Smáug (NA)
: Hi, I already bought a skin in my shop because it was very cheap and seemed like a good deal. I heard that there was something wrong with the system so could I possibly get a refund and receive a different shop? If not I completely understand but can u change the other deals besides the one I bought?
Write a ticket in.
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Thanks for considering those of us who actually got skins we enjoyed; just like last time, refreshed without choice.
If you write it in to Player Support, we will honor the deal. They have a record of the first set of offers we displayed to everyone.
: Your Shop is open!
We just took Your Shop down. We are aware of an issue with the deals, at the moment. We are working on an update to get it up, ASAP. Hopefully, the update will yield better results for all.
: Your Shop Returns
This should now be working on the NA servers. We are working through the other regions right now! Your deals should reset and you should have relevant deals now!
: Thanks again for the update! Will the people who've already opened their shops get a reset?
Yep, complete reset.
Ao Oni (NA)
: hey, something must be wrong... i got 6 skins for champs i never played, some i dont even own. is that supposed to happen? never happened before...
Hey Ao Oni and others. We are investigating this right now. We're going to turn the feature off and fix this. Stay tuned and apologies.
: Your Shop Returns
Hey Fam. We are experiencing a slight delay with activating Your Shop. ETA next 30-45 minutes. It's coming! Apologies!
: I posted that quickly; the lag occurs in games when he is not in them too. I was running LoLWiz, and that might have caused the issue instead. I know my FPS dropped to 6 FPS when 3 of us were taking down a dragon, then again in another game wen the enemy was blowing up our Nexus.
If you get a chance to play without LoL Wiz, and you see the issue please let us know. And, just to be clear, in those games was there a Dark Star Thresh? Was he on your team or the opponent's team?
: Yeah I'm just saying when a rioter posts he/she should not be using slang like deets if they really take the issue serious.
: Uhhhh, not quite..... lagged badly in my thresh game.
Was it a hitch (ie game basically stops for a sec) or did you see a major frame rate drop? Can you send me some deets about your system specs, and the conditions upon which this is occurring for you. This will help give us more details to isolate the problem. The fix we put out optimized a lot of his ability effects but we are still working to improve it. So the more information I get, can help our efforts. I'm sorry this is still affecting you.
: Hopefully this fix will work. I just got it out of hextech chest and am pretty excited about playing it. anyway thanks for the hard work ^-^
And it's back! We hotfixed it today and should be playable again. Cheers!
: days???
Yep. Once we have a fix that works and is ready for patching, we will announce more. Won't make a commitment on a date until I know it's mitigated for sure.
: Thanks for the info, no inconvinience at all. Instead of playing thresh i'm playing final boss veigar support :P. As much fun, looks almost awesome as dark star and still circle zoning :)
Final Boss Veigar is an amazing skin. Glad you like it!
: Thank you for responding, Pabro! Nice to meet you. Concerning the sounds, I've absolutely no problem with the sound designs themselves. I think they fit the theme perfectly, and the dark "warping" sounds are badass. The auto attack sounds are also not at all as negative as this post made them sound, having played it more as well. I just feel as if the autos and box are on the quiet side. The sounds are powerful sounds: gravitational warping, reverberating, etc. I think it's their volume that makes them feel weak more than anything. I don't think they'd need much volume increasing, but a bit might be nice. As for the laugh, thank you for the response on that. My comments on the volume of the autos and his ult felt like minor notes to me. I honestly felt like it may have been my own personal experience with them, so I felt a bit self conscious making them sound like as big of a deal as I made them out to be, but his laugh really did get to me. I want to say again, I absolutely love the lantern, and I have to give you major kudos for its design. My duo partner/ADC buddy loves it too, because the sounds of it and the lines Thresh gives when placing it or when someone accepts it feel really amazing. My 7.5/10 felt a bit harsh after getting used to his autos more and having played his older skins while waiting on the fix, so I'd change my rating to 8.5/10 now. It's still easily my favorite skin he's gotten, and I absolutely don't regret the purchase at all. As for the bug, things happen! I'll be happy to play him more once he's re-enabled.
No sweat! We can look into volume for next patch, so I'll alert our team's audio guru. And don't ever feel bad for being honest, even if it's brutal. That is what helps us grow. :)
: Question: to those of us who bought the skin prior to the problem, how are we going to be reimbursed for the downtime of not enjoying the skin :)
We are discussing through options here, hope to have more information in the next few days about this.
: really i spent the money for the DS thresh skin and the icons and ward but i have only gotten to play one game with it can i at least get a fix date please? {{champion:412}} i miss you
Thanks for chiming in. We have a potential fix but are QAing it over the weekend to ensure it actually solves or alleviates the problem. We are testing on a whole host of both high end and low end PC configurations to ensure it is improved and we're awaiting information in order to verify that it is actually improved. All I can say in regards to time to hotfix, is ASAP, because if I give a date and it changes- then that is no good for anybody. We are cranking on it, and again, apologies. I am so sad this skin is not in your hands.
: working on? you must disable the skin, is a game-breaking bug, is impossible to play vs this skin. now is a pay to win: buy skin and easy win ranked.
I know I'm late to this thread. First, apologies for the problem having in the first place. We have since disabled DS Thresh, and we have a team working on a potential fix. We are testing it over the weekend in hopes of a hotfix very soon. To give some behind the scene context- once we get these types of reports- we attempt to get as much information as possible to see how widespread the problem was. We worked with our data analytics team and saw that this issue was pretty wide spread and made the decision to disable DS Thresh. So, when we say we're working on it- it implies we are studying the problem, seeing how wide spread it is, what types of players and machines it's happening on, are there other factors (ie server problems, latency problems, etc.). Once we determined it was for sure DS Thresh and in what type of conditions- we were able to gain enough information to make the call to turn him off. Totally agree- any feature, skin, champion etc..that causes such widespread disruption should immediately be turned off to protect the overall player experience. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Genuinely, appreciate it.
: please fix the bug on dark star thresh. which is FoWi just bought RP just to buy him and now he's unavailable {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{champion:412}}
Firstly, we are so sorry we had to disable him. Team is testing a fix as we speak and hope to have it ready for a hotfix as soon as we can.
: Any info about fixing for of war? We saddly don't get any update on it :(.... How are you guys doing?! Skin is great! Now time for mecha thresh :D
Hello! Team Lead on the Skins Squad that created Dark Star Thresh. We are actively testing a fix for the fog of war hitching problem. Hope to have a hotfix out early next week (as in Monday-ish). Thank you for the kind words and apologizes for the inconvenience.
: Skin Review: Dark Star Thresh
Thank you for the thoughtful review and feedback. I am the team lead for the cross-functional team that created Dark Star Thresh. Pleased to meet you. In terms of the audio feedback, on Point 1 & 2- do you mean it literally isn't loud enough or the design of the sound isn't as impactful as you'd have hope for? As for the laughter...that is an interesting POV and something I will keep in mind for future skin development. I am a big fan of spamming emotes (Tahm Kench laugh all day) and I understand the satisfaction that can bring. We wanted to time his laugh to the animation of him bringing up champion faces in his black hole orb, so that explains the delay from a product design perspective. That said, I'll take another look at the laugh variation with the team. Also, apologies for DS Thresh being disabled at the moment. A bug was discovered by players that causes a major hitch in gameplay performance when an enemy DS Thresh emerges from fog of war. We are currently working on a solution to that problem and hope to have it fixed ASAP.
: When the event is over, allow us to buy the rest of the Graves/TF icons?
Similar to the Freljord Event, we want the choice to be a deliberate decision. We won't be making them available for sale after the event.
: Reward Icons
We made this a deliberate choice for players. You are only able to pick one icon per act. So choose wisely! :)
Kei143 (NA)
: You might want to add this (new lore announcement) to the event website for those that don't read forums. It'll get you a bit more exposure for all the hard work !! Question, since I don't know how these work, as I'm not a Lore camper: Would the event lore still be available after the event ends? You guys spent so much time onto it, I hope you can provide a link from the main web to it!! And I'm Loving this lore for the event! It makes me engage in it so much more than just playing league.
The Bilgewater Microsite will stay on after the event, so yes.
: Bilgewater, you did it!
:) Almost there...
: Gangplank Login Screen
Glad you dig it! I will pass this on to the team members that worked on it! And stay tuned, there are more! :)
High5 (NA)
: Love the Gangplank Login Screen!
We were trying something new here! Glad you liked it.
: Will there be a chance of getting all icons?
Sorry! Part of the experience is making a deliberate choice per ACT. So, you can get one per act. :(
: Yeah... I imagine the scenario will play out like this: Timmy: Look mom! I'm playing as Gangplank! Timmy's Hot Mom: What's a Gangplank, sweet-ums? Timmy: Oh, he's just a pirate with a long beard with a gun. I wanna dress up as him for Halloween! Timmy's Hot Mom: Oh that's great dear. Timmy: GP also flays people alive to carve his mark directly into their bones. Timmy: He also lets the whooole ship hear the screams so they never would think of double crossing him. Timmy's Hot Mom: That's nice dear. Timmy: And his worst enemy is this guy named Graves who smokes wit cigarwettes. Timmy's Hot Mom: ... Timmy's Hot Mom: ... Timmy's Hot Mom: ... Timmy's Hot Mom: WHO IS THE REAL MONSTER?
tooomine (NA)
: @RiotGames your Bilgewater Event
Thanks for the note! We've been learning a lot from past events and we aim to iterate with each one we do. Thanks for playing and keep the feedback coming!
: @Riot What happened to the Duck that popped up in the PBE a month ago?
Karitar (NA)
: ***
;___; much joy. many tears.
: Is URF dead?
he is alive in our hearts
: God I love URF
Remember....URF...loves you.
arc95 (NA)
: I wonder if the Void will has an event like the Harrowing, oh wait that's when all of Runeterra becomes nothingness. I guess that would end the World thus the game ;(
A Void event would be pretty cool, imho. Lot of threats going on in the world of Runeterra! A lot of potential to explore!
: I think its how many years ago the stuff happened, i.e. 49 yrs ago that was how far the mists had reached, 1 year ago {{champion:21}} and {{champion:41}} joined forces/ {{champion:111}} fought the mist- if you look at the map it makes sense cause the mist comes from the shadow isles, and is reaching across the ocean toward Bilgewater


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