: "his" rng crit? I think you mean him having ACCESS to more rng crit earlier. Every adc ever builds crit, but you aren't complaining about any of them.
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: Is banning a champion greifing?
You should have said you were going to do it the moment champ select came up but no, you weren't griefing.
: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, > if you make money doing something you are a professional. In most cases, making money doing something simply means you have a job you work at in order to earn money. Being pro, really good at something, opens the doors to some jobs out in the world like, in this case, an LCS player. Some jobs out there require you to maintain being the top of the top (pro) in order to keep the job. Being pro on a typical job, let's say being a farmer, does give you benefits. Like you earn more money because you are more successful and experienced, makes your job faster because you can do things faster than other farmers. Or even a promotion in a business company. > so if a challenger player had no stream, no youtube channel, no team in tournaments.... thats when you would say "pro". that is proper ironic quoting. when something seems to fit the profile but doesn't and/or when something seems to be true but isnt. Being a challenger player in LoL means you are pro without a doubt. If in this case, he doesn't have any income because he has no streams or not an LCS player, that still doesn't mean he isn't pro. A random challenger player around the same skill level as PantsAreDragon are both considered pro. The only difference being PantsAreDragon gets money because he is streaming and making youtube content. It doesn't necessarily mean he is better than the other random guy. The random guy could give some good tips on whatever role he mains because he climbed to challenger and is considered pro.
You don't know the definition of professional, lmao. Pro is short for professional. You know, as in you are engaged in a profession, your main source of income.
: I thought he didn't make Zed?
: > [{quoted}](name=Tweeks,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=I9GAv4YO,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-09-30T22:07:16.109+0000) > > The moment you start blaming external factors (luck, trolls, whatever) is the moment where you will cease to climb. Games in which someone goes wildly negative and are essentially impossible to win happen to everyone at all ranks. It's being able to carry the close games that determine how far you will go. > > Even when I have an allied midlaner go 1/14 and throw the game for me, I still try to pick out moments where I messed up. Small things that I could have done better to have a more positive impact on the game, even if we were still going to lose. > > If you have over 800 games played and are at Silver V, you are seriously lacking basic game knowledge and the tools necessary to climb. Whenever I wind up laning against a low silver opponent in normals, I am always blown away by how many easily-avoidable mistakes they make. Watch your replays, pay attention to when you screw up and think about what you could do differently to do better next time. 1v1 me I have 1k games and elo hell is real, Ill prove it by owning you 1v1, or am i talking smack and just wana 1v1 people the world may never know muhaha
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: Are we ever going to see Butcher's Bridge again?
I would love to have either the map, the music or GP as the announcer back.
Azwel (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Yotams,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8HjN5wVp,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-18T16:41:45.791+0000) > > I did **NOT** create this thread with the purpose of "nerf kalista". > --------- > > > **Rend:** > > Attacks impale their targets with spears. Activate to rip the spears out, slowing and dealing escalating > damage. > > **Contaminate:** > >Twitch wreaks further havoc on poisoned enemies with a blast of his vile diseases. > > Now that we know the basics, let dive in deeper. > ----------- > ---------------------------------------------------- **Twitch** ------------------------------------------ **Kalista** > > Maximum Stack -------------------- 6 -------------------------------------------------------------- 254 (Practically unlimited) > Duration of Stacks --------------- 6 -------------------------------------------------------------- 4 > Base Damage ------------------------ 20-80 ----------------------------------------------------- 20-60 > Base Damage Scaling --------- None ------------------------------------------------------- 60% AD > Damage per Stack --------------- 15-35 ------------------------------------------------------ 10-30 > Scaling per Stack ----------------- 20% AP, 25% Bonus AD -------------------- 30% AD > Range --------------------------------------- 1200 ----------------------------------------------------- Unlimited* > Mana Cost ------------------------------ 50-90 ---------------------------------------------------- 40 > Cooldown -------------------------------- 12-8 ------------------------------------------------------- 14-8 > Methods of Applying ------------- W(2 stacks per enemy) ------------------- Q (Conditionally unlimited to a single enemy) > Reset CD Mechanic -------------- None ----------------------------------------------------- Yes > Mana Refund -------------------------- None ----------------------------------------------------- Yes (20 per enemy, up to twice) > Slow ------------------------------------------ None ----------------------------------------------------- 25%-45% > > * Range- Unlimited: From my experience, the LoL Wiki (it does not specify a range), a Reddit thread, and one time I saw it on LCS, as long as you have one valid target in range, you will damage every enemy that has a Rend stack. The same is not true for Twitch- the target must be inside that 1200 range to be damaged. > ---------------- > Damage with 6 stacks of Deadly Venom is [216 (true damage) + 80 (base damage) + 210 + 120% AP + 150% bAD] = 506 (120%AP+150%bAD) total (290+120%AP+150%bAD excluding passive). > > Damage with 6 spears from Rend is [60 (base damage) + 60% AD]*[6*50%] which means 180+ 180% AD. > > Lets say they both have 300 AD. > > Twitch's Base AD at lvl 18 is 100.04 (lets call it 100), which means he has 200 bAD. Twitch won't normally build any AP (unless someone listens to that loading screen tip), so we can ignore it. > Total damage in these settings will be 290+300=590 (806 including passive). > > Kalista's total damage will be 180+540=720. > --------------- > Now, you may think this means Twitch's Contaminate **>** Kalista's Rend. And this is true for 1 to 6 stacks. But Twitch's Deadly Venom **caps** at 6, and Kalista's Spears do not. At 7 Spears Kalista will outdamage Twitch, even with his passive. Also, don't forget that Rend refunds its mana cost, resets on kill and slows. > --- > > In conclusion, **Twitch's Contaminate is stronger than Kalista's Rend in terms of damage in 1 to 6 stacks**, but is overall **weaker because of its cap**. However, **Kalista's added utility** in the form of Mana Refund on kill, Cooldown reset on kill, and Movement Speed Slow makes **her Rend's value a lot higher**. > > ~~Twitch's Contaminate could use a little buff, but **damage isn't the way to go with it.**~~ > > EDIT: Since a lot of people seem to miss my point here, I am not suggesting we should buff Twitch. I just see a lot of "Kalista's E is just a better Twitch's E" and I wanted to break it down. They are different champions OP :/ why are you so dumb to realise?
: Runes are WAY Too Expensive
I just hit lv30 and I have 6 rune pages done with T3 runes. Runes are definitely not too expensive.
: Wind Wall also blocks Viktor's Death Ray. Apparently wind is stronger than a laser. Because screw the laws of physics. :| *Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation* **<** *current of air*.
If you start the ray behind the wind wall then it won't be stopped. At least, I read that on here awhile ago.
: Um. No. What? The point of the thread is to make a joke about how quickly Rengar can assassinate you when the ! pops up. No where in the tc's post does it say Rengar needs a nerf. The point of the thread went COMPLETELY over your head. Like I said, stop trying to look for a fight. All your other posts in this thread suggests you're trying to start one. Enjoy the humor in threads for once, instead of taking everything so seriously. Wow.
Then why would you it be posted on the Gameplay and Balance board? The topic post implies Rengar should be nerfed. That guy isnt the only one that sees it that way lmao
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: Petition to keep the Bilgewater ARAM map in circulation
Just make it a 50/50 random thing. Honestly, I preferred Gangplank's VO more than the actual map itself. He's got so much more character than the standard announcer.


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