: How to watch LPL, LCK, EU LCS, and NA LCS
Kar0ushi (NA)
: It seems people still thinks this All Star will have the same format than the 2015-2016 version and that's why they're saying "Group A already won". Those are 2 groups which will play against the respective teams from their own group, then top 2 teams from every group will advance to semifinals and play against the other top two team from group B, thus, for example, in semifinals LCK and another team will advance and play against LPL and another team from group B. NA is not in the same team than CBLoL and GPL, they have to play against those regions, same for LCK, they have to play against EU, LMS and TCL in their own group stage first. There are no longer allied regions, it's every All Star team playing only for their own region.
So much better than the last year "fire vs ice" bs. Definitely more fun to watch
: Worlds 2017: Tech Issues on Quarterfinals Day 4
No matter what you say, stupid westerners will only see "China production"
: 10 thoughts going into Group Stage
TSM 6-0 one of the biggest joke i've ever heard
: Typo on Team WE Losses.
LMAO Riot tries so hard to make C9 look good
: Wait what? "I am 100% confident a Korean team won’t be the best team participating in the Play-in stage. " There are no korean teams in play-in
Brain is a good thing, sad u don't have it
: The Real List 20. SwordArt 19. Clearlove 18. Mlxg 17. Xiaohu 16. Huni 15. Peanut 14. UZI 13. Core JJ 12. Ruler 11. Crown 10. Ambition 9. Cuvee 8. Gorilla 7. Cuzz 6. Pray 5. BDD 4. Khan 3. Wolf 2. Faker 1. Bang
: RNG and SSG join the final eight
Yo TSM fans, time to wake up~
Vidiot (NA)
: or maybe, I will come back here and LMFAO at your comment when TSM do make it out of groups. =)
Here i am, coming as promise, laughing at your comment right now =D, where the fk r you huh?
: For them to "crash everyone" TSM would need to play like absolute crap. RNG has been very inconsistent, and these Chinese mixed "super teams" seem to have A LOT of problems. If they play well they can beat Samsung, but they're not going to beat TSM.
As a rational audience i would only agree that TSM=RNG=SS and they have equal amount of chance of getting out. I would never rate any team above the other two at this point, not like biased TSM fan
Vidiot (NA)
: And if they actually do place first or just make it out of groups won't you look like a total dunce lulz.
or maybe, i will come back here and LMAO at your comment when TSM get crashed in the group stage =)
: In all honesty, TSM has shown time and time again this split that they have what it takes to adapt on the fly, and they show promise this year. This group may be hard for them, but they have shown the capabilities to overcome obstacles and they continue to grow as a team each and every week. I followed along with their 'Legends' series, and they show the capability to work together and constantly improve. This TSM roster may not have the same international experience under their belt as other teams, but they still stand to have a really good chance to make it out of groups this year.
NA probably should learn to be humble first before they actually show up anything in World.
: TSM has this in the bag. All they need to do is just keep playing as they have in the spring split. That's it. Unless RNG plays completely out of their minds and TSM fumbles. TSM is going to come out 1st in the group. The question really is will RNG play like they did at the end of LPL or will they rise? If they rise they will be second if not third (to Samsung Galaxy). Sorry Splyce, but learn from this experience and try again next year.
lol "if they rise they will be second". excuse me but if RNG rise they will just crash everyone in the group.
: Kobe's Guide to Group D
lol TSM not gonna make out of the group
: Group Draw Show Results
I watch games from all the regions so this is what i thought: Group A: Rox>>>>G2>>ClG>CIS. Rox is the clear favorite. Even though G2 is the first seed in EU, i woundnt count CLG out due to their MSI performance. Group B: Skt=FW=IMAY=C9. Not like a lot of ppl's thought, i do not think that this group has a clear fav: SKT should be consider the "4th" seed if we purely look at the summer split, they are not unbeatable in the group stage since FW 2-0 them in MSI Group stage. IMAY is definitely a dark horse, if u watch lpl you will know that IMAY took RNG to 5 games and beat WE in the qualifier who took EDG to game 5 in semis. C9 has incredible top laner Impact who i thought is the best top in this group. i wouldn't be suprised to see any two of the teams getting out. Group C: EDG>>>>AHQ>>H2K>INTZ. Most undisputable group. EDG is way two powerful than the rest, I rank AHQ higher than H2K because LMS is just a better region than EU right now IMO. Group D: TSM=RNG=SSW>>>Splyce: (don't debate me if you r just a brainless TSM fanboy who rate TSM above all), i admit that TSM is very strong, stronger than ever, and they will be able to challenge power houses from Korea and China. RNG suffers the 0-3 loss againt EDG, but plz realize that this only proves that EDG is strong, not RNG is weak. They are still the true second seed in China formed by 5 god-tier players. SSW is also very strong and i won't ever rate them lower than SKT right now because their mid crown is just too good. I feel sorry for splyce but they wont get any chance getting out.
: Legit q, why is China#3 in pool 2 above NA#3 in pool 3 when NA ranked higher at MSI?
i cant believe that some ppl is still blind enough to use MSI result to say that NA>CN, obviously if SKT didnt do that bad in the group stage we would have a SKT vs RNG Final.
: Big Plays from the MSI 2016 Group Stage
Only Jatt knows what a really high quality match is. The last game of RNG vs SKT was definitely insane and outclassed all the previous games.
: How Turkey’s SuperMassive won our hearts
: > [{quoted}](name=OutlawHunter,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=P1VTtNtE,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-05-07T19:36:56.963+0000) > > LMAO RNG throws hard,. TBH this win from clg still looks ugly though, they got stomped like shit in the early-mid game. http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/TRLT3/60329?gameHash=ded0b72947b56b70&tab=overview It feels like we lost that game. 1. Look at the gold lead. 2. Look at the objectives. 3. Look at the areas of the map where there are blue dots and red dots. RNG was in such control of that game. For all we know, RNG is probably underestimating NA and trying to ensure we're the ones who'll end up facing them first during the playoffs at MSI.
yah, not to mention that zed pick from RNG was completely disrespectful since Zed is completely useless against kindred late game and everyone now knows that you must have some sort of late game scale in your teamcomp because it is much easier for teams to delay the game into late game in this meta.
: Counter Logic Gaming slays China's dragons
LMAO RNG throws hard,. TBH this win from clg still looks ugly though, they got stomped like shit in the early-mid game.
: MSI 2016 Power Rankings
It seems to me that the second place is the most controversial one. And i see lots of EU over LPL hype based on IEM, just need to remind you that: 1. Asian teams don't prepare for IEM: it's just a small tournament for teams to test the water( remember last year WE 3-0 GE Tiger and lost to TSM, so NA at that time is stronger than LCK? same logic here) 2. the jetlag gave EU some edge on IEM, MSI wont I'm not saying that LPL is stronger than EU right now, I thank LPL, EU, LMS has exactly the same rank for now and due to hometown adventage i will give LPL a slightly more edge over EU and LMS.
: SoaZ borrows xPeke’s backdoor crown in LGD upset
TBH, TBQ has been feverish since coming to Europe and he is still sick on the stage which explains why he performed so poorly, the ban-pick phase for LGD was also extremely conserved that they didn't even put carry champion on GODV(dianna, yasuo, kassadin was all up)and ACORN. I feel like its not necessary for them to be conservative at all unless you have some secret weapon like EVE for Clearlove at MSI. They should just respect Origen and leash their full strength, and hopefully we will see that in the later games.
: EDG victory sets up undefeated showdown with SKT
: But let's be real here TSM will make it out of groups :)
lets be real tsm is locked in 4th place in group-D =)
: these people are biased as hell, hey put fnc, origen, and clg above tsm, LMFAO GGWP riot, just because u cheat to try and give tsm less chance to win, dont mean they wont show up and make u lose ur money %%%s. u deserve to lose everything in life.
tsm is trash, that is a fact
: Worlds 2015 Power Rankings
This is by far the most reasonable and logistic power ranking that riot has ever made. Its good to be recognizing where you truly are b4 making any progress.
: Breaking down Worlds 2015 Group D
Definition of bias: Rito Writer
: I think it's just life in general, may his soul rest in peace{{summoner:13}}
I will be peacefully watching EU teams get crashed on WORLD =)
Cheryl Cole (EUNE)
: Dude did your GF broke up with you today? Or i dont understand the point of your statements. Or are you just a dick by a nature?
i just feel bad how pathetically blinded your EU fans are
: EDG LGD SKT GOO Tiger all can
imaneb99 (EUW)
: FNATIC's the best ever
: Team fight titans face off in the 2015 NA LCS Semifinals
: That was a few months ago. They weren't the undefeated EU team then.
what u said just proves that the entire EU region didnt improve much at all
Haarlem (EUW)
: I am quite confident, FNC will make it to semifinals along with aforementiones teams (or maybe CJE for AHQ)
your confidence will be shattered by the reality
: SKT T1 vs FNATIC World Finals.
What a joke, rmb they got crushed like bronze V by EDG
: Who can finally defeat Fnatic, and how?
Basically, every TOP 6 LPL and LCK teams can easily do that
: Not worldclass...Impact isn't anywhere near worldclass sadly. I will say probably Piglet...and fuck......do I ahve to say Doubelift? Double is extremely strong and definitely the MVP of NA in my books.
im suprised that there are still ppl doesnt no Doubleleft is trash
: Impact makes his mark on the LCS
TBH currently only Impact and rush are world class in the NA LCS
: Bangkok Titans are crowned kings of SEA
: fnatic will rek you all
U mean rek all NA teams and get reked by LPL and LCK teams?
: "The man with two axes is god!"
QQsha (NA)
: So is World Elite. :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
yes they are now, last place in LPL, but still stronger than CLG
Ixnay (EUNE)
: WE after IEM got into chinas playoffs and took EDG to 5 games and Koo tigers started losing left and right after IEM.
and they are still last place in the LPL
QQsha (NA)
: CLG has been lane swapping since Season 1, hence the name Counter Logic Gaming.
: Flipping The Script: The history of lane-swaps
World Elite basically invented lane-swap during season 2
2CooL42 (NA)
i no its cheesy but FreeSM sucks
Cheryl Cole (EUNE)
: LMAO you can't even make your troll post funny.
LMAO Im not even trolling, wut i said was just a fact
: Power Rankings - 7/28/2015
o0Uu (EUW)
: yes, fnatic will beat edg;)
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