: C9 has a shot at semis SKT/RNG and LZ won't meet up until finals Already a better bracket than seasons 4 5 and 6
> [{quoted}](name=Don Spaghetti,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=8dATjbEU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-15T10:19:42.527+0000) > > C9 has a shot at semis This is true.....but semi's will likely be against Long Zhu....*sigh*. Hey, at least we can say we made it to Semi's!
: Fuck I hope a team other than SKT wins, the skins are getting stale now.
> [{quoted}](name=Serial Tickler,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=8dATjbEU,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-10-15T18:31:47.348+0000) > > Fuck I hope a team other than SKT wins, the skins are getting stale now. I actually think SKt won't make it past semi's this year. They'll beat Misfits, but then they will likely have to face RNG....of whom have shown up to this Worlds with a damn vengence. SKT looks vulnerable, and RNG will certainly take full advantage of it. Which is why I thnk Long Zhu are actually going to take it this year.
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MysterQ (NA)
: No no no no! Don't get overconfident, C9 will get wrecked. No no no, just show respect and win the other games.
Oh I know....it all depends on this next game. I think we can easily take EDG, but how we do it determines the outcome of this group.
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Amort (NA)
: Remember when I said RIP C9? ...
I agree that SKT is most likely to take first seed, but, I do believe there is a good chance that C9 can take a game off of SKT......if they haven't let this week get to them. To be honest, I'm more scared of EDG. Yes, they have a habit of choking at Worlds like TSM, and yes, they are sitting at 0-3, but, not only are they on their home turf, both RNG and WE are getting out of their groups in first. So, China is riding a pretty big high right now. If there is anyone who could shake this group up, it is EDG.
Zenbliss (NA)
: Hey! They gave it their all and that's all that matters. Any team on any given day can take a game off anyone. This is top level competition. Try rebuilding your attitude. Go C9 and Fnatic!
The reason why I am so critical of TSM is because of their constant high-and-mighty attitude. They strut around, thinking they are the best, and that they can't be touched. Really, only Bjergsen and Biofrost are the only humble ones on that team. After the game, Bjerg said on Twitter that if they play at that level, they do not deserve to get out of groups. Where is that kind of humility from the rest of the team, from the entire organization? If they showed that kind humility on stage all the time, I would be more supportive of them, but no, the majority of them think they should be praised from here to Timbuktu.
: Correction: FW is LMS #1 Seed. Both #1 Regional seeds failed. Let that sink in. --- But yeah I'm not even mad. 6 games...no...7 games and not a single one of them was a decisive win from start to finish. Their style like every year before it was linear and predictable. They spent the entire season getting their asses kicked in order to "adjust" and play to a style they're weak in. It didn't matter what they were wanting to accomplish with the best of 3 format; whatever it was, it stripped them of how to handle single games on a segmented day. They brought this on themselves and I sure as hell feel nothing but disappointment for such a legacy team.
I thought AHQ was 1st seed? Oh well......doesn't change my point.
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: Why are Casters acting like NA fans want TSM to move on?
Remember, that they've been casting all day, and likely haven't taken a look at social media today. TSM still has the largest following in NA, and at the start of today, that was still true. It might be a bit different now now that we've seen them perform, today.
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: > [{quoted}](name=GeminiRune,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=Qbtv8Vvc,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-10-14T08:49:55.456+0000) > > Yeah. After seeing that game, I genuinely got tired of all of the TSM hand holding and hype all together. It may have looked like an easy group but they sure as hell made it pretty crummy for themselves with their linear style. Right? people kept saying ''LOL EZPZ TSM MADE IT'' but look at this now?
I am usually extremely critical of TSM, but even I had them getting out this group in first. Apparently, even when in the easiest group they've ever been put in, it's still too much faith to put into them.
: I’ve been raged on in the past for this, but these kinds of performances from TSM at international events shows that their regional success is tainted. Especially when other NA teams perform better than them. I’ve continually pointed out the fact that C9 is better than TSM... funny how they outperform them at worlds every year, but always lose during the split... (Frog drinking coffee meme)
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VanaQuish (EUNE)
: Actually, she has a low lasting slow, that sometimes is a charm. And you cant e while cloaked because the detection range is disgustingly big and her is barely bigger than her melee range.
Not while cloaked though? Her E range goes up to her detection radius when cloaked, right?
Dr Poro (EUW)
: I'm not an expert speculant but I'm pretty sure your group D predictions are wrong. Not only do I not have as much faith in Misfits' consistency, but your prediction also requires both Misfits and WE to go 3-0 next week, which is impossible according to my current knowledge of mathematics as they'll have to face eachother.
Ah.....you're right. My bad. Then it would be 4-2 WE, 5-1 Misfits.....with no Tie breaker. Thanks for pointing it out.
: He means the build path gives significantly more offensive stats than cleaver, which is just 15 AD, 10% CDR and 400 health until finished. Meanwhile component Sterak's now gives 40 AD and 350-450 health, on top of having a much lower combine cost. Basically it comes down to whether you value 25 AD or 10% CDR more offensively speaking.
> [{quoted}](name=junglerboy16,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jPg9JAtR,comment-id=00130002000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-11T02:36:04.040+0000) > > Basically it comes down to whether you value 25 AD or 10% CDR more offensively speaking. Which is a good thing. Build diversity folks!
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Abibyama (EUW)
: Is the range that long though? It’s maybe I haven’t seen a Liss in long time I should go to bed
Yeah... it is. The Liss simply clipped the Lux with the tip of her Q.
: If this was your first time hit by the system, and didn't really understand it I'd probably buy into this. However, this is your 8th penalty. I see you already opened a support ticket, so they will take a look at this and make a determination.
Hey Tantram! Since you seem to be out and about tonight, did you happen to see the post from the guy who supposedly got banned for inting, but, his stats show otherwise? Just figured I'd point you in that direction in case you hadn't seen it.
Siyther (NA)
: my bad then who is the 3 seed from korea
Jeddy017 (NA)
: Oh that's easy, this: http://www.onepiecegold.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Chef-Luffy.jpg
That is funny, but I said "do *with*", not "do *without*".
: Bold predictions I believe TSM and WE will get out. Mostly because Misfits just don't have an answer for any lane. They all lose in terms of laning but are held together because Sven is not good anymore I think SKT and C9 will get out. C9 only has to win one game vs AHQ and I think they can. LZG and IMT will get out. FNC trying too hard to put everything into rekkless, even in an ADC meta. He is good but he can't work miracles RNG and SSG will also get out
I also think Doublelift is cracking. I'll admit, this meta doesn't favor him, considering there is only 1 adc he plays that's favored right now, that being Tristana. He simply isn't known for his hypercarries. Also, despite my heavy criticism of TSM, I'll admit that Haintzer is playing out of his god damned mind. Were it not for him, TSM would not be where they are now. However, as this goes on, I don't think they'll be able to carry them.
Siyther (NA)
: there is always next week but it doesnt feel like they are playing all that well. they arent being proactive. Although gotta give them props for crushing WE ( a korean team ) Misfits just wow on paper they are not good enough to get outta this group but they are def playing better than any other EU team atm. The worst part is that c9 looks way cleaner than immortals or Tsm and there the play in team. I hope alll 3 get outta groups. But if they do Skt and longzu are gonna 3-0 every one of them .
WE is a Chinese team, not Korean.
DarkRooster (EUNE)
: C9 will choke as much as TSM, do you think this is the first year or endless year when someone over hypes TSM or C9 and ends up disappointed ? Sounds like every year to me, im actually fan of TSM because i been following Bjergsen since he started, but i am just saying how it is. Later interviews with NA teams be like ''we never actually had a chance to win so we just played''. There is something wrong in the core of attitude when teams doesn't go in to win the whole worlds, so predicting worlds is not even that hard since koreans showed up.
C9 has been the only NA team in the past few years to make it out of groups, and with them winning pretty decisively against both EDG and AHQ, I think it's a pretty safe bet they'll make it out this year as well.
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Joker420 (EUW)
: League of Legends Region Expansion
I don't think Riot is at all against adding more regions to the pro-scene roster, there just has to be a large enough esports environment to support it. I don't want to be rude, or sound ignorant, but esports is effectively non-existent in India, isn't it? It would take some time to develop an esports scene even on the same level as say like Turkey or Brazil, which are 2 of the smallest regions right now. I'm not saying it can't happen, but I think esports needs to be introduced to India as a whole before Riot can make it a fully fleged region.
: 1907 FB glorifies the armenian genocide and riot allows it
Ah, yes, and we should also completely dismantle Germany as a country because of WW2. How dare they contribute greatly to the European Union after what they did nearly 100 years ago. Seriously dude? You want to ban an Esports team because their sponsors were apart of something that happened 100 years ago? Did it not occur to you that people, organizations, and countries can change? Mitsubishi was the largest contributor to the Japanese war effort during the Pacific theater by building planes for the Imperial Navy that helped bomb Pearl Harbor, yet, we still have plenty of their cars today in the U.S. Should we just automatically ban thousands, if not millions of cars because of that? Yes, genocide is horrible, but wanting to ban an Esports team indefinitely because of something that happened 100 years ago is just wrong.
: 1. Tsm 2. Flash Wolves 3. Team WE 4. Misfits Tsm is 2-1 they aren't doing that bad at all. it was just a bad game. Misfits is surprising everyone. Cant really write them off when they've been performing really well aside from todays game.
TSM has struggled immensely in each of their games, nearly losing (or, losing in today's case) each of their games. Yes, I am writing them off because it is WAY too similar to past years. They lost my respect a very long time ago, and it's going to take a _**HELL**_ of alot more than what I've been seeing in order to gain it back. I will honestly say, with 100% certainty, that if they don't go 3-0 in a VERY convincing fashion next week, then they will have a very small chance at getting out of groups, and no chance in hell at getting through quarterfinals.
Mye (NA)
: Meh, I still find her better than the majority of the NA casters as at least she doesn't spend time focusing on meaningless stats and fart jokes ("By god, this person has a 10cs lead yet is even on gold! He must have 'blown' an investment somewhere." -holds for pity claps from audience). The main problem I see with her is that she seems like more of an analyst than an actual caster, someone who could do a roundtable (see: any video with her and thorin) and be able to discuss for hours while bringing in points noone would think of normally.
She actually thinks the same thing. Look up a channel on YouTube called "Blitz Esports". They have a 3 part interview with her on their channel, and they are very interesting watch.
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Wanfear (NA)
: Do you think PowerOfEvil tried to get a remake on purpose after they gave up baron?
I doubt it, but it wouldn't surprise me. It's a known bug, so if he did it purposefully, he should of known that Riot would have that locked down. I find it more plausible that he either forgot about it in the moment, or simply somehow over looked it.
: https://media.giphy.com/media/3o7aD8T78QMqga8srC/giphy.gif
Oh Sanji.......what will we ever do with you?
: I don't think counterplay needs to be added to autoattacks, specifically, right now the issue is that like 80% of a marksman's entire power is placed on their autoattacks, with little to no skill-based variation. On top of that, marksmen also tend to have steroids that are very reliable, on-demand self-peel / CC / mobility, and only a few abilities that require aiming or planning. Shifting a lot of their power to be a lot more conditional (e.g. putting a marksman at only a fraction of their current power if they just right-click, but giving them massive boosts in power when they satisfy difficult and interactive conditions) could help give counterplay to the class without necessarily making their autoattacks clunkier.
So.....say they shift some of Twitch's power from his autos to his E, making it to where his E and poison are more reliable than his autos? Is that what you're thinking?
: Remind me what they did. I am ignorant when it comes to the pro scene.
In their game against Long Zhu (the Korean team who beat SKT for first seed from Korea), they were drafting normally up until they chose Mordekaiser last. Then, their lane selection was bonkers. They gave Cho'gath to their jungler, made their mid laner take Lucian to the top lane with teleport, had their ADC take Tristana mid, and had their top laner take Mordekaiser bot with their Karma support. However, before they went bot, Morde and Karma took wolves to try and have an XP advantage over Long Zhu, but, Long Zhu read it all, and had their bot lane get into lane first, allowing them to be lvl 2 before Morde and Karma got into lane. Long Zhu took advantage of that by having their jungler place a ward behind their bot outer turret, having their top laner TP down to bot, and the 4 of them dove Morde and Karma, killing them both. Then, Morde makes it even worse by TP'ing back to the bot tower after respawning, while the 4 members of Long Zhu were still there, and lvl 3/4 compared to Morde's lvl 1. It was pretty smooth sailing for Long Zhu after that. EDIT: Are you no longer a Warden? Your name isn't blue anymore. EDIT 2: Just looked around, and everywhere else, it shows you're still a warden........so why doesn't it show it here?
: Then in the next game you play your bot lane int feeds before you even finish your first clear and you lose half of the LP you just spent 50 odd minutes earning.
Which is why I'm not going to play another game after this one. I'll just bask in the glow, and call it a night.
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Daunt (EUNE)
: SKT picked a late game comp while EDG was focused around midgame? Not really surprising, they couldn't end the game in time and then they simply got crushed cause SKT scaled enough to take over. And it mostly came down to Twitch being able to 1 shot people afterwards.
Why do people think Twitch is the sole reason SKT won that? Do you not realize how important the wombo combo was? Yes, they had a scaling comp, but they had no kills, no turrets, and no dragons. EDG was well on their way to closing out the game, and had EDG survived, or even turned it around, SKT would have surely lost. They had 1 single opportunity to get back into the game: take EDG by surprise, keep their team CC'd long enough so the damage can come through, and have enough health left over to get Baron. They did exactly that. Afterwards, they had enough gold to let their scaling kick in, and EDG couldn't compete. EDG played damn near perfectly, and if SKT never found that EXTREMELY small window, that game was theirs.
: Then you asked a question you knew the answer to already?
Uh........no? Are you talking about me asking about how you come back mentally from a game like that? If so... Of course they're not going to just rage when they get a little behind. They're a professional League of Legends team who are not only the most decorated team in China, but one of the most recognizable teams in the entire world. Why would they give up so easily? My point is that a game like that is a massive blow to morale, and no matter how much you work on it, it could still affect your performance down the line. Also, EDG is a team that is very susceptible to morale, especially when it comes to Clearlove. In all of their interviews, it all boiled down to "We live and die by Clearlove". If he's not in the right mindset, the team stumbles on itself. If he is in the right mindset, they fricken dominate. So, its questionable as to how that game will affect them in the future. Will they be able to shrug it off, or is this effectively the end of their worlds run?
: Well op i know the concept is foreign to you but they do it by not screaming "GG GAME OVER GG" over a few misplays and recognizing that they have a solid team comp that will pop off with the right opportunity / time. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Why are you implying I do this? I'm actually one of those people who not only very rarely talks in chat, but also votes no on most surrender votes unless the situation is quite hopeless. And by hopeless, I mean being down 10 to 15 kills, and having 1 or more inhibs down by 15 minutes.
KoKoboto (NA)
: Well that's the game right now it either goes 2 ways. 1. Stomped early and win at 20 minutes or something 2. Dick around until 20 minutes and one teamfight decides the rest cause death timers and weak ass objectives
Um......I'd like to counter your argument, and say that EDG was not "dicking" around. They were playing damn perfectly even after the wombo. SKT had one extremely small window to take, and somehow, they found it.
: The matchups will stay the same. The only thing that could change is what team those matchups are played. The whole thing is set up so that each day 3 out of the 4 groups play and 1 group gets a rest (Day 1 D, Day 2 C, Day 3 B, Day 4 A).
Yes, I understand that. What I mean is that exact order the teams play in. For example, C9 and EDG play the last game for day 3. For next week, they could play the first game of day 5, or like the 4th game of day 7. Do you see what I'm trying to get at?
: TSM vs WE,FW vs MSF,G2 vs FB,SSG vs RBG,SKT vs AHQ,C9 vs EDG
Not sure what you mean here.......do you mean who to root for? If so, anyone you want dude. No one *should* tell you who to root for.
: I can't see why Riot would change the schedule for next week.
Not the dates or times, but in what order the teams play. You know, just to put a little variance in the viewing experience, and allow some other strategies to develop.
: Each team plays each other twice right?
Yes. I'm guessing next week's schedule hasn't been finalized yet.
Raiyza (NA)
: EDG failed on vision. That's it.
Actually, no, they didn't. If you watch the replay, they had red side blue lit up completely, and they were just coming back from seiging bot lane. They had no chance to set up vision before the wombo, and SKT took advantage of that _**EXTREMELY**_ small window.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Suuure. 7/1 twitch being untouchable in the late phases
And what makes you think allowed him to get to that point? Remember, that Twitch was 0/0/0 without a single objective taken before the wombo. I would be far more terrified of the 3/0/6 Xayah with several objectives down. Twitch. Did not. Win. This game.
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