Reksee (NA)
: Regarding upcoming ARAM experiment
It's almost as if a champion spamming buffing auras isn't designed to be balanced in a map where everything is so clinged together that she buffs and damages whole teams every button press. The only way she'll be balance would be the end result of her getting gutted, which is highly unprobable due to her big fanbase. I'm not saying she should be gutted, but she'll always be insane in ARAM until she is.
: Patch 9.7 TL;DR here folks
Oh yes, bring me that PvE content with swarms of recolored already existing model. I'm sure it'll be different this time /s
: It's fun yeah, but of course there are more teamfights.. its 10 people in 1 lane. Also a lot of arams are decided pre 10 due to comps such as lux morg and 3 adcs on the same team lol.
> Also a lot of arams are decided pre 10 due to comps such as lux morg and 3 adcs on the same team lol. Which is kinda the same in SR whenever someone pick one of the several broken champions. At least in Aram, a team get those by luck and not simply locking it in
: Nah, he was awful and impossible to balance because of his heal gimmick.
"impossible to balance" It's not like he was sitting at an almost perfect 50% winrate with high pickrate just a week before his rework, yeah let's just ignore that and say that his heal is unbalanceable, while a 1000 almost perfectly counters it {{item:3076}}
: Old Aatrox Was SOOO Much Better
Even those who liked the new one kinda feel like he is massacred because of all those nerfs and gutting without reason.
Rustypug (NA)
: when youre farming and the fed kled ults[/img] You are welcome
: where-oh-where are you getting your stats from? They look highly suspect
...Literally every single data website with information on her winrate in different elos and/or regions will show you similar stats... If you are doubting those stats, it's definitely because you haven't researched anything yourself, or else you wouldn't have called them "suspect". Next time, just don't.
: Maybe, just maybe, nerf Riven ...
What are you talking about? Since we aren't living in Asia, our opinion doesn't count and if we complain about Riven, it's just because of western frustration so she should stay untouched. /s
: Dark harvest is being ruined because of 1 champion?
The whole concept behind dark harvest is unhealthy and should be straight removed. Giving scaling execute damage to everyone is the pinnacle of anti game balance and the surprising thing about it isn't that only one champ is using it right, but the fact that its still there and that people expect it to be buffed back to its unstable post-rework state.
drash79 (NA)
: Whats your favorite anime of the spring season?
King Crimson already erased every other anime release tbh
: Would it be possible to get any info on the Varus VO Update that was teased a year ago?
I think they kinda just abandonned any visual or voice update who aren't part of full reworks. Call it lazyness, call it ressource management, anyway I highly doubt qe'll see any kind of quality work on champions without full reworks
: When that teammate finally runs out of pings
Rustypug (NA)
: theres only one way i can defeat laughing fish
Everyone here be like "Fishing Rod too small!" Amateurs, they don't know the power of **『B E A C H B O Y』**
Moody P (NA)
: I feel like this rune system only gets realized fully in the hands of limited champions
Tbh, Riot should stop trying to make the RR system deeper by reworking keystones, runes and trees and should just make it broader. When there's barely any options to choose from just like now, everyone will just pick the best option every single time, even if some others brings different pros and cons, they'll just stick to one since the roster of choice doesn't allow much differences between them. Everything just ranges either from "more damage in X situation". "more resistance in X situation" or "better scaling in X situation", and the actual "choice" that you have is between those three options, since the X situation who's the most profitable for you is almost always the same based on your champion. To actually bring choice consequences that require decision making in the RR system, it should at least be 1.5 or 2 times bigger, including the amount of keystones: it was a major problem ever since implementation that some champions synergises extremely well to some keystones (to the point certain ones like Predator seemed to be entirely made just for a single champion, Hecarim in this case) while some other champions had little to no synergy at all, and all this was caused by the still extremely small amount of keystones.
: Repertoir asking the league players a question about items and runes
Nimbus cloak, celerity and waterwalking should have a relevant effect for immobile mages. Together, they occupy a third of the sorcery three and yet, an astonishing amount of mages (the people who mainly pick primary sorcery as their runes because the keystones are the only one they synergise with) can't even use them at all. Either expand sorcery or rework those (revert celerity pls)
: when a champion you care about gets reworked
I really hope I'll get the opportunity to play old Aatrox once again in the future... Even if I loved his rework, he changed into an entirely different champion and this is sad, even worse when Riot guts the reworked one just like on the original release of the first...
: What did Sona say when Ahri charmed her?
Who the hell downvoted that lol
Áery (NA)
: Repertoir on Riven “Frustration over her current state seems to be an especially western phenomenon.
Everytime a rioter does anything, it just seems like they are willingly digging the game's grave even faster
Rioter Comments
: I hate the jungle exp nerf.
As a laner main, I feel like every single changes Riot make to jungle just make junglers even more impactful on our games even if the intention was to make them less important. This escalated with time and failures to the point that a good jungler can basically fuck up the games of every single 4 enemy laners just by existing.
Aargus (EUNE)
: Aatrox
Replace the knockup from his Q with a slow, allow him to move while casting it and give him 3 AAs after his E cast empowered with atk speed and high sustain. Change the shape of his W into a square instead of a rectangle and finally, allow his Q to knock up again when he ults
: Neeko adc is literally more popular than AP
Irs not that her AP build is too weak: its her AD one who's way too strong. You can't have a fast artillery mage with nukes and several hard CC and give them AA empowerement. That's what they did with Zoe and she was considered busted by literally everyone. The only difference is Zoe having to cast things to empower her AAs who are, by consequence, gated by cooldown, while Neeko can just brain dead right click and let the magic happen
: Honestly, I’m starting to think Hashinshin is right about Riot’s top lane balancing philosophy
Goddam, the amount of people assuming false things about Hashinshin in those comments is insane, wow. Guys, if the main thing you know about Hashinshin is from a 10 seconds clip from a compilation where he says your main might be busted, it doesn't necessarily mean he needs to be put on a cross, calm the hell down.
JJI744 (NA)
: Its not extreme thinking, its a disconnect from reality. Toplane has, for ages now, been dominated by melee champions, both in terms of popularity and effectiveness. When a ranged champ does do well toplane, its usually because the champ itself is busted as opposed to any overreaching 'ranged beats melee toplane.' situation. At this moment, the top 10 winrates toplane are 70% melee, and the top 10 playrates are 90% melee (with Jayce being the 10% 'ranged') Has there ever, in the history of League, been a time when those numbers were reversed?
You will also notice that the top 10 winrates who are melee in toplane is ENTIRELY composed of champions who fare well against ranged, by either having hard engages, mobility, poke or even all at once. What you see is Jax, being able to jump from kilometers away to stop ranged harassment, Pantheon and Rengar doing the same, Hecarim and Wukong who's whole kits were made for target picking and elimination, Riven with so much mobility and hard CC that standing in the lane by thousands of units away from her or standing right next to her makes no difference, Akali, who's kit is almost solely made of tools to let her close range between units and so on. Isn't weird that the best champions are either ranged, or have tools to counter range? Let's go to top pickrates then, with Irelia, Silas and Renekton doing the same thing as mentionned units above. The only 3 weird ones of the bunch here are {{champion:122}} {{champion:10}} and {{champion:83}} . Kayle has been reworked, its normal if her pickrate is high. Yorick has been the champion with the highest winrate/pickrate ratio last patch and only got recently nerfed, its normal if people are still trying him out to see if he fares well (PS: he also has anti-range capacities). Now let's get to Darius, who pretty much doesn't show anything impressive partly because he pretty much ALWAYS have a considerable pickrate despite his state in the meta because of he is a go-to for people learning top, and because he has an impressively low winrate despite being an overbuffed champion who never saw a single nerf in the last almost two years now. He is one of the lane bullies who fares the worst against ranged champions, he can't double dash like Renekton and punish back, he can get eternally kited as long as the opponent doesn't make a dumb mistake and this is the reason why he is so bad right now. Showcasing what is strong and what is used in toplane and pointing out that there's a majority of melee champs there doesn't condemn Hashinshin's or OP's argument; in fact, it does quite the opposite since _***Almost every single one of those champions are counterpicks to ranged oppressors, which are the problem they pointed out***_ , it just shows how much impactful ranged champions are on top lane simply by existing and by being by definition strictly superior to any melees who doesn't have tools to directly deal with them.
Saianna (EUNE)
: Hanshin, the guy that changes his opinion everyday depending on what champion he plays or what champions wrecks him? Han playing X/Y/Z vs Riven and gets owned like little kid - RIVEN OP, how the fuck riot did leave her like that WTF?!!?!11 Next day Han playing as Riven and getting owned by X/Y/Z - WTF X/Y/Z OP, Riven so weak?! WTF Riot?! Why Riven so unplayable and weak?!?!11
> Next day Han playing as Riven and getting owned by X/Y/Z - WTF X/Y/Z OP, Riven so weak?! WTF Riot?! Why Riven so unplayable and weak?!?!11 Pretty much the only thing he was saying while streaming Riven gameplay was that her animation cancels weren't as hard as Riven mains tend to brag about. He literally fed his ass in most of those games and still managed to snowball and grab free kills because of it while repeating that "he literally did nothing and got a free win just by playing Riven". I don't know why you hate Hashinshin to the point to claim he said things he clearly didn't, but you clearly seem like someone hating on him simply because he may say things you don't like (read: that triggers you to the point you have to literally invent complains he never did) because of it. Falsifying information about a streamer simply because he may have insulted your main once or twice just makes you fit a lot more into the "I complain for nothing" role.
: playing with high ping feels like king crimson is constantly activating his ability
: The Shen thing was so weird. Nobody used him for like two years after the rework and then all of the sudden he became this unbalanceable monster that had to be nerfed into the ground despite getting no real buffs or anything.
Well, this is pretty understanble since top lane was historically mostly Bruisers Vs Tanks and {{champion:98}} always kinda occupied a spot between them : having some great engage/mobility along with base and scaling damage boosting his anti-tank damage making him kind of a bruiser, while having some pretty hard CC with damage negation to make him a tank. Since pre-Season 8 was just tanks obliterating every single bruisers because they didn't have a keystone (yet), Shen became a meta pick since he, well, countered tanks while doing what they do and doing what a bruiser do. Now he pretty much is one of the worst champs and thats not even because of said reasons above, since he was nerfed into the ground simply because he was picked like 3 or 4 times in 2 months of LCS as a support and Riot really didn't like that for some reason
Rioter Comments
: Galio state better be looked at rn, his champion spotlight is already completely 100% outdated.
Meanwhile, {{champion:98}} sits in a corner, crying while watching his reworked champion spotlight featuring him as a top lane tanky bruiser with anti-tank mechanics able to melt a Sion three levels above him. His tears just floods his face when they mention him as a "champion", the biggest assumption of them all, since he is barely a teleporting melee minion with a taunt nowadays.
: Story behind your league names?
My real name is Raphael, but people called me "Raph" at school because it was shorter. One day, one of my friends (one of those who mainly played league with me later) just said "You know what, "Raph" lacks a little punch, I'll call you "Paff" instead". Later on, this friend graduated before me and I kinda lost track of him, and meanwhile I remembered he mentionned playing League a lot, so I created this account with the original name "ThePaffLegacy", because it was kinda my friend's fault if I started playing, it's his legacy and my name's. Later, we just got in the same college and we started hanging around often together once again. His username was "MikeWasTaken", because his real name "Michael" shortened to "Mike" was already taken on the server, so he just copied the text the launcher wrote to notice him of this error to create his username. One day, while playing with him, I thought "Hey, I should change my username since it doesn't make that much sense anymore". I went on the launcher's shop, went to change my username, and simply wrote "Paff"... Paff was taken.
: These VI nerfs are a joke
Well, she sure isn't THAT much stronger and yes, she might even be weaker, but she can get pretty interesting by exploring other builds now, instead of becoming meta as the Bruiser/Tank/Anti-Tank/Anti-Squishie/Assassin/Single-target locker/AoE dealer/Heavy CCer monster that some people seems to expect her to be unironically. Even Riot has some balancing standards, and just plainly buffing Vi's numbers without doing anything else will always result in a disaster for the health of the game. We should expect more adjustments to her in the close/not so close future, and this is far safer than just saying "yeet" and pumping her numbers just to please her mains while making everyone else suffer.
: I Actually Like Season 9 So Far
Better than 8, still worse than every single other ones...ok, better than 7 if we only consider ardent meta
Rioter Comments
: When you vote honestly in the pick-a-skin poll
Going to be honest here: candy trist is lame and demon will just have dragon trainer's same effects. Galactic Gunner is the clear choice here, and the only comparable one she has is Omega Squad, which is, IMO, by far her worst skin ever no contest so it can only be better.
: Vayne is the number one ADC and has been since 9.3 while tanks and juggers simaltaneously suck shit
Remember when Vayne mains claimed that 50% cdr on Q while ulting wasn't that much of a big deal?
: Team: "Should we tower dive?"
Yes daddy, gimme that "Memes & Games" boards activity
Alkaîd (NA)
: Riot, please consider nerfing knock ups/displacements/airborne
Lol people on this thread be like : *checks if their main is on the list* if it is: *downvote* if it isn't: *upvote*
SS1986 (NA)
: This is on the pbe
Why would they think that he remotely even need/deserve a buff...
: My typical Top-Lane experience
Imagine being a molerat riding a dinosaur struggling but succeeding to stomp the son of Bane on codeine-filled life support along with shotgun knees just to lose everything you fought for because a pirate with tits bigger than her head and her pet giant singing gumball repetively got gunned down by a black man and hulk hogan carrying a f*cking door
: If a tabard won't work with Kayle...why not a belt?
Imagine being a billion dollar making company and your employees can't clip a loincloth
Falrein (EUW)
: Noxus vs Ionia, some stuff to take into account for round two
: Apex looks to be taking Fortnight's Crown by purely being a better game. Maybe that's Leagues Secret
There's barely any "new" moba who are actually getting released. Its either old ones or very very small studios who release some just for them to be either bugged or uninteresting and then gets forgotten
: My brief thoughts on the RiotAugust "Controversy"
People complain about balance because Riot voluntarily ignore the community. People complain about Riot because they voluntarily ignore the community. When a Rioter declares the boards as "useless", its basically like saying "Oh god, I hate my childrens! They keep getting sick its annoying. I wouldn't want to be infected too, so I'll keep them outside sleeping on the snow at -20 C until they are cured" There's this fun thing on the boards called the "Red Tracker", which basically lets you see every single acts from Rioters on the boards. Now, a very very quick look will let you discover that, in general, *a rioter will discuss gameplay/balance with boards users pretty much once every 2 weeks or even less often*. In fact, the most interactions you will see on gameplay between players and rioters will be on Meddler's "Gameplay thoughts" threads, which is pretty lame since most opinions about balance are actually either outside those threads of directly ignored within them. The boards were made to be a bridge between community and developpers. It worked for a while, but eventually more and more of those developpers just came to this bridge to chip parts out and split it, and now one of them is basically saying that this is reasonable since us, the community, are acting aggressive against them even if the biggest reason of this aggressivity is caused by the actual act of them cutting themselves from us and letting us rot on the other side. Nobody is complaining about this situation because they feel personally attacked. Nobody is complaining because of a possible "removal" of the boards either since it would basically not change a single thing about the situation. The reason everybody is complaining is because of the very fact that someone is willingly fueling the fire that the boards became while complaining that its getting hotter. Of course the boards are two faced, every single game communities are, but some are less than others because of the single fact that an healthy relation between developpers and community will result in healthy behavior from both. Riot should definitely learn from this and communities who are great examples for this like Warframe's who, once again, is not all butterfly and flowers, but is a goal that the boards or even the whole community should thrive for.
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: The Boards are not a hive mind but isn't this hypocritical to say that when OUR OWN FOREFRONT HOT PAGE almost always exclusively has "Riot sucks, fire X, nerf Y, revert Z, fire W, etc." literally upvoted for everyone to see? It's amazing, isn't it? How there's a claim that not everyone here is like that and yet, these are the kinds of opinions that almost exclusively hog the HOT page any day of the week and very rarely, we have actual threads that allow for proper discourse. And who is to blame? The mods? Or the community that claims we are reasonable and yet sits back when these threads are being made and upvoted? If these people tarnish our pure view of the boards, isn't it our job to keep an ever vigilant eye open and shut down any attempt to sidetrack actual discussions? _**"All that is needed for evil to win is for good men to do nothing"**_ is the saying. And we don't seem to be in a hurry to put a stop to this behavior one bit. Makes you wonder that if we let these "bad" people speak for us, maybe everyone else would think that we're all the same?
> The Boards are not a hive mind but isn't this hypocritical to say that when OUR OWN FOREFRONT HOT PAGE almost always exclusively has "Riot sucks, fire X, nerf Y, revert Z, fire W, etc." literally upvoted for everyone to see? It's amazing, isn't it? A popular/common opinion doesn't necessarily means it comes from an hive-mind or set mentality, in fact in most cases it means there's a foundation and/or reason for this opinion to exist. What you are basically saying is like declaring "People in general are not hive-minded, but isn't this hypocritical to say that since basically everyone feels pain when they get punched in the face?"
Rioter Comments
: Unpopular Opinion: Riots last few patches have made this game more fun
If we exclude the new refund policy, all the actual "good" changes were actually just past errors that they are fixing after X months. I mean, those aren't *bad* changes, but calling them good simply because they aren't as atrocious as the past ones just makes me wonder if we actually forgot what good changes actually are and how they look like.
Rioter Comments
Sucction (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PaffWasTaken,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UNY3sRA1,comment-id=00020003,timestamp=2019-02-21T19:07:27.476+0000) > > Seeker's has been one of the worst items in the AP roster for months or even years now and you compare it to dirk, an item who basically counters it? In reverse actually. Lethality is for penetrating base armor. Your 1100 gold Seeker's negates 9000 gold of lethality items, reducing them to nothing more than bonus AD and passives. Please look at things properly before making a judgement like this.
> In reverse actually. Lethality is for penetrating base armor. Lethality penetrates both base and bonus armor, AKA the actual amount penetrated is split amongst both depending of their mutual proportions, but it doesn't matter at all either way since the amount chipped is the same in both cases. A lvl 6 {{champion:238}} with no item has an attack of 76.4 without any items, and with only a {{item:3134}} dirk as an item will have 101.4 attack damage with 7.33 lethality A lvl 6 {{champion:101}} will have a respectable (for a mage that is) 35.7 armor, which gives a damage reduction of 26% damage, meaning that a no item Zed will deal 56.53 damage (reduction of almost 20 damage). If the Xerath has a **_FULLY CHARGED_** {{item:3191}} , he will have 80.7 armor, which is roughly 45% of damage reduction. If we add in lethality, mage boi now has about 73.4 armor (42% of reduction). Now, the Zed with his new toy will deal 58.4 damage (reduction of about 43 damage). Oh wow, what a surprise! The fully stacked defense item is getting not only countered by the lethality one, but it actually gets **surpassed**! And this, without even taking Dirk's effect in the calculations! We could end it there, but **... for the time Seekers will stack, time advances and Xp is gathered, _meaning that the amound of lethality and damage also increases (faster than defenses btw)_**. Seekers needs 30 killed units to be at its peak, meaning you need at least 5 waves to do so. This means that you have more than enough xp to reach lvl 8, meaning {{champion:238}} will have 7.88 lethality and 107.6 damage, while {{champion:101}} is at 87.1 armor (almost 47% reduction without lethality). Now, with the new lvls and the new lethality amount, we get to do about 60 damage. Wow, just by adding 2 lvl, even with both situations having fully stacked {{item:3191}} , we see that lvl growth actually makes seeker more and more useless defense-wise (it gets even worse if we consider either Dirk's effect, or the fact that {{item:3147}} brings even more lethality and even more attack damage while {{item:3157}} brings the exact same armor as its stacked component) Actually, a non stacked seeker's at lvl 6 (with specified stats for this exact level) will let Zed deal a whopping 63 damage. With this, we discover that if we take the time needed for Seeker's to stack, its passive will prevent a mere 3 damage, thats it. Add in dirk's 40 damage effect (reducted to between 20-25 damage depending once again of the armor) and we can safely say that **_{{item:3134}} surpasses completely {{item:3191}} , even if they are both the same price and that the difference only gets worse and worse with time _**. > Your 1100 gold Seeker's negates 9000 gold of lethality items, reducing them to nothing more than bonus AD and passives. Considering every point of lethality at level 18 is worth 22.5 gold based on the wiki, 9000 gold is enough to negate a whopping *400 armor*. At level 6, the lethality from {{item:3134}} is worth about 30.70 each, meaning that 9000 gold of this is enough to negate *293.16 armor*. Of course, this price is based on lethality alone and is only appliable if it was possible to buy pure lethality, but this just shows that lethality, as a stat alone, is EXTREMELY efficient against armor (priced 20 gold per points on the wiki) since it is linked with some absurd damage options (in case you forgot: the biggest part of the price of the items is linked to damage, which lethality needs since it can't do nothing by itself). You see, lethality is just a bonus stat to negate some parts of the defenses, its not meant to 100% counter defense items to be able to make them completely useless, its for decreasing their general value as defense options so the attack damage linked to it will bypass the rest. Thats why even if lethality alone can't counter entirely armor, the damage value its linked item has will make up for it and the combination of both (as seen above) will completely bypass the defense item, making an attempt of reducing damage countered by still doing more damage than before. So, the single fact that you buy an armor item against lethality will not actually decrease damage, but just slow down its growth, and this can only be reliably done by consistently buying armor items, which isn't something that any midlaner in the meta will do. I do look at things properly before making a judgement: I don't declare {{item:3191}} countered by {{item:3134}} just because I feel like so, but because this simple fact has been known for years now for mages and, sadly, you didn't seem to know it yet.
Zezilian (EUNE)
: Why Zed got buffed ?
Oh god the Zed mains already raided the place lol
Sucction (OCE)
: He was buffed so he can escape a certain situation which is forced onto him in most games. Assuming both players are decent, Zed will have to concede early lane. He has the tools to pressure waves and to poke, but these come at a hefty cooldown cost and remove his only mobility and cc for 24 seconds. After early laning phase is over and both champions have backed, Zed will return with a Dirk, and the enemy with a Seeker's. This is where it gets worse. Seeker's is a crazily gold efficient item. Although buying it means the enemy mid laner is delaying their other core items like Lost Chapter, it essentially completely denies any threat of Zed's all in. After that point, all a Zed can do is try to hit all his abilities during short trades, while hoping he can dodge all of the enemy's. He has a small opportunity to roam before the enemy buys a Lost Chapter on their 2nd back, but if this opportunity is missed then the champion is relegated to afk farming sidelanes, hoping the enemy top laner is behind enough for him to win a duel to get back into the game. Zed can be very oppressive when ahead, but it's extremely difficult for him to actually get ahead without the enemy disrespecting him or making constant, major mistakes. I can't say for sure whether Zed being viable is a healthy thing for the game, but considering Zoe and Yasuo are both even better, I can't imagine Riot has much problem with Zed anymore. Fortunately the changes actually nerf him just slightly in low elo, where he's doing fine, and are a sizable buff in higher elos, where he was struggling. Hopefully the buffs don't push him over the edge in either elo.
Seeker's has been one of the worst items in the AP roster for months or even years now and you compare it to dirk, an item who basically counters it?
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