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: I mean he is actually 100% right. Like if this guy talked like this all the time he would be so much better. He goes over the old kit and the small rework to explain his reasoning which is how you argue. Like wow just wow I mean when he is isn't talking about Aatrox it's pretty bad. Like this is actually pretty jarring to listen too compared to when he talks about basically anything else. This just shows how ignorant the people wanting old Aatrox back are. WHEN FUCKING HASHINSHIN CAN MAKE A GOOD ARGUMENT AGAINST IT you should know you're wrong.
> This just shows how ignorant the people wanting old Aatrox back are. WHEN FUCKING HASHINSHIN CAN MAKE A GOOD ARGUMENT AGAINST IT you should know you're wrong. I think his argument was more about people wanting old Aatrox back because of how strong he was, rather than wanting the champion back for what his gameplay/design was. I mean, he himself considered Aatrox back then as the best champion in the whole game solely because of his lore, voice lines and general behavior before he got buffed just after his mini-rework, his sub' banner effect and even sometimes SFX is still one of old Aatrox's best voicelines. Old Aatrox was fun both in gameplay and in aesthetic, and I do still miss this feeling and would like it to come back, not as a revert like most people believe when people ask for old Aatrox to come back, but as a new champion with the same familiar feel some of us used to love back then.
: The Super Top speaks the truth
Hashinshin : \*Says literally anything\* Dumbasses in the comments : \*HE IS WRONG, BECAUSE HE IS HASHINSHIN\*
: Solving the Karma Subclass Chaos
[Here's the thumbnail of the post](, for people like me who wanted to take a closer look to it
Artican (NA)
: Riot's Focus Has Shifted
> Riot is turning League of Legends into a more fun based game meh... What made this game the most popular in the world some years ago was the fun people were having back then on a very very different game. IMO, the game is faaaaaar from turning into a more fun one, since it just goes in the opposite direction of what made it fun to start with
: > [{quoted}](name=7thHeaven,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IN0u2OsR,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2019-12-05T10:45:25.247+0000) > > Like you wish > Did he not basically land 3 Q´s, 1 E, 2 autos, ignite and his R on the Ahri there? What the heck is the problem with him doing so much damage then? The entire idea of Ahri is being mobile&ranged but fragile in exchange for it. Was just piss poorly played by the Ahri there and i say that as someone who plays her, really had he harassed just once with his Q before he went all in the Ahri would be utterly toast. Newbie Zed vs cocky Ahri, both fail, i cant see the issue here <.<
A lot of midlane champions have a similar ratio of effective physical health to Ahri (with very very few of them having access to sustain too...) and yet, not a lot of them have the similar mobility of Ahri and especially not her disengaging options. So, even if Ahri *could've* dodged all of this, a vast portion of other match-ups couldn't dodge most of them even if they tried. This is the principal reason why almost every single "immobile" midlaners other than {{champion:90}} has never been meta in midlane ever since assassins became so immensely popular and why most of them migrated to become supports. The "just dodge" argument doesn't work at all on champions who don't have any options to do so, even less so when we talk about Zed, who has access to perma-regenerating casting ressource who gives him perma-access to an ability who can outpoke even some artillery mages out of lane early on.
: Make it clear. You didnt dodge single attacks. x3 suriken x2 E x1 R x1 Ignite x1 Electrocute x1 Passive And you only use your {{summoner:3}} after the combo
Of course, dodging Zed's abilities is extremely efficient. What a luck, because it would be useless to do so if he had a perma-regenerating casting ressource, extremely forgiving cooldowns and insane mobility, or else it would turn this match-up into a simple matter of time before he actually kills you, no matter what! oh wait...
: I Hate Vayne Top
Vayne top is the present day pre-nerf Viktor top. The only difference is that Viktor got popular because of a korean or two playing him in high elo, while Vayne is still not very popular for some reason (my guess is that Vayne players, just like anyone really, just hate playing toplane)
: Akali nerf
I swear to god, if they just decided back then to remove at least 1 or 2 of her 3 movspeed boosts before they went down with all those trial and error nerfs, she would've been far more balanced already.
: About Those Karma Buffs - Riot Can We Talk?
Karma shouldn't have any increase in her Q damage, mantra or not, if she needs more damage while staying balanced. It is both an unsatisfying spell to use and one of the most annoying and frustrating short cooldowned bursts in the whole game. If Karma NEEDS more damage to survive outside of support, don't buff Q; give her another/different source of damage with low base with privileged ap scaling
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Naalith (NA)
: Riot's justifications for several preseason changes don't make any sense
Riot: "We want to make toplane more relevant and impactful on the game by giving a second rift Herald" Also Riot: \*Nerfs Rift herald to the point it's barely more important than a scuttle crab\* Also Riot, again: \*Buffs the absolute hell out of dragons to the point playing anywhere that isn't close to bot is literally useless\* Also Riot, once again victim of amnesia: \*Takes a literal shit on toplane balance to the point that the playable champions, in the most "varied" and vast role, are reduced to being only a handful out of a few cheesy picks\* Every season changes ever since Pre-S6 has LITERALLY only been based on "1 step ahead, 52158985961235 steps behind" kind of logic. Like holy hell, you'd expect major and continuous changes over the years on a video game exist with the goal of trying to improve the game's quality, but holy sh*t Riot looks like they want to voluntarily kill their own game each year and since it barely fails every year, they just try harder and harder just to see how far they can go.
Rioter Comments
: TIP: To Everyone using IMGUR to post images in The Boards
Copy the link to the IMAGE instead, the link who ends with .png, and then add [/img] at the end of the link when pasted on the boards
Manxxom (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Raoul,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vqVGe05Y,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-30T18:49:17.987+0000) > > Ah, that explains why they allow him to be that busted... He is not as busted as many other mid laners to be honest. A prime mistake that people do is go in to attack him *while he is ulting which is the number 1 thing you should not do up against swain.* Old swain's ult was more busted than new swain's, because if he had archangel's staff and RotA, He could have his ult on nearly forever.
> [{quoted}](name=Manxxom,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vqVGe05Y,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-11-30T18:53:04.623+0000) > > He is not as busted as many other **mid laners** to be honest. To be honest, except jungle, he is busted in every single other roles that aren't mid lol
SÎke (NA)
: Hi
Run while you still can
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: There NEEDS to be some kind of counter to Akali's smokescreen
The smoke screen is alright by itself. If you think about it, there's several champions in the game that you could give this exact ability, and yet they wouldn't use it as effectively as she does. So, what makes it so efficient on Akali specifically? To be honest, the whole "hit and run" theme of her kit is just so efficient that it becomes basically flaw-free as soon as you add stealth in it. Nerfing her insane mobility by decreasing either of her 3 movement speed boosts would already make her shroud a lot more manageable, cutting both her escapability and her cheesy out of stealth poke attacks. She'd probably still be overpowered in certain situations, but that would be a solid start IMO.
: I have never wanted to delete LOL more than in this preseason
It feels like 80% of the games are 16 vs 4 at 15 minutes
: Riot: Yeah we'd really like to develop Vlad's theme, lots of potential, maybe one day. Other games:
The difference is that most video game developping companies' objective is to, well, develop anything related to their game to make it better. Riot, on the other hand, will try to do the absolute minimum to keep a minimal amount of players, while 100% focusing on having as much pro play viewers as possible. I miss when Riot's objective was expanding an already pretty good game and incrementing its quality steadily.
: Rioters put more than you'd think into making these skins. So cut them a break guys
In any single professional sphere there is out there who gravitates around client opinion, not a SINGLE piece of feedback should be considered a BAD piece of feedback. If you can't handle that what you did wasn't the right thing to do for some people, you either failed to deliver or expectations were too high for your situation, p e r i o d. You shouldn't be immune to feedback solely because "you tried your best" or "people were mean to you :(", the whole point of feedback is to either adapt the product, or do better on the next. Do Riot skin designers adapt the product? They NEVER, and I mean literally NEVER redid a skin from sketch based on *community* (read: CONSUMER) feedback, so they fail on this point. Do they try to do better on the next one? Depends of which designer. If the one you are talking about quit because of a past mistake, it clearly was because they didn't feel like they fulfilled their expectations on how they can do better. Is this normal, to quit a work space where expectations are too high? YES. IT ABSOLUTELY IS. Even if you say "Riot employees are people too", LITERALLY EVERYONE IN A SIMILAR ENVIRONMENT OF WORK ARE PEOPLE TOO. Are they under the same expectations? Yes! And they aim to fulfill them, they are not immune to what the customer think of the service/product they deliver to them and they should not be, or else this service/product looses ALL its value. I've had formations and studied to become a Programmer. I've had several classes and formations who didn't rely at all on anything related to programming; those classes were completely focused on how to identify and fulfill a client's needs. In this kind of contract, on the opposite of those based on artistic products, the client doesn't know anything about what they want and how they want it. So, this whole process is based on F E E D B A C K and, guess what?? Negative feedback is NECESSARY, or else you can't identify a client's needs. Let's come back to Riot's skin designers. What if they have the big sad because some big meanies said bad things about their work? Does it mean they the meanies should stop? NO. The bad feedback is the reason why an updated or future product will get POSITIVE feedback! Who cares if this feedback is aggressive or not? Should they be protected from it like children because they have a small fan club representing a vast minority of the customers, or because "omg they are people too!!!1!", like everyone else? Big and hard no. If they can't improve or can't handle the heat, we shouldn't hold their hands and go down with them, we should encourage them to do better.
: Are We Really Going To Start Another Season Without Addressing Damage Creep?
Yeah, damage creep is too high right now. Do you know what that also means? That also means that tanks themselves do too much damage too. I don't want to see yet again an early S-5 massacre where tanks were tanky, but still had the same damage as everyone else's. EVERYONE needs their damage lowered, from enchanters to assassins to mages, INCLUDING tanks.
: ITT : People who are complaining about Aphelios because players need to learn what his kit does, like every other friggin champ in the game
People are starting to understand that the bigger a new/reworked champion's kit is, the harder it'll be for Riot to balance it. This was exponentially true with regular champion kits, how can someone even believe that Riot MIGHT get this new kit right, if it's 4 times bigger than anyone else's, while featuring, not a new mechanic(yet...), but a whole new KIT CONCEPT?
: There should be a non-random All-Mid mode
> Riot now do champion balance updates specifically for Howling Abyss, **so the gap between the best and worst winrates has closed and is likely to close further** Wrong. Plain Wrong. The gap between highest and lowest winrates in ARAM never changed with "balance" updates and never will. This whole system merely rotates which ones are at the top and which ones are at the bottom. Top winrate will ALWAYS be 55%+ winrate and bottom will ALWAYS be 46%- winrate (and this is being VERY generous, current top winrate is 65% and worst is 41%), and this doesn't even take into account the HUUUUUUUUUUUGE disparity in playrate (which doesn't make any sense since it's supposed to be a R A N D O M gamemode). I think that ARAM in its current state is waaaaaaay closer to the "All-Mid" gamemode you mentioned than what you might think. Hell, your match history shows that you got Urgot in 3 games out of 10 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and several, several of your played ARAM champions come twice in each 5 game arrays. Do we need a non-random Howling Abyss gamemode? No, since ARAM already fulfills this spot by not even being random. Even so, let's say Riot actually listens for once and ARAM becomes random tomorrow by unlocking every champions and bringing back ARAM bans: Would a non-random gamemode on howling abyss be balanced, like you seem to believe? No. A million times NO. The only way true balance could ever come to howling abyss champions would be that those champions undergo some minor to MASSIVE mechanic tweakings (Not simple number-tweaking like they're doing now) solely to be functionnal on this map. Would Riot do it? Even more unlikely than them making ARAM actually random.
: The problem is ARAM accounts, it's always been ARAM accounts. If riot really wanted to fix ARAM they'd force everyone to pull from the pool of EVERY CHAMPION, that would make the mode what it was suppose to be, but we all know that's not happening.
Even with the pool being unlocked for everyone, double rerolls + trading + reroll pool + dodging represents way too much of an array of options to trump the system. This leads to some champions (mostly annoying and way overpowered ones) being waaaaaaaay too popular, since a lot of people will still be aiming for those. No matter the circumstances, ARAM bans are still mandatory to keep a certain balance and, to be honest, it's just a plain upgrade to playability and general game quality to ARAM, for those who play ARAM for it's randomness and not to get 2 or 3 champions by random, of course.
Yenn (NA)
: Can whoever designed Omnistone explain who is intended to use it, and why they would choose it?
I think the reason it got created is because they didn't really want to design a whole new keystone mechanic, so they just sticked every existing mechanics together with some code and voila.
Anhydrax (NA)
: Top lane is terrible in Preseason 10
How weird is that. About 10 minutes ago, this thread and EVERY single comment defending toplane has been downvoted 4 times in the space of mere seconds. At the same time, a certain comment completely insulting anything related to toplane rose to the top in mere seconds, boasting 4 upvotes almost instantly after getting posted.
Rioter Comments
: That's just Yi being Yi though... When has he not done this when fed? A fed Yi has done that for as long as he has existed. Did you just started playing last month and just found out what a fed Yi can do? Cause otherwise this post is as useless today as it was in 2014.
The fact that this problematic has been existing for as long the champion existed is not for one bit an argument to keep it that way, quite the opposite. Champions with unhealthy behavior that are the result of having a kit that aged like milk are prime targets for reworks, it has always been. {{champion:50}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:78}} are just some few examples of champions who previously had extremely unbalanced kits who ended being bad for the game, some of those champions getting gutted prior to their rework as a result. Defending a kit who is far overdue for ATLEAST a minor rework with an argument such as "it always been like that" is just asking for an unhealthy game.
: Master Yi doing 50% of a tanks health as True Damage what the hell?
Holy shit, people in the comments are actually defending Yi being able to do that. How far did we fall?
SCP 106 (NA)
: R o t a t i n g g a m e m o d e s
I too miss actual rotating gamemodes. I don't miss Ascension being there literally every 2 weeks because Riot was lazy to port other gamemodes, though
Anhydrax (NA)
: Top lane is terrible in Preseason 10
On the bright side, junglers don't have any reason anymore to camp top like they did for the past 2 seasons. But yeah, I'd like to go back to the old toplane concept: an island getting no perturbation from outside and impacting nothing until the mid to late game where you emerge as a killing machine the enemy team never saw before. Now whats happening is that you are a litteral clown behaving like a canon minion for about 10 minutes and, no matter how many times you kill the opposing canon minion, the 8 other players are still more relevant than you after those 10 minutes. Playing top nowadays is giving you 2 choices: A- you pick an absolutely overpowered cheesy pick and hope you are usefull in late teamfights, or B- You just say goodbye to any relevancy you might ever have in the game, period. Some people might argue that "typical" toplaners still have the power to splitpush, but oh surprise surprise, even f*cking ASSASSINS are now better at splitpushing than most toplaners. At this point, even supports are far more relevant than toplaners, even if several people complain about the new items.
: Has there been a single season where top laners didn't say that top was terrible?
Toplane hasn't ALWAYS been terrible, it just got steadily worse and worse every season ever since the juggernaut rework. I'd like to say it's now at rock bottom, but knowing Riot, they'll find another way to make it worse by mid-season.
: Goodbye Season 9 and Good Riddance
I don't even want to say goodbye to it, it doesn't deserve any sympathy; I want to squeeze it under my heel and smash its face in a couple times before rolling its decaying body in a burning pit, while Season-10 is watching, trembling. Gotta make it as scary as possible so the new one gets scared of the consequences.
: im not sad cause eu lost, im sad because...
I remember EU last year getting carried all the way through by Caps' Leblanc (who barely got any bans, for some reason??) and it was the most boring process ever. This year was a little more varried, thus I prefer by much this year's EU performance, even after the massacre in the finals.
: A ap black cleaver would be the most broken item ever put into league unless riot just nerfs 60% of mages before putting it him. Adcs already get black cleaver nerfed and all ap melee champions are ability based and have WAY more dot abilities then ad. Like arhi is a burst mage and think of her combo then think how many procs of black cleaver it would proc. Like w into r into e into q is almost full stacks and she still has two rs left. Sol would be so bs. Fizz and kass would also make great use out of it, basically any ap champions would. Like fizz autos a good number of times I say put ap black cleaver just have a mordekaiser slow you down while you lose mr.
I think what he meant by "melee mages items" are AA-focused items with relevancy for AP and MR penetration, as in "proc effects on auto attacks" and not "proc effects on spell-hits". It's logical to make this assumption since a "melee mages item" that would proc on spell cast... would literally be a mage item, period. As such, I imagine an "Ap Black Cleaver" working in a much different way than an original one with procs on magic damage, since this would be just a side-grade to deathfire grasp, a pure mage item. This just showcases how much we need those AP melee-focused items; they are literally non-existent, to the point most people (like you) imagine how they would work just like an every-day mage item, and this kinda make sense, since the only reference points we have when talking about AP itemization are solely pure-mage items or AP assassin items, that's it. The concept of a melee AP itemization is soooooo foreign that barely anyone can imagine it by using current references as starting points, the only exceptions behing an item barely anyone knows {{item:3170}} who still is more of a tank item rather than a melee AP bruiser, and an item who is more suited for a glass cannons than anything {{item:3115}} .
Cloud273 (NA)
: Buffing tanks directly is the best way to fix them
Tanks already have some of the biggest raw stats in the game. They presently have an hard time because of how bloated damage is overall. The several nerfs to bruisers in general already make them in a far better position, bloating their stats even more without waiting a little will just result in some early S5 shenanigans. You mention the moments when damage dealers such as assassins abuse tank items, I also remember times when tanks abused damage items because they were so bloated stat-wise that they didn't need to build full tank anymore. Hell, it was already happening with {{champion:54}} and he is finally getting nerfed for it, not even mentionning the occasional jungle crit {{champion:36}} that happened some weeks ago.
: > [{quoted}](name=PaffWasTaken,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=T85fQ54h,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-11-05T23:28:53.434+0000) > > Some champions like Aatrox get a lot less attention in content addition when compaired to several other champions. Let people who enjoy the champion enjoy the scarce things they receive, not everything needs to be aimed at YOUR favorite champions, especially if those are more popular/content heavy than others... *cries in Kindred* Tbh us Kindred players get happy at anything from Riot. Like the new set 2 trailer lol.
Tried to play a lot of kindred when they got released. The insane amount of present bugs early on and the extended state of Riot not caring about the champ kinda made me distant tbh
Some champions like Aatrox get a lot less attention in content addition when compaired to several other champions. Let people who enjoy the champion enjoy the scarce things they receive, not everything needs to be aimed at YOUR favorite champions, especially if those are more popular/content heavy than others...
: they took away his shield, do you want to remove his legs too?
Actually, yes. The movement speed buff has always been a balance problem either way.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Can you stop Ryze from pressuring a lane with mana items?
Basically impossible to lane against him as a melee: a single E can clear a wave and push you in, while keeping you from getting any Cs while getting chipped down by the damage whenever he lands a Q (and since he only needs to hit a single marked minion to hurt you, he can do it blindfolded). You are then forced to build MR (and since MR items beside {{item:3065}} are utter sh_t if you exclude the MR stat...) but you get outscaled either way.
Manxxom (NA)
: Edgy Soraka mains be like:
Imagine the horror: as soon as Soraka wounds you, she gets 3 billion times faster when chasing you down.
: i don't think you realise how much of a impact wardhops make for lee, atleast in high elos. he'd be garbage without it.
Would it make an high impact? Yes. Would he be garbage? Unlikely, given how bloated his kit is. Completely removing it is a little too much, true, but I would at least reduce the range by half or a good 33%
: "High/top-tier pick for 2 years straight" - there have been several points where he had sub-50% winrate....
...While boasting one of the highest pick-rate of the jungle role and sometimes being THE most popular jungler and one of the most played champion in the whole game, even if he is one of the most complicated champs. If a champion has 49% winrate while being one of the hardest champ in the game and being present in every 2 games, the winrate isn't representative at all.
BigFBear (EUW)
: Ward hopping feels old and outdated anyway. A champs kit should work on its own and should not depend on certain items you need to buy in the shop. Jax and Lee are both old champs. Jax need a complete rework. That champ is broken. Lee's kit is ok I guess but they should remove ward hopping for him too and give him something else for compensation imho.
> give him something else for compensation imho. I think him getting non-stop buffs while being a permanent high/top-tier pick for 2 years straight is good enough compensation already
Zeanix (OCE)
: Can we please move Shurima forward?
Really hoped that the next Bruiser champ would've been Shuriman when they announced it. Imagine my disappointment when I read some lines later that he will be from weaboo-land
: > [{quoted}](name=PaffWasTaken,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=v2QvwTk5,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-01T14:30:32.290+0000) > > I think they should expire, but I find the expiration date too brutal. It should wait for the mid-season portion of the next season. You can still use your points for non-prestige skin things, so there's that. Is there a single reason that these points that you have to pay money for that unlock specific skin chromas that are mostly only available during a certain event should expire? At the very minimum a prestige skin costs 40$ and a lot of your time buying 4 seperate event passes. Riot gave us 25 for the anniversary, something they may not ever do again and they're going to expire anyway. If you end up getting these skins without an event in progress, you bought 100$ worth of masterwork chests. This is essentially 40-100$ worth of content that you have to save up for. Now I know for a whale with a ridiculous amount of money that's no issue. And I know for Riot, they probably want people to have to spend every year so they can milk out more money. But for the players, the peole investing money for these points, what reason could their possibly be to actually WANT them to expire?
To be honest, if you are investing MONEY solely into getting those points, it's because you have a reason to want them thus on how to spend them. If you know they'll expire before you can gather enough... don't buy them?? If you are paying for somehting that you KNOW that is temporary, and that you won't be able to use, just don't, it's a terrible decision. The point about the expiration date is more about free users gathering some but not necessarily considering buying because nothing interests them. An extended treshold to spend them gives them more time to consider if they want or not to gather more or if its not worth it. AKA they should have the leverage to wait and see rather than rushing to spend them all since they know they'll expire soon. The whole point of prestige points is getting exclusive skins that are only available temporarily, that is the sole value they have. Remove the reduced availlability, and they are not worth anything. Prestige points are also a bonus currency; you don't directly buy prestige points, or at least you shouldn't, you gather them by playing and getting actual rewards. If they don't expire, they are just a second instance of gemstones. Just as I said, you pay for actual rewards and get prestige points as a side note, you can't really complain "but I paid for those virtual gold points!", since the main purchase you are making is the actual item linked to the prestige points, like orbs. If you want to pay solely for prestige points and whale it out just to get just as much, you shouldn't have trouble to gather them all before the expiration date, but I don't recommend it personally since I don't think its worth it. TLDR; prestige points are a bonus currency linked to limited rewards. Complaining about them expiring because you paid for it is just like complaining your 50% coupon that you got after buying a full meal at your local fast food expired. You don't buy full meals just to get coupons, you don't buy anything on the store solely for prestige points, you buy the meal and you buy the orbs/passes, thats it.
: Why is URF or AURF the only game mode that gets brought back?
I too grow tired of urf really quickly, but I still remember back when we had rotating game modes and Ascencion was forced every 2 weeks down our throat... yeah I'll take Urf over that any day, but I'll still prefer all for one or TT hexakill
: Riot can you remove the expiration date on Prestige Points?
I think they should expire, but I find the expiration date too brutal. It should wait for the mid-season portion of the next season. You can still use your points for non-prestige skin things, so there's that.
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