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Ehhhh (EUW)
: Didnt even think the rank specific merch was out yet
> [{quoted}](name=Ehhhh,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=eTwy8IEN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-26T18:47:42.438+0000) > > Didnt even think the rank specific merch was out yet Not out yet but there is gonna have physical rewards
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sure i guess top 28.92% is giga low elo... not all these games are in gold, most of them were in silver and i started season bronze 2 i demoted once from gold to the bottom of silver and came back even more strong, thats why i have so much games played
: You're just one player, you can't decide all the games just by yourself. Yeah, it's a bit frustrating when you play super well, your team doesn't, and you lose. But look at it from the other side: you beat one person, and the other team has 4 people who beat *their* one person, so why would you deserve the win more than the 4 of them? You shouldn't aim to win every game. Aiming for a 60 or 65% winrate is already great.
what would be great is if i lost less lp for this kind of games cause i still played well, now i just lose more than i win cause only mmr matters, losing 19 when i only win +16
Zardo (NA)
: Your macro most likely needs work.
i can't do much with diana vs some team compositions
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Cedsi56 (EUW)
: If your friend has less farm than you he must be playing support lmao
he average 4.5 cs/min as mid laner
: > [{quoted}](name=PR0fessor Diana,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fXcIY2Z9,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-23T12:39:16.671+0000) > > fuck off > > game 1: ekko got way too fed early and i couldnt contest his snowballing > game 2 : irelia mid hard counter diana if she get fed, +, she went wit's end first item, and i still won this game > game 3: my diana got picked, i didnt know what to pick that i know to counter her, i went another assassin that i think is good vs diana but i cant play him well enough > game 3: I basically never play top, i just went top to play garen and he got banned and i was facing a teemo denying me all the farm i could get, and the team was feeding everywhere to kindred that kited me way too hard for me to do anything Oh come on. If they win its just by pure damn luck?
this is the true reasons of the lose not excuses
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: > [{quoted}](name=PR0fessor Diana,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fXcIY2Z9,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-23T11:52:39.777+0000) > > its not about the bad games, it's about how i can play so well and still lose cause people are that trash between gold and silver You think you deserve to climb despite losing to supposed trash?
fuck off game 1: ekko got way too fed early and i couldnt contest his snowballing game 2 : irelia mid hard counter diana if she get fed, +, she went wit's end first item, and i still won this game game 3: my diana got picked, i didnt know what to pick that i know to counter her, i went another assassin that i think is good vs diana but i cant play him well enough game 3: I basically never play top, i just went top to play garen and he got banned and i was facing a teemo denying me all the farm i could get, and the team was feeding everywhere to kindred that kited me way too hard for me to do anything
: sure only post your good games, not like your match history is public.
its not about the bad games, it's about how i can play so well and still lose cause people are that trash between gold and silver
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Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: looks like you're not smart enough to link a single high elo diana player that buys any of this shit as a first item, idgaf about some broken site that tells you that grasp is meta on diana, if the build is so good surely there will be one good player using it.
there was s diana 2 na that built similar to me but im not sure what is his account name anymore, he had not a single build
: How to rankup from gold 4
i totally feel you man, same struggle for me, i want plat before season ends but gold elo is so dumb
: What is up with Match making
i have the same exact problem than you in gold, thats really the worst elo if you have low mmr
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: ah so its 3 games in masters+ played by someone that has no idea how to play diana but they got lucky teams, gotcha.
Lmao looks like you're not smart enough to understand the site the most important is the bottom part of the site here items are clearly ordered by pick rate in the build slot with percent of games and number of games with also winrate indiqued. You can see protobelt has really decent pickrate and winrate as first item.
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: what the fuck is that site lmfao, it also says that grasp is meta on diana lmao, this must be stats from 2015 or some shit. I ask again though, show me one challenger diana player that builds anything you listed besides raba or spellbinder as a first item.
What you seen isnt the meta build its the highest winrate build you need to look most common build for the meta and its actually updated on the current patch.
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: show me one challenger diana player that goes any of these as a first item besides spellbinder n rabadons. >Jungle ekko dont build protobelt show me one challenger ekko jungle player that doesn't go protobelt.
Well you can look this website and see how wrong you are xd
I3Iame (EUW)
: Actually, Gold4 was pretty chill for me even though I've stayed there for years. If you want to carry harder, you should get Zhonya 100%. Playing full damage is just fun though, so I get it. But Zhonya is a must have if you're carrying because everyone will focus you. Also... KDA isn't so important... what matters is the nexus. Like dying before minute 15 will only feed your laner. But even if you go 25/1 and the only time you die is without dealing damage and at the 40th minute, then the game is over cuzin of you even if your KDA is near perfect. All I'm saying, we can't understand if you deserve win or loss just from an opgg screen save.
I sometimes build zhonya but only when i really struggle surviving, the ekko game was a pretty disgusting trynd backdoor unstoppable cause ult. For the diana game, im not sure, i think we started losing fights cause no frontline. But in both these games i focused objectives the hardest i could
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: the first, most important item is wrong on both of them, it doesn't matter how ""similar"" they look
Jungle ekko dont build protobelt, its supposed to be an early rush item, it unecessarily delay his build there, and diana got a lot of different possible starting items like {{item:3907}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3027}} Pros don't only build her in one way
: > [{quoted}](name=Le Maitre Dragon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2nnktTsQ,comment-id=0001000000010000,timestamp=2019-10-20T13:58:15.084+0000) > > too much games and history of demoting from gold then coming back left my mmr forever stuck low, altough its not only the rating of my opponents, i get silver and bronze teammates with this What times do you play? I thought my mmr was screwed enough to where i would climb as well(still only getting 18lp a win) but really the tims has made an impact as well as knowing when to stop/not try
Im not sure of what you ask here but i tend to grind a lot especially since the season end in 1 month and i try to get plat
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: I'm talking to a 50% wr gold 4 that has 2k games, I would imagine challenger ekko and diana players disagreeing with you would be enough to convince you but you're right, you might have more mastery points than they do :)
Actually i looked the builds and its pretty similar
: > [{quoted}](name=Kat XD,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2nnktTsQ,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-10-20T07:19:02.827+0000) > > I'd also like to direct your attention to the section on this page titled "Average Enemies Rating": > > Average games rating silver 3 while being in gold 4. WHAT?
too much games and history of demoting from gold then coming back left my mmr forever stuck low, altough its not only the rating of my opponents, i get silver and bronze teammates with this
: In other words, when your team mates feed, it's their fault. When you feed it's their fault too. Hmmm.......
im not saying exactly this, but for sure enemies being crazy fed don't help me to do something im just saying what exactly happened in these games, i remember them well. But this is not the point of this post, it's the fact that i can be fed out of control and still manage to lose cause my teammates start doing useless or questionable things and i cant finish the objectives alone (cause i focused the objectives all the game long)
: From reading your thread and comments it looks to be an attitude problem more than anything. Chill, relax, take a break. If you go into matches with that kind of mindset you'll throw more. Also calling team mates trash and other things like that while in game will help them throw more. Hopefully you don't do that. I'd say 1 fresh cup of respect for your team. 2 pinches sportsman like conduct for the enemy team. 5 pounds perk up and try for yourself. Oh and don't forget two heaping table spoons of practice. Also you might want to consider a new champ or position. Best way to snowball a game is picking a lane you can get hard fed as a jungler, or being a key piece of the team strategy by playing more than assassins mid. Either way good luck to you and your end of season climb.
actually i never flame in game i just say report my team at the end to vent when this kind of things happen, and yea i played other things but this is really only way i can get a chance to reach plat before season end, i have 50% wr or lose streaks with anything else
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: breh its time to learn how to build diana n ekko
there is nothing wrong with my builds, youre talking to a 200 000 mastery ekko and a 600 000 mastery diana
: I'd also like to direct your attention to the section on this page titled "Average Enemies Rating":
yup i have low mmr so game shittest me by giving me silver and bronze teammates to carry or gold players that just dont care vs climbing silvers and good gold players, on average the games i get since my mmr tanked is my team being 2-10 at 10 minutes so it tanked even harder with it
: I see, so you're allowed to have matches like this, and fuck your teammates in those games who cares what they think, but when you do well and your teammates have matches like this... fuck your teammates in those games and who cares what they think? Sound about right?
game 1 : too much cc on enemy team no real frontline on our side game 2: friend(zed) lagging, xin got fed as fuck early, i got counterjungled really hard, lux was feeding game 3: been playing yas jg cause i had 100% wr with it up to this game, i missed some ganks early though but i was scaling when we lost, problem was the bot lane 0/19 game4: my friend told me i should learn a mage mid laner so i played syndra(still had some games on her though), biggest problem was bot lane 0/13, i just started feeding when everyone was fed on enemy side game 5: syndra hard countered me and qiyana camped
: I've been saying it for a while, the best way to climb is to play adc, so you don't have to deal with garbage adc players on your team. Look at the diana game your adc didnt even do 10k damage in a 35 minute game and the other game they had 16 deaths.
altough for climbing by playing adc you need a good consistent sup duo(which i dont really have), if i play adc solo, i can just manage to win one lose one at the moment cause im shittested by the matchmaker since i have low mmr, i really only can win streak by playing an assassin mid laner right now, teams are so prone to feed everywhere
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Saezio (EUNE)
: You are not really climbing fast. But if it feels better to you, then do it. It's a game to have fun in any case
i started doing this in my 10 last games of solo queue and last 4 games of flex, 100% wr in flex and 80% in solo queue
: Jungle in lower elos is easier to climb in. I know during my climb i mained support but played jungle to hit plat, as it was easy to carry. Variety good, but one tricking if you can find that special champion is real good too.
yea, thing is if i play my mains, they can't win vs some comps, get countered and, my performance get worse if i play too much of one champ :/, playing my mains worked to climb silver but in gold i feel like i need variety of picks
: I wouldn't classify gold 4 after 1800 games or bronze 1 after 34 games as climbing so well.
you can look my tier graph... and in flex i play random shit so it doesn't count, its like the normal games i do, plus the climb i talked about is about something recent i tried and working like a charm
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Lapis (OCE)
: What's more fun to you? Playing lots of champs, or just one?
i like playing tons of champions but in fact i'm better playing one champion... and i want to climb! :(
: Do not lose faith in your mains even if you go on a losing streak. Always play your main to climb. Something you need to do is a massive reflection if your losing these games with your main champs. 1. Are you in best condition to play the game (good sleep, full stomach, caffeine, good mood, etc..) 2. Do you have the best rune page/build (look at some of the builds pro players make and do some compare/analyze to your builds) 3. Do not die more than 5 times at max, at avg keep your death to no more than 3. Make this your main focus if you are dying too much. Being alive means more exp, more farm, being able to contest objectives, being able to get objectives and mostly gaining gold to get ahead in items. 4. Lane match ups. Have a plan against your laner (good trades, good farms, wave control, kill potential) 5. Prevent getting ganked (good vision and warding, knowing or having general idea of where your enemy junlgers are) 6. Play with a good duo, thats one less person you dont have to worry about. 7. Understand your weakness and work on them. Dont focus on winning and dont focus on how much lp you gain or lose. Play to improve and winning will become inevitable. This means looking up guides about lot of things i said previously and even going over them to be fresh on the basics to keep your bad behaviors in check. You dont sound like you get tilted and this goes without saying, dont play if your tilted and especially stop if your on a 3 game losing streak.
i honestly get super tilted but i dont say a thing
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: play less and on a more sparse schedule, you get put in a loss spree queue when you have a huge amount of games and/or have a high winrate. its riot's bullshit way of detecting&dealing with boosters. I started playing ranked for the first time ever starting mid September and they put me in a loss spree queue like a week ago since i was spamming one of my mains climbing out of silver with an 80% WR within a week from Iron II. with loss spree queues you get paired up with garbage players, feeders etc until you win a game in the rigged spree queue, and that "proves" youre not boosted and belong in that elo.
first time i hear about this, might be this thing happening, but its only a possibility
Kai Guy (NA)
: Riot system will be tailored to their needs and not every additions done for match quality. I disagree with how duping is implemented for mathematical reasons. Again you can't use rigged games to generate a natural average. With out naturally occurring averages you can't build pairwise comparisons to the average. So your system can not function from the basic mathematical concepts used for mmr and elo. Please try to understand the inate contradiction in saying ratings are inaccurate mesurments of skill but then go to say you can use those same mesuments of skill to actively predict and manipulate match results due to them reflecting accurately gaps in skill. Your example of using higher elo players to rig games very clearly implys a skill gap between higher and lower raited players which contradicts your statement that mm is rigged to prevent skill from impacting outcomes. The theory and assumptions for elo and mmr collapse with rigged results to the point you simply can not use the theory to design a rigged system them. There is no gains for riot to do this. Even less ethical or greed baised motives could be acomplished at less effort by adjusting the arbitrary values that as devs they have absolute control over. It's just an excuse. Its not at all weird or unexpected. People ignore their weaker games as a fluke and discount them. People take their good or strong games as the indicator of personal skill. This creates a gap between syatems like mmr using a sum of all games for an avarage compaird to players only using decent to great games. Averaged rolls on d10 is 5.5 but remove anything under 4 and its 7.5.
we can't assume mathematically how matchmaking work it could even not truly be the elo from theoryand im not saying there isnt a difference between high and low elo players skills,i'm just saying that the system try to twist a 50% wr in a streaky way for balance maybe, but also maybe for cash and getting players addicted to the game
Kai Guy (NA)
: This is the generally accepted theory, Your LP is reactive to MMR. If your Title does not match the associated MMR range it slants your LP gains to reflect that. Its a logical assumption and system that's also pretty well supported by observation, players who are plyaing below their division and Rank net lower LP gains on a win and higher lp losses on a loss. Players playing above their rank gain higher LP on a win and lose less on a loss. MMR adjustment tends to be a variation of Elo's formula which was Rn=Ro+K(W-We) . One of the main concepts that separate MMR from Elo is you need to track individuals not the entire team. I believe that makes MMR systems inherently unable to be ran as Zero sum systems but will admit I am not 100% positive on that. I currently just don't know any way to make a functional zero sum MMR system. Anyhow breaking down the formula. Rn and Ro are your player ratings, Rn is new rating , RO is old and in the context of leauge was used by MM for the lobby. RN becomes RO your next game. K is best described as uncertainty, theres 2 standard ways to build this value, # of games played or Position on the ladders curve. Effectively, you want the system to treat a 1000 game and a 3 game player differently because the # of data on them is different. This in a MMR system helps move smurfs or newbies more rapidly when they join a que to lower the # of games their mismatched skill impacts. Given the # of complaints about slowdown in diamond I believe riot probably runs both # of games as well as benchmarks on the ladder. W is the single variable made from the game. That's match results. Win, loss, Draw. We is built from system probability expectations and it helps protect raitings from mismatches. The short hand way to view it is you gain less mmr from easy games and gain more from difficult ones. This is where probability distribution models come into play (thou they also are used for generation of a correct K value.) The concept and the basic assumptions are pretty simple, despite the math used getting a bit difficult. 1) In a game of skill, more skill = more wins vs lower skill. 2)Humans are inconsistent, exact values will not work with precision so use a Range. 3)Humans have natural occurring averages even if you don't know exactly what it is. You can calculate a Mean average for anything as long as you have data and the ability for how to measure/compare that data. In a room of 50 people you have an average value for Hight, weight, and skill in making pancakes. It exists even if its not been measured. Grab tape measure or a scale and you can quite easily find the averages for height and Weight. Pancakes are a bit more difficult but can be measured by having a competition. So taking the knowledge that Skill in games of skill = win probability. Arpad Elo make his system to serve as a proverbial Scale to find the average level of skill. Then the remainder is built in comparison to that mean average, this is done by setting every single account to the same starting value and then using standard deviation expectations from your distribution model to build a curve. That sounds like gibberish to a lot of folks who don't like math so lets use dice to illustrate this. The reason 7 is used as a losing roll in a lot of games is because 7 is the highest probability for 2 dice. You can roll any number from 2 to 12, You calculate the Mean average and find that its 7. for the probabilities. So you see how the most common occurring probability is the highest % of occurrence. Elo's system compares everything to that center value to build class intervals. With MMR MM you then for that class interval to the central value again, rinse repeat, why it gets dramatically harder to climb. You have to beat the average in your MM range consistently or you stop moving forward. "Forced" or "rigged" MM destroys any significance of that central skill value. Its not naturally occurring so it does not represent the assumption that skill level = win odds, and it makes the probability lose its relation to skill expectations. So if you say they use MMR or Elo to force Games that cant be won to keep you down below your skill then that act absolutely destroys the relation of a rating to your skill.... So how the fuck do you then use a inaccurate measurement of skill to accurately Rigg teams by skill to force a result that does not reflect your personal skill? Its a god damm stupid excuse. So folks start listing off all the Reasons why Riot would want a forced system. "Longer time to climb!" A majority of everybody ever is expected to never see the top regardless of how much they play. So how the hell do you add more time to infinity? "KAI U DUMB BRUH Longer time climb is not to top but to make it more Grindy!" Yea? They could lower K values and instantly impact every single account in the games ability to climb in a fully functional MMR system. Half K and boom it now takes 2x more games for every account moving in every direction. No need to rigg a single game AND your MM does not need to waste time looking over RNG players that happen to be in que trying to find a way to fk over the results. 100% accuracy in its impact, 0 adjustment to MM, No impact on Que times, No Luck or RNG involved, Yet still a functional MMR system that's not unfair to anyone. I have an open challenge to any one who believes in "Forced" to give me a good reason why and suggest a System for how that would function with accuracy. Most the time its batshit insane conspiracy theories or something you could achieve easily with just adjustments to functional MMR. I am constantly trying to find better ways to convey information in a way that's easyer to understand. Working on using less math terms and simplify information. If there's anything confusing or that you think I explained poorly please let me know. Anything your curious about feel free to ask. I own Arpad Elos book on Elo raiting and unlike some folks in this thread actually took the time to study up on the topic of MMR. I find it fucking hilarious that some of the folks who scream that you cant trust riot try to support their views by using 3rd party sights which run off Riots API. Yall using information you want folks to trust you on that comes straight from the company your telling folks they can not trust any information from.
Youre assuming riot use a normal mmr system, altough, nothing prove it, no one have access to the algotrithm they use and you can use programming to totally set up the perfect thing you want. If you flip a coin 20 times, land 9 times on heads then 11 time on tails in a row, its not normal, it actually have a really low chance of happening, most logically it would do something like head tails heads heads tails heads heads tail tail tail tail heads... yet, often, streaks are too much precise to be random, thats what i observed after hundred of games . It's actually easy to force 50% win rate by putting 1 or 2really high elo balanced by 3-4 low elos. and the opposite is also true, with 5 players, teams can,t possibly have a perfect balance of high elos and low elos unless they are all the same elo. These days you often see gold bronze and silvers matched together on the same team unbalancing the game on one side or the other.
: > [{quoted}](name=RIGGED AS FK,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dE3Eg9sl,comment-id=0006000100000000,timestamp=2019-10-01T16:11:58.310+0000) > > surely not this random raptor i forgot lost me the game That's extra EXP youre no longer getting. Thats camp scaling youre no longer receiving. Item and level spikes being delayed causing less overall strength and usefulness from you. That adds up very fast and indirectly does in fact cause you to lose games. Go ahead and do that stuff in my mmr range and see how fast you become useless lol.
thats the kind of thing that happen 1 in 50 games and only 1 time, i didnt even notice i did this, i was randomly distracted for no reason at all
Kai Guy (NA)
: I support Aliens comment and also want top point out that People use 3 games as a streak and its a problem because its a god awfully low value. Simulate 100 coinflips and counter the # of them that are in a streak starting with 3. Then make that value 7 for a "streak" then 10. The same results but dramatically different % of coins in a "streak" Simply because of the arbitrary value a person can use to define it. For example I said 1 game is a streak then every single coin is always in a streak chain. 2 is slightly better then 1, 3 is slightly better then 2. All are very low values thou and create unrealistic expectations even with 100% fair 50/50 odds.
oh its often 5 win then 5 loses, sure the game can't perfectly streak a player but it definitely try streaking, its obvious when you get a bunch of good teams in a row then a bunch of bad teams in a row
: > [{quoted}](name=RIGGED AS FK,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dE3Eg9sl,comment-id=00060001,timestamp=2019-10-01T15:38:08.331+0000) > > i have adhd That's clearly match making's fault though, yeah?
surely not this random raptor i forgot lost me the game
BigFBear (EUW)
: It's super unlikely that you fall that deep just because of teammates. Everything above 5 games losing streak has something to do with yourself and not with your team.
trust me it is not when you have demotion warning game put you in a super carry spot and force you to carry braindead teammates
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