: Amummu just looks like someone spreading his buttcheeks while holding toilet paper that is hanging off to the side
Barcøde (NA)
: s4 support main lf adc duo/team
I sent you a friend request - Silver 4 ADC
Lyte (NA)
: Let’s talk about dynamic queues and ranked play
Could we please see some data regarding what percentage of the time people are receiving their first choice of role? I'm a one trick pony. Under the old system I would let my team know that while I would play any role, I was by much better at my preferred role than any other. As a result, I got to play that role about 75% of the time. I'm sure I'll end up getting better at a second role now, but I'm curious as to how often I can expect to get my main role over the long term. Thank you =)
Noxinus (NA)
: Left a game, didn't have option to rejoin.
same thing just happened in my one for all match
: Lux's Lucent Singularity
This just happened to me as well. I cast it over a group of minions, but didn't reactivate it. when the time on it ran out, it disappeared, but didn't do any damage. I couldn't cast it for the rest of the game, even after reconnecting. I had 3 skill points in it at the time. I'm trying to replicate it now, but no success so far.
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: 30s-1min lag spikes
Well, at least I'm not alone... I guess. I'm afraid to queue up again. Even if I'm not lagging in a custom, it might happen ten minutes later. =/
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: Turn on loss prevented NOW 9/23/14 9:29pm
This has happened to me twice today and once a couple of days ago. I hate being the guy who messes up the game. Please fix this soon. =(

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