TrulyBland (EUNE)
: > you can INT many games on purpose and only receive a warning from the system If you want to spread misinformation, I suggest coming up with something more believable than something that literally doesn't exist.
really, look at the rat irl videos, the wild daddy videos, apocalypse. All those players over ron the EU server climbing the ladder many times on different accounts and you can take a look at those recap videos of their accounts and see over 20 losses with them playing disco Nunu. Riot had to eliminate a summoner spell combination because of the L9 players in EU. so before you say something like that consider one of the most infamous league club/community from EU.
: So let me get this've been banned over 12 times yet you continue to play in ranked games. So either you are doing 1 of 2 things 1) spending hundreds of dollars on accounts leveled by other people to play on to get that account banned (LMAO) or 2) you're leveling different accounts by spending hundreds of hours in games, so you can spend a few hours trolling ranked before the account gets banned. Either way you sound pretty pathetic dude.
it doesn't take hundreds of hours. took me 8 days of playing 3-4 hours each day to get one to lvl 30 and those accounts lasted for a good few weeks before getting banned.
: Must be nice to have so much free time on your hands.
: What a sad loser. This person belongs here : Only, this person wouldn't last two seconds in that neighborhood, because they are just a scrawny little weakling sat in front of their computer in their pyjamas with mommy calling them to come downstairs for dinner LMFAO
i mean if my mom would let me move back into the house so i didn't have to pay the outrageous rent i have every month plus all my other bills that'd be cool but naw. I have an XBOX too ya know, i don't just sit in front of my computer; and sometimes if i am feeling frisky i hit up the games in the nudes bruh. XD Oh and what is wrong with pajamas?
: You're the only one here who i agree with, they claim that people like us is too sensitive yet its the opposite, i dont mind someone insulting me in game, i never use the report button, because i dont agree with the system in place. Chat related issues should'nt get banned, unless you're harassing someone, being racist or homophobic etc.. that should be a rare case like in other games. I got chat restricted for 10 days for saying realy mild toxic stuff, answering to someone, we both were arguing and i wasnt harassing the guy . we even both added each other after the game and kept arguing about it. we didnt care. yet the system still chat restricted us 10 games.
it is funny, i have tested this out before and has been confirmed by many pro/twitch streamers that you can INT many games on purpose and only receive a warning from the system meanwhile if you type one bad thing in the chat no matter how tiny or major it is they will either outright suspend you for 14 days or jump straight to a restriction. there is no balance in the game or the report system.
usul1202 (NA)
: He's so affected by a video game that he goes out of his way to make others lives worse simply because he didn't get his way with riot. He's not even punishing riot, but random people. That sounds pretty damn sensitive, if he can't even retaliate at the correct target.
i have targeted certain members of riot before on many accounts and as soon as i have they are very quick with a ban on the account and on the forums. They are very protective of their people.
SonicAF (EUW)
: You have to vote in your own poll bro. Be polite and share your opinion properly.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: It s a silly question. First of all , u got banned several times as.u state which means childish attitude which is already bad per se Then u argue.that player review is hitting a clean players , which i dare to find true. End of all U ask if players are too sensitive when u already show a sensitive attitude because u cant stand your punishment that came.after several restrictions. Ushould leave lol aince your behavioir is not wanted by community and.u showed no regret or improvement
and i will continue to make to community worse. all this is just a good laugh to me and at the end of the day all riot get sis a little bit of my time and i have some time to spare every day when i am not at work. i enjoy making people peaceful people mad for no reason and i gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling ya know XD. also i am liking how you made a list just for me. i fell honored, honestly hehe
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