: Hey Otaku Neeko, Can you please provide the Rioter's reply from Twitter as a reply below?
He responds with "Nothing Planned" when asked about the capsules https://twitter.com/KenAdamsNSA/status/1083507179921887232 'click his face and you'll see the tweet lol'
: The players who didn't abuse the 1 BE capsule bug should be given a few capsules
This is also the extent of the capsule bug ..pretty sure this guy got at least $300 worth of stuff https://twitter.com/kyachmkae/status/1083528907121414145
: should people who abused of the bug on 9.1 release have their account banned?
They did revert the Prestige tokens that were used to buy Prestige Aatrox but my friend got the skin when he re-rolled some skin shards from the capsules bug that they 'have no plans to revert' lmao
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