B Monkee (NA)
: I've said way worse and got no chat ban for it... They're times i have but i think they were worse than the other games. NO YOU SHOULDN'T BE PERM BANED, ITS BS, YOU DIDNT EVEN CURSE AT YOUR TEAM. PEOPLE ALWAYS TELL ME TO KILL MYSELF AND UNINSTALL AND THEY GET NOTHING
I had a 4 man premade repeatedly tell me "do us all a favor and hang yourself". I reported them. Few games later, I see them again for some reason, same thing happened. Reported again and they are probably still playing. The OP is literally just tilted and arguing, not really making the other people feel like their existence is pointless and want to leave the game.
meowsuo (EUW)
: What's the point of playing ranked if you don't care about the rank? How is ranked a better choice than playing just normals?
Just to know what skill level they are at. You don't get a rank in normals, so you go to rank with friends, and see how well you do throughout the season. Maybe saying they don't care wasn't the right word choice, but they don't tryhard and smash their computer at every loss.
: I checked my League's stats. I'm the only person in silver 4 with a solo badge. there's some 9 people with dque badges, and nobody with a team. Honestly, do people need premade to get to this dogshit rank?
Well some people just want to play ranked with friends without caring which rank they get to.
Sweetiex (EUW)
: Tower diving is so out of control it's starting to be funny.
I also hate those times when we are both in tower range and the turret finishes off another minion before protecting me.
dnsup (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=PL55,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=olyATdEz,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-04-01T13:40:36.571+0000) > > Last time we got urf people were crying about how too many people tryhard and many upvoted comments saud that it should not come back the next year. People like _you_ were complaining about "tryhards." But everyone else was just online playing the game instead of posting how much they hated URF in the forums. Seriously, if you have a rage problem, then just don't play the game. Simple as that. The rest of us can play URF without being pissed off at every OP spam champ--it's literally fine with 90% of players. It's the vocal 10% (like you) who make it sound bad, when it's not.
never said I complained. Boards were full of complaints you just don't remember, I loved it. Don't just assume things you sound salty af and it seems like you are searching for approval. I don't think anyone can be thick enough to think "Last time we got urf people were crying about how too many people tryhard and many upvoted comments saud that it should not come back the next year." means "I was complaining about tryhards".
Last time we got urf people were crying about how too many people tryhard and many upvoted comments saud that it should not come back the next year.
maji123 (NA)
: I'm in a game that doesn't exist.
It's a ghost game. Happened to me a few years ago, all you can really do is look for a solution online or wait a few hours.
Gotted (NA)
: Game feel unwinnable to anyone else?
I do well most ranked games, but it's always that one lane that never accepts that its their own fault they fed. Eventually toxicity spreads to everyone and we lose. I really don't care about my rank but it just feels wrong that It's making me look like I am struggling in my elo when I'm not.
hopeful4 (EUNE)
: He is but people here wont stop circlejerk about Lee until hes a legit troll pick. Hes even worse in soloQ (42th placing out of 46 junglers) due to his high skill floor. Its pointless to try and reason them. They will always remember that one Lee who outplayed them hard and carried his team and forget the other 20 Lees who were completely useless through the whole game
Boards just love whoever is underplayed and hate anyone that gets too much play/is strong in the meta. Telling you in three seasons everyone in boards will be like "Mages are and always have been oppressive with their safe high damage and utility. Meanwhile ad assassins who actually need to go all in to get a kill like Zed are left at the bottom to rot."
: When you are the jungler, and every lane begins falling at once
That sad moment when you hear first blood when you are taking blue/red and know you will get the blame.
: > [{quoted}](name=PL55,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3Z7qrN6E,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2016-03-23T20:23:12.827+0000) > > This poll is voluntary so it's gonna attract bias anyways so it won't mean too much since the people who are passionate about one side will vote more than the people who are only slightly to one side. K buddy, you want a nice and "non biased" poll? Here's the survey Riot sent to players in client a few weeks ago: >**Do you enjoy playing ranked with your friends?** Real fair and unbiased statistics from Riot Games there, I totally trust their data
I'm not trying proving a point, I don't agree with Riot either.
: Strawpoll soloQ vs DynamicQ (Already 80.000 votes
This poll is voluntary so it's gonna attract bias anyways so it won't mean too much since the people who are passionate about one side will vote more than the people who are only slightly to one side.
: Today I uninstalled.
You continued playing after you posted
resumed (NA)
> FORCE SEVERAL **ENEMY TEAM MEMBERS ** wut? Also you are supposed to itemize according to the game. Just like how a top lane tank might build mr against an ap top instead of the ideal first item rush they were planning on when they picked their champion. Same with going some mage mid and getting exhaust instead of ignite like you might do most games.
: That Moment You Change the Graphics Setting from Medium
I went from all very low settings to all very high settings after I got my new comp.
: When you have a ton of gold in ARAM and need to cash in
: The biggest problem with low Elo is that you can barely climb by playing 'smart'
I've been on a 5 game win streak in my placements (I was low elo last season) and honestly the way I have been winning is from out macroing the other team. I usually play jungle, a role that has to help it's teammates get fed all through the early game, so I play tanks that don't snowball but have a massive late game teamfight presence (Amumu). The way I've been doing it is telling our team to group mid if we are ahead then I place my three wards down in a route where an assassin usually will go to flank us. By doing this I can tell my team to follow me and ambush the person who tried to flank, then use it to our advantage to force a team fight or get an objective. If we are behind I get wolf smite, ward river and our jungle, then tell adc to push out bot lane when it comes too close to our towers. I ping them back when I see an assassin through the wards or if they simple extend too far. These are ways I try to win games in bronze by playing smart without trying to be a one man army.
: Can I Send A Ticket For An Extremely Toxic Player?
Mute them when they start talking about you personally, you eventually will get enough experience to know who is going to flame for the rest of the game.
PixTron (NA)
: Is it me, or is Blitzcrank just really annoying to deal with?
Main thing I do is play {{champion:12}} and let myself get grabbed. If it's blind pick then .... yeah.
Rioter Comments
: The Community has no respect at all
It's over the internet and they feel safe to say things they shouldn't. Just know they would be scared little puppies after they say something like to you in real life. Best thing to do is just mute and play on.
Derfel (NA)
: This match up is completely overhyped by low elo players. Malz has no answer to Zed's poke. None (the inclusion of the horribly thought out TLD has made his spamming infinitely stronger, you will lose 25%+ of you hp IF YOU GET HIT ONCE EVER). Zed also has 0 trouble farming under tower, which counters Malz's hard pushing. But most importantly Zed is the perfect turtle champ, he will kill you if you get ganked cause this poke oriented assassin with no mana bar also does some of the highest burst in the game early ON TOP of his ability to follow up any gank instantaneously from anywhere in the lane cause this poke oriented burst assassin also has one of the best mobility skills in the game. Guess how well Malz fairs against ganks.
Why are you arguing? This malz player likes playing against zed. The answer to your question.
: Leagues is on a downhill for me and i dont have fun now. What are peoples opinions on the game now?
I think it is true for a good portion of league players that they only play it just because. If you ask me why I am going into a game, I will not be able to really answer it directly. I only solo to roflstomp with an op champion, play a champion that looks cool, or I play only because my friends invite me. For the past two years I haven't been having fun in about 90% of my games, it honestly feels more like an optional job instead of a game.
: Oh it's you again... I'll restate that your account name is a blatant Zed reference, which means that any feedback you have regarding his balance is biased, and therefore invalid. But I'll humor you for the sake of argument. LB gets shut down by landing a LITTLE CC.... Kat?... Really? Lol. and what part of Zed's Q is easy to dodge? It travels super fast and there can be up to 3 of them... It's also much wider than you'd think it would be... Then there's the whole 'he gets to blink up to 4 times in one play' thing... cuz you know... balance >_> I swear the balance team buys a shitload of narcotics every weekend and just goes to town. 'Perfect imbalance' my left ass cheek.
Zed haters are just as biased as Zed mains.....
: this bug has been around for a while now and restarting the client fixes this
: We shall remember the date as Caitlyn has become completly obsolte...
: people in s2 asked themselves why vayne could tumble out of j4 ulti
Heroically leaps to an enemy Champion dealing 200/325/450 (+150% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage and creating an arena of "**impassable**" terrain around them for 3.5 seconds.Activate again to collapse the terrain. Impassable: not passable; not allowing passage over, through, along, etc. - Dictionary.com Something doesn't feel right when I play J4 against Vayne.
: I said I am EUW, he links EUNE. kek.
Respond with your actual account. If that's too hard play 3 games as Yorick on it.
: why are turrets not targeting properly?
Thank you someone else noticed this. When I say this, it gets downvoted and people say I'm just looking for excuses. It also sometimes feels that the turret waits like 2 seconds to target someone diving you with no minions. Turrets are already weak as they are, this just makes outplaying people at low health harder than it already is.
Voluug13 (NA)
: Zed has not been weak _ever_, the thing is, a LOT of Zed players got too used to being midlane's top dog for entire seasons, and havent been able to adapt to Zed being much more in par to other midlaners.
: how come no one complains about jax
A lot of people stopped playing Jax after his nerf. He was still strong but people were too busy complaining about other champions and assumed he was underpowered without playing him. Kind of like the people who say Kassadin is unplayable when he is fine.
Rozair (NA)
: Nerf tower damage please
I'm sure it's not only me, but sometimes turrets are buggy af. I could get tower dived by a melee, and get attacked for five seconds but the turret will still be farming minions until I die.
DogIsGod (EUNE)
: Except Zed is beyond pathetic in late game.
He isn't pathetic only he becomes reliant on killing squishies and splitpushing late game.
: I made a smurf to see what it's like to be a new player
I tell my friends to not play pvp when they aren't in a party, until level 15. Bots teach them more than pvp at a low level because they won't get stomped by five smurfs (that is legit what low level play is now). A bunch of smurfs also stop at around level 15 because they usually aren't dedicated enough to go through leveling up to 30.
: for the first time in years, league made me want to play dota XD gonna see whats different with my own eyes
Dude I downloaded dota thinking it would be more fun. But I couldn't last 10 minutes.
: How to end a game with style
Having an afk/dc in ranked then entire 4-man team deciding to yolo backdoor then not destroying the nexus by 12 hit points. Then the other team going to our base and 4 getting executed and one almost done destroying the nexus but had to bm first. Kill him then destroy other nexus. Yeah {{summoner:3}}
Osbeorn (EUNE)
: I hate the idea as well, I already dislike duo premades in my solo queue games, and now I might end up with 4 premades that gang up on me in chat.. not exactly my definition of fun. I like every other change in todays update that I could see and am really excited for the new champ select, but I dislike this idea heavily.
I really hate this situation. Mid dies twice in 5 minutes, Jungle dies at blue, bot gives three kills in 6 minutes, but flame the top laner because that person wasn't in the four man premade.
Rioter Comments
ltmetal (NA)
: {{champion:91}} Jungle It's what Amumu jungle would look like if his ult was on a 69 second cooldown.
Amumu breaks down tanks and is teamfight reliant. Doesn't really sound like Talon much.
: > [{quoted}](name=doiminat0r3600,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Jf8TaEhE,comment-id=0001000000020000,timestamp=2015-10-19T00:28:39.459+0000) > > I wish people would realize that {{item:3508}} is an item that **restores mana from autos** I wish people would realize that that item *sucks*. It's really a waste of money.
Not really a waste of money, just people don't buy it early on and late game they don't need it.
: Theres a difference between "overpowered" and "unfun"
I cry whenever he is picked, if he is on the other team he will kill me in one q 15 minutes in. If he's on my team, he will feed 40 kills in 20 minutes. Legit if he dies once in lane he is useless until he gets shiv, ie/triforce, and some lifesteal. If he gets two kills in lane he's impossible to deal with unless you have cc and focus him.
: "Mordekaiser is unfun and unfair to play against"
But isn't it a problem that Riot actually allows his ideas to go through instead of throwing away cancerous mechanics?
: The trolls have infected One For All
Sad people can't have fun. Some guy went mid and fed because i picked Udyr. Then reported me for trolling by picking Udyr.
: I'm so fucking scared of what CertainlyT has in mind for Caitlyn... Oh my god.
Shouldn't there be people in riot's team who stop him from getting too carried away?
Croanin (NA)
: Too bad every Yasuo is a freakin liability and likely to feed during the laning phase.
So true, I actually ban him so my teammates don't pick him. They think he is op then go 0/10 20 minutes in and blame jungler for no ganks.
: This is Why Riot Can't Take us Seriously for Balance
Boards are really funny to be honest. People who didn't play veigar thought he is underpowered, same with azir. People also think kassadin is underpowered, but I play him, and I think he is just fine. People on boards will completely forget what they said a few weeks ago. I remember there were posts with upvotes saying zed should get a delay on his ultimate blink, riot does this, next thing you know people on boards complain that riot is doing useless nerfs.
: Huge AOE damage, no CD spammable nuke with isolated bonus damage, %mr shred/huge aoe slow, global nuke
Skyrush (NA)
: Why Is Lee Sin's ult so hilariously overpowered?
Yes when i first played him I was like wtf how does it do so much damage (before buffs). He already has high damage early on, with his ultimate every gank was like a kill no matter what.
: Poor Kassadin
I still like him, he's pretty underrated tbh.
: Starter T3 runes on permanent discount in 2 weeks
Wow these are the only runes I have. Lower the hybrid pen and att spd runes pls?
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