: So riot letting league burn in favor of TFT
Rip my arcade token farming. Guess I'll never get Prestige Aatrox: first event is released during college finals for whatever fucking reason, second event is released at a point the game is at its worse and then get a patch who puts the game 10 years back in terms of playability
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: The reason i think tanks are bad right now.
The amount of damage in the game is so goddam high that being tanky means healing off of your insane damage. This is becoming a goddam joke at this point since the amount of damage who got put in the game would make Phil Swift sweat. This isn't even limited to bruisers: literally anyone who has access to sustain and/or sustain items is several times harder to kill than people who don't, tanky or not
Rioter Comments
: The changes dropped her winrate. Anyway, dia is a bad way to doom a champ op. People are expected to stomp with their mains, especially if they are dedicated enough to get to dia with their main. Platin+ is a bit more reliable there.
> The changes dropped her winrate. **But ~~you~~ it DIDN'T** https://youtu.be/Wf9FYqkyfIw?t=4
: Don't worry, not like she won't get another skin in like 8 months or so :L
: project jinx is honestly very disappointing
__LOOK AT THE TOP OF HIS HEEAAAAD__ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wivOEXlL9s
Rioter Comments
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: LOL. Katarina is not OP in any way. Every single cc in the game cripples her. Not to mention every single matchup beside {{champion:136}} and {{champion:45}} in mid lane is a losing matchup naturally because she is melee. @op, you got 1.7k mastery on her... Play her more and see her weaknesses are very easy to exploit. EDIT: i love it that people don't have any actual counter argument to the truth so they just downvote and don't even reply to my post
> Every single cc in the game cripples her. ah, yes. the classic excuse to justify a champion isn't Op that works on literally every champions in the game. Wouldn't expect less from someone defending a champion who's overpowered by literal logical proofs like her insane win/pick rate % in every elo.
Hotarµ (NA)
: >An insane amount of feedback coming from different parts of the community supports the idea that the game is only going downhill in terms of appreciating playing the game. And where exactly are these sources? The Boards and even Reddit are very, _very_ minuscule sections of the community that don't voice the thoughts of the community at large. >Plain and simple: the game isn't doing great. At all. Nobody can deny it and those who do would bring faulty arguments to try justifying so. It's a faulty argument to actually want to see some _evidence?_
I'm literally showing a graph showing that the raw interest caused by League on google has been going downhill and you are asking for sources? Several streamers/youtubers are either complaining about balance or simply just quitting the game even if it was their main source of revenue (like Dyrus). This got to the point that streamer showcasing channels just show either big plays from the players or plain complains about balance. some youtube channels are also plainly and only showcasing and discussing about problematics of the game and Riot's poor decision making. You go on Surrender@20, and pretty much every balance change and even skin announcements are received negatively. Along with Twitch and Youtube, Reddit and the Boards are the biggest portion of community-related feedback you'll ever get. Neglecting every opinions coming from them over the argument that they don't represent __enough__ of the community is non-sense, since if we base ourselves on this argument, **noboddy could ever get a viable opinion by the sheer weight of "not representing enough"**. I'm not saying the minority should lead the decision making. What I'm saying is that the biggest vocal portion of the community isn't in favor of the present decision making and it shows. "The boards are too salty so their opinions doesn't count" "Reddit is mainly about LCS so it doesn't matter" "Youtube is too wide to show actual, weighty feedback" "Twitch's streamers are too biased to bring good feedback" "All those platforms together are not enough to show what the community wants" It isn't a faulty argument to see evidence. In fact, it shouldn't be an argument at all since there IS evidence and, like you just did, you neglect this feedback over several biased other arguments like those I just showcased. You are presently on a platform who is an evidence by itself but you refuse to listen to it because it doesn't represent the community in its totality. The thing is, it does represent a big part of the community through the fact that several other boards from other countries/regions exists, this is literally the point of the iceberg but I can assure you that the hidden part is made of ice just like the tip. Together with the other major platforms representing the game, the totality of the feedback amongst these does represent the vast majority of the community feedback. Refusing to listening to this because its still not 100% of the community is literally just keeping anything from taking action over the fact that someone could be playing without giving feedback, in which case it was his responsibility to do so. A lot of people are complaining. In literally every game development policies, this means that something isn't going right, and neglecting this because some others might not be doing the same thing is just going against the very concept of what community feedback consideration is. even if the vocal would be, lets say, 20% of the playerbase, it is STILL an insanely high amount of unsatisfaction even if its a minority, an unsatisfaction that can be fixed simply by listening to it. Satisfying 20% doesn't mean throwing the other 80% in the trash can, so it isn't an argument at all to wait for a totality of a playerbase to literally express the very exact and same opinion at the same time, on the same platform
Swarovsko (EUW)
: Why did rioters stop commenting in this section?
Because Riot has been forcing their own idealogy onto the game for several years now, so this caused some sort of general negative feedback from the community, so they are plainly and simply ignoring anything that they don't agree with. They've been slowly moving League of Legends away from the concept of "game" to bring it closer to some sort of sport, visual entertainment and generic popular universe. They also forced a meta based on their favorite playerbase, AKA eastern China and Korea, to drain as much revenue from the game as possible. This is generally not very welcome amongst the community, and this includes the gameplay boards, that some Rioters consider (I'm not even exagerating anything) as utterly useless, the reason behind such statement being very unprecise, but we can believe it is because the playerbase disagree with the direction the developpers has been utterly FORCING the game into, so they are basically blocking their ears like children because they don't like whats coming from the community. This doesn't even limit itself to the gameplay boards: Riot and its employees have been avoiding anything that is conversation on balance with actual players, only making statement on balance from what THEY personally think about the game on their personnal twitter accounts. Some months ago, a Rioter started duoing with Hashinshin while discussing balance. The Rioter gave minimum feedback on balance conversation with Hashinshin and we pretty much never heard again of anything that could've be the consequence of this encounter and not a single Rioter did a comparable action ever since. Some people here might argue that they are ignoring the boards because of the toxicity and the unviability on the feedback here, but this is just a bland excuse since actual feedback does exist here and developped discussion about balance existed back in the day where the game was mostly appreciated by everyone (AKA barely anyone would give feedback on balance compaired to what its like today). Those who does agree with riot abandonning any gameplay-related relation with the community will also tell that people who complain are salty because of the state of the game, which is highly ironic (and, frankly, also quite moronic if I say so) since their arguments are only justifiable by the fact that they are salty themselves about the fact that some people do care about having a balanced game rather than something they can abuse with meta or cheesing. So, TLDR: Riot shifted the game into a direction a lot of people disagree it, but they want it to stay this way so they willingly ignore the community because of it. This causes also a vocal portion of the community to protest against people disagreeing with Riot, this certain portion having few and shady arguments who are pretty much all variations of "people are salty and I'm not lol"
Rioter Comments
Naalith (NA)
: The new PROJECT set is Pyke, Jinx, Akali, and Irelia
What makes me sad is that people are guenuinely defending the fact that few select champions gets up to 5 times more frequently skins compaired to others. The number of bias opinions coming from people maining those hugely popular champions is straight up disgusting. How can some people be selfish to the point they justify 10% of the roster getting more attention than the 90% others? this is exagerated data, but this is evne less exagerated than the amount of favoritism Riot is pulling out this season.
Yenn (NA)
: Hitting Rengar with CC during his jump and still dying in half a second does not feel good
Are you insinuating that an AD assassin should have counterplay? Blasphemy! /s
Rioter Comments
: Jax needs CD nerfs.
The amount of CDR availlable through items should be straight halved across the board without any exception.
Barkley (NA)
: Viktor has been in meta damn near the entire season. Next
That steady 48% winrate sure is frightenly meta... If you are assuming he is meta because of top Viktor, he has been dead for several months now. If you are assuming he is meta because of pro play, then he is just as meta as Kalista...
: wheeze.jpeg "If they listen to us, the boards. then the game would be better!" No it fucking won't. Listening to this place would make the game worse than it is.
> Listening to what people want and what they've been telling for years would make a videogame worse than how it already was under poor management from its developpers ignoring their player base Oh ok
: But the problem with Ahri, is that nothing about her really feels op. She's just safe. And when I say safe, I don't mean she has a safe laning phase, which for the most part, it's not as safe as like zed/lb, but it is more safe than most other mages, I'm referring to the fact that you can pick ahri into anything mid lane and do fine. You pair that up with a relatively easy kit and you'll get a high win rate.
> nothing about her really feels op Imagine if every single other mages with line CCs would actually not only stun, but slowly dragged you towards them while ALSO boosting their damage from their other abilities. Would be way too overpowered, right? Then why does an hypermobile AP ranged assassin with safe laning, sustain, huge waveclearing, huge and repetitive burst damage and sickenly low cooldowns with it wouldn't be considered OP? She was fine until Riot forced so much unstable mechanics on her kit solely because of (you've guessed it) raw popularity and the fact she wasn't top tier for some mere weeks.
: Those two changes combined are still a nerf. At no point will he attack faster than he does now.
0.022 attack speed difference after getting out of E. It really is an huge nerf if he attacks 2% slower than before after casting his go-to "oh shit" button /s
: Because he doesn't cross the threshold for being op that they clearly laid out. He like Jayce is getting a change that is meant to make him worse in lane, but scale better so that he is less of a bully, and thus less frustrating to fight.
What makes Kennen less frustrating to fight if they basically even it out by buffing one of his already way too oppressing abilities? This isn't just a shift of power just like Jayce. they are just mentioning him in the patch notes with an useless nerf so they can brag in toplaners face saying "Well, don't say we never nerfed kennen lol". after activating his E, the difference of attack speed is just 0.022 nerfed. Given this is one of Kennen's ability that he just spams every confrontation ever, he'll barely feel any difference in his power other than waveclearing, in which he already excelled way too much and is STILL not getting touched.
: Because every champion should be viable in pro play, even those with a low skill floor.
> Because every champion should be viable in pro play Almost 70% of the roster should follow that guideline too, then, because "every champions" extends further than the champion who's always been in the top 5 most picked in midlane all elo's included for almost half a year now. A champion who has 52-53%+ winrate every single patch should be seriously looked at for plain nerfs, favoritism or "pro play" included or not, AKA an already insanely good champion shouldn't get even better because some people want to see her getting played by someone else who probably doesn't care if a single champion amongst about 140 others is playable or not.
: That's not a buff. Her charm's vulnerability duration is also reduced to compensate but she needs much bigger changes than that in order to be viable in pro play.
> but she needs much bigger changes than that in order to be viable in pro play. If getting her to be "viable in pro play" means increasing her 53% winrate even further beyond along the way, I don't think it should even be considerable.
: Sorry, some of us dont have a PBE account, whatever that requires.
http://www.surrenderat20.net/ Bookmark this. You'll probably need this before the next time you start assuming things.
: So I agree with the Aatrox nerf
Riot plz, nerf Aatrox's strength, not his dialogue. That's the strongest thing about him after all
atorelle (NA)
Why would Riot nerf a keystone because of a single champion who isn't even supposed to use it beating everything in the meta? The renekton changes are way too over the top, granted, but nerfing a champion who's been way overtune for way too long instead of nerfing the keystone she uses is quite logical... Even before the aftershock cheese meta thats been going on for her, she was sitting at an almost perfectly constant 52%+ winrate while still being one of the most popular supports. Nerfing aftershock would just bring her back to a less busted state while still needing nerfs, resulting in a wave of nerf hammering hitting way too much instead of simply hitting the problem at the source like they are trying to.
: To the Gameplay Boards? Good, ignore this place that's more a meme than a forum
Thats what they've been doing for about 4 years now and look where we are now. The actual meme is the freaking game itself and people like you who tries to tune down opinions from actual players because they post it on a platform abandonned by its own creators.
Kelg (NA)
: Ahri has 52-53% win rate all year, better buff her!
Imagine the drama if she ever fell to an actual 50% winrate in any elo for longer than a patch! She would be unplayable! /s
Rioter Comments
: I kinda hope Pool Party is full of shirtless men this year...
{{champion:112}} , featuring steel-hard abs. Literally.
Oddlaw (NA)
: VIktor isn't a villain, he's the good guy. Appearances can be deceiving .
Which is a major reason why his lines should be changed. He presently sounds more like a zealous antagnoist while he should be a logical but thoughtful "prophet" of an evolution he truly considers as an act of benefaction.
man of tin (EUNE)
: So Pantheon is getting VFX recolors (and a recall for baker) for all of his 975 skins for the rework
I was so happy to see Dragon Knight show up in "my shop", then I remembered he was only halfway done in terms of VFX recoloration...
: While I would love to hear many VO updates for many deserving Champions, including Viktor, it just doesn't happen very frequently. Lux was fortunate because they took advantage of having her VA already around for voicing Elementalist Lux, but that is an anomaly. I've heard that they did the same with MF when Gun Goddess was in development and ended up unhappy with the updated VO and scrapping it, but I've not seen a Rioter say that, so take that with a grain of salt. FauxSchizzle actually recently posted some great insight in another thread as to why it can be difficult for them to get VO updates rolling. [In this thread](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/1J43KWot-can-we-get-a-vo-remake-roadmap-what-champions-need-a-vo-update?comment=00060000), he says: > [{quoted}](name=FauxSchizzle,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=1J43KWot,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-07-08T22:17:41.011+0000) > > It has nothing to do with "not liking" this idea. We LOVE the idea of updating old champs. Usually, we book talent for 4 hour chunks of studio time (guild minimums). While this sounds like a lot of time with an actor in the booth, it actually goes by suuuper fast, with the first hour or so being time for the director (we have a rotating roster of wonderful VO directors), actor, and writer to hone in on the character and find the voice. Then it's three hours (with breaks) to get the right takes on lines. We end with efforts (non verbals) which typically blow out the actor's voice. > > WE can usually record a full 150 line script in 4 hours. So to bring an actor back for a skin, doesn't really afford us much time with said actor to record an additional set of lines for base champ VO. We're looking into ways to make this happen, but then we typically run into bandwidth issues internally for folks to select, process, edit, hook up, and test the new lines IN ADDITION to the skin VO. It's one of my personal passions to redo as many old champ VOs as possible, and we're making some head way. But I would hate to promise you fine folks something that may take a long time to deliver bc we're all stretched very thin. Writers have to write a lot of new content for league. VO designers have to iterate and implement new content. Anything old we're updating is additional work we're doing on top of our normal workload. > > Again, it's one of my personal missions to bring as many old champs up to modern quality bar as possible. It's also super hard to do when some of our talent no longer works in the industry meaning we have to recast. Recasting tends to upset mains and we wind up seeing diminishing returns on the effort. > > TLDR: It's complicated, but it's a dream we do share with you :)
The thing is... as much as I love Viktor's current voice actor, I don't feel like its a NECESSITY to have the exact same person to book for updating the VOs, nor do I feel we should wait for a skin release to bring him up there (Viktor is certainly not on the watchlist for a new skin and probably won't for the next 18 months or so because of Riot favoritism). His accent is so heavy and his voice so filtered that having a brand new voice actor for him would probably not be unfamiliarising at all. The original voice actor's voice is barely recognisable at this point and this, as regretful as it is, is a real advantage when it comes to updating Viktor's lines since, well, anyone with a fitting voice and enough skill can make a success out of such a rework. Add in the fact that Riot confirmed that they will slow down (read: slow down by A LOOOT) the rate at which they'll release full VGUs (Pantheon will probably be up in the PBE around Worlds time and Volibear/Fiddlestick should be in several months after, or even years...) and it becomes pretty clear that there's no real complication in simply updating VOs (they confirmed that a full recording is about 4 hours long. Editing and implementing should take about up to 50% more time, I have some experience in videogame media creation, and such basic additions of voice acting who DOESN'T need any form of lip-syncing is as simple as 1-2-3) if Riot would actually take the initiative of making such a move without the ulterior motives of making extra profit from skins along the way. They have the time. They have the workforce. They have the capabilities. They.Can. They say they have the motivation to do such things, but that they can't simply do it. Which is weird since they certainly could if they ever stopped thinking if they would like it or not and simply add those kind of projects on their platter. This is a worldwide, billion(s) making company after all, they should really stop acting like indie developpers. Even the "explanation" that you did share is something that we would normally see from a freelancer company working on a early-access title...
Rioter Comments
: Love how it’s only a problem when top has to deal with it. Everyone else is just whining.
It has been a problem for years now... toplane balance is undeniably the worst when you consider it has been going on for entire seasons for sensibly the same reasons and yet never ever got fixed. Meanwhile, if botlane is underpowered for half a patch, Riot will either hotfix it or just plainly buff either every single ADCs or every ADC items. Remember when some toplane champions (bruisers mainly) were viable for, like, 2 weeks in botlane and every ADC mains whined so much about it that Riot buffed the hell out of every ADC and ADC items because of it? One of toplane's many problems comes from ranged champions laning without any drawbacks against melees in top, and this has been going on ever since Runes Reforged and even longer, the only things who changed ever since are the ranged champions who are popular at it, having a slow and steady rotation every 6 months or so. Don't complain about top lane problems being too loud if you can't understand that it has been going on for way longer than any other problematics who are presently in game...
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: No ADC is building armor penetration, why is this not talked about?
The amount of buyable + base damage versus defenses presently in the game is almost comically unbalanced. Add in the fact that pretty much every single ADC but {{champion:81}} has some way to melt through armor (true damage, AAs with incredential damage. %health damage, all of those at once, etc). But even Ezreal has a good deal of magic damage to go through it so yeah. Way too much damage + ADC kits being waaaaaaaaaay too fault-proof against defenses pretty much makes the game one-sided
Kazekiba (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=kaisas asscheeks,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dVWfpJRE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-03T21:25:05.744+0000) > > This shit could’ve belonged on someone like trundle but nope more Renekton worship Trundle does NOT need more mechanics that results in him being 85% pickban/75%wr in proplay
Well, say what you want, but he does need a lot of love nowadays. Also, I don't see why pro players would start to abuse a champion who's at the bottom of the meta if he did get any new mechanic since the hot shit nowadays for top are either ranged champions or some assassins and jungle is straight up only assassins, bruiser/tanks building like assassins, or Karthus. I don't see why Trundle would break the pro meta by rising from the bottom with a single new mechanic
: Renekton's shield-breaking W is basically a giant "fuck you"
Back at Riot HQ: "ok guys, those champions are utterly broken and are breaking toplane like crazy {{champion:92}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:92}} , what do we do??" "Lol lets just strap an anti shield on the single champion who still isnt complete shit in the meta so he'll counter everyone lol"
: hahhaha you are talking about Riot like they are capable of making smart insights... I dont agree with sona thing but from your perspective it would be like. Ahh some people find sona annoying... BUFF EVERYTHING ELSE BY 110000000000000% that way they will not notice how annoying sona is becouse everything else is even more annoying now!
Pika Fox (NA)
: She is literally the weakest champ in aram atm.
Rioter Comments
: I don't think it's needed simply because it doesn't change the way you'd interact with the ability. Enemies will want to leave the zone because of the slow, and Viktor can't play around knowing an enemy already has 2 stacks, as he has no other CC or way to add stacks. Effectively, adding a particle does nothing but add more visual clutter.
> Enemies will want to leave the zone because of the slow But what if enemies are not even in the zone to start with and that they enter it? The hitbox is wacky and the visuals fade out even before the end of the ability's effect. This would definitely change the way they play around the ability, since "kiting" the border of the ability and resetting the 0.5sec trigger time ends up in a really really confusing situation in whether or not you would get affected by the stun. Hell, since the ability is just a ground effect, it tends to get absolutely overlayed by almost any other effects in the game, leading in some occasions to some real confusion on whether or not you are getting stacks or even if you are standing in it in the first place (the slow is barely noticeable before starting to level it either way) > and Viktor can't play around knowing an enemy already has 2 stacks, as he has no other CC or way to add stacks. False. Nobody can know whether the effect is gone or not or if enemies are still getting stacks unless looking at the debuffs tooltips (which is already klunky, extremely inneficient and not even worth to look at) so you can't: 1- Judge whether or not an enemy will be stunned by walking around the EDGE of the ability (it really reacts weirdly on the widths of champion hitboxes) 2- Predict if an enemy will be stunned by getting out and in again inside the ability 3- Make follow ups on his skill shots on his upgraded W since you can't really tell WHEN the target will be drawed to the center on fast targets or if it'll even drag them at all The list goes on on a multitude of more specific examples, yet it all comes down to the fact that having actual information on WHEN something is going to happen or if it'll actually happen really is game changing for both the user and the Victim, ESPECIALLY on a hard CC. Just imagine if {{champion:202}} wouldn't have an indicator for his W stun. Wouldn't make sense, right? Why would it make more sense on Viktor? What if {{champion:121}} didn't have an isolation target indicator? What if {{champion:122}} didn't have an indicator for his passive? Even if those are more extreme examples, those all show that those champions base themselves on visual indicators to make plays. Viktor's W is extremely unsteady in its result and everyone can only get benefits from having actual information on it. Almost anything related to follow ups on this ability is based around timing, a timing that is highly unpredictable since you can't even SEE the buildup of the ability. Even if he can't add stacks from other sources than W, whats the point of having them since he can't even see them or see the buildup, even if they have such a fight-changing effect? > Effectively, adding a particle does nothing but add more visual clutter Viktor is an old champion. He has pretty much half of the particles that most new champs possess even on their most basic abilities or even AAs, and that, even if he relies on stacking AoEs. Adding an actual indicator to his kit (the only other one is his ult targeting reticula which is barely noticeable either way) that would share actual informative data would be more than welcome in a kit who's already in need of clarification because of how confusing some hitboxes or cast speeds are. Granted, it heavily depends on how its implemented, but we have already an HUGE amount of visual indicators (evne some of the same nature like {{champion:145}} and {{champion:201}} ) yet they blend really well into each others. Adding another one based on such a short ability wouldn't clutter anything at all, at this point half of the particle effects who are presently implemented on new champions should be removed if it was an actual thing to look out for.
: why do you keep making this post every month or 2
Probably because its something that needs to happen yet Riot just ignores anything related to Viktor unless he is pro-picked? Whats so wrong about that?
Rioter Comments
: Fuck Jungle
> Now lanes, specifically top, are complaining that jungle is never there for them when they need help. To be honest, the very vast majority of the time that a toplaner will ever beg for help from the jungle is because the enemy jungler isn't giving them a rest either. They don't hate jungle because they are never there because of the early influence nerfs, but because junglers are what decides who wins the toplane so, if the ally jungler isn't there for you, it's almost guaranteed that you lose lane as soon as the enemy jungler takes profit from the other jungler's absence
: @Riot, So when will Talon get an Emote?
{{champion:112}} {{item:3070}}
: If you're not willing to build vs the problem, don't complain about it.
Remember when people complained so much about Aatrox that he ended up getting gutted and needing another small rework? All of this because some people volontarily ignored healing debuffs against him...
Kelg (NA)
: Boards want Morde to sit at 47% wr, then he's balanced.
Seriously, we are slowly going to go full circle and bring him back to post jugg rework level of nerfs
: Rhaast deserves lore
I wish riot would'nt've abandonned darkin lore for so long. Still waiting for a Darkin mage...
: > [{quoted}](name=PaffWasTaken,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Gjh9Rvnp,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-22T23:33:21.340+0000) >**PaffWasTaken**: >Karma is OP, so no other champion in the game can be OP. Yeah, no Also, Karma is getting nerfed in the upcoming patch.
I'm literally making a thread about how the whole community acts like only Mordekaiser is OP, and you think I'm saying that only Karma is OP? you misinterpret the thing, mate. I literally put Morde's busted win/pickrate just to show that there's a lot going on in the OP department. I'm not showcasing specifically Karma because I want her to be the only one considered OP, I showcased her because I'm tired of people considering Morde as the only Op thing at the moment. almost no one talks about other toplane problems who aren't related to him or Tahm, but there's way more going on. > Also, Karma is getting nerfed in the upcoming patch. Yeah, cool. Actual nerfs, buffs getting reverted or joke nerfs like the -5ms Irellia meme? That's another problem: no one knows until Riots succeeds or fails, and in the latter case we need to wait another 2 weeks to see if they don't miss their shot this time.
: So many 100% Pick or Ban champs in Pro Play...
That feel when the balance team cares SOOOOO MUCH about pick diversity in pro-play, that they buff the champions they want to see SOOOOOOO MUCH that the become perfectly pick or ban, the complete opposite of diversity... https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/facebook/000/027/971/cover2.jpg
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