: Academy Adventures 3
Happy Birthday, Vladdy boy! It's good to see you back Grouch/Tei. I love these nerds to death.
: Academy Adventures Series 2!
I'm glad the Ezreal hunting has returned. I love the blond boy but... _It's marksman huntin' season._ {{item:3072}}
1Matt (OCE)
: Retreat Ping no longer working 7.5
I lost over 40 cs last match because I couldn't figure out how to ping people to leave. The 11/1 Riven with 120 CS was complaining to me, the 6/5 Tristana with 50 CS, that she "needs farm too". I haven't been this tilted in awhile.
: Maybe he wanted to be in a duo lane with someone. You guys calling the lane doesn't mean you automatically claim the lane...
He didn't voice anything. He didn't ask to be in a duo with someone. He didn't ask if we mix things up. All he did was complain and die ONCE.
: Maybe premades only count as one vote? I can't think of anything else tbh.
What made it worse was the Yi's sheer lack of listening skills. We both said we were going bot lane before the match began and he was still upset he was solo bot, because I moved to mid to stop the free push. _Like, cmon people. **Read the damn chat if you're so eager to complain in it.**_
: Missing the first three minutes of the game already sets you (and the rest of your team) behind. In addition, you generally don't want a player with connection/client issues on your team if you can avoid it.
It was _**Nexus Siege**_, for one. And for two, it wasn't connection issues, _the cat was throwing up on the floor_.
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: Academy Adventures
Okay but the Talon coat dagger in Vladimir's side in the Bloodrush comic... Poor child~!
: Considering a lot of people I see can only get an S by cheating the system doing weird out of meta things, this could help make it where people don't feel the need to do that and could make it so that it gets rid of that problem entirely.
If you keep this in Ranked only, it would discourage off-meta lanes that can ruin games. I've had Varus top lane picked late into our team comp of squishies/assassins, picking _into_ 3 tanks. We lost. By a landslide. I totally get that not all off-meta lanes flop but some do. And the ones that **do** ruin matches and could be seen as intentional feeding.
: Mastery Token System
If you want to get down to the nitty gritty of it all, a system like this could be implemented in **Ranked only**. If you succeed against your elo then it should be reflected. Leaving normals as they are would probably be in the best interest of the game, since it is possible to be placed against all tiers of players. You wouldn't need Ranked backgrounds on your mastery emblems if you could still get tokens in normals as they are. Bronze players might need to be compared to Silver and Gold though... Just to keep it from being stupidly easy, since there isn't a designated tier below them. Comparing Bronze to Unranked _could_ be rigging the system against them too.
: Mastery Token System
**If you can't queue with a tier of players willingly, then they shouldn't end up in your match and they shouldn't be a point of comparison on how you perform.** Really that simple. (Ranked of course. I already play with platinums in normals of my own free will....)
: don't forget{{champion:91}}
I believe the skin is Renegade Talon actually. I could be wrong though.
: Academy Adventures
Oh man, I love Gutter Rat. A quality tumblr blog to have on my dash, for sure. Thank you Riot for spreading the love!
: This Flex Queue MM is dogshit
This stuff was happening in normal draft before pre-season hit. It's like the plague spread early. **This isn't the good kind of early Christmas gift Riot.**
Pacchiro (NA)
: How does the system match up players in Normals [DRAFT], and WHY DOES IT HATE ME?
Quick update: I just had a ranked match in this screwed up Pre-season against 4 Platinums. 2 Platinums and 3 Silvers on my team. I was top and I pretty much never play it. I get that it's preseason but this was _**after**_ I was placed in Bronze 5. Thanks Riot, I think so far you've made it worse.
: Daisy is a pet so her autos should apply Rylai's Also Morde Dragon/Ghost, Yorick Maiden, Annie Tibbers, Zyra plants, Heimer turrets, and every other pet in the game applies rylais on autos. Just not Daisy
This includes Elise spiderlings, which is part of the reason Rylai's is so fun on her. Yes, I know, you get spiderlings based on spell casts. They're still pets.
: What is the purpose of a PBE if the feedback is unpopular and generally negative, but it still goes through to live? *cough* Mordekaiser *cough* Jungle is in a great place this season (S6), I don't understand why you have to fk with it by adding RNG plants. I've adapted to 6 seasons so far, and I'm sure I'll adapt to the 7th regardless of the stubborn decision-making I've watched Riot make season and season again. My only request is that you actually close the PBE, because as it stands right now it only serves as a preview of new content, rather than an actual test realm with the intent of vetting new ideas and mechanics.
I will have you know, the PBE actually really does catch a lot of bugs. For example, Zyra could've had attack-able passive seeds that minions could attack but couldn't be destroyed in any way. It had the possibility of stopping a whole lane from moving forward because the minions will forever try to destroy it. The odds of the passive putting a seed in the middle of the lane are slim enough it could've taken weeks on live to find. And trust me, it stops the WHOLE wave. Can you imagine how many ranked matches would've been thrown hoping for a stupid RNG flower to break the game?
: Not going to lie, I've been matched with master tier players (normally one or two a day) for a while now as a Plat 5 player. But honestly I really like it, I get to play with a lot of Diamond and higher players.
But I'm in Silver (and just by the skin of my teeth). I really doubt a Silver 5 should be matched up with _any_ Diamonds. That's one tier too high in my opinion. Platinums are usually rough enough. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: *Zombiemaster* is correct. We've had to send these gifts out in waves due to just how many we're sending out. Let me know if you don't have anything by the 23rd please.
I too don't have any gifts. I don't have the Kayle skin OR the icon, and I have definitely been present for the match requirements.
: Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, revealed
Anyone else get a "Jak and Daxter" feel from his W?
: {{champion:254}} I can understand. {{champion:81}} doesn't need a new skin. Give it to someone else that needs more swakyness, like maybe... {{champion:83}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:57}}
It's not even that they need more "swakyness", it's more that {{champion:81}} has more than enough skins as it is. On top of having the first skin priced at 3250 RP, Pulsefire {{champion:81}} ! This is coming from someone who owns all but Explorer and Striker Ezreal... (I mostly lack the money to buy Debonair right now and that's why I'm even mildly upset with it)


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