rotating Game Mode, giving us, say, patch 3.14 for few weekends over a year? Or even just testing what the reception would be of such a thing on the Boards or - Teemo forbid - Reddit. If it gets an overall good reception, that should be a clear indication that _someone_ needs to go back to the drawing board... And if not, well, make it an RGQ anyway fur teh lulz.
I would love to go back to Season 2 Worlds patch or pre-juggernaut patch for example. Those were some of the best days in league in my opinion.
: Pick any quotes and then add "in my ass"
{{champion:38}} The balance of power must be preserved in my ass.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bombardox,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lVhqyQ34,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-29T04:03:23.650+0000) > > i mean > {{champion:8}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:202}} every match ? > wtf ... ? its riots fault. i swear to you that they leave certain champs untouched or buff certain champs so that they can be played in LCS. this is especially true for new champs. kled is gonna get a buff and he will be played/spammed at worlds. guarantee you it. for teammplay his ult is too broken.
What I find funny is that Riot nerfed Sivir's ult because they felt it made teamfight engagements too strong. Then they release Kled. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: WTF Are these Taliyah Nerfs????
I personally feel that they definitely should reduce the damage she does to minions but not remove the bonus damage out right. Maybe reduce it to 25% or 20% or something? I agree that her wave clear is ridiculous right now but thinking back to playing her when she was first released, she struggled super hard with wave clear. Unless that's what Riot wants her to be at, I think removing the bonus damage entirely is a bit much.
: "Fixed a bug where Twitch’s E - Expunge sometimes wasn’t dealing damage to enemies acquired at the very edge of its range" It'll still always be called expunge in my heart
They actually used Expunge instead of Contaminate? Someone at Riot also agrees that it should be Expunge, not Contaminate. :)
: /ALL Chat | Will It Jungle? Ft Vayne
Jungle vayne with AP runes OP
BlkGolem (NA)
: Because Lee Sin has to have every extra little bit in his kit, like spellvamp on his w and (previously) atk speed slow on e and an ult that does more damage to enemies that the guy you kicked hit if he has a lot of hp.
He used to have more in his kit too. Armour on his 2nd W, getting a shield when using W on wards, W range used to be larger, 2nd E used to slow attack speed. Q used to do more damage. Etc etc...
: Why doesn't Lee sin have the same vision as Rek'sai in her borrow form?
"Blindness is no impairment against a smelly enemy." -{{champion:64}} Basically he uses his nose to figure out where the enemy is and where the trees are. Also uses his hears to hear things (his Q is called Sonic Wave).
: Can we have an option to not see our friends who are own mobile.
I agree, because it puts them above people who have their status set to AWAY but are actually online on the client. I have some friends who are just inactive on the client b/c they are browsing memes or chatting with someone else somewhere but with the mobile thing, I often forget to scroll down to the bottom.
: That's the second time ahri has been guessed... lol. I can safely say it isn't ahri.
: Hmm... who can't I play against... {{champion:82}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:111}} Not 100% sure on these, but I think that's the general idea. Good luck guessing mine, I suppose? Alright, summary time, so that maybe a better idea can be gotten. Squishy mid laner, mobile, builds AP. Also, as a further hint, the immobile tanks I can deal with rather well, though getting too close for too long usually means I die.
: {{champion:81}} "I will always be relevant! You want poke? I am here! You want a safe adc? I am here! You want global presence? I am here! You realized you don't want Ez ADC? Lets go Mid!" I love Ezreal. His is my bae. I want to fondle his gems. {{champion:44}}
Also Ezreal does well against Ashe in lane phase in my opinion.
Kadavik (NA)
: Why is Soraka the best girl of League?
Enjoy my upvote while you can. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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