DjhBaham (NA)
: The Nightblue3 Problem
Why aren't people saying both players deserve punishment. NB3 was toxic and deserves punishment but no one queues mid to play 2v1 without a duo. Nubrac was griefing however a lesser ban should've occured. If Nubrac had a duo that was mid that might've been okay, but you need the adc on the same page.
LunaticArt (EUNE)
: [Regarding skin transfer] Aka can you guys help?
Shahamut (NA)
: League Logic 101
People complain instead of learning how to play from behind or against a camp. Won't always be a 1v1. You get better by owning your mistakes and fixing them. People just don't want to lol. Especially low elo. (Including myself at times)
: One Tricks Needed For A Team (Top, ADC, Support ~ Gold 4+)
Pile of Pillows, you gotta accept a fellow pillow. I'm not a one trick but I can play my role well. Submitted an application. (I put top but in theory I can play any of the roles listed)
: Lethal Tempo should be moved to the Inspiration tree
As good as this sounds, not really a fan of having every adc able to stopwatch my jump as rengar. Then again, that's personal bias. And you would need to maybe add another rune to precision?
: Flamed By Riot Employee
I just read over an entire forum war. My thoughts on this post. (I know this is already cleared up but...) 1: I've seen many "fights" like this happen. If you step back and take a look, you can see that the talon (victim?) is typing back. Don't do that. Just gives the person more attention and reason to use the same insults over and over. Especially if they're tilted. If you're trying to defend yourself, whoever you're chatting to probably isn't thinking clearly when he/she is tilted. 2: In the long string of comments I read, someone pointed out that the remarks from Teemo were pointing out mistakes. Yes, in theory, he was. However, he could have been nicer if that was his plan. I don't think that his behavior was toxic, but it definitely wasn't constructive criticism. It was more of tilting over a bad game. I myself have made jabs at people in the post game lobby because I was tilited off a loss. I'm naturally a pretty positive person. 3: I rarely mute people, if ever. I just like watching them type. However, if you can't keep yourself from trying to defend yourself or becoming toxic, just use the mute button. Don't even say you muted them. It makes the game a lot more peaceful. 4: When people are tilted, they become bullies. Laid it out plain and simple. If you don't believe me, look back at the last time you were tilted. We don't like to think of ourselves that was because no one wants to be labeled like that. In fact, most people will try to justify why they do the things they do. Which brings me to point 5... 5: Just use the mute button. It was just a normal game. No need to let another tilt you. I know this is kind of long and I made this after the whole problem was fixed, but I wanted to share my thoughts. **Not only just the mute button, just type only when necessary. For example, shot calling.** Should save you from arguments.
: [2/26] NA Login Issues - RESOLVED
I'm just gonna chill and watch some YouTube. Maybe play some games on steam. I was looking forward to jumping into a game though.


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