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Hey I saw you needed a coach, i added you on my smurf account, we can talk about things once you add me.
Wasteful (NA)
: Looking for new people to coach!! FREE COACHING :)
Added. Support main looking for ways to improve!
: Icons for legendary axes and the gifting thing where are they?
: A study on the dynamics of Piltover and Zaun
Well it's deduction of reasoning. You even had quotes to back it up. For me the topic I research most about is different dimensions and the Shadow Isles :D
: A study on the dynamics of Piltover and Zaun
Absolutely love the post dude! Personally I have done no research about piltover so this was really great to have!
: Will we be getting a new Shadow Isles Champ?
Probably not a new Shadow Isles champ. Perhaps a champ related. The thing is that Riot actually spent a lot of time on the Shadow Isles lore, or so it seems. There really is a lot of correlation between Hecarim, Kalista Mord, etc. To add a new champ would add a whole knew aspect. Perhaps a champ created from the destruction of the Shadow Isles. But I doubt we'll see another champions within the Shadow Isles.
: New Rammus Splash
Didn't feel like reading the 4 pages so if this is a copy of another comment I apologize. I feel like the thing that's wrong is his arms. His entire style is around his shell and in this splash he's using his arm to attack. That's not the rammus we know and love
: The Problems with Lore and How to Fix Them - From the Writer of "Facts, Myths and Theories"
I realize I'm so late to the party but I'm dropping a comment anyways. As an absolute lore fanatic I was really happy with the events. This includes the Burning Tides, and Shadow and Fortune. Along with that people get their smaller lore updates that aren't the equivalent to and event but are still intriguing. Examples of these are the Mount Targon update, Zed/Shen lore update with the wonderful Jhin lore. I feel that inside these mini lore updates are hints at future events. Take Jhin for example, his lore ended with him to going Zaun to prepare for the final and true performance. Is this a hint at the next Event? I dunno but it's up for interpretation. Shifting topics I wanna talk about a story line. Now people might be thinking "league doesn't have a story line" Well you're wrong. There are a lot of mini story lines and how I see it, one MAJOR story line(. Now realize that this is all self thought up and personally interpreted so it hasn't and maybe won't happen.) This main story line is about the Shadow Isles. Now if you still don't know what I'm talking about I'll explain. (Skip to next paragraph if you know). The Shadow Isles used to be a place of peace and harmony, until someone known as the mad king betrayed his people and created the Shadow Isles. Originally his trusted follower, Kalista found the original Isles on a mission to find a cure to the King's dieting wife. Long story short, she takes the King there with his dead wife, Hecarim and a few soldier/riders. The Golems at the isles say it is against their belief to bring someone back from the dead so the King orders Hecarim to kill everyone. Hecarim betrays Kalista and kills her, the place goes from good to bad. (This is the short story, there are some holes feel free to read up on Kalista and Hecarim's lore to get the general information). Now moving on. The story I see is turning the Shadow Isles from good to bad. Now the unfortunate thing with this is that the Shadow Isles hold most of the Dark and Evil champions. Assuming that League is disconnected from the lore Riot could potentially make this the "mission" of a few people/champions. The Problem is that if they remove people from the game like they did Gangplank, then there would be no way to bring them back if they reverted the Shadow Isles to a good place. Now of course there are other options for a story. Take the other dimensions. During my research I found that there are different dimensions and I have also theorized on other dimensions. It's been a while since I last explained this so I may not remember it 100%, this theory was also created before Jhin came out. We'll start out with the Void. Originally this theory was drafted before the Void was confirmed to be a different dimension in Aurelion Sol's lore. The Void is a place filled with monstrosities (NOT NIGHTMARES, VERY IMPORTANT). All these monsters have their own madness./craving. Velk'koz loves and wants knowledge. Cho'gath craves food. Kha'zix craves being the best hunter and so on. I believe that the Void is living. I believe that the Void could be something (not sure what) that slowly or quickly corrupts the soul and gives creatures cravings. Now obviously this isn't given to every creature and I'm not sure how the creature is selected. In Kassadins lore it mentions and confirms the cravings. "Kassadin was able to overcome the alien urges." I have tons more information on other dimensions and such but I realize my post is getting a big long. I'd love to talk about it in another thread if you want to geek out with me. Later!
Mewwt (NA)
: Void Lore and the like.
I think it was hinted about in Aurelion Sol's Lore. We now know they come from a different dimension, just like Bard. I don't think the Void event is coming for a while. I think Piltover/Zaun is next. This was hinted at in Jhin's Lore saying the main event would take place in Zaun.
: Is it a reportable offense to play if high?
I once did a 5 man ranked team and I played support to an adc who ONLY played high. I don't see a problem with someone playing drunk or high. I have a friend who gets really serious and really good when he plays drunk. I have other friends who completely lose all their mechanical skills when playing. I don't think there should ever be a report button because you can't really know if the guy on the other end is high or drunk. Just because he types in "Im high, sorry." doesn't make it true.
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Sharjo (EUW)
: Well the Void isn't really evil as far as we know, or anything for that matters; it works for its own benefit. Creatures from the Void have their own individual purposes, and whether that's down to the Void's design or their own choices is up in the air right now. Cho'Gath stands out among the void's invaders as a creature who actively takes pleasure in tormenting humans, and so while humans might apply things such as evil and malice to his actions he doesn't work by the moral codes and cultural structure humans do, so really he's only evil by human definition. The problem the Void has always posed has not been in being a force of conflict as in Runeterra and the Void go to war, but rather that the Void actively pushes its way in to Runeterra and is competing with it in a weird way. The Void's energies don't have the most positive effect on Runeterran life, and so exposure to the Void is naturally dangerous for Runeterra, but that doesn't mean the Void and Runeterra have always been in competition like this. If we assume that the Icathians were the first or one of the first human civilisations to dabble in Void magic then it stands to reason that the Void didn't always connect to Runeterra in the way it does now. I personally view the connection in a manner more akin to the Void bleeding over in to Runeterra, although forces within the Void might have some active goals concerning its new neighbour. I've long thought that the Void is a physical planet of some kind in a dark universe, and because of this its life has to operate differently to survive, having to constantly cannibalise anything within their universe to keep going, unlike Runeterra where the cycle of life is perpetuated by light from the sun and other factors. It personally makes sense for me if the Void is trying to consume Runeterra physically not out of malicious intent but of a natural need or else that world and all the Voidborn living there will die, and the Voidborn's purposes are all in line with the goal of being able to assimilate in to the environments of other worlds to claim them as territory for the Void to consume. Long story short the Void's got about as much chance of being evil as it does have being good, and given the nature of the Voidborn we've seen it all works in manners much different to Runeterra, but overall with a focus on working towards the Void's best interests.
Love the theory but do you really believe its a planet? Other than malph, kayle, and taric we know of no other planets (and these lores are being changed). Some food for thought is that its another Dimensional plane. From what I've read I believe there are 4 Planes, including Runeterra. First is Runeterra, the normal average world that we know. 2nd is the Void. 3rd is The Glade, now the Glade is the place Lulu spent hundreds of years in when Pix brought her there, we also know time is slower in the Glade. The last one is a bit of a stretch and its a place of nightmares, Nocturne, fiddle and shaco. These nightmares. There is proof in their lore about them not being from Runeterra if you read them. Love the Void theory!
: The mystery of the void
Its on another dimensional plane. There is probably a "door" to get from it to the world since if you watch Vel'koz's video it shows people in, what could be, the void.
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Lyte (NA)
: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
I love Dynamic que and bringing solo que is fine, though I personally won't be playing it. But why in the world would you remove ranked teams? The whole point was that you were 5 players against 5 players competitively playing. Now I have to risk my LP because I wanna be on a competitive team? Why Riot? I hope you take this into consideration, because I would hate to lose competitive teams for a full season because you want to "better the experience" some of us are fine with the ranked 5's that it used to be. And if you are bettering it, then allow me to still play the old one while you update it.
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: > [{quoted}](name=RU Jay,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=OJEt1Zn5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-17T02:12:21.293+0000) > > I am interested in playing with your team, however I would like to talk about what times and what days? I can make most of the week if not the whole week depending on the times. my ign is Ru Jay
> [{quoted}](name=RU Jay,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=OJEt1Zn5,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-02-17T02:12:44.547+0000) > > my ign is Ru Jay We're flexible on weekends but during weekdays we go from 6-8 EST. About 2-3 games depending on the length. For right now we got 1-6 EST on weekends, but were still figuring out times.
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: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
Let's create a new adc who is countered by the most popular and God tier adc Lucian. Good idea Rito
: need support any rank for fun 5's
GreenLore (EUW)
: The king is definetly not a darkin. He was a man who was driven to madness by the loss of his wife,why would he be a darkin? And the void seems to powerful and too different to be a darkin.It is a place between dimensions,so it seems more like its a part of the universe(or rather "multiverse") in runeterra
But is it not possible that the King could have been driven to his madness by an unknown Darkin?
: NEW MAP! --- THe Mountain Falls
I feel that the problem with a boss buff is that it takes away from the "who is more skillful" ideology. It gives more power to one player. This is exactly what is worked so hard to take away from the AD carries.
: @Riot Are we going to get the other 4 Darkins?
So to clarify, Tryndamere is just a barbarian who was almost killed by Aatrox. Aatrox is also in Jax's splash art from the flames coming from the post, however I do not believe either of these are Darkin. I believe we have indirectly learned about 2 of the other Darkin. One of them could be the King who created the Shadow Isles, or had some influence in the situation (Read Hecarim's or Kalista's new lore) and the other one could be the Void. I have long since believed that the Void is a creature or being of some kind that corrupts or creates beings or creatures that thirst or crave something. However I'm not sure about Darkin being Void, just something I came up with.
: NEW MAP! --- THe Mountain Falls
Wow I loved reading every comment and paragraph in this post (45 minutes total). I can tell you put a lot of thought, time and effort into this idea and I really hope the best for you! As previous people mentioned I like the idea of a 2v2 but I still wanna keep the 1v1. Only question is how will banning/picking work for a 2v2? I saw a lot of comments on how to win other than playing it like SR with an exploding nexus. However I feel that all the suggestions take to much away from what is supposed to be a fast paced 1v1 (or 2v2) game. Capturing points, leading minions in etc. I loved the ideas people provided on how to win differently but stop and think about how it would/could take away from what is supposed to be a fast paced balanced game. I really like the amount of time you spent figuring out a way to nerf ADC v Melee match ups. I love the effort you even put in to respond to every single comment. Along with that I really like the base idea without adding a whole bunch of things, like one comment above talked about Tier gates for the jungle but once again that isn't the point of the game mode. This is made for a fair fast strategic 1v1 game. I really hope this becomes a thing, wether it's from Riot, Blizzard, Smite, Dota, Ubisoft you name it. Good Luck!
: Perhaps "separated from their own kind" doesn't refer to _yordles._ Maybe it refers to whoever they consider to be _attached_ to, which in Poppy's case is _all of Demacia. _
> [{quoted}](name=DeceasedL0ved0ne,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=V5qLfmkB,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2015-12-09T05:32:43.854+0000) > > Perhaps "separated from their own kind" doesn't refer to _yordles._ > > Maybe it refers to whoever they consider to be _attached_ to, which in Poppy's case is _all of Demacia. _ This is probably the comment everyone should be looking at. Think about it for a sec. Lulu left the dimension of Runeterra and traveled to another dimension (the Glade) and didn't grow insane. Some might say she is but she merely acts like a child unlike someone evil. Heimerdonger has been in Piltover for a while along with other yordles traveling to Piltover. Although they may be a few in a city the travel itself is lonely and no where in the lore does it say they see each other in Piltover. Another thought is that old yordles may not feel the "attachment" Take Gnar for example. Although he was frozen no where does it mention him being crazy or having a need for anything. This would also explain Lulu's lore further. Maybe this "attachment" was a curse or something. Hope you enjoyed the theory! And to answer the earlier question of how old it could have taken Veigar to become evil. Im going to go with over 200 years. If I can remember that is the amount of time Lulu spent in the Glade and her only two allies are Veigar and Gnar. This would seem to imply she met Veigar BEFORE she was taken to the Glade.
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Sharjo (EUW)
: I was under the assumption that he was one of the first if not the first Ascended along with Renekton. I personally think being one of the first is more likely, but that's just me. The aging thing comes from his in-game abilities, which are usually a decent read for in-lore abilities to an extent. I at least know that for a fact - the fact that the assumption there exists, not that it's true or not.
> [{quoted}](name=Sharjo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=49HmoFeU,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-12-06T20:34:21.816+0000) > > I was under the assumption that he was one of the first if not the first Ascended along with Renekton. I personally think being one of the first is more likely, but that's just me. > > The aging thing comes from his in-game abilities, which are usually a decent read for in-lore abilities to an extent. I at least know that for a fact - the fact that the assumption there exists, not that it's true or not. Just to note, Nasus is not Ascended but instead a Demigod along with Renekton. They were guardians of Shurima until Renekton was corrupted so now its just Nasus
Strident (NA)
: Review Ahri's New Lore ( /10)!
4/10. It barely even focuses on her feelings, powers or emotions. It's briefly mentioned but I felt it very lacking in almost every aspect.
: Possible Void backstory hints in Illaoi's dialouge?
I have already created theories about the void and this is the main one. give u a solid 9 and propose the idea that the Void isn't a God but rather a person or monster of some kind that either corrupts creatures and changes them or simply creates them.
: @Riot, it's time to look at Amumu.
Wouldn't it be interesting if amumu was Azir's son or unborn child? If you read Azir's new lore you understand what I mean because Azir knows that his (son?) is still alive.
: "Why would I need a spirit's help? I am guided by Nagakabouros."
I would like to quickly point out that in the yordle lore it states, "All Yordles have encountered {{champion:223}} at various times. This is because of their races specific nature that makes them more perceptible to inner demons when socially outcast. When not, they are hard to be manipulated, which is why almost all Yordles are seen by this demon as rivals."
Impetual (NA)
: Maybe Riot Should Publish A Guide To Retconned Lore!
> [{quoted}](name=Impetual,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=6QtauJvU,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-11-30T08:55:04.096+0000) > > Maybe Riot Should Publish A Guide To Retconned Lore! that would honestly be the best thing!
: Where is the new lore?
Thanks so much dude! I've seen your posts on multiple threads and really enjoy your theories and speculations. Stay awesome!!!
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NVDax (NA)
: Illaoi's Moral Alignment
I would say either neutral or lawful neutral
: The Rune Wars
These really helped thanks so much guys!
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: How old are Yordles?
I believe that yordles live longer lives. They once were normal humans but over time their bodies and nature changed. No one can place age on the yordles because of their strange nature and size, however because of their size I would like to assume that they age slower. Possibly a yordle of 500 years could be a giant. For some reason we don't know almost anything from the old yordle cities. Perhaps their could have been a civil war that drove them to the brink of extinction and that's why we have no knowledge of the old cities.
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