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RaQqa (EUNE)
: Don't u think Draven is too strong right now ?
Funny thing is Draven greatly fits the ADC’s description. (High damage, low utility, weak mobility.) But the other ADC’s are filled with cc, dashes, invis, jumps.
: Play only the role you want to play. If you get filled, fuck it, dodge. I went from getting +17 LP a win to +19 to +22 per win because I refuse to play filled roles. And when I lose, I only lose -13 to -18 LP a loss. Why? Because I play only and ONLY my most successful role.
Unfortunately my role is support, which 80% of my success depends on how well my team did. Just now I got a yasuo who went 0/7/1, great match making league.
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Zeanix (OCE)
: Auto Chess is now coming to league
For those unfamiliar to Auto Chess let me explain. Basics: - There's 8 players, each player has their own chessboard (Battlefield). - Everyone starts with 1 gold and 1 gold heroes will be available for hire. - You can reroll if you don't like the heroes given to you. - You gain extra gold as every round goes, round 5 is the max for gold gained. (5 gold every round.) You also gain gold on win streaks and lose streaks. (Lose Streak meta lmao.) - The first 3 rounds are Ai grunts. They might even drop a item for you to give to your heroes. - After that round 5,10,15,20, etc are tougher enemy grunts. - In between your duelling a random player's team. - You can level up which allows you to add more heroes on the field and have higher chances for stronger heroes. - Heroes gain "mana" when they deal damage or receive damage. - You lose health based on how many of the enemy remains. (For example, four 1 star enemies survived the end, take 4 damage for losing.) - You can combine 3 of the same hero to make a stronger version of it. Combine three 2 star heroes to make a 3 star hero. - In Dota 2 Autochess: Classes: Assassins, Hunters, Warlocks, Druids, Knight, Warrior, Priest, Mech, Shaman, Demon Hunter and Mage. Races: Beasts, Humans, Elves, Demons, Orc, Ogre, Dragon, Dwarf, Elemental, Satyr, Troll, Undead, Naga, God, Goblins. Advanced: - Each hero has a class trait, a race trait and a unique ability. - To activate unique trait you need to have the things you require. Multiples of 1 hero won't count as 2 uniques. They must not be duplicates. - For example, "If there's 2 unique goblins on the field, gain 5hp per second for 1 random ally hero." "Having 6 unique assassins gives 50% dodge chance for all assassins." - Positioning is key. You might place them in spots where it could give a advantage in a fight. Do it poorly and you might lose that 4 coin hunter at the start of the fight. (My biggest mistake in Autochess was losing my most important support character in the fight because the assassin got to her easily.) - Economy is super important, waste too much cash you will starve late game. - There's also a demand for a hero. This is the tricky part, imagine everybody wants to buy... Leona for example, only 15 Leonas exist in the deck. If everyone wants a Leona, it would be impossible to get Leona 3 stars. Someone would have to give up Leona by selling her or wait for someone who has Leona die. - There's RNG, but like poker it can be manipulated and predicted. (Pro AutoChess players keep track of which hero is the most bought and least bought.)
: nerf pyke
I hate it when you do a lot of damage on Pyke and he comes back with most of his health back ugh.
: I really like how melee champions all have 175 or less base range and noone has 200
It would make sense for Xin to have a slightly higher range. His spear is deceivingly shorter than it looks.
: Rune is extremely op, mainly on champs that needs to hit crucial skillshot(Ahri, Veig, Vel, Neeko, Morg, koreans are taking it on Cho, Ori). Never tried it on support, I prefer Eary on enchanters. I personally hate that rune, it's basicaly making -> ~~skill~~shots
That's kinda why I like this rune, makes skillshots freeshots.
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: LP Gain off of Individual Grade not Win/Loss
I strongly agree on this, the lp gain and loss should be based on your performance ingame instead of being a flat amount on win/lose.
: Preferably like he was before his rework, he'd self cast a bomb and it would instantly show up on him(think of lulu self cast shield). I wouldn't mind if he just throws it on himself though, just as long the bombs prioritize himself.
Oh this could be a genius mechanic for {{champion:26}} . If he's being chased he can throw the bomb with the self cast while moving and the bomb would land behind him.
: He's pretty obnoxious on support too. Can you dodge the double bomb combo while 90% slowed? 'Cause I can't. Luckily there are these things called bans...
Who even bans Zilean, other than his spam tactic it's actually very easy to counter. Playing and going against Zilean his weaknesses start to pop up more than his strengths. I honestly see no value in his passive late game and he always needs to combo his e with his q leaving him on cooldown unless he has w ready. Which again he spams his spells and is on cooldown again.
: It's not frustrating at all if you a) mute all and b) only play when you're feeling great and really want to play (and have plenty of time to play. Forcing games into a small window of time will only lead to a stressful situation). Also, capping out at 3 games a day max has worked very well for me. Others might be able to perform their best beyond that, but I personally find I do much better overall if I play no more than 3 games a day. If you get stuck in a loop of playing several games a day, everyday, your frustration at any small thing will eventually build up to unhealthy stress levels and poor performance. It's a game meant for enjoyment. If you treat it that way, you won't be stressed.
But the problem with muting all is I would possibly miss out information that would acquire attention. But yeah I agree with your statements.
RowGo (NA)
: Ooooooooor you didn't climb out of bronze because your bad and believe that walking through four members of the enemy team just to have their back line kite you to death while leaving your back line unable to deal damage is actually a good idea. If you want to get good at this game you have to put all your focus on what you could do better and think of your team mates only as robots. Also you have to look up how to properly play league there are so many videos on how to play this game it's astounding how many people don't understand basic concepts of the game. And if you can't do any of that quit because this game just isn't for you.
Why are you assuming I run right into the enemy, I only engaged when our tank goes in or someone on the team has unleashed their ult. Rarely I will take charge, if it requires it. Recently my matches has gotten better as I filled in Tank or Dps Roles. Playing Dota 2 I learned positioning, utilizing items (thing is Lol items are more passive and less active), abilities and knowing who to attack in a team fight. I don’t even know where you got the assumption that I go rambo for no reason. Like seriously, hostile much?
: Remembering why I left league.
I kind realized something. League of Legends kinda reveals 4 main personalities. 1. Chill - Someone who just enjoys the game, even when losing, because it’s a game to them. 2. Optimistic (Me) - Hopes for the best, tries to keep the best attitude. When s**t really hits the fan the person pretends it’s all good... in till we snap. Either Tilt is slowly building up or even just suddenly exploding in frustration. 3. Try Hard - Tries the hardest they can, hell they would pop a blood vessel to do so. They also tend to be toxic. 4. Giver Upper - Just gives up, throws. They don’t even enjoy League that much, mostly ends up trolling the team. Or just doing dumb stuff. I think what makes people this way is because of a behavioral chain reaction. Team does bad, 3 yells at team, 2 stays silent, 4 is in top lane doing dance emotes, 1 is just face palming. 3 continues, 2 snaps and explodes on 3, enemy top lane joins dance with 4 and 1 just leaves. LP reduced to zero, the tilt happens, chain reaction.
Corvin0716 (EUNE)
: I do not get it why people tend to behave like addicts. You are not forced to play I guess. When you feel frustrated do not start an other game! Playing while frustrated to get even more frustrated is just stupid. Games are for fun. If you feel the temptation to play then play, when you feel frustrated then do not play. It is that simple. There is more option than "keep playing no matter what" or "delete the game".
> [{quoted}](name=Corvin0716,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=5YEEi7iB,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-03-27T09:24:41.159+0000) > > I do not get it why people tend to behave like addicts. You are not forced to play I guess. When you feel frustrated do not start an other game! Playing while frustrated to get even more frustrated is just stupid. Games are for fun. If you feel the temptation to play then play, when you feel frustrated then do not play. It is that simple. There is more option than "keep playing no matter what" or "delete the game". It was peer pressure, all my friends during middleschool were in silver and 1 of them was gold. Me, wanting to catch up. I started at bronze but stayed in bronze because it was either the team was really bad overall or being flamed by randoms. I just got real pissed off, lost some hair and stress probably cut off a few years in my lifetime lol.
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