: Who do you think is the best designed champion and why ¿
Would've said {{champion:112}} , since as a character lore-wise he is awesome and his looks are the coolest of the game IMO. But since the amount of voice lines he has is as small as Riot's interest in him, I'm gonna go with {{champion:136}} for the same reasons while also having a sh*tton of awesome voice lines
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: The boards: New champs are overloaded and all need to be gutted
To be honest, I think this is caused by the fact that barely anyone uses the boards anymore when compaired to some years ago. People just come here to share their thoughts on balance when something is upsetting them personally and when it get fixed, they go and only come back when another problem triggers them. In this situation, people have been complaining ever since Irelia's rework that she was overloaded, no one was opposed to this idea since the only persons who were here were the persons who had an issue against her. Now that Irelia's reign of terror is finally seeing some serious changes, now is the time for Irelia mains to come back here to share their opinion on the matter. Riot should really REALLY introduce a new tool to know the community's opinion on certain matters, like a voting engine who compilates everyone's opinions while taking into account their rank, their mains and general behavior
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: The problem with Irelia's passive isn't bonus damage to shields
An overloaded kit is problematic no matter how you look at it. There's no "champ unique strength" when a champ regroups the "unique strengths" of like 4-5 other champions. While I do believe that bonus shield damage should exist on a champion, that champion shouldn't be Irelia. This has to go or something else from her kit should, be it disarm, overly easy access to ranged hard cc or refreshing dash
Khabith (NA)
: Can we all just stop copying each other? It's getting kinda sad
1- Riot introduces problematic balance problems into the game 2- Community rightfully complains about the balance problems 3- Riot keeps balance problem as if everything is ok 4- Community continues complaining about the same things since nothing fixed the problem yet 5- "Omg guys we get it stop saying the same things over and over" Rinse and repeat and here we go, League of Legends since S6 in a nutshell
: Diana extremly nerfed 3 combos removed ! @Riot Zhanos
: > [{quoted}](name=Super Cow Swag,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ir4w1Ern,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-14T23:41:26.131+0000) > > Why lower the cooldown to compensate though. Because people would just go back to running {{summoner:7}} / {{summoner:21}} (which they still might anyways)
Since {{summoner:14}} is used 80% of the time at almost every single positions who aren't jungle, changing the spells people take to introduce variety is actually what needs to happen : there's no need to include another buff and take the risk that nothing changes
: Why lower the cooldown to compensate though.
Riot has a tendency to buff back anything that the community wanted nerfed just to show how they don't give a single damn
: As someone say on reddit, it is because Ignite is here to promote fighting and since the dmg is rightfully nerf, having a lower CD make people search for more trade/fight without ignite being so strong it make it a death sentence. There is no big issue in this, only people in gameplay think something should be nerf to oblivion and that shift of power isn't allowed.
1- Certain aspect of the game has a balance problem 2- Community ask for the balance problem to be solved 3- Riot fixes the balance problem 4- Riot introduces at the same time a potential different balance problem without actually giving a care if the certain aspect needs it 5- Community rightfully complains about how this isn't how balance works 6- "Omg gameplay boards so dumb asking for nerfs all the time"
: Ignite on PBE <3
1- Riot nerfs duskblade : buffs every single assassins who used it at the same time 2- Riot nerfs duskblade again : buffs its amount of lethality at the same time 3- Riot nerfs electrocute : buffs its cooldown at the same time 4- Riot nerfs ignite : buffs its cooldown at the same time Can't they just simply nerf something or are they willingly acting like they don't know anything? Or is there some favoritism in the work here??
: Fear of Tank Metas vs What We Have Now
Let's just bring the game back to late S5, after the {{item:1401}} nerfs and before the Juggernaut reworks; tanks tanking, carries carrying, assassins assassinating, mages having actual build choices: in short, everyone doing what they are supposed to do, period.
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Cavalier707 (EUNE)
: Out of 142 champions (including Sylas), how many actually have true damage at all? You guys are so dramatic.
19 champions currently have some form of true damage in their kit. If we include the 14 marksmens who don't have innate true damage but who currently builds {{item:3031}} , we get up to 33. Now if we add the 20-ish total characters who can easily use conqueror and who don't already have built-in true damage, we easily get in the 50-something total number of champions who can use true damage out of 142. Even if I did make an approximation with the conqueror users (since some people would argue that some champs would use it or not) we **_can easily say that about a THIRD or MORE of the current champion pool possess/can use true damage_**. IMO, being concerned by this balance flaw is **_far_** from being overly dramatic; its logical.
: Ok... and how are you going to buff them? Oh right you don't care about that. Also a vayne isn't chunking an alistar that has his ult active anymore than anyone else can
> Ok... and how are you going to buff them? Why would champions who are already too strong deserve a compensation buff after getting what's unbalanced about them nerfed?
: I think anyone that does a lot of true damage needs to have that tuned down
Why are people even downvoting this? What this guy is telling is 100% true and 1/3 of the score of the thread are downvotes as of now, wtf {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Riot suggesting me to play more Lee Yasuo and Zed
I got leblanc, Kai'sa and Irelia... I main Viktor. What clearly happened here was "hey, tired of playing an overnerfed piece of crap? Just play busted champs here you go problem solved fam"
: If they make it easy to level up and unlock champs how would they ever sell their boosts? Thx level 30 Glorious Champion Capsule. Ryze, Annie and 90 BE are really helping me enjoy this game.
> [{quoted}](name=Greenette,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=FXHno6cI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-14T11:44:58.389+0000) > > If they make it easy to level up and unlock champs how would they ever sell their boosts? > > Thx level 30 Glorious Champion Capsule. Ryze, Annie and 90 BE are really helping me enjoy this game. Who even buys boosts either way?
: So we're just going to ignore this then...
Nothing new here... literally: everything Riot has been releasing for the past 2 years or so, except some minor exceptions, is just recycled content that already existed and that was already in their possession. From splash arts to in-game textures along with mechanics, soundtracks, environments, items etc, almost nothing is exclusively new in what Riot releases. One of the little exceptions I remember was when they reworked the projectiles code and SOME of the spaghetti that was already there (even if I believe it happened like 3 or 4 years ago) and this just made recycling existing projectiles even easier. Even if this kind of work is impressive when done this well, the fact that one of the biggest game company of the world relies heavily on it instead of working to make brand new content just questions their reputation.
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: Problem with mages: 1 build path
I don't care about what they do to Death cap, they could nerf the AP amount for half for all I care. What I actually want is a build path for it that doesn't mean stalling your build for 7 minutes for a single powerspike
: ADC mains that aren't vayne players joined too? Lmao is this conservative tribalism? you know, when you attack one of them of them for any reason and all the others instantly join in despite it having nothing to with them
Well, they mostly joined simply because they consider "trash tier" a champion whenever its under 50% winrate, even if its a high skill floor/high skill roof champion who SHOULD be at low winrate and low pickrate by logic. It just felt like they were wanting the buff so they could be able to 1v9 everysingle game with Vayne without having to actually learn the champ like before
: Played vs buff Vayne today
I made a thread about this buff some days ago. The entire thing is filled with ADC mains saying its just a small buff and it wouldn't make her overpowered at all because she is still squishy and short ranged. How they don't understand you don't need survivability if you are perma invisible and that you don't need range when you have perma mobility/dashes is beyond me. Can't wait to make another thread showing her winrate skyrocketing through the roof to show them how dumb they are.
Wuks (NA)
: Boards Usage Guide - Part 1: Boards Markup
You might want to reconsider recommending puush: I tried to make an account to be able to use it, but it seems like they are having financial problems and can't accept free registers anymore
: It's just not gonna change anything. It doesn't fix any of the reasons Vayne isn't meta - while just making her more annoying in the mid-late game (where she's already fine). Edit: don't care if you agree or not. She will not be meta or OP when patch hits - so I'll be objectively right.
She was already considered Op from the PBE, even before the patch even hits, oops I guess. If you don't believe me, just look on youtube the people who tested the buff; you're gonna wet yourself.
Elohaven (NA)
: This post is a pretty bad exaggeration. Vayne's early is still weak and she is meant to be a monster at 3 items - which is the intended design of the champion. This video is selected instances of positive benefits of the buff for Vayne without showcasing its practicality.
There's a difference between being a late game monster and having perma stealth/auto attack resets/mobility as soon as a mobile ranged carry with built-in true damage maxhealth melting presses R every minute or so. Her early is meant to be weak; if it wasn't, then her late game would be gutted for compensation. But being able to go rambo style all-in as soon as she hits 6 and get a double kill from it without breaking a sweat isn't what I call an "early weakness". She is also designed to be a high risk/high reward champion with a high skill roof and a high skill ceiling. Tell me where's the high risk in being in perma stealth from range for 8 to 12 seconds straight
Dynikus (NA)
: Played Sylas on pbe. Riot, are you feeling okay?
> I thought Neeko was actually decently well designed, and riot was going in a good direction with new champions not being overloaded messes. Wait what. This is more alarming that the actual post.
Elohaven (NA)
: But Vayne can't melt a tank in 3 hits. Math proves this wrong immediately. We also live in a burst meta where Vayne dealing this much damage is harder to pull off since people will be focusing her once she hits 3 items.
> But Vayne can't melt a tank in 3 hits I didn't say in 3 **_hits_**, I said in 3** _procs_**, refering to her W procs exploding directly a tank's max health through true damage, which in total means, basically, 9 auto attacks. But since she can get up to 2.50 atk speed like nothing and that she has now an auto attack reset every single second, this is done in barely 4 seconds top.
: It doesnt change anything. Nasus got the same buffs and he got like 2% winrate, still not played. Ypou gotta forget about that video you saw with 40% cdr. It doesnt doa nything. You need to get the autos out to make use of it at all.
Nasus doesn't become invisible/untargetable while casting Q in R and doesn't have %MaxHealth true damage that can melt a tank in 3 procs. He doesn't dash everytime he casts Q either and he is a melee champion. Compairing his past buff to Vayne's current one means nothing at all.
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=LTK KoRo,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rKixEgdv,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-08T22:55:56.268+0000) > > 550 range argument was valid 2 years ago, currently it&#x27;s a pretty average range It's actually not. Vayne has no damage that exceeds that 550 range, she's locked into that range. {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:96}} all have ways to exceed their auto attack range and still be able to deal damage
Doesn't matter anymore since she is basically untouchable now because of that buff. The only way to kill her now is to CC deathball her without leaving her a single quarter of a second to cast anything. Also, with a short dash that can be cast almost twice per second, who needs range?
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: 9.2 nerfs/buffs plan by MappleNectar
Can't wait for {{champion:98}} to be buffed until he gets picked once in LCS, causing him to get gutted once again for another 5-6 months
: He's talking about skill and not elo. A lot of skilled players don't get to diamond and a lot of diamond players play like dogshit. Look at Hashinshin's steams for one. He's Diamond IV or something and plays like a silver while complaining about how anything other than Jax is bad design.
He has been literally complaining about Jax for weeks now, what are you even saying? Why are you even recommending someone to watch the stream if you don't even know watch it or know anything about its content?
: Remove Duskblade, Buff Assassins
Assassins already had far enough compensation buffs each time duskblade and electrocute were touched. Remove the item first, ***_~~THEN~~_*** buff those who fall too much after we can see if they actually need them. They were already ok before their kits got powercrept, lets not make them even bigger by fear of not seeing a zed every 3 games
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: Dark souls 3 bosses in a nutshell (All of Them)
Not gonna lie, I cried like an ethiopian child when I recognised the 3 first notes of the Soul of cinder's second phase theme along with his moveset...
: Just a reminder: Vi is still in the game
I don't want to be that guy, but I prefer *_**~~NOT~~**_* seeing her than actually having to play against her.
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Moody P (NA)
: Fighters have strayed too far from their original designs
AD + Health and/or Armor items shouldn't exist in the game, or at least they should be way more niche than they presently are. I still believe that fighters should have their dedicated item pool, since if they use tank items and carry items at the same time like before, it makes balancing really hard because of how a same items have direct impact to multiple different types of champions. At the same time, those dedicated items shouldn't be the raw stat piles they are now.
: Boards: demanded from Riot to gut ADCs and tanks
There's a difference between nerfing a champion class and simultaneously nerf the champion class, nerf their itemisation, nerf their lane, buff their counters etc, which they did. The boards asked ADC nerfs because the whole game's outcome was 100% the ADC's fault since it was waaaaaaay too impactful and Riot just moved this responsibility to snowball champions like certain assassins. The boards asked tanks nerf, not because they could tank, but because they could do as much damage as anyone, making bruisers quite useless since they could tank less for sensibly the same damage. What Riot did instead is nerfing the tanks' tankiness through conqueror along with buffing their damage along the way for no reason. If Riot makes bad balance changes by misinterpreting the boards' opinions, blame Riot until they actually make something good, not the boards; ***_~~what they wanted isn't what happened~~_***.
Wuks (NA)
: Boards Usage Guide - Part 1: Boards Markup
**_*~~Those highlighting~~*_** _*~~ formats are~~*_ _**~~ quite hard~~**_ _***~~ to remember~~***_ Will there be a shortcut or a way to have easier access to them? At this point, direct css would be simpler
Bondy (EUNE)
: Nerfing one class would create imbalances. We want to have ALL classes nerfed.
Yeah, problem is that an huge amount of players would like to see every classes nerfed EXCEPT the one they are maining. If their class ever gets to be nerfed, they will just accuse the boards of being a circlejerk that riot shouldn't listen to and that they should buff back the champions they main. I'm not going to mention any specific champion classes to avoid the hate, but the persons who tend to main some specific champion classes tend to be a looooooooot more loud than the others, and this has caused many balance issues in the past because of this simple fact, sadly.
: Everyone wants to see damage nerfed but no one's willing to have their class nerfed.
A flat -20%ish to every champion damage sources in the game would literally be the best change this game ever saw in the past 2 years. I don't care about mages not dealing burst , I don't care about assassins not able to assassinate, I don't care about ADCs yelling "ADCs in 201X LUL" on every media every single year. Every one without exception needs a flat decrease in damage and itemisation needs to be gutted in both damage stats/effects and the insane amount of cooldown reduction on every single items needs to be reduced by **A LOT**. Of course, this will never happen because some smartass maining a busted champion who also enjoy alone this meta that a vast majority of people hates will just say "Lol Rito boards are just circlejerk lel, dont listen to them. Also, Irelia is unplayable please bring back nerfed mov speed lel"
: > [{quoted}](name=ThePaffLegacy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MJ3gU2gA,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-03T09:25:40.261+0000) > > https://i.imgur.com/68ygCKN.png[/img] > > I don't care about her plants having wacky AI. In no way this champ is ok and nothing should keep her from getting some much needed nerfs. Having automatic turrets who **sometimes** don't focus champions The fact that you don't even know how her plants work means you have no right to talk on the subject. Stop bitching and learn how the champion works. Her plants attack the enemy that is hit with her q or e. If q doesn't hit a champion, it attacks minions. If q hits champion, all plants focus on that champion. Dodge her q and e JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER CHAMPION and you won't get poked to death.
I literally say that her plants sometimes don't attack champions, and you reply by telling me I don't know how it works and you then you literally explain the condition that makes them not attacking champions situationaly? I mentioned the plants wacky AI because I recall complains being made on the boards and the subreddit showcasing a bug in which the plants didn't respond correctly to this condition, but I must admit I don't know if this has been fixed or not.
: 1) Zyra is a mid lane mage, first and foremost. She was pushed bot by Riot. 2) She is very squishy and immobile, so if she misses an E, she's dead. 3) She's dead if someone jumps on her unless flash is up. 4) Her E is easy to see. 5) Her ult is easy to get out of. 6) And her plants are very bugged and only hit a champ unless you hit them with a spell or auto which means getting into dangerous territory. And 7) use the actual NA stats not Korea. -.- As others have explained, a ton of other ACTUAL supports have a better winrate than her so.... **STOP COMPLAINING.** We don't need another champ nerfed just because people complained, even though they were pretty normal and not OP- like Nami.
> As others have explained, a ton of other ACTUAL supports have a better winrate than her so.... She literally has the highest general winrate amongst every single supports, even more than things like Bard who have less pickrate. She has a winrate way over 50% in every single elos, even in NA, her worst elo is by far bronze with something along the lines of 51% or so
Rexxiee (NA)
: Mage "supports" all need to be gutted.
Agreed, but she, along with {{champion:63}}, were there way before mages like {{champion:101}} were brought to bot lane. They are a problem who started without much impact and just grew in size every months
Sonic132 (NA)
: Oh look she landed a W and had one plant nearby. Electrocute proc for you. Either W plant should attack more slowly, or every other attack counts for Elec. One spell should not trigger it.
To be honest, nerfing her synergy with electrocute would be a great start, but she synergises insanely with like 3 other keystones so I'm not sure it would have that much impact. Would still be great tho
: Long story short, "This champion is good nerf her" ...yup, another day another champion, it seems.
There's a difference between "good" and "sitting at the top of the tier list for months". If you can't stand the fact that an oppressive champion deserves nerfs, then please at least don't try to convince people this champion is ok.
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: What do want to see in 2019 lore wise
More darkin lore, possibly with the release of a new darkin champion if possible
Mordius (NA)
: Today something finally broke inside of me
Back at Rito HQ: "Hey, a massive amount of players is quitting the game, what do we do?" "Meh, dunno, how about another prestige skin?"
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