: A lot of people are going to react negatively because, frankly, Zed and Fizz are awful to play against, even though to be fair most people didn't buy QSS to deal with them anyway. The overall direction makes sense to me, but I still can't help but feel it's the same thing that you guys do a lot - you address things that are theoretically problematic but which no one is really complaining about at the moment, while seeming to ignore the things people actually *are* complaining about. Maybe it's just me, but I feel that the gameplay team's time would be better spent dealing with things like how obnoxious champions like Zed are to play against - things that are heavily sapping players' fun from the game and which are being complained about regularly - rather than focusing on things that, while reasonable, are not really a priority to most players. Since I'm already ranting, I'll ask this question: why is being able to buy an item and negate a large part of Zed's kit considered unacceptable, while Yasuo's kit (infinite dashes, shield, windwall) negates a much larger portion of the kits of a much larger portion of the champion pool (projectile/skillshot champions)? Shouldn't the things that negatively affect far more champions take priority? --- tl;dr: Sounds good in theory, but I question it being prioritised over other things that I perceive to be worse for game health.
I'm glad I'm not the only one that hates yasuo's existence. Zed is counterable; yasuo often feels otherwise... But that is for a different post... Rito notice me senpai *sigh*
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Meddler (NA)
: Preseason Q&A
Do you have any plans to look at yasuo and janna's tornado? I find it difficult to tell what direction they're going compared to a skillshot like an Ezreal q
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oyamurom (NA)
: i'm looking for a serious team since the teams i'm currently in are just made from my friends who don't take ranked 5s serious at all. I can only play top jg and supp. Adc and mid aren't really my strengths. My main top champions are {{champion:98}} , {{champion:150}} , {{champion:10}} , {{champion:117}} , {{champion:3}} My top junglers are {{champion:421}} , {{champion:102}} , {{champion:245}} , {{champion:32}} , {{champion:254}} My top supports are {{champion:412}} , {{champion:16}} , {{champion:25}} , {{champion:40}} , {{champion:111}} , {{champion:89}} {{champion:12}}
> [{quoted}](name=oyamurom,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=XnjVnXsk,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-10-13T04:47:02.976+0000) > > i'm looking for a serious team since the teams i'm currently in are just made from my friends who don't take ranked 5s serious at all. I can only play top jg and supp. Adc and mid aren't really my strengths. > My main top champions are {{champion:98}} , {{champion:150}} , {{champion:10}} , {{champion:117}} , {{champion:3}} > My top junglers are {{champion:421}} , {{champion:102}} , {{champion:245}} , {{champion:32}} , {{champion:254}} > My top supports are {{champion:412}} , {{champion:16}} , {{champion:25}} , {{champion:40}} , {{champion:111}} , {{champion:89}} {{champion:12}} That's pretty much why we're asking :P anyone who is placed as high or better than us in our friend group don't have the mindset that we're looking for
: Because Garen's health regen cuts out entirely in combat. His passive and Warmogs both require being out of combat for at least 8 seconds to work, meaning in fights he isn't regening at all, unlike every other healing or regen character.
And that I understand, but it's when he can't be pushed out of lane or poked at all that I don't agree with him. Sorry if I wasn't clear, I just feel he has way too much damage to be allowed to regen that much after 4 seconds at max rank.
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Too Ton (NA)
: What support is best to carry/win the game?
I would say Thresh is really good, but only for one specific reason (that I can think of). If you compare him to Leona, if she hits her E then she is forced to jump to the opponent. Without a coordinated adc, she will likely take free damage or die. (I'm not a braum player but I imagine he is similar.) With thresh however, if you land your hook, your adc tends to have a much better reaction, and even if they don't you don't have to jump in. Just my thoughts tho :)
: well the only buff she received recently was 150 dash speed on her distortion... so remove that?
The only reason she recieved 150 speed on her dash is because she lost like 600...
: The delay wasn't removed...
^ No idea what they're talking about. All you have to do is pick a champ with a dash or be good at predicting it. Also, there's tons of champs in the game with better sustain than cho
: malphite rengar nerf!
First, you didn't mention what champ you were playing nor the defensive items you built. Rengar can jump on a target after ulting and doesn't have to be in bush, and this range is extended once he gets 6 trophies. And to be fair, the point of assassins is to be able to delete squishies... ie. zed, leblanc, viegar, etc. can all do the same thing.
: New Ranked System
tl;dr, I don't think an S+ is a reason to lose less lp. I see what you're thinking with the loss and S+, and I agree from the standpoint of myself losing... but in general I feel that if someone did so well and still lost then perhaps they weren't being enough of a team player, didn't get other lanes fed, etc.
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: The real problems with Katarina
I have been playing Katarina very frequently since before her rework in season 3. The only real reason that she ever became "op" wasn't changes to Katarina herself... Her worst lane opponent? Talon - until he lost his silence. Between that, Leblanc nerfs and yasuo nerfs all around the same time, she went from average to op. That being said, she is quite strong against uncoordinated teams. Your range nerf is the best one I've seen so far, and if you've been watching the pbe she got a base health nerf last patch. One final thing, after reading comments, mana on kat would be *stupid*, as that's her identity. Also, if a kat is initiating a team fight then they're awful.
: I like the effects and the long hair but by god.. i hate the concept and everything else. Sorry guys, no hate, just.... No. It's not high school, kids, and she isn't a toy to finally "fap at." It just doesn't fit her, and it's just my opinion.. -shrugs- would rather have a scientific themed skin for her. i do agree she needs a new one. All being {{champion:86}}'s sister, it DOES make sense that she has military, armored skins etc. Major down votes from haters inc.
I agree with the scientific skin... Which is why I made a thread about physics student Lux quite recently :) but seriously this just doesn't feel like lux
: Skin Idea Primetime Featuring Nidalee/Azir/Yasuo/Kayle/Katarina/Irelia/Nami/Syndra/Sion/Zed/Kalista
Marcia (NA)
: [Skin Concept] Cheerleader Lux
Imo, I don't think the cheerleader skin fits lux that well. It has nothing to do with light at all, although I agree the last few skins have been meh and she needs a new one.
: This is a great idea! But I still don't know how to work it ingame. I figured out that her E (that is the one with the exploding circle isnt it? or is that her W? I don't play Lux) would be one of the atom/proton (whatever) symbols with the circles going around one point, or I like that idea anyway. It doesn't have to be a major skin, it could be a small one that just changed her looks and not her abilities, or Rito could put their imaginations to work and figure something out. Anyways, good work on figuring out all those facts, and I think that this is a great skin idea!
The atom could work for her E, but what I had in mind was to use it on either end of her staff/rod/thingy. Other than that, I agree completely, and I'm gonna try to draw something up... No promises haha
: Fiora could teach that Lux (dual school skins (Lol that rhymed)) Just wondering, how do you think you broke any rules?
The flora skin is exactly the kind of thing I had in mind. Also, I didn't think I broke any rules I just wanted to be safe :)
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