Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: You do realize that your csing is horrible, and if you did cs better, you could have probably won most of these games, right?
Yeah, let me just CS better and that suddenly will make my top, mid, and jungle not 3/15. I'm already full build or damn well near it in most of these games and if I'm not grouping after a certain point, it means the kami kaze idiots are going to shove up and die. I've watched it over and over and over again. Nitpicking my CS when literally it's on par with or higher than a lot of the people on the enemy team is stupid. I'm not losing games due to CS differences. I'm losing them due to disorganized teams and the fact after midgame, no one will listen or use half a brain. I can't say how many times I've specifically stated I'm going to clear a side lane and that's the instant my mid laner who has been sucking on glue since kindergarten thinks is a good time to dive the enemy team.
: Why do people hate building armor/mr when the team have enough damage
Because players are selfish. There was several games I could have won and carried just fine except my teammates, who are playing things like Poppy, decide to build full damage instead of tanky and peeling. :/
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Are people even trying to win ranked games anymore?
I peaked Silver 2 last season... I've been stuck in Bronze 2. :/ I get that they added Iron and that might cause a shift but com'on. I was almost Gold if I could have pushed myself to play ADC a little more(even if the role was dog shit). You're telling me I have to slog through Bronze again? And these games are depressing and frustrating. I admit the ones I played last night aren't stellar but I played some over the weekend where I honestly don't know what I could have done better. At this point, I'm just tilted and disheartened and severely frustrated. I didn't *want* to be back in Bronze again. I fought so hard the last two seasons to *not* be bronze because climbing out of it in Season 7 was a nightmare; it placed me B5 in season 7 after going 8/2 in my placements. Bronze *5*. Like look at these games I've lost: 15/5 16/9 16/9 9/7 15/9 Like holy shit, the only common occurrence between all of these games are that my mid, top, and Jungle open up a free soup kitchen. People keep talking about its better bot lane wins. That must mean that I'm dog shit at botlane then.
: Thanks a lot for this, I didn't realize about using W and Ult that way. PtA seems really good but i'll try a few with Fleet!
Fleet is good if you're learning. It helps through laning phase and it is less punishing for if you get bullied or have a weaker support. I have over a million mastery points and still take it. :)
: Wasn't adc items rework aimed at decreasing their burst against squishies?
That tristana is horrendously over fed at this point. This is how she is. She plays like an Assassin early game which is why her midgame teamfights suffer. She used her entire kit, including her jump, to land on you and fully stack an E bomb. That was a full rotation of all of her abilities, one of which you could have easily interrupted with your knock back. Seriously, you pushed way up without your team as a squishy mage and got punished by another player who is fed and is play a champion known for burst early to mid. You had no armor and she was probably sitting on the gold to finish her Shiv. Why are you that far up as an immobile mage? Even if the tristana didnt solo you, she had two other teammates there. If she didnt kill you for playing that aggressively when you have no teammates, I would honestly be more upset. Seriously, was your knock back on CD? You landed a q on her. All you needed was to knock her back and she would be stunned. .-. Oh no, you died because you played poorly. Must mean ADCs are broken.
0Hawke (NA)
: So buffing IE was a great idea?
No. No one really asked for it to be buffed. People asked for them to put real effort into a crit rework. They just reverted everything though.
: I really need help playing/learning Tristana
Take Fleet Footwork and Doran's shield; your early levels are rough because your range is one of the shortest for ADCs at that point. Try to only last hit as your E will push the wave automatically for you. I like to toss E on a low minion and AA it once to kill it when there's an enemy next to it because it actually has a lot of damage. You generally want to only go in when your support engages; be aware of the minions because jumping into a huge wave will fuck you up and you won't be able to get back out without fully charging your E on an enemy champion *or* if they die. The best combo is to E someone, land on them with W(it slows and stacks your E one time), and then orb walk with them with AA's to finish charging the E. When you hit six, you can use your ult to finish the combo as it will *also* give you a single stack of E and it does decent base damage. Your match ups are only really as good as your support is. If your support is bad, you're going to struggle as your low range and inability to reliably trade early(E is a long CD, takes a lot of mana and has the counter play of, oh they walked out of my AA range; at one stack it doesn't do very much at all) means that you can be bullied out. However, if you're support is good and sets things up well for you via poking and trading or via CC(honestly Tristana likes having high CC supports like Thresh or Blitz is even better as he pulls people to him), you're really good at all in's. Honestly, relaxing and farming through early is *not* the end of the world. If you go just even or even a little ahead with farm, you can scale reliably. That said, your midgame *is* bad because you don't have any abilities for poking and your AA's don't hurt yet. If you go into midgame behind then you're really screwed. Think of Tristana as like an assassin; you want to win early because your mid is bad. If you fall behind early, you're just gonna be chasing around trying to catch up. In fact, Tristana plays *very* similar to an assassin early game and late game she's more traditionally ADC. Midgame, she's just garbage though. If you feel confident though and think your lane will be easy(very few will be but if you get good, sure) you could take PTA instead; she stacks it fast with her Q and it does *really* well with her E because 3 AA's nearly fully stacks the bomb so on the fourth it gets a ton of extra damage. But only if you're confident.
: Is there a botlane matchup you actually look forward to?
Caitlyn. I love facing her because all the ones at my Elo are super aggro and run into minions like idiots, lol. Ezreal would be up there as well but his lanes are so boring. :/ Even a bad Ezreal will know to use his E defensively and that just leaves me in a trough as a Tristana OTP; her midgame is a lot worse than Ezreal's unless she gets ahead early in lane.
: Abbysal Scpeter
Same. It was one of very few AP Bruiser items. Diana could rush it into an AP match up that she was struggling with if she wanted. Now Banshee's Veil isn't quite the same.
JTFalcon (NA)
: Maw and PD interaction
The shields don't stack as they come from the same passive. You really don't want to build Maw over PD as an ADC as you're losing crit and AS that way. The only exception I could see making for this is if you were against a *heavy* magic damage team and you weren't really playing a crit AD anyway; someone like Lucian or Ezreal or even Kai'sa would be fine with Maw over the PD
: Honestly if you're trying to balance support/adc then they need to be more codependent
We were really close to that and people were pissed and it got nerfed. That was called the Ardent Meta. They should work to make supports and ADCs more independent from each other instead. I wish that they'd allow supports to go mid lane occasionally.
: So seeing as you want to gut supports
Honestly, I dont know why, if they wanted to nerf junglers, they didn't just do so by buffing early game vision. Specifically by returning sightstone to supports. The have turned vision itself into more of a snowball mechanic by making the support vision the way it is. Now you either have to win lane hard in order to have vision. This also gives junglers way more ganking freedom. #buffvison
: Ashe support and why people hate it
Idc if you play this kind of thing in norms. But if I'm in ranked, I'm going to be tilted at the outset of the game by my support locking in something like Ashe. You're immobile, you dont have good CC or peel, the first thing that's going to happen is they'll burn your flash and because you have no CC or means to divert a gank beyond a slow, we will be camped all game which will tilt me more. Playing bot lane is about trying not to tilt your fellow laner if you can help it sometimes. So even if you arent good at support or ADC, pick a traditional, easy one in ranked and do your best.
LoagI (EUNE)
: Who is the best supp in the game
Thresh. People keep mentioning Lulu but the only good thing left on her is her poly. Her Q has been neutered as an offensive tool so she's not the bully she used to be and her shield was gutted like all of the other enchanters so she's only passe at being a defensive choice. The only thing you lose with thresh is sustain. He has plenty of offensive and defensive abilities. If you learn no other support, learn Thresh. Or Alistar. Both are not nearly as hard as people make them out to be
: PSA Ardent Meta Is Back
They buffed ADCs, not enchanters. Ardent meta was about enchanter supports, not ADCs and anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot.
: > [{quoted}](name=Emotional Dad,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fWG7Ls6f,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2019-02-11T09:23:14.879+0000) > > Lol you’re on crack if you don’t think fair Vayne and trist are mobile, shit the latter 2 also have point and click self peel Vayne is yes but trist is very immobile compared to both lucain and vayne.
As a Trist main, I can confirm that compared to Vayne or Lucian or Ezreal, Trist is very immobile. They get pretty low CD dashes(vayne maxes hers first or second and it gets CDR from her ult so the CD is almost nonexistent and both Lucian and Ez max theirs second and get to build CDR) compared to Tristana who is on a 22 second, maxes it last, and gets no CDR. She gets resets but that's only if she or her team are ahead and killing the enemy team. :/
: Why is Anivia so weak?
Anivia is always good. You dont even have to be good at her for her to be useful and problematic. Whatever lane she sets up in late game basically insures that the enemy team will *not* be pushing that lane which is stupid and annoying. She can be 0/5 and she just has to push R to clear and stop any kind of push. And you cant dive her; she has egg so you have to essentially kill her twice just to get her away from the tower so you can siege. It's the least interactive experience come mid to lane game and it always makes me want to scream.
GodAwfuI (NA)
: Quitting until positional ranked is gone
I mean... the LP thing is likely more to the addition of two more ranks than anything else. I'm having a harder time climbing out of Bronze than I did last year and I peaked silver 2 last season. :/ I would not be surprised of that wasnt because bronze would start to become the new silver
: Context to Sivir PBE changes
That actually explains a lot. I was trying to figure out how Sivir jumped to the top of ADCs pre crit revert while also building crit.
Nhifu (NA)
: Dravens are 2 hitting my bot lane lol
He was doing that before they changed the crit items back. This is nothing new. And the better botlane has *always* won. Whether it was mages or adcs or bruisers. ._. That's just what happens when 40% of the team is concentrated around the most important objective
: > [{quoted}](name=OtterlyLost,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=axgI1N70,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-11T19:55:45.751+0000) > > Sometimes they represent 60% if that's where the jungler is. Which, he should try to be since theres, iunno, this thing called Dragon there. yeah pretty much. there are just so many resources to be earned by ganking bot, and you can in turn also set 40% of the enemy team behind. and assuming they gain constant priority your own jungler can also invade the enemy teams jungle setting them even further behind.
Exactly. Even when ADC wasnt strong and it was mages, the game was *still* better botlane wins. ._. Idk how that's magically better. Boards bias or some shit
: Anyone been finding success with new Stormrazor?
It worked well for me with Tristana against a team that didnt have a tank; getting it kind of locks you out of getting something else because inevitably you want to get IE. You just do. So getting SR means your core build jumps up to four items, leaving really only one slot for like a defensive item or life steal or a last whisper item.
: i mean its always been that way because they represent 40% of the team. no matter who it is. since like, always.
Sometimes they represent 60% if that's where the jungler is. Which, he should try to be since theres, iunno, this thing called Dragon there.
: Wtf did they to do kai'sa
I mean what do you expect. People whined and whined for her to be nerfed and nerfed and nerfed until she was crutched on old stormrazor like the other ADCs. And then when they suddenly change things, of course she'll be dog shit. She was *never* as bad as people made her out to be; it was just because she was a new ADC and popular. The same thing happened to Tristana and Cait; they were popular and even though their winrates werent stellar, they were nerfed. It's funny because they both always had lower playrates than Ezreal with same or similar winrates but Ezreal was never touched.
Saezio (EUNE)
: I am talking about the muramana midlaners ez end varus and old urgot. They were extremely strong with tons of poke. Your ap varus I have nothing against. And no ez was AD too with trinity muramana. The thing is, if they made late game champs hit their spikes earlier, the early game bullies would need to either be also stronger late or be compensated with even more agency early. Do people even like so fast paced games? At least turrets should not be this useless early :( Maybe I am just too old and want a more relaxed and controlled game to suit my personal flavour and my routine, For all I know there are young people that just started league and are all "Come on this game is great but i wish games were not so long and macro oriented" So, maybe this is all just a matter of preference
No, in season 5, Ez mid was *specifically* AP because he was broken with Runeglaive. And in Season 5, which is the season I am talking about, Armor pen was not a common build on *any* ADCs. Lucian brought that into existence at the end of season 6 which is a whole 'nother kettle of fish from season 5. And in season 5, urgot was barely played and usually if he was played, it was by a dedicated main and in the top lane. .-. Because he was a joke champion.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Well, in that meta in season 5, mages were trash. Did you advocate for them losing their main role to urgot ez varus because the meta was a sieging meta? Also, during the whole 2 mages bot era (more like patch) adc were still the dominant picks bot and there were still 2 marksmen topping bot win-rates. Kai'sa and lucian So, now that the game has become fast paced, isn't it only normal that early game champions will be better than late game champions? I think the meta is the problem and the paper-towers, along with the huge gold amounts we get faster than ever. If laning phase was actually laning phase, and not race for the top of the map for who gets the most kills roaming bot, then marksmen would more reliably hit their late game status. Also another factor is that there are no tanks any more (except sion who for some reason remains a beast but the only viable tank) for dps to be needed in teamfights (when I say teamfights I mean those 4-8 second interractions between the 2 teams)
For one, mages weren't trash in season 5. I remember season 5 and they were the most common thing I faced if and when I went mid. For two, if I went Varus mid, I played him as AP building a Nashor's first and then going into straight AP after. Also how I know mages weren't trash; because I preferred to build AP on an ADC instead of AD. For three, didn't Ezreal *also* build AP when he went midlane? For four, I don't remember Urgot even existing as a thing; he was like big foot. You thought you saw him(and when you did, it was usually top) but you weren't sure after the game because he was that irrelevant. For five, how is an ADC going mid even remotely similar to two mages going bot lane? Mage spells naturally out range ADCs AA's and even as AP Varus, there was a ton of AA involved. So even if a mage faced an ADC mid, it was a fair fight. I AA the enemy Syndra twice for like... a 150 damage maybe? And she'll spawn a ball in my face and stun me for half of my health bar if I'm not playing absolutely perfectly. Clearly very similar to an ADC and Support trying to desperately survive against two mages with unlimited mana and CDR. For six, sure, it makes sense for a fast meta to favor early game champions. So maybe you can explain to me why the entirety of season 8 top lane was filled with champions like Jax, Fiora, and Aatrox, who all scale well. And why mages like Cassio and Karthus are suddenly problematic, both of which are known for being amazing late game. Its okay for ADCs, who are supposed to be "late game" to be garbage in a fast meta but completely reasonable for multiple other hyper carries in other roles and lanes to be completely over tuned and out of sorts. Because that makes sense. Here's the reality. The game is getting faster. Riot is *actively* trying to make the games faster meaning they are *not* going to make them longer. Which means late game is now 25-30 minutes. Not 35-40. It makes sense to me, if the late game has moved from its usual position, that late game champions move from getting their powerspikes at 35 minutes to getting them at 25 to 30. Otherwise, they need to start taking a sledgehammer to all of the other "late game" champions that are currently running over this game so that our early game overlords can be in charge. So this whole idea of "late game" needs to make a huge shift in people's minds. Because late game isn't in the same spot as it used to be. Its now where midgame is.
Saezio (EUNE)
: But, I bet you are not cool with playing vs 2 mages bot lane?
No, I'm not, because playing against one mage is one thing; there's only one set of skillshots to dodge and keep track off and, in season 5, mages actually had mana costs and didn't get access to a million and one items with CDR. Back then, Zhonya's didn't give both armor and CDR; it just gave armor. Going against two literally means you have to play perfectly your entirely laning phase because if they hit you with one of there stray and super low CD skillshots, they're both just going to pile drive you into next week. Which, if the mages are smart, they're just going to pummel you everytime you have to stop and AA a minion. That's called Trading Stance and its manageable when its only one mage hitting you with one skillshot compared to two mages who can no unless a full rotation on you. :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Laufplanke,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Kj5ni54V,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-10T15:04:52.965+0000) > > You mean one which gets reverted after everyone says its bad? Sure, if you want to. It wasn't even bad, because that rework achieved the goal. Instead of doing burst damage, deal sustained damage. Though the design of Stormrazor was questionable in terms of health (because it basically was preventing that, by giving them free Crit Damage with one item). That rework equalized the power differences between the On-Hit items and the Crit items (sort of, or at least it did more than it is now). Almost every item doesn't feel effective. * {{item:3153}} - Good on it's own (probably the only good On-Hit item), though I miss it's previous Active. * {{item:3124}} - One of the most unhealthiest items in the game, that is also useless on it's own. * {{item:3115}} - Wouldn't be bad of an item if it's bonus On-Hit damage wouldn't scale with a stat that no On-Hit champion will most likely buy (AP). * {{item:3085}} - An On-Hit item that was reworked into a Crit item, that almost no Crit Marksman uses to this day (apart from a very small pool of champions; Ashe, Jinx, Twitch). So On-Hit champions use it to make their On-Hit damage more efficient in teamfights, but they have to deal with the useless +30% Crit Chance that will be of no use if they don't build any raw AD (unless you wait out late game long enough for Gathering Storm to help with that). * {{item:3091}} - An On-Hit item that is only a good choice when faced against a heavy Magic Damage teamcomp, and it's flat MR Shred will almost feel meaningless compared to something like Black Cleaver.
To be fair, with Runaan's, Cait used to use it actually. :/ And then they gutted her for having a high playrate but a 50% winrate. Tristana also used it before they over buffed Zeal; it gave the most AS which she needed as her base AS growth is terrible due to her Q. I think its situational on Xayah, or at least for a bit it used to be. Varus also likes Runaan's when he builds crit; I used to take it because even if you're not On Hit, your on hit W still does decent damage when popped. There are crit ADCs who build it; its just that the damage on Shiv is overtuned and its choking build diversity a lot.
: It’s not just Marksman. Mages who end up going top or support end up getting shafted because they’re simply too good same way Lucian, Corki, Quinn all got shafted in solo lanes.
Varus and Ezreal too; they aren't allowed to go midlane anymore. I used to play Varus mid quite a lot in season 5 but he hasn't been good there for a long long time.
: Diversity is ruining this game more than it’s helping
I mean, you're not wrong. That's why it always confused me when people demanded "diversity" for bot lane. Okay? Do you play bot lane? No? What does it matter then??? And if bot lane *has* to be diverse, why doesn't top or mid? Why does top or mid get to *only* allow bruisers and tanks or assassins and mages? How is it fair that ADCs, who can only go to one lane, are expected to be "diverse" and not complain when anytime some other champion is "diverse" and goes somewhere else, the people who actually play that lane complain. I'm looking at top lane specifically and anytime anything that isn't melee is meta. Viktor, Cassio, Vayne, anytime there's anything like this its not called "diverse" but "oppressive." So in what twisted, malformed logical head space were these top laners in when they started bitching about "diversity" for bot? They have a lane. Its their lane. Why the hell does it matter if they don't have a second or a third? God knows that traditional marksmen have gone season upon season only having one lane and being gutted and shoved out of any others because "oppressiveness." I'm fine with diversity but *only* if it means *every* lane is required to have a semblance of it. That means, no, you don't get to pick and choose what champions are allowed in your special sunshine club, top laners and mid laners. You want your champions in bot lane so bad, you're gonna have to deal with marksmen going to your lanes instead.
: The term "late game monster" it's just an excuse for certain champions
Honestly, Vayne is problematic and its purely because her kit is pretty toxic. She's a late game champion but her level 6 bot lane is probably one of, if not the strongest in the game. Like, I have a really hard time thinking of any ADCs that get as big a boon from their level 6 as Vayne does. *Maybe* Tristana because that's the point at which she can start assassinating her laner solo but even then, Vayne's does grossly out shine her's because Vayne, if she's even moderately good, completely destroys even Tristana at level 6. And this is while scaling better than Tristana does; stealth, massive AD steroids, low CD mobility, true % health damage, decent team fight, amazing 1v1, relatively low CD knock back and situational stun. A really good Vayne undeniably out scales every ADC in the game. So why does she *also* get an amazing mid game power spike with her ultimate? It honestly largely comes down to her tumble gives her way too much damage(the steroid on it is absurd and provides her with way too much burst for an ADC that's intended for tank shredding; Tristana gets a lot of flack for being bursty but that's the point of her and she trades it off by not being the best until really late at dealing with tanks. Not Vayne though. Vayne gets to do both) and the fact that when they reworked stealth, they removed a *huge* part of the counterplay to Vayne for other ADCs. Before, when Vayne hit level 6, you could reasonably have you or your support toss down a control ward and at the *very* least, you could retaliate her damage. Now you're just forced to flail helplessly around hoping for a chance to return an AA *or* you have to burn a lot to try and get away from her and wait out the ult. Which is hard because her tumble CD is stupid low and her passive gives her bonus movespeed toward enemy champions, which by the way, doesn't make sense to me. :/ Other short range ADCs specifically have the problem of chasing as one of their weaknesses; I'm looking at an un ulting Twitch, at Xayah, at Sivir. At least two of those, if they want to chase, have to actually *hit* their opponent for their MS. Not Vayne, she just passively gets it for free. She really needs to be reworked into something that's less overloaded and toxic for the game. Something needs to be taken away; the low CD tumble, the AD steroid it gives, the stealth duration, the control ward immunity her stealth *has*, the true damage... Riot needs to take a step back and look at Vayne and decide wtf is she supposed to be? If its a tank and bruiser shredder, take away her ad steroids, put more power into her true damage and give her a slightly longer range(though maybe not since she already has *more* range than several other marksmen; level 1 Tristana, minigun Jinx, Kai'sa, Kalista, Xayah, Sivir, Lucian, just to name a few) so that her teamfight is better. If you *want* her to be a duelist though, the true damage *needs* to go and something needs to be worked out so that she has some form of counter play for everyone else around her. She does not need to be both the best tank shredder *and* the best duelist *and* the best late game ADC. Something needs to give.
: > [{quoted}](name=OtterlyLost,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NMEnV1gy,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2019-02-09T14:16:51.744+0000) > > To be fair, they were trying to wait and see how the crit changes hit him. He was running over crit Marksmen in lane while scaling faster and with cheaper items. Now that crit marksmen have better items, they want to see if Lucian himself is worse or better. He is running over everything. He shits on in hit marksmen too.
Yeah. :/ When Lucian is good, no one else can compare usually. I don't like him as a champion.
: Because it encourages you to try and keep playing the same role all through ranked and it cannot guarantee that you will even get it either.
I feel like it does the exact opposite. Now I feel like if I wanted to, I could focus on getting higher for my ADC rank or I could have a primary rank and role and then start learning a second or a third. It takes tons of pressure off of not queuing up for exactly your best role every game. I feel like I could actually, feasibly learn top or jungle and not feel bad about getting tossed into Iron because my ADC role, the one I care about most, is silver or gold. I have a ton of mid lane and top lane champions that I know how to play and I enjoy playing in norms but don't have the confidence to play in ranked. Now I can have a competitive mindset in ranked with these champions and not feel awful if I don't do absolutely perfect because it won't affect my rank as a whole.
: Positional ranking is r%%%%%ed. It sucks for anyone who doesn't one trick or who likes to play multiple roles. For fucks sake it punishes you for lane swapping. It also strictly enforces a role meta. I have several champs I like to play in various roles. It didn't even fix any problems with ranked, like the fact that promos still exist, and it made matchmaking complete garbage.
Okay, and you can't suddenly play your multiple champs in various roles? lol, if you like to play Ashe Support, queuing up for Support does still allow you to play Ashe. And I feel like it made matchmaking better. I've had rough supports but they at least are generally people who, based on their match histories, actually want to be playing support. It takes a shitton of guessing out of it. As for lane swapping, it doesn't do that at all. It registers what lane you're playing in the game and awards you LP based on that. Its not perfect but it does do that. And nothing can fix all of the problems with ranked; this however, does fix one major one as getting autofilled now means that I won't be screwed over completely with my rank. It gets put toward a different rank entirely that I don't have to feel half as bad about. How does it enforce a role meta anyway? This is how the game is intended to be played. .-. People who believe that Riot should enforce the kind of things like Roles are the kind of people who suck to play board games; as soon as a rule comes up that they don't like, they immediately do everything in their power to make the game unfun for everyone else via whining and/or openly and obstinately refusing to acknowledge that yes, this is a rule of the game and I have to follow it.
Moody P (NA)
: arent you supposed to have autofill protection in promo? did that change?
I didn't have autofill protection and it autofilled me support when I q'd AD/Mid. But since there's positional ranking, it just dropped me into my support placements instead of carrying me through my ADC promos. Was really nice since the Ezreal I was with didn't know how to put out damage and the team comp was honestly trash. We had no wave clear against a team with some serious split pushers. I'm honestly surprised we won at all considering that.
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: Why is lucian immune to nerfs ?
To be fair, they were trying to wait and see how the crit changes hit him. He was running over crit Marksmen in lane while scaling faster and with cheaper items. Now that crit marksmen have better items, they want to see if Lucian himself is worse or better.
: ADC's and split-pushing
If there's nothing you can do, I would split push, honestly. I wouldn't have gone to the dragon after my jungler got caught out and died though I suppose it depends on the kind of dragon? I'm not going for a water or air dragon; there's no point since both of these are pretty negligible. Especially the water dragon; its value drops pretty drastically after laning.
Hiskaya (EUNE)
: Nerfing Diana?
I'm not sure where you even see Diana nerfs. No one has said they're nerfing Diana. .-.
: New conqueror is fine, but it needs to be AD only
Nah, I'm fine with it being adaptive. It gives melee AP bruiser a keystone too. I'm hyped to see how it performs on Diana now that she has a reason she can go up through precision for
: LS Rants About How Midlane is now the Worst Lane and will become slaves to serve ADCs
Brutal nerfs? They haven't touched any midlane champions aside from Irelia, Aatrox, and Akali. Two of these everyone was begging them to get out of mid and the other its universally agreed on needed work. Cassio was nerfed but because she was strong in not one, not two, but *three* lanes. And if they nerf Karthus it's for the the fact that jungle karthus right now is absurd and uninteractive. Hey, you dont know how to jungle? Play karthus and farm all game and just press R to gank every lane at once. All while scaling into a monster. They haven't nerfed or touched any midlaners at all. All they did was fix ADC itemization. Which, by the way, ADCs are still nerfed. Their items are still weaker than before, they still have the nerfs to all of their runes, enchanters are still weak, their base stats are still nerfed.
: New Conqueror Changes
I'm not sure how I feel about it being adaptive though... it does mean that Diana could feasibly take it. They dont get the heal or true damage until 5 stacks which feels fairer. Still trash for ranged champions so people like Urgot and Gnar who are also bruisers are still getting the short end of the stick. But no more stacking it up on minions. Its a much more interactive rune
Paroe (NA)
: New energized changes on the PBE! I love them!
: No support with minimum knowledge that has Relic Shield will not try to get Cannon. It's a major part of their income in all stages of the game, they heavily depend on it. And in most cases you can clearly see they are aware since you need to stay near for a bit before. Your exceptional bad experience can't be compared to the fact than in literally 100% of the games, every support will be denied several cannons throughout the game from careless players that CS without much brain.
You want a montage? I can make it happen. I have had plenty of supports with relic just walk away from the cannon creep. And then it takes them 20 minutes just to stack their support item because they won't take the cannon creeps that *I want them to take*. Believe me, I want the support to secure that cannon creep.
: FYI: Denying the Cannon from your support with Relic Shield is worse than them stealing CS
FYI: Leaving the cannon there for them and pinging it multiple times only to have them take the caster next to it and you miss it all together makes them an asshole. :) Seriously, if you want the fucking cannon, take the fucking cannon. Making me miss one because of your own ineptitude is not going to incline me to let you take later ones.
: Does anything this patch feel "off" to anyone?
.-. Health regen nerfs were literally part of 8.11. Its one of the many base stat nerfs that people overlooked because they were too busy focusing on how "negligible" adcs losing 3 AD early was.
: Does Stormrazor increases the healing and ms of Fleet Footwork?
It says Energized affects and I'm certain that fleet footwork falls into that category.
: ADCs can do damage again!
It was very satisfying to play ADC and it not feel garbage. And I actually like the energizer build. The slow is nice, the MS is nice, and the lower Crit chance on items does leave you able to buy PD as a defensive option. It actually does feel like you have options for your build path, which is nice.
: The only one of those matchups that should give you trouble if fiora tbh.
I could see the Jax. I'm impressed he doesnt have Shen on there. Shen is near impossible since he just negates your entire four AA ability, which makes up a lot of Kleds damage.
: Tristana jump fix
This is her jump working as intended. Thresh vs Tristana or even Blitz vs Tristana is a skill match up. You want to hold your jump for him to burn his CDs; despite the misconception that tristana's jump is uninterruptible, it very much is and its specifically interrupted mid air by displacements such as knock ups and knock backs(and specific stuns or snares like Veigar Gate and Jinx Chompers). Its intended to work like this and I prefer it, as a tristana main, for it to remain as such.
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