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: Yes, and OP was arguing it should stay that way because otherwise Darius would be overpowered. Again, that's not how you balance a champion.
ok again, its literally not meant to be a balance, its meant to be a visual bug fix.
Bjornack (NA)
: well if you are going to complain his Apprehend needs to be fixed in the hit box then you might as well complain about every champion that ha a hook that needs to be fixed with the hitboxes. the worst skillshot on the easiest champion to play againest should be fixed and that is blitzcranks rocket grab, i watch one of Qtie's videos that was posted on youtube about 2 days ago. start the video at 3:28 and watch when the rocket grab is clealy going to miss during the slow motion and then it manages to swing to the left a width and a half of normal right at him. jumps right off the path and snatches him. slow it down to 1/4 speed and see what happens and you think darius is the only one that needs the hitboxes changed
ok but i'm talking about Darius right now because that's what i noticed. i agree with what you said but that's the opposite of whats happening here. grabbing something outside of the hitbox is unfair, but not being able to grab something from INSIDE the animation range of a pull is even more ridiculous because it should never happen
: That's not how you balance a champion.
its not meant to be a balance, its meant to make the hitbox match the animation
A Dimwit (NA)
: No this is the only thing keeping Darius somewhat balanced.
idc if they extend the range of it or shorten it, they just need it to MATCH the animation length
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: I actually liked the design they had except for the face and the tails. The tails weren't nearly fluffy enough. What is Ahri without her fluffy tails? The statue's tails looked like the tails of a stray dog. **#TouchFluffyTail**
i honestly feel like im the only one who gets your hashtag reference if you're making the right reference


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