: Lane Nidalee Is Not Forgotten, Riot Needs To Do Something
Spears used to be invisible from FOG in seasons 1-4 when Nidalee was a problem. That is no longer the case and they are harder to land because they are more narrow and cast time is doubled. How about adding damage back to it and taking from Cougar?
: @riot Is nidalee really never going to get any changes?
The invisible spear glitch is no longer (existed seasons 1-4) and the spear is easier to dodge now. It would make sense to add some damage back to it and take away from Cougar.
: The State of Nidalee (super minion after 25 minutes)
As a jungle main, who plays mid secondary, I would kill to have Nidalee more viable in lane again. Laning Nidalee is a lot more fun than Jungle nidalee and it is way more rewarding to throw a spear and land it through minions than it is from the fog. We don't even have the invisible spear glitch anymore that plagued Nidalee Seasons 1-4. They are much harder to land now and deserve the damage back
: Nidalee Players Want Riot To Step Up And Fix The Mess Riot Created.
Riot, a lot of us want Nidalee reverted! The hunt passive is much more problematic than the old spears! Imagine playing a champion for thousands of games and then Riot changes it to be played in another role entirely. I'm not buying a skin until Nidalee is in patch notes.

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