: > [{quoted}](name=Stone766,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oGkJAuqf,comment-id=0000000100020000000100000000,timestamp=2019-05-22T15:09:00.131+0000) > > "Not all the mentioned champions are cancer" is what you said > > I was just pointing out the majority of the community finds {{champion:157}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:55}} to be cancerous I disagree but , that has nothing to do with what we are talking about , what's your point ? why did you reply to me?
i mean, he initially replied to you because you said mid wasnt the best role in the game.
: > [{quoted}](name=T2K Baka,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=q8hpwkqB,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-05-21T14:07:11.228+0000) > > Kat spamming daggers? she has a 11 sec cd on an ability that does 75 dmg at rank one while yas does about 80 on a 4 sec cd, if you throw a dagger at lvl 1 and try to get ur passive off, yas will just aa u with bullshit conq and then fk ur hp bar down and take no damage with his shield. Still not poke, that's called a trade, i dont care if you think Yasuo's kit is OP, he isnt poking anyone, he goes in for trades. Kat was just an example for a manaless champ with actual poke ability in her kit, calm yoursels i didnt suggest she got a stronger lane than Yasuo, let alone a 1v1 vs a Yasuo. You're just projecting your hate for Yasuo on my comment as if i defended him, which was not my intention, I just dont like people exaggerating champion's kits to fit their thread, Yasuo has many problems, "POKING" isnt one of them. With this logic Rengar 1 shot poked you to death with his jump
yasuo's q is double if not more than the range of melee's, and nothing is stopping from from throwing tornados at you either, and have fun trading into his shield x3
iiGazeii (NA)
: With energy users, using an ability limits the abilities they can cast next. Their energy regenerates quickly, but their abilities cost a huge percentage of their resource compared to a mana user. A mana user can use all of their abilities in tandem and need to go through several rotations before their resource will limit what they will cast, but an energy can't go through their full rotation on-cooldown. If they spam even one of their abilities for poke, they won't have enough energy to all-in. They need nearly a full bar before they can commit. Yasuo landing a Q at melee range isn't poke, it's a trade. Poke is where neither champion can commit on the other, and you're whittling down each other's health. If Yasuo is hitting you with his Q and it isn't a tornado, he's basically in melee range of you, and you can fight back. The fact that you aren't doesn't make it poke, it's him winning the trade because you don't have a cooldown available to contest him. Name one melee champion that doesn't have an ability that could hit another champion at that range or let them close a gap that small. Champions that are resourceless, like Riven and Yasuo, are gated heavily by cooldowns. Their cooldowns are generally longer than other champions, making them heavily dependent on CDR items and/or a level lead to be effective. They suffer hard if you can stay ahead of them. Their cooldowns are valuable resources in themselves, so if you can bait one early, like Yasuo's Windwall or Riven's shield, you can easily win trades in that extended window.
have fun trading into his 100hp shield level 1
: Please don't go through with these Janna changes
these are good janna changes tho lmao
: And i already said its not proof
i mean, self admission is proof lol. if i had a bad game and then at the end i said "im trolling" ur gonna tell me its just a bad game?
: Playing Yuumi is like playing with a handicap.
yuumi completely ruins the adc's and anyone who is ranged experience's, ad's dont want to lane with the "hehe its cat :3" champion because its like malphite in the sense that it doesnt fucking do anything
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: Patch 9.10 notes
this comment section is full of delusional asshats acting like the guinsoos changes dont hard nerf vayne or kaisa


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