: Riot Pls: Dynamic queue, sandbox, and League 2016
Can you please respond to the fact that other games have tried systems like dynamic queue and then reverted the changes/added a solo queue? It seems like instead of rustling the jimmies of your playerbase you could learn from the experimentation that other games have done.
: New Champ Select Update
There is still one problem that I feel was completely overlooked. My issue with Dynamic Queue is not the possibility of having to play against premades. My issue is that I no longer have any way to realistically compare my rank against the rank of other players. A ladder that includes both solo and group players is just bad from a competitive standpoint. I realize that League is a team game, but the current ladder system doesn't compare teams, it compares individuals. Do you just not consider this to be a valid concern?
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: Let’s talk about dynamic queues and ranked play
My situation is similar to many other people in this thread. My friends and I play League together almost every night. I am diamond and my friends range from Silver to Plat V. I love competing, but I also enjoy playing with my friends. I should like dynamic queue, right? Well I don't, and here's why: Normals give me plenty of opportunity to play with my friends. Ranked solo gives me the opportunity to compete with other players, try as hard as I can, and improve. It also gives me a place to prove my skill/dedication compared to other competitive players. Enter dynamic queue. I will still play normals with my friends because I cannot queue with them for ranked (I wouldn't even if I could). When I want to play ranked I have two options - I can either continue to play by myself, which puts me at a disadvantage, or I can find 4 other people to play with to make the most of the system. If I choose to play by myself, my personal achievements will be compared to other people who chose to play as a group of 5. Even if I never have to play a game against a group (5% of the time I will) I still am compared against them in the ladder. Even if I do decide to play ranked with a group, it no longer is a gauge of my personal skill. Either way this new system makes my ranking meaningless. It is either inflated by the fact that I played with a group, or it loses meaning when compared to the inflated rankings of other players who did queue as a group. I guess the question at the end of the day is if every aspect of league needs to be inclusive to every league player. Say 10 people are at a party. 6 of them are playing go fish and having a great time. The other 4 are playing a very competitive game of poker, but also having a great time. The host of the party wants everyone to play together, so they decide that they're going to take away one deck of cards. Now all 10 people are playing go fish together, and some of them are still having a great time, but some of them are not enjoying the party as much as they were before. Sure, they're playing with the group, but they didn't choose this, and they were having more fun before. This is how I see dynamic queue. It does not give me more ways to play, it give me less. Instead of adding to my overall experience playing League of Legends, it removes one way I had to enjoy the game.
: Hey Cyrus 2016! We didn't include any IP sink in this iteration of the system, since we wanted it to be valuable to both new and old players and thought it was better to just give away the rewards for free rather than to (IP) charge for them. With that being said, the problem of large IP balances is definitely on our radar and we're looking at ways to help improve the situation this year.
Thanks for the answer, that does make sense. I realize that I am in the minority (people who have tons of extra IP), but is it feasible to have a system that is worthwhile to older players without alienating newer players? I think as long as it isn't something that will impact actual gameplay, it is OK for it to be less inclusive to newer players. Even if they were very expensive, having Icons, Ward Skins, or even one or two skins (maybe on some sort of rotation) available for IP would be a good solution to this. I love playing league, and I have bought my fair share (read too much) RP over the past 6 years, and will probably continue to do so. So I'm not saying "RITO PLS give me skins for IP because I don't want to spend real money!". I just think that rewarding players for time spent playing (IP in this case) is a great way to promote longevity in a game's lifespan. I do think that Champion Mastery is a step in the right direction (Just hit 100k points on Ezreal)! Thanks again for the answer, and for doing this Q&A!
: Yes, you could earn all your keys and fragments on the same champion if you want and it wouldn't impact key drop rate. Only chests require playing other champs.
So you can earn fragments outside of chests? When you say fragments do you mean shards or essences?
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: Hextech Crafting and Loot Q&A
Have you considered adding some kind of IP sink into this system (keys, extra chest slots, etc. for IP)? As someone who has been playing for 6+ years having something to spend my 100k+ IP on would be fantastic. If I already own all the champs will I still get champ essences? If so, and I can use them to unlock new champs when they come out this will make IP worth even less, as the only thing I could spend it on would be name changes. If you aren't considering any sort of IP sink in this system, can you comment on any plans to make IP relevant again to older players? Thanks!


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