mærk (NA)
: First off, it wasn't ARAM you played it was Butcher's Bridge an event for Gangplank... Secondly, it's called All Random All Mid, not Almost Random AhwhatgamemodeisthisagainNOTsummonersrift Mid.
> First off, it wasn't ARAM you played it was Butcher's Bridge https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/018/489/nick-young-confused-face-300x256-nqlyaa.jpg
Rustypug (NA)
: when your favorite champion gets nerfed but you still dominate with them
When you don't even crop the template meme nor edit the caption in it and still get upvotes "I'm ~~still~~ worthy!"
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: Hashinshin complaining that Bruisers do no damage to Tanks and that Tanks are weak against Mages
: I'd love to see future Swain skins with different takes on Swain and his "patron"
I just want an Ultimate Swain skin where he follows an alignment change through the game. Like for the first 10 minutes he decides whether he is neutral, good or evil and then he setlles wheter he is chaotic, neutral or lawful based on his Kill/Assist/creep score proportions, each alignment having different appearances, lines and potentially animations. But then again the possibilities of Riot giving a cool champion an ultimate skin this year are near 0
: Top lane is so garbage that Tf blade hit rank one on it in 2 regions xd
... by picking the only toplaners who fare well against ranged ones, while being able to have a laning phase {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:84}} . You are proving nothing at all by pointing out a player who's been meta slaving his way to the top, when the thread is about champions being significantly stronger than others
Thilmer (EUW)
: The balance in toplane has been laughable for whole seasons
The funniest part about this thread is that you can identify anyone who never played top in the comment section by judging how much bullshit they are creating just to make toplane look prettier than it is, and their main role look like the victim. This is why top never gets balanced: a lot of players from the 4 other roles are ready to bash false facts all around the place just so they can keep riot's attention all by themselves. You wouldn't want daddy Riot to glare someplace other than botlane, would you? Who would gut every "meta" botlaner who isn't a marksman if they are occupied to balance toplane?? That kind of people sickens me...
: Yuumi proves how utterly clueless this forum is.
Oh, you mean that people are wanting buffs on an already pretty strong champion solely because they have no clue how to play it? Never happened before... {{champion:145}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:39}}
Antenora (EUW)
: You are stupid though. Her winrate is down 2% and we're not even mid patch yet. The nerfs were fine. https://i.gyazo.com/86e917c129dba903da60b63baf9ba171.png Aww the tank player's mad.
https://i.imgur.com/QapFJ7I.png[/img] Why am I not surprised
: What's the deal with Katarina? VA question.
{{item:3070}} {{champion:112}} {{item:3070}}
: Riven's WinRate graph for 9.10 fills me with sadistic joy
She is still insanely powerfull. The only reason her winrate took such a hit is that most people who picked her up while she was at the top were successfull with her only because of her bloated numbers and won without giving any effort. Now, even if she is still blatantly overpowered, people have to use their brain during laning phase, something that they haven't done for months now
: I think Yuumi's win rate is heavily suffering from people genuinely not knowing how to use her.
I don't understand people trying to play her as a champion when she is meant to be played as an item lol
: About ARAM nurfs
Because she is still the top winrate champion in ARAM even through her nerfs. It's not like those are doing anything either, someone able to damage an entire team on a lane with a button press, heal her team with another, cause speed boost for allies and slow for enemy with yet another one and finally stun the entire lane with the last one will always be waaay overpowered for ARAM where she can do this for virtually forever. Nerfs are also slightly based on popularity/simplicity of the champions. Since Sona is a cheap and popular champion with a kit that literally anyone can use efficiently, its normal for her to receive more nerfs than some other more complicated options. But yeah Xerath is one of the few examples of some kind of favoritism I believe, he clearly deserves more nerfs, and thats coming from someone who enjoy playing him in ARAM.
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: Caitlyn wasn't the top ADC for at least a patch
Oooooh do I love ADC, the role people try to convince everyone else that THEY are the victims of the meta and that THEIR personal favorite marksman should get buffed every patch, until someone else complains THEIR favorite marksman isn't at 55% winrate anymore so that they should be buffed again. And don't even get me started on how everyone complains that "ADC is dead" whenever there is one or two non-marksmen pick being meta in the ADC role...
hoganftw (NA)
: Top lane is for masochists.
Playing top nowadays feels like you should decide the 5 bans your team does yourself if you want to actually have a chance to lane
: Can you add a poll so we can vote on if we prefer to get aram bans backs or not.. I don't think the upvotes are loud enough.
Anatera (NA)
: Also a reminder that the only people who were against it were the ones with ARAM accounts. You know, the people who were ruining ARAM in the first place.
Well, not entirely true since a lot of people actually showed actual reasons to NOT want ARAM bans back that could've justified why they were against it without being solely ARAM account users. But even then, literally all of those reasons have blatent and utter flaws that make ARAM bans the best solution either way. Amongst those mentionned reasons, there were: 1- The fact that an ARAM with every champions unlocked would be more balanced than anything we've got yet. Even if this one is particularly appealing and popular, this reason is utterly flawed because it got tested by Riot with very unsatisfying results (due to the presence of rerolls, rerolls pools, dodging, trading etc) and is a solution that Riot would probably never ever implement due to the loss of potential money from unlocked champions. In short, it is both inefficient game-satisfaction wise and very unlikely to happen. Bad reason. 2- The fact that Bans forced an additional 30 seconds to the gamemode... Do I really need to explain why this one is bad? Anyone who considers an additonal 30 seconds too long needs to calm the fuck down. Bad reason. 3- The fact that Bans supposedly made ARAM less... random? This one is a favorite of mine to see, since it doesn't make any sense at all. This one is based on the opinion that removing 10 champions from the roster makes it less random by reducing the total amount of champions. But since the banned champions are extremely often champions with a 10%+ pickrate in ARAM while several have a 5%- one and the roster is still at 93% integrity after an **optimal** 10 champions ban, we quickly come to the conclusion that bans, as far as champion pickrate spread is concerned, actually ***IMPROVES*** randomness. Also consider that ARAM never was and never will truly be COMPLETELY random. Bad reason. 4- The fact that you can't get X permabanned champion. This one too, doesn't make any sense, since some really ~~fucked up~~ weird people around here play ARAM, a gamemode based on getting a random pick... expecting to get a definite pick amongst 2, 3 or maximum 4 potential champions. This group potentially also regroups ARAM accounts, but I find it astonishing that some people complain they get an unanticipated pick in a gamemode where the goal is to get an unanticipated pick. In short, if you want a definite pick, don't play ARAM and never ever come again, the charm and fun of ARAM is to get a variety of champion, it's not about playing and throwing games until you want THE pick you want. Bad reason. There are also some more, but those 4 are the principal ones. Just making this to go back on your statement: > the only people who were against it were the ones with ARAM accounts As it turns out, the reality is far more horrendous, since there are also; 1- People with good intentions but who don't see the greater image, 2- Lazy people, 3- People who don't understand how ARAM or bans work 4- People who don't play ARAM for what it should be ... who also are against bans. So, my main goal isn't to remind people that ARAM accounts are bad and that they are literally everywhere, but to make people think on why they shouldn't be against bans since there's literally no reason to be against them other than unvalid and often biased reasons
iDemacia (NA)
: Nah I hated ARAM bans because my favorite champs like Ez and Xerath always got banned. If I wanted bans and people try harding I'd go play ranked
If you wanted specific champions in a gamemode you'd play ranked too. Surprise: ARAM is about picking RANDOM picks, not complaining because you can't get those that you want
: Watching Annie bot getting decimated from every champion sure is sad to watch...
Meh, not too sure about this one. {{champion:1}} isn't really "bad", she just fills the niche of an immobile short ranged nuke mage, which is pretty much the perfect opposite of the ultra mobile assassin meta mid has been forced into for over a year. She just doesn't fill any role, and this gets pretty obvious when almost all of the very few "outplays" Jared do are just basically a passive+ult on more than 1 champion. Her role is basically incapacitating and potentially nuking several champions, but she lacks the utility, mobility and snowballing that most other midlaners have while they are potentially doing the same at a much, much safer range or with a much faster engage.
: Battle Academia Katarina's dagger animation is literally incomplete
That feel when Riot REALLY is going for that moneygrab, so fast in fact that they don't even finish the skin lol (In case the textures already exist and this is a mere bug, then I guess I'm wrong)
: Meh, some people like being able to randomly get lucky and play champs like {{champion:45}} , {{champion:99}} , {{champion:63}} , and {{champion:74}} and not have them permabanned every game when {{champion:21}} ,{{champion:29}} , {{champion:67}} are all at least as strong. Leave bans in and you might as well change the name to "All Mid" because there's nothing random about 10 bans followed by 10 rerolls so each team has a perfect team comp when half the fun champs aren't allowed to be played
10 champions removed from the ARAM pool leads us to a roster who's 93% intact as of the current number of champions. Since a LOT of champions in ARAM have a pickrate of over 10 times bigger than some others, I don't see why a ARAM mode with bans wouldn't be random, since removing a champion with over 12% pickrate would force people to actually play one who's less played. Come on, it's simple: ARAM - high pickrate champs = less popular champs getting picked more often = more random. It doesn't make any sense to say that giving the ability to remove champions who plague almost 1/7 of the games from the roster results into a less random gamemode, it's the perfect opposite.
: Ya know, considering ARAM is a non-competitive mode, they could eliminate this entire issue by simply making all champions available on the mode. It would also be a really good place to experience/experiment with champions they haven’t tried before.
I've never had any problem with this solution, as this would potentially be the best outcome possible. My main concern in it though, is the fact that Riot once claimed that they tested this outcome and, due to the massive amount of pick manipulation we have now access to, its effects were not that different than a normal ARAM plagued with ARAM accounts. also, I highly doubt riot would ever implement this into a permanently availlable ARAM, competitive or not.
Anihaku (NA)
: They should attempt to actually balance the mode before bringing back bans. Nerf the top and buff the bottom and see where that goes. Even when the butchers bridge event was up, the teams were even more lopsided in my experience. It came down to the same issue of whoever had the most poke on their team. Sure it was nice to ban fizz every game, but I would rather have the mode balanced than the bandaid ban approach.
> They should attempt to actually balance the mode before bringing back bans. Nerf the top and buff the bottom and see where that goes I don't know where you've been man, but there are actual balance changes that are LIVE since the event https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/0Bt20UUK-aram-balance-update-thread spoiler alert: they barely had any impact, if at all. https://i.imgur.com/R0VuAyq.png[/img] This is the top 10 winrates in ARAM as of now. The only things who actually changed is the order of the top most powerfull, but the winrates are still as high. In fact, we have {{champion:266}} who shows up as a newcomer, because he is part of the champions who are actually BUFFED in ARAM, because he was previously the worst champion in the game before last patch, but now he got reworked and this buff hasn't been removed. Conclusion: the balancing approach that you claim would be better than the "bandaid" solution has actually been tested (without you even noticing, based on your comment) and, as it turns out, it is far from being as efficient as the bans since it doesn't bring any balance at all. In fact, as shown with {{champion:266}} , this solution potentially brings even MORE balance problems.
Laughing my ass off everytime people complain at any given time that {{champion:266}} is apparently op, but their match history shows that they don't even know what grievous wounds is. Hell, I even saw an Ahri player once in a game vs top Aatrox and mid Vlad who complained that they were too strong and that Ahri was overnerfed, even if she bought a {{item:3151}} instead of a {{item:3165}} second item. Some people...
: go on reddit with this. and get downvoted.
https://new.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/bdzbhq/about_aram_bans/ https://new.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/b91oxv/aram_bans_are_making_the_mode_so_much_more/ Those are the two most popular reddit threads concerning ARAM bans. Considering that both of those are overwhelmingly positive when talking about ARAM bans, if this doesn't show reddit is also in favor to reintroduce ARAM bans, I don't know what does.
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Taeli (NA)
: Zyra Is Underwhelming And A Bit Conflicted.
https://i.imgur.com/1Dd7F5h.png[/img] If this is what it means to be underwhelming, well, I don't know what to think anymore
: Can we stop ignoring Warwick?
To be honest, he doesn't seem that bad but, like most other less successful junglers, the reason of his struggles are much more caused by the extreme raw power that other junglers possess rather than their lack of
: Lane Nidalee Is Not Forgotten, Riot Needs To Do Something
Of course lane Nidalee isn't forgotten, but this is exactly why I'm not really excited to see her once again; because I remember.
: Is there any chance Finishers and the like will stay?
Of course I want to keep them. Starting to grow real tired from getting hyped from events unlockables just to discover after returning to the game post-event that almost any "rewards" from progression who weren't emotes or borders are just gone for no reason at all.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
Anything planned to revive {{champion:50}} ?
Jaspers (EUW)
: {{champion:112}} - Each time you buy an upgrade it choose a skill to upgrade it changes your appearance, plus the appearance changes based on the order of your upgrades. I only say him as well it seems like a great concept. I don't even like him really/suck with him.
As a {{champion:112}} main, this warm's my (robotic) heart
Potats (EUNE)
: Ultimate Skin
Since it has been 3 years in a row that the ultimate skin is reserved for a female botlaner (I consider Lux as a botlaner, a 3 to 1 pickrate in support : mid makes her a botlaner) anything that is NOT a botlaner while being male would bring much much more diversity. Even if I play a lot of toplane, I aknowledge the fact that mid and jungle deserves it just as much. My concern however is the fact that, even if Riot is SUPPOSED to make an ultimate skin for a new target audience, I highly doubt they'll do it. Why? Because it has been three years that they've been milking sensibly the same group of players with ultimate skins because it's sensibly the most profitable one. Now that recent skinlines have been aimed at the most popular champions and that prestige skins exist for yet again very popular champions, why would they want to make an actual ultimate skin for an less represented champion? My expectations from Riot when talking about skin releases are at an all time low, yet I'm almost sure they'll find a way to still let them down, once again.
: Stop asking for a Aatrox revert.
Please do understand that when people say that they want the old Aatrox back, they don't necessarily mean reverting Bbtrox. Bbtrox is a completely different champion and, as such, should be kept in the game. But this also means that Aatrox is nearly entirely gone and went almost completely bleached into what Bbtrox is now instead of getting reworked. What most people want is that Riot stop deleting champions entirely, so we just want a new champion based on an actual Aatrox rework with his kind of personality and epic voicelines (both of which were completely and utterly changed into what Bbtrox is. Once again, it doesn't mean it's not interesting: what it means is that we had a rotten apple, asked for a fresh one, and got an orange instead)
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Arakadia (NA)
: | I think Riot is largely to blame for the unpopularity of monster designs |
The new Volibear lore kinda made me want a Volibear full rework to go along with it, but since Riot publicaly stated that ~~they are now too lazy~~ they won't put major emphasis on reworks anymore, it just confirmed to me that they only half care about non-humanoid characters and only see them as the bastard cousins of e-girl, edgelords and weab champions
: Does the balance team play this game?
Hashinshin has been saying it for years: there's not a single person who plays or understand top lane in the balance team and this is a major drawback to the general health of the lane.
: My thoughts on Brand buffs on Pbe and the champion as a faulty designed champ
Mid is meant for champions who can both solo farm efficiently and trade damage. They need to be there because their scaling is important, while not as extreme as an ADC. Whenever a midlaner either has high enough base numbers to the point they don't need to scale as much anymore (Zyra, Brand, Lux, etc) or that they get a way to cheese through their weaknesses to ensure the fact that they can stomp in permanence the enemy laner (previous Viktor top, Lissandra, Vlad, etc), they will always go out of midlane because the lane becomes way less promising for them who can just leave the role for someone else to use it while being as efficient as before or even more in another role. This concept has repeated itself an insane amount of time in the past recent seasons and Riot should really look into the two mentionned causes of this problem.
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Kai Guy (NA)
: I really like him in bot lane.
As a definite role as in support or adc, or in some alternate meta composition like dual mage bot like some people did try out some months ago?
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Doesn't new Aatrox's reworked ultimate basically turn him into exactly what he used to be?
It does feel extremely different with his current kit though and the inner mechanics are quite different. To be honest, this might be the version of reworked Aatrox who feels the most as a rework yet, and thats a win for me. He is now once again a squishy damage dealer who's tankyness comes from raw sustain rather from innate resistances. The gameplay is quite different, but the concept does feel refreshingly similar.
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Raoul (EUW)
: Why does RIOT keep making healers if they clearly dont want heals to be any good?
Remember {{champion:432}} 's heal on release? yeah... Still not that great but still...
Terozu (NA)
: The new logo animation is even worse.
Did they just put longer nails on the hand and made it mode feminine for "gender equality"?
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