: Even if the contrast between the two colours could be better (I see it just fine but my monitor settings might be different) there is a telltale flicker when Manaflow Band's cooldown is coming to an end. The juxtaposition of the two colours is helpful. Also, the handy-dandy Sock'Em Boppers around the champ's hands when it's active, and they're pretty huge. That being said, I wouldn't mind a cooldown thumbnail like other buffs/debuffs have above the stat bar at the bottom.
Since the change I've noticed the different ways to tell when it's active, yeah. But when I first saw it I had to double check to make sure. It's easy when you put the colors next to each other, but when one is only shown and you aren't used to the new color yet, it makes you doubt a little.
Rioter Comments
: 14 day ban for asking the flaming support who he said Kys to...
I think we've all established that Riot's banning system needs serious work......
Elinz (NA)
: ~*Taliyah Skin Ideas*~
I'm actually surprised she wasn't given a skin given how popular she was for a period of time.
: Zoe's E is so frustrating to play against
Even if he was apart of the creation of Zyra, I really dislike CertainlyT. He's responsible for the creation of the most toxic champs in this game. Honestly, Riot probably just lets him keep his job because his uniquely toxic champs bring in so much revenue. The balance team probably hates him too.
: Riot, we need to talk about... this.
Ya know if I was a prospective player for this game and I clicked "play now" just to see that, I'd be less excited about playing it. Noob is generally used as a toxic insult in the gaming community. I don't think it should be applied to a marketing campaign. It's not appropriate at all.
: What map is that? It has snow like ARAM but thats not the color of ARAM's bridge... {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Whenever you die in this game, the colors become washed out.
: Seriously i'd rather just wait longer: fuck autofill
They need to let players pick all the roles from most wanted to least wanted.
: How elevation is making you miss skill shots (5 minute video)
This is why I can never get Zyra to ult across the dragon wall. T__T
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=P0IS0N IVY,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=w5vK3js0,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-10-31T17:37:21.734+0000) > > I'm expecting Elise in the next comic. {{champion:60}} Will the spider be able to crawl into the WEBcomic?
: Interrogating Risu about her Punches and Plants Comics Collab - COMPLETE
: It's 2017 and plat is still green
I actually don't mind the plat color, altho it could be fancier. It was my only motivation to get out of gold.
Jikker (NA)
: Yeah, Riot should reprogram that. Eve should have special lines towards kid champions that are not so....inappropriate
> [{quoted}](name=Jikker,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=eKXrP7ZA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-10-16T14:02:56.294+0000) > > Yeah, Riot should reprogram that. Eve should have special lines towards kid champions that are not so....inappropriate Why should she? I don't think Eve gives a shit how old her victims are.
Almighty (EUNE)
: Blackthorn Morgana is NOT worth 1350RP.
Riot doesn't follow their own skin tiers...especially for the older skins. It's also the reason why all of Zyra's skins are 1350 but like only Dragon Sorceress meets the criteria.
Rioter Comments
: it should be pretty easy to climb for you in flex. I got placed s4 and it was fairly easy to climb out. If your mmr isn't in the shitter you should be getting +25 a game or so and skip divisions.
> [{quoted}](name=Clock Codes,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AgPRgO5h,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-04T19:41:46.048+0000) > > it should be pretty easy to climb for you in flex. I got placed s4 and it was fairly easy to climb out. If your mmr isn't in the shitter you should be getting +25 a game or so and skip divisions. I dunno if it's easy. It's a mess, although I don't know if it's like this in solo q Silver either. My winrate in flex is like 20%.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Game Theory: Lee sin is blind and cannot see because he has a piece of cloth covering his eyes.
Real question tho why is that not his actual splash art? It looks so much better.
: is PBE officially a ghost town now?
I used to play on PBE to help them test out stuff, but then I realized they don't care to fix the stuff I report so. To this day, Blackfrost Anivia's bugs still exist.
: We gonna talk about the RNG involved in Onslaught?
You're supposed to focus the laser Vel as soon as he appears.
: Season Reward Ideas V2
You never mentioned which rank can start using the boards. Instructions unclear. Dick stuck in fan.
: The state of AP
While Riot is at it please give me an item that has CDR and AP without mana regen/armor/mr. Likewise also give me an AP armor/mr item without CDR.
: You aren't missing anything. P.S. the wave of weeaboo downvotes is stronger than the storm.
Realization that people tend to have different opinions.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: well yeah but they are minor categories of off-meta,hence why I didn't include them
Wouldn't consider it minor since you described one and not the other. The grey area is the off meta playstyle.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Difference between playing off meta and trolling
There's also a difference between off meta roles and off meta playstyles.
: Just put a Hard mode between Normal and Onslaught and put the bulk of missions on that to appease the babies and then leave a couple missions with a single cooler reward on Onslaught for those who actually put some effort in and got good.
Yes this would be nice. I enjoy Onslaught and its challenge.
: Na, I'd say this is harder than the old Doom 100s. In Doom 100s, so long as you had 3-4 competent people, and the last one-2 didn't feed, you could probably win. It wouldn't be easy, but you could win. This flat out requires every person on the team be competent. If you have even one being a bum, you'll lose.
Not necessarily. Won with 4 ppl today. One of which had 200 ping.
Rioter Comments
: I had no problem with the cho's i just didn't know he could do that so i got caught by surprise. As for the boss Yes i understand that i have to hide behind shit that's quite obvious. At first i tried to just kite him but that didn't work out. and as i'm focused on the boss primarily i often spend quite some time just attacking him while my team handled the rest so no i didn't have my passive most of the time.
Help your team clear so it's easier to position yourself. Jinx has the best clear cuz of her rockets. When there are only a few ads left, slow dps on them and target the boss. He summons more when there are too few ads I believe.
Jbels (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Titanium70,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ER5xEY9d,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2017-09-08T11:59:51.259+0000) > > K.. lol.. that tells me enough. > Little hint: The problem is not the gamemode. Let me tell you what happens every time someone on my team tries to revive someone. They get super low, and then the person comes back with no health, and then they both die. So basically, you could have survived longer, but you didn't because you tried to be a team mate. Stop acting high and mighty when it's pretty much unanimous that this mode has huge problems
Being a teammate does not necessarily mean sacrificing yourself to get both you and your revived teammate killed. If you cannot revive them properly, then don't. Same concept in normal games. If someone gets caught out, you're not supposed to go in to save them if there is too many of the enemy.
: Honestly i have no problem with the revive system as me and my team actually managed to revive people alot. often ending up with 1 person reviving the other 3. My main issue is the boss. It's a nice concept however i feel like the margin of error is too small. As jinx the orbs oneshot you most of the time and you often don't have the mobility to get to a hiding spot. it does seem however that running through the moment they hit allows you to be hit by only one and survive though. I don't think i've fought laser velkoz in it yet. however when 15 r something of them spawn and start shooting all over the map it really does turn into a bullet hell. Damage isn't an issue imo, i'm talking about player against monster ofc. Carry's can get through most enemies just fine. The cho's confuse me though. I got like eaten tham kench style by one of them and just had to sit there see my healthbar go from 100-0. idk if there's anything to do in that situation but it felt very uninteractive.
For the boss you have to position yourself around the pillars at all times. Jinx should have her passive on most of the time. For Cho, kite him like you would a normal tank. Vels will specifically target you so unless you're doing the escort mission, the team needs to spread out and kill them. Save cc for the tracking lasers.
: Who's the guy next to ashe at the bottom?
: Veigar would be permaban
There are a few champs I can think of that would be even greater offenders but it'd take away the adcs being meta issue.
Mo0glz (NA)
: Can we stop promoting ??? spam pinging as if it's humorous?
I'm seeing the eye ping more than the ? ping nowadays.
Cloud273 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=P0IS0N IVY,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0VRndU1r,comment-id=00040000000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-25T20:49:51.743+0000) > > You stated in your OP that adcs were the issue, not gnar. And it has already been said that gnar is the only champ who consistently uses the item. No, what I said was ranged champions shouldn't be able to use this item. And most of those champs are classified as adc's.
So you want to remove part of a functionality of an unpopular item because of one champion?
Cloud273 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=P0IS0N IVY,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0VRndU1r,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2017-08-25T20:34:37.051+0000) > > So what would you suggest then if you consider the item a problem? The item should be melee only. Gnar can use it in mega form, but not as mini Gnar.
You stated in your OP that adcs were the issue, not gnar. And it has already been said that gnar is the only champ who consistently uses the item.
: I do not like how one class has been mandatory for the game since forever
I wonder what would happen if Riot allowed abilities to damage turrets.
: It's honestly starting to piss me off how little people care about objectives.
It's probably more like they don't know how to play the game and consider kills as more important than objectives.
: > [{quoted}](name=P0IS0N IVY,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0VRndU1r,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-08-25T00:03:37.337+0000) > > Riot could just lower the slow like they did with Rylai's they already did that previously for melee the slow is 40% for 1.5 secs for ranged the slow is 30% for 1.5 secs they lowered the ad on the item too and increased the HP they made it very unattractive for range champs to build... and in my comment above i provide the stats of champs who use it and how often they build it and at what time is it built in game the only champ that is dependent on the item is gnar
So what would you suggest then if you consider the item a problem?
: Please Stop Picking Ornn Support In Ranked
He's a niche pick. I think he can be effective, but it would require more experience as well as the proper matchup and adc.
: How about a Throwback mode?
I think most people would find this amusing for a few games and then no one would play it. Overall, it would be a wasted effort by Riot and doesn't offer much in terms of variety.
: Look up dunkeys video. Guy runs down mid all game and doesn't get banned, dunkey gets banned for calling him some choice words. In what world is that fair
Y'all still defending dunkey? That guy has had multiple cases of behavior problems.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Frozen mallet shouldn't work on ranged champions
Riot could just lower the slow like they did with Rylai's
needHymn (NA)
: Parental / Low Rating / "Wife-Sees-My-Loading-Screen" Mode
I find it interesting you two were married before you came across this issue. She sounds like one of those ridiculously jealous/possessive people.
: If ww is not allowed to have a point an click supress an hes melee then neither should malz.
I actually still thought people though Malz was trash and took him support O.O
: Akalis shroud has an effective CD of 10 seconds at rank 1. Yasuo's wind wall has an effective CD of 22 seconds at rank 1. Is windwall really over twice as useful in lane as shroud? I doubt it. Fiora's riposte is 23 seconds. Is it over 2 times as useful? I doubt that as well. You have to go all the way down to Irelia to find a personal defensive ability with similar uptime. Is Irelias E better than Akalis W at rank 1? Debateably, but generally not.
You can't grab one ability from a champ and compare it to another. You compare the kits.
CatSith (NA)
: to remove some power out of her kit without actually taking away dmg.
Was Anivia actually considered OP? She's a utility mage, much like Ori.
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