: only 8 more games until i have won 1k games.
Do i get to play with a rioter as well when I reach my 2000th win? I think i'm missing like 10-20
: I FEEL BAD for new players
Did you lend him an account? Because if you did, thats the problem. He should try it by himself, on a new account of his own, then he will be placed versus either super bad people or new players and he will have way more fun. If this old account used to be yours and is already lvl 30 then it already has a hidden MMR. I had the same issue with my girlfriend, when playing by herself she enjoys it and wins many games.
Caítlyn (NA)
: 1 month ago "Make Taliyahs W vector casting!!!!!@@1"
The problem is NOT in the vector casting, most people are not complaining about it. They complain about how it feels more clunky now. Vector casting is fine, it just needs some adjustments to fit Taliyah's W. Read this: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/qB92hEBA-patch-614-2-hidden-nerfs-taliyahs-w-seismic-shove
: Hi! You're spot on about both of these things: there is now a human input delay to how long it takes you to draw the arrow and release your mouse, and out of range casting is no longer clamped. These are both tradeoffs that come along with the concept of vector casting. We could change these; arguably we could even do exactly what you propose (although clamping a vector cast is not trivial from a "read the player's intention" point of view: if you draw the arrow at an angle that's not 0 or 180 degrees and we transpose your origin point to be closer to you, do we transpose the displacement vector or do we adjust the angle such that the target still goes from the origin point to where you drew your arrow to? That is to say, do we conserve DIRECTION or TARGET POSITION? There is no correct answer here and either way someone would feel the game screwed them). This would be a decent amount of technical behind the scenes work (the game has a very limited number of targeting types and making a new one is a fair bit of work), but more importantly, one of the secondary goals of switching Taliyah W to vector cast has been to reduce the number of different spell casting paradigms in the game. My Taliyah 1.0 W casting paradigm was "vector casting but not really"; one of the big gains we made toward learnability of the game as a whole in 6.14 has been to reduce that down to just vector casting. If we did "vector casting but it's clamped and the delay starts with your first input" we'd be going back to "vector casting but not really". You're also right in that this change makes Taliyah harder to learn and master, which was not our goal, but at this point we're talking about an overflowing sink on the Titanic. Sure that's a problem, but we've got much bigger problems that ALSO cause there to be some water damage. Between her Q, her R, and the pathing required to optimize P she's just a super hard champion to learn. I'd love for that to change, but there's always a hundred things you'd love to be the case for your champion, and in this case, wanting more players to be able to play and enjoy her *at all* was the more important consideration. In summary, I hear you on your concerns and we will continue to listen and adjust as necessary. I think the W change has showed that when we're wrong, we'll admit we're wrong and fix things as best we can. Please continue trusting us that we have the best interests of our players in mind here.
I see, thank you for the reply. I also thought it had to do something around the homogenization of skills. It's certainly easier when they behave alike for several champions. I can't tell what would be a good solution if making spell cast start when W is pressed goes against the vector casting paradigm... I wish the timings could be adjusted accordingly but that might be even harder since 1) people have different mechanical skills, 2) reducing the cast time of the ability will make it more frustrating for enemies to evade. This is why i really support what would be a mix of the original design with vector casting. About the max range issue, i think its not that subjective. A player is used to click and drag to define position + popping direction. So calculating the direction from the position of where the player clicked and dragged as if the spell was casted there, and then translating that direction to the max range would seem the most natural way. Put in other words, Taliyah's W has always felt (at least for me) as "start the seismic shove at a certain position, then make the shove go in "this direction" relative to where i started the shove". Kind of seeing the whole seismic shove as a live object. Which is the same principle of vector casting, a source point with a directional arrow relative to this source. Not a point that defines position, and another point that defines direction. But anyways, thanks for replaying. I love Taliyah, and i really have to commend the designers for how possibility rich her skill set feels.
: The patch has been out only hours And you've already made up your mind? I actually went into a custom game to test this, and I don't want to say the contents of this post are a _lie_, but they're close. I was relieved to find her W is now faster and far more intuitive, it's so much less clunky than her old W. I bought her on day one, and got used to her W as it was, but this really is an improvement. Please play more games with her before you make up you mind about something like this.
I got nothing agains the vector cast. I do understand its different and people are having a hard time adjusting to it. Its subjective which is better and well, riot will decide which feels better to the biggest player base. I am complaining about how the W is slower, there is absolutely no doubt of this, someone somewhere even made a comparison video, the fact of the now input delay made her ability .1 ms slower (best case scenario for mechanically skilled people, which is what, 10% of the player base?). This does make it harder to land. Smoother but you will just not hit stuff.
: It is almost instant, you're not used to the cast type though. I used Viktor e instantly after placing and choosing a direction, there is little to 0 delay, same with me quick casting rumble ult
key being "almost instant" think 0.1 ms to 0.2 ms doesn't make a difference on a skill with a small landing radius + dealy? Before you had to predict where the enemy will be, cast it there and hope they are not fast enough to move away from it. Right now with this small delay ive missed so many W's doing exactly the same thing as before. All I ask for is to make the spell charge up time start as soon as W is pressed, would that be really that hard to do?
: Why would they even care about the Taliyah mains when you get kids like this who are Gold V, with that many games on Taliyah. Do you realise that Taliyah has an immensely poor kit design and is rather frustrating to play against? Hitting e and then w is not very difficult, but usually forces a champ out of lane because of TLD combined with the stone damage. Her q mainly just decides whether or not they die from that combo or how you can control the lane. This change is INSANELY good for Taliyah. Beforehand (if i'm correct), there was no way you could e during the w cast so the e had to come first and made the combo a bit more telegraphed. Now you can e DURING the w and make it almost entirely unavoidable if you happen to get in range. I personally feel vector casting is one of the better skill shot controls , and playing a large amount of viktor it's no problem to use this. "I used to use the old dogshit way of casting now they changed it and made the e-w combo much smoother and quicker to pull off with little room to fuck up"
You are missing the point, the clunkyness is not so much about the Vector cast but the fact that there is an Input delay, making the W harder to land. Yes you can now just W first and see if u are gonna land it then W but that is meaningless when W is so much harder to land now. What needs to be hot fixed is. Make the W cast timer start as soon as W is pressed instead of after the direction has been decided. IF they do change this, then your point would become perfectly valid. "I used to prefer the old way to the new way" kind of arguments. But in its current state its more of a the new W is just plain harder to land since people have to account for their own input delays.
Megamike (EUW)
: This! Vector-cast is great, but this bs ruins the whole fluent combo. Cancelling W's move command with E Q is too frustrating. I have exactly this as my main problem with the new cast-type. Riot needs to fix it.
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EtyrnaI (NA)
: [Patch 6.14] Taliyah Change : : Official Seismic Shove (W) Change Request Petition
I am also a Taliyah main. She is my most played champion. But you might be mixing up what needs to be done. First, W is slower for sure now, which makes it feel clunkier. Second, vector casting is definitively smoother. Third, because of how vector casting works, it can fizzle out the ability. **Something important to account for is that there are 2 ways of casting, (normal and smart cast)** However the solution is similar: For SMART CASTING: Make the cast start as soon as you PRESS "W" wherever your mouse is at, in case the mouse is out of range make it cast it at **max range from Taliyah's current position**. For NORMAL CASTING: Make the cast start as soon as you CLICK the mouse. ----------- This should make it feel smoother and as fast as the old version but with the benefits of vector casting.
: I'm not a Taliyah main (I play about 1/2 the mages fairly often), but I do have 2 mastery 6 tokens on her (waiting for that blue essence). I honestly feel like the vector cast is better overall than the way it was before. It may take a bit to get used to from the old way, but it will also make it easier for people to start playing her. It also makes it far faster to cast imo than it did before. You all act like vector casting takes a half second to set up, but within a game of play, you should easily get it down to < 1/4 sec. The enemy also doesn't know where you're casting it during this time, or even if you are. I'm sure I'm going to get downvoted by a bunch of angry Taliyah mains, but you all need to understand that there are people who play Taliyah other than Taliyah mains. This change will make it easier to shift from playing Viktor one game to Taliyah the next. Taliyah's W would have been a vector cast from the start if literally any other Riot employee had made her. The creator just failed too hard with Viktor's E to be willing to put vector cast on a champion he made. Everyone he talked to told him he should make it a vector cast too.
What you don't understand is that the extra 0.1 - 0.2 seconds it takes for the ability to start DOES influence A LOT on wether you will hit the ability or not. Sure the enemy doesn't know but now you have to guess even more than before where the enemy will move. This is specially evident when using E first because the slow on the enemy would make it easier to hit if W was cast fast enough.
TR10 (NA)
: @Zenon about the taliyah change From someone who has played a lot and will continue to play taliyah
Hello!, Are you using auto casting (smart cast)? If you are not then i don't see a problem since thats how most of the skills work. If you do then it is a huge problem! Like with auto casting on, i believe that as soon as you press the W the .75 timer starts, if you drag it should just change the direction, if you didn't drag it should just pop enemies up, in both cases after .75 secs the spell should have been casted regardless of wether you released W or not. Could you confirm this please?
: Taliyah changes for 6.14
I appreciate the changes on her W, casting and choosing a direction on it does feel extremely clunky. However, removing the lockout on it and compensating it with a damage nerf on the mine field seems really bad to me. As you said she is a disruptor mage that excels at zoning. The E-W combo is not that easy to avoid when the enemy actually knows about it. The reason you see so many people getting hit by it is because for starters they are not used to playing vs her since she is not picked that much. Plus it requires planning on wether i want to start my combo or not. Also its used as a fantastic zoning tool for champions with dashes or high mobility. Like vs a LeBlanc so that she doesn't dash it to instaburst you. Removing this lockdown will indeed make it easier for everyone to understand but will also remove a lot of her high skill high reward kind of gameplay. Making her more about utility than damage which is not usually picked in mid-laners. By the way, how are you sure the frustration doesn't come from the weird way of casting on live vs the lock down period?
: Attn Rocksurfers: Seismic shove changes in internal testing
How about leaving it the way it is for people that don't use smart cast, and changing it to vector casting for those who do? Removing the lockout is a huge mistake in my opinion since it will actually make it easier for people to use her combo which will inevitably make her get nerfed which will reduce her potential making it so that she will be played even less.... (BTW I'm a main Taliyah player, mastery 7 / most played / climbed to gold 4 with her)
: Still trying to get my Janna to level 7. =( You practically have to go deathless and get a few kills. Its pretty lame.
you are doing it wrong, play her on a position no one does, and don't suck so much at it. You will get an S+ incredibly easy. (but do itemize/rune/mastery around it so you don't suck as well).
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: Can I haz this, please ?
this cat is extremely cute

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