: His R is a bit much tbh... going from pretty much having a doublekill secured to him pressing one button and you almost getting doublekilled shouldn't be a thing....
I mean, it's not like it has a 2.5 second delay or anything. If 2 seconds isn't enough time to finish off having a "pretty much secured killed" sounds like it wasn't actually secured. If you just disengage when he presses R and wait for it to expire, then you can turn it around after. Trying to force a kill while his ult is still up is exactly what he wants, you're playing into his strengths.
: [DEV BLOG] Keystone Masteries in the 2016 Season
Is there a concern that warlord's bloodlust gives a lot of sustain to crit based champions much earlier in the game then usual? Most champions that use crit you could jump on or poke out before they got to that 3rd item life steal, or force them to make a choice to delay an item for that earlier lifesteal. Now it feels like before they finish their first item, as long as they have a crit component, it becomes much harder to push them out of lane and they come to team fights always topped off. Do you guys see this as a potential problem to be visited, because warlord's bloodlust feels so much stronger then the other two, especially on a few select champions (*cough* Yasuo *cough*)
Freezman (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Adalvar,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=IEu6YEVu,comment-id=000900000001,timestamp=2015-10-29T21:16:50.541+0000) > > Well then tell me, is there any new AP item to be added then? There was already an AP item rework this year.
> [{quoted}](name=Freezman,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=IEu6YEVu,comment-id=0009000000010000,timestamp=2015-10-29T21:21:25.893+0000) > > There was already an AP item rework this year. This is true but they didn't really add much of any besides ludens echo, and that only to replace another. Unlike with the juggernaut and add reworks which added a bunch of new items.
Sylian (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Sotere,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=IEu6YEVu,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2015-10-29T20:41:35.514+0000) > Items across the board have lower (and more equal) efficiency. There will also be more gold pumped into the game to compensate. How is this going to affect Twisted Treeline, Dominion, and Howling Abyss?
> [{quoted}](name=Sylian,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=IEu6YEVu,comment-id=000900000000,timestamp=2015-10-29T20:43:36.388+0000) > > How is this going to affect Twisted Treeline, Dominion, and Howling Abyss? This is actually something I'm really curious about too, how these item and gold changes will bleed into other maps and modes.
: The Preseasoning Day 2: Open Forum [VISION / STARTING ITEMS / RIFT HERALD / ETC]
There was something curious that I saw on reddit that I wanted to see what Riot thought about it. Way back in early league, duo bot came about for better early dragon pressure, and lane swaps were more risky because trading turrets and dragon pressure would usually give the enemy team a gold advantage if not played properly. With new dragon, especially with the first dragon buff being fairly weak before people get items, we saw even less emphasis on dragon and a bit more lane swap play because early gold was better then dragons if you could end the game before 5th dragon became a problem. This brings my thoughts to the Rift Herald. With the early game buff being fairly strong at taking towers and snowballing lanes, especially when early towers can be stronger then dragons already, do you forsee a complete permanent lane swap in the meta. Where both teams would in fact rather send their duo top to have better Rift Herald pressure, and see that taking over as the dominant solo queue play style? So instead of removing the top lane island, it simply flips it to the other side of the map. This is compunded by the fact that a duo lane with a tanky support would already have an easier time taking it with their jungler. This could even see a stronger rise in the duo jungle starting bot side or in the enemy top side, the duos fast pushing the top wave, and rotating for a 5 man herald take. What are your thoughts on the best lever you think would be to balance this? Weaken herald buff? Improve first dragon buff? Or would you be okay seeing this switch be the new meta for the game?
: The Preseasoning: Day 1 Open Forum Discussion
1.) Do you think the removal of mana potions will see in an increase of play for early game power resourceless based champions (Riven, Zed, etc.)? Are you going to be more focused on innate mana regen to counter balance that? If so, will that see mages getting too much mana from items like morello or athenes to where they never go low on mana again? Also crystalline flask was left out of the notes, I wonder what will happen to that. If you buff mana regen to compensate the removal of mana pots, but leave crystalline flask untouched will that lead to too much early mana regen for a starting item? Would you compensate by bumping its cost or nerfing it's regen? You mention it in the most that the sustain is folded into refillable potions but that section is left a little vague. 2.) The first thing you mention is adding depth to six marksmen in hopes to get them to feel different. Can you give us some hints on ideas you had for changes with certain champions to emphasize this? Is Quinn going into full dualform or is valor being more removed for a more traditional ADC pattern. Is graves getting more close range with even higher shotgun based burst? How are you differentiating between the long range poke of Corki and Kog'maw? 3.) I know you guys have talked about crit and potential crit changes in the past. I felt like we got a taste of this with Ashe who has a very normalized DPS for her crit pattern. Will we see larger changes to crit similar to that, or will ADC's keep praying for RNGesus to win them trades. For that matter, it feels like every ADC rushes either IE, BotRK, or Trinity, most of them being IE. Will we see a larger expansion on items that could be rushed based on matchup such as with the juggernaut update, or are you just going to be focused on reworking and touching up existing items to make them more viable like with the mage update? 4.) Do you think the vision changes will make the blue trinket, one that already only had situational uses at best, even harder to justify since players will no longer have the option of buying basic wards to compensate if they wanted to? Sacrificing 3 wards on the map past level 9 for a short burst long range check every two minutes is a fairly steep cost. 5.) I love the idea of the rift herald. Don't have a whole lot more to add then that, just wanted to say I think it's brilliant. My only concern is since the meta is very top centric where top can take over and win games on it's own, do you think this will make them even stronger and put more emphasis on getting them ahead? Or weaker from pulling more jungle and mid lane attention? Tied into this, any ideas for summoner spell changes, specifically TP? I know there was a bug on the PBE where people were being shown to have three summoner spells, but is that an actual idea or just a bug. Also, would you remove TP as a summoner spell and move it to something else like a boot upgrade like we had for Black Market Brawlers? 6.) Speaking of Black Market Brawlers, any chance we see more of those items make it back into the game besides Dead Man's Plate. I assumed that game mode was to test some new item ideas, but was Dead Man's Plate the only one that passed the bar for being a good item? I loved a few of the other ones, specifically Martyr's Gambit and Mirage Blade. What did you guys feel about them?
: So Ao Shins kit isnt balanced/developed....yet they release Ekko, an AP assassin with a slow, a stun, a large ass shield, and an OP passive that does massive amount of damage and its a slow/movement speed buff? AS WELL as a 1.3 ap scaling nuke heal for Ekko? alright then, riot. show us Ao Shins kit.
You have an incredibly narrow view of what balance means. Consider the fact that Ao Shin wasn't just a dragon, but an East Asian style of dragon, one that is very thin but long. Imagine what hit box would be like? His face and front would be super skinny and nearly impossible to hit moving at you, but come from the side and you could never miss. And don't bring up velkoz, velkoz has a very large central collider and the tentacles don't count, so it works. Ao Shin's design being imbalanced wasn't in reference to "dang, guess those skills are a little strong" and more "this character doesn't work with the basic combat mechanics of our game"
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