: I agree that it was disrespectful (by playing into the meme) but if it was just one game there's not really any point in punishing ROX.
> [{quoted}](name=Busty Kunoichi,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vpgLIBPy,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-22T12:32:35.314+0000) > > I agree that it was disrespectful (by playing into the meme) but if it was just one game there's not really any point in punishing ROX. Agreed, but as far as I'm aware the only punishment was a warning, right? So like, sounds fitting. (they banned 2 male supports anyway so I don't see the BM)
: I remember reading this when it was first posted almost a year ago. Still as solid of advice as ever.
> [{quoted}](name=Leaf of the lake,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Ad7PEJeU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-13T18:26:49.385+0000) > > I remember reading this when it was first posted almost a year ago. Still as solid of advice as ever. Absolutely, its very reminiscent of how a lot of our newer champions break the rules for the sake of creativity.
The E77 (EUW)
: to be honest, the only reason people are saying that new conq will suck dick is that mages and legit any ranged toplaner uses it 1000% better than any melee toplaner that would want to take it, make it so it gives only attack damage not adaptive force, and that if your a range champion, once you get to 5 stacks you cannot refresh the duration, there boom, solved the keystone, mages no longer now have a 10th keystone they can use and people like jayce dont just insta win laning phase into any matchup from champion select
I don't see a problem with it too much, if the rune is designed for longer fights, then sustained mages should be using it too, instead of limiting it to a fighter rune. After all, isn't the Precision tree supposed to be about sustained damage anyway?
Rioter Comments
: I know Sylas isn't OP overall but what the actual fuck is that healing?
> [{quoted}](name=TotalJerk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FoH5L6TF,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-13T08:43:44.849+0000) > >Is this the same design team that was calling healing anti-fun when the Soraka rework dropped? Funny enough, it isn't! RiotMorello was the Lead Champion Designer that said healing is anti-fun, and he is no longer in that role.
NyanDoge (EUNE)
: I've had a horrible time laning against her so far (at least in bot lane). Her snare is a faster lux q that goes through minions. Also not helping that she's really bugged and we couldn't see her items until 20 minutes in. Besides her E I think she's ok though.
It actually roots for longer if it goes through minions, it's better to let it hit you full on
Rioter Comments
: Some thoughts on more dated female champions, from a girl
Oh I have so much to say.... First off, I wanna point out that the individual champion critiques are just the OPs opinion, and while I don't agree with all of them (Nidalee mainly), her point in the first four paragraphs still stands. Yes, it is true that there are men in League who are built off excessive stereotypes (Garen, Darius, Jarvan, Xin Zhao, somewhat Draven). That just means there is more room to grow for not just the ladies, but the guys too. Garen literally doesn't have an identity past "big shoulders and justice". These are totally valid points that Azeranth and others have pointed out, but the main focus that OP is getting at is the women specifically. I also want to point out that a lot of champions have good excuse for their sexual stereotypes, such as Evelynn, Nidalee, and Rakan. Miss Fortune was commented to be beautiful and dangerous as her identifier, so be it. Then why does Katelyn look like that? Janna is a wind spirit,,, why she got tiddies even then? LeBlanc is a deciever, she has magic to distract, she doesn't need to use her looks if she doesn't want to.
Azeranth (NA)
: You're trolling me, right? Like seriously? "These characters aren't strippers, they shouldn't have these unreasonable expectations". Right, cause there are no male characters that play strongly into exaggerated masculine stereotypes, and capitalize upon societal pressure and expectation about what defines ideal or superior males. I mean, seriously. To start with, lets start with explicitly gorgeous males, to the point where it is a defining trait of their character. * Ezreal * Jayce * Rakan * Taric Do you know how many female characters are explicitly defined by their beauty first and foremost? Evelynn. Thats it. Sort of Leblanc, maybe, I guess, but the implication there is that she uses her magic to trick and mislead the people she manipulates. Now lets continue, let mention male characters who are some representative of physique or fitness. * Darius * Draven * Garen * Xin Zhao * Lee Sin * Shen * Jayce again * Ezreal again Then lets look at male champions who embody something along the line of "Big strong protector" or "Who sacrifices for others" * Galio * Garen * Jarvan * Nautilus * Shen * Special note!! Yorrick is literally "The SHEPHERD Of Lost Souls" who has condemned himself to eternal suffering under a blood curse upon his home, simply to lead others to the beyond, so they may be spared his same horrendous fate. Then lets look at male champions who are defined by being the biggest baddest strongest conqueror. By being the peak predator. * Darius * Draven * Swain * Aatrox * Jax * Lee Sin * Graves * Tahm Kench and Twisted Fate, even though muscle isn't the way through which they take and conqueror in their bloody line of work * Jayce * Khazix * Master Yi * Ornn * Shen * Taric * Udyr * Yasuo I think you would be exceedingly hard pressed to find any champions, of either sex, which do not make extensive use of stereotypes about the sexes, and use these to form familiar narrative characters which are familiar, and draw from a plethora of cultural sources. If you look at Miss Fortune and say "Her titties are big, and that is obviously the most definitive thing about her character." You're not only exceptionally stupid, perhaps even willfully and intentionally dumb in this case, you have to be an incredibly conceited and disrespectful prick to honestly believe that anyone else would hold such a significant weight upon someone's sexuality as to treat it like a defining characteristic of a participant in a grand tournament to the death. If you think "The cougar joke Nidalee has for a dance" is demeans her, because of its sexual nature, then that mean 1. You think that Nidalee is defined in large part by her sexuality 2. You're incapable of separating a character, who they are, what they do, and what they embody, and a cheeky joke left over from small indie company Riot Games, back when Nidalee also passively gave 5xp to lower level champions near her. Maybe you don't understand the cougar joke, but thats your ignorance.
You are absolutely correct that the big bros like Garen and Darius are overly stereotyped as well, and I don't think the OP is arguing with you on that. We just happen to be talking about the women specifically in this thread.
Meddler (NA)
: We've had that discussion regarding Yasuo and believe his unique strengths (I'm guessing you're thinking Windwall and/or the E CD?) are worth preserving.
Both Akali and Yasuo blow up enemies in low elo in less than 1 second. Getting rid of Windwall/ tower shroud won't fix that, and they need proportionately lower damage to compensate for their unique safety. Akali better be avoiding those tower shots because she couldn't kill me the first time around, not just so she has a healthy escape.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Actually I feel like that is a more feminine sounding voice.
Hmm, maybe you're right, sounds kind of like Syndra's voice filter...... mysterious
Dobiwobi (EUW)
: same. although the skull kind of looks like coven lissandra's ult it's not really that similar, and the body looks just like karthus. plus the "the old gods are calling" bit really makes it sound like this is one of those old gods that lissandra and camille worship honestly i think its a teaser for a future karthus (even got the skelly arms, _must_ be him) skin given its clearly neither lissandra nor camille
It plays Karthus' laughing voiceline in the background! It's definitely him
Prozzak (NA)
: Pbe skill level is basically bronze, but regardless I guess if they can get off the combo I am wrong. I would have assumed once the stealth is broken the ult would automatically show the first part. There must be a slight delay or these people on pbe are casting the ult just before they cast the snare.
nothing is shown if they have a disguise on also, so they got time during stealth AND until they take damage
Terozu (NA)
: She's not the first gay champ, confirmationwise that's Fiora.
It's Varus??? He has an entire gay couple inside him.
: you "Screamed"? i hate to sound harsh but really? its the internet you can find stuff of every character under the sun as gay as a double rainbow. but you had that level of reaction for this? also, while I agree her other lines can be taken as 'she like being a girl more than a boy' her being gay changes the context of all those other lines and it makes it feel more forced.
Obviously my word choice was an exaggeration, and not worth your critique. I WAS indeed excited, however, and had to share with my league friends. And yes, the context is changed, I agree! That was my point of the comment, I was emphasizing the subtlety of her sexuality. How common is it going to be for a Shyvanna and Neeko to be on the same team in the same game? Not many people are actually going to hear the line when it is being used. She's not overdone, she hasn't been reduced to nothing but her sexuality. This is a very normal character trait, and nothing is abnormal for it to feel forced. Why's Talia's eyebrows so thick? Why does Ornn have a goat head? Why is Rakan so flamboyant? Hell, why is Pyke an AD support? Just feels like Riot is _forcing _ diversity (sarcasm)
: Did Riot shove Neeko's sexuality down our throats? (Did I miss something?)
They in fact did not! She was confirmed by a Rioter to be a lesbian, and has a few flirtatious voice lines. I'd hardly consider that "shoving down throats".
Velasan (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MeilinII,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=E54EQQcl,comment-id=0001000100000000,timestamp=2018-11-20T18:29:19.581+0000) > > And for some people, especially people traditionally ignored by game design, it does draw them in more. You are not the center of the universe and your opinion on how things should go is not gospel. Ok... but I didn't say anything about that. In fact I specifically said I don't mind either way. It bothers you that I don't mind? I'm so confused right now. If that does draw you in fine. I'm not asking for any changes to her. I'm stating neutrality on the subject. The only other thing I said was that sometimes it can be useful for story writing, seeing as she is a fictional character.
Story isn't required for someone to be who they are, they just can be. Just because someone's sexuality isn't inherently visible like skin color is, doesn't mean we should just ignore it. Literally most of modern history is trying to ignore queer people, to the point where many people don't believe they exist, and that it is just a choice. With only one non-straight couple in the entire history of Runeterra (Varus), whats the harm in a girl flirting with other girls?
: I agree that the timing may feel forced, but I'm not upset. I'd rather they force change than do nothing at all. HOWEVER, a sexuality doesn't need to be part of someone's character?????? Like it's literally just who they are attracted to. ALSO I think it is part of her character! She's a spirit essence shapeshifter, and it would make sense that she would admire and be more drawn to the gender she identifies herself, more similar to her own sho'ma. Likewise, she would reasonably have a disdain for changing herself into a male, so different from her own form.
to reiterate, I'm very gay myself, and I had just assumed all these lines were cutesy compliments that girls give other girls all the time. It wasn't until the Shyvanna line about inviting her to lunch that I screamed.
: I think the timing of this is atrocious. Neeko being lesbian feels less like part of her character, and more like something popped in as a result of recent controversy (see riot and kotaku)
I agree that the timing may feel forced, but I'm not upset. I'd rather they force change than do nothing at all. HOWEVER, a sexuality doesn't need to be part of someone's character?????? Like it's literally just who they are attracted to. ALSO I think it is part of her character! She's a spirit essence shapeshifter, and it would make sense that she would admire and be more drawn to the gender she identifies herself, more similar to her own sho'ma. Likewise, she would reasonably have a disdain for changing herself into a male, so different from her own form.
: > [{quoted}](name=Paletongue,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=E54EQQcl,comment-id=000a0003,timestamp=2018-11-20T17:34:31.923+0000) > > Do you think the existence of gay people is really that controversial? > > > Probably think black people don't play League too, and that Lucian was a mistake huh No NPC turn off your fact censors: Nowhere did I say i don't like gay people. In fact I stated MANY times that I have no problem with varuis and taric as they are well developed heros with good storys. Neeko is gay for the sake of being gay,for LGBTQ players. also where the hell did your claims of rassism come from? No NPC I do not hate LGBTQs or POCs. No NPC I do not think black people do not play league,that is a ridicules statement that I have never made at any point in my life of this post.
What you DID say was, "not sure why riot doesn't realize sjws do not play their game or buy skins or champions". Yet here I am a "SJW" (actually just a homo who cares about other homos), playing League regularly and happy that my group of people finally got some representation. Neeko isn't gay for the sake of being gay, she's gay just because she is. It's not a radical concept, I'm not gay for a reason, and I don't have a gay backstory that gives me motive or furthers the purpose of me being gay. I just am.
: Getwoke go broke. Riot has less than 24 hours to go back on their statement before this game becomes a ghost town. I highly suggest they fire whoever made the stupid choice to proudly delcare her an lgbtq champion. Because this is going to cost them in the long run. I'm not sure why riot doesn't realize sjws do not play their game or buy skins or champions. Doing this will make the people who use to leave the game. They better hire a good PR rep for this one. They likely won't. History repeats itself,next move is to attack any fans who speak out against it. Next move after that is to declare all gamers who play their game to be sexist bigots. Next comes Mass ban-waves,starting with streamers who speak out against it,then normal players threw the automated system. The end of riot games will start within the next 24 hours,the moment Sargon of Akkad,The Quartering,Raging Golden Eagle or Rags get wind of riots mistake here,its all over. The dislike bombs on neekos trailer are starting already. Hope you people weren't looking forward to the next season. This game will not last another month. Someone at riot really messed up. Having this happen at the end of season gurentees no one will come back. Had they done this earlier people may have been incentivized to continue to seasons end. R.I.P get woke go broke.
Do you think the existence of gay people is really that controversial? Probably think black people don't play League too, and that Lucian was a mistake huh
: Symbolizing the champions and reworks this year so far.
What did you mean by "Flare"? Like a fire? or Like flair?
Meddler (NA)
: No. Alt tab out of the loading screen, adjust voice, alt tab back in.
this reply is still phrased kind of vaguely, though I think I understand
: What is Core to Janna’s Model?
Reav3 (NA)
: While this Champ was designed by SolCrushed, CertainlyT is indeed working on a new Champ, but that's very far off
Is he working on the chained champion?
Kelg (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=RookPusher,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=V1EAGu9k,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-11-13T17:57:05.687+0000) > > https://imgur.com/a/M4f6d6c damn i want a bearded mage boi get to work riot {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Paletongue,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BXYEAbl2,comment-id=000200000001000200000000,timestamp=2018-11-12T19:06:45.757+0000) > > He literally said, "not all these are meta but" In his title his says high mobility one shot assassin meta but none of those are meta.
But he's replying to a comment, not the OP. I don't see what your point is, he LITERALLY said they aren't all meta. Why are you arguing when you are just agreeing with him. His point is insane 1 shot damage.
: So why were they posted, apart to inflate the number of "Broken" champs in the game?
Only to truly depict the number of "one shot assassin type" champions in the game, regardless of how popular they are right now.
YoloYeet (EUW)
: uh, fortnite was released on "25 July 2017" not at the start of this year, and yes i do realise "im quitting" threads were here all the time, im specifically talking about the sharp rise of them
It didn't blow up and become so popular until early this year though.
: > [{quoted}](name=SpaceEnk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BXYEAbl2,comment-id=0002000000010002,timestamp=2018-11-12T02:25:36.212+0000) > > never judge how meta a champion is just based on their winrate. Best thing to base their standing in the game is their pick rate and playrate. Winrate is usually inflated or deflated based on how hard the champion is to use and it's skill curve. Just because a champion is hard to use doesn't make it not meta. So we should judge how good a champion is based on what? Player anecdotes saying it's busted? Much of what op listed isnt even "meta".
: Someone please fix Rengar's missing particles.It has been 2 years.
Hey could you clarify for me? A lot of these pictures don't look like the particles are missing at all, they just look like the particles are different/have been changed. There is still long streaking lines in all of the Q use images. So what are you considering "missing"? I get and understand the voicesound and the Ult recolor stuff is missing, the colors being different.
rawiazam1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Paletongue,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=B6j64w8F,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-30T22:08:29.482+0000) > > But the "unfair" situation you described is already true in the current system. I don't play Maokai or Sivir or Zed, yet those are the victorious skins. > > You sound entitled, free stuff is literally the opposite of what you should be picky for. Be picky about paid stuff, that is the product that is actually being demanded. > > Ever heard the phrase "Never look a gift horse in the mouth"? let me give all your friends 1000$ and you don't get it. tell me you won't be picky about this gift.
No, of course not! I would be happy for my friends, and joke about them spending it on me. Regardless, that analogy isn't even accurate. You should give all my friends $1000 USD and give me $885 Euros. I can't use it now, but I'm happy that i got free money in the first place, and I'll save it for next time I'm in Europe.
: New champion likely patch 8.23/next wednesday November 7th
I sure hope so! I'm so excited and have been saving my BE just in case I like this one, as I was a bit disappointed with our last mage {{champion:142}}
rawiazam1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Paletongue,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=B6j64w8F,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-30T21:37:55.684+0000) > > Well technically we shouldn't be picky about what is "fair" considering it's all free rewards. > > With that out of the way, it is pretty exciting to think about the possibility of the end of season rewards could be customized per role. > > Riot does like to surprise us! we need to be picky especially with free stuff. you prefering a role isn't a choice. when you give free stuff that is aimed at a specific demography, people that aren't in it will feel unfairness since they didn't get something for them. if you give free cars to everyone that works in electricity, people that don't work there will feel they were mistreated. same for skins aimed for a specific role; if i don't like playing support and worked hard to climb as a top laner. i won't feel that it would be fair if i got rewarded by something that i don't like: a support skin.
But the "unfair" situation you described is already true in the current system. I don't play Maokai or Sivir or Zed, yet those are the victorious skins. You sound entitled, free stuff is literally the opposite of what you should be picky for. Be picky about paid stuff, that is the product that is actually being demanded. Ever heard the phrase "Never look a gift horse in the mouth"?
rawiazam1 (EUNE)
: soo, is there gonna be 5 victorious skins next season?
Well technically we shouldn't be picky about what is "fair" considering it's all free rewards. With that out of the way, it is pretty exciting to think about the possibility of the end of season rewards could be customized per role. Riot does like to surprise us!
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Thank you for Viktor nerf
I haven't done the math yet, but won't there be a breaking point in Late game AP Viktor where he will actually deal more damage?
Rexxiee (NA)
: Reverting LB was a huge mistake
I agree with everything in your post, yet I fully disagree with the title. That rework was causing more issues than it solved, and the revert was the right choice. We can def use a new rework now though.
: Ricochet mechanic.
Both Hanzo and Junkrat had ricochet spells in Heroes of The Storm! They could totes do it in League
Vekkna (NA)
: These are the sorts of changes I'm referring to: **Zyra** * E: Base damage increased to 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 from 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200. * Q: Base damage increased to 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200 from 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180. (AP scaling increased to 60% AP from 55% AP) * Increased plant frequency/duration * During rework, plant damage reduced to 29 − 114 + .15 AP from 29.5 − 140 + .2 AP. **Brand** * Blaze: Damage per stack increased to 4% of target's maximum health from 2%. * During rework, max Blaze damage increased from 8% to 24 - 28% maximum health * During rework, total base damage and AP ratio on abilities was reduced from 1818 + 3.45 AP to 1212 + 2.15 AP * Reduced ability cooldowns across the board, increasing passive uptime **Items** * Liandry's: Ability power reduced to 75 from 80 * Torment damage per second increased to 1.5% / 2.5% from 1% / 1.5% * New Madness passive increases magic damage by 10% * Luden's: Rework made it a more commonly built item **Runes (Added Base/Flat Damage)** * Scorch: 10-30 magic damage * Comet: 30-100 + .2 AP * Electrocute: 30-180 + .25 AP * Precision first row % damage increases In aggregate, these changes represent a large increase in AP-independent damage on champs where it was already high. This causes AP-dependent damage to be an even smaller share of total damage. Meddler's right that pen vs. AP power levels are really math-intensive. AP ratios are static, so 100 AP with a 3.0 ratio is always worth 300 gross damage. The net damage after MR is 261 at 15 MR, 200 at 50 MR, 150 at 100 MR, and 120 at 150 MR. In other words, you take 100 less damage going from 0-50 MR, then 50 less going from 50-100 MR, the only 20 less going from 100-150 MR. On the other hand, the effective damage increase you get from 15 mpen swings from 13% at 15 MR, 7% at 50 MR, 4% at 100 MR, and 2.5% at 150 MR. But unlike AP's flat increase in gross damage, mpen's increase in gross damage depends on your current damage values. That's where a whole slew of additional variables have to be factored in. Zyra is the best example of this (or worst, depending on your point of view). She gets average base damage increases with skill rank. She also gets plant damage increase per champion level. That base damage is multiplied by number of plants and plant attacks. Those values are then multiplied by 1.5 during her ult. Even under common conditions (ult, 3 plants, 3 attacks each), a 114 base damage on a plant attack turns into 1026 base damage from plants in a decent combo. Meanwhile, the .15 AP ratio on a plant attack adds up to just 1.35 AP in the same combo. That's a lot of variables just to figure out what her damage is so we can determine whether a % increase from pen is cost effective. Mind you, this ignores all of her abilities, runes, bonuses, items. Assuming 0 AP for purposes of this example, Zyra's plants will get the same or more effective damage from buying Sorcs than NLR against any enemy with 60 or less MR. Interestingly enough, Zed works basically the same way Zyra does. His tooltip base damage is low, but it's subject to a bunch of multipliers. That 220 + .9 bAD on Q at level 9, multiplied by shadows and mark, adds up to 825 + 3.375 bAD from only shurikens. **TL;DR:** If you have high base damage (or multipliers like Zyra and Zed), the % increase in base damage is often worth more than raw AP/AD. Riot's changes listed above tilt the scale further towards pen and away from AP. The base damage buff to Zyra's E is a good example here. Before the buff a rank 5 E at level 9 got about the same benefit from buying Sorcs or a Blasting Wand. After the buff, she would need to buy at least 8-12 AP more AP to break even with Sorcs.
Thanks, this is just what I was looking for. I play a lot of Zyra, and this makes me nervous as to whether I should be building any of my other Mages full pen instead as well, like Viktor or Karthus.
Phoenixdust (EUNE)
: For me it doesn't matter at all, you might play for using the chat, but I play to play the game and win. I do not care about attitude if he does what he has to do. I mean, I would prefer to have a good flamer in my team instead of a positive bronzie...
Everyone wants to win, include those who aren't. And unfortunately, regardless of your own opinions, it's reportable and against the rules to flame your teammates, while it isn't reportable to just not be good at the game. You don't have to honor anyone, and you're allowed to honor the asshole that carried your team, or anyone you want. The whole reason for this thread is to show the meaning of the "Stayed Cool" honor, which you wouldn't use on a flamer, or someone that carried you. You'd use "great shottcaller" or "GG <3".
Phoenixdust (EUNE)
: Doing poorly isn't really honourable either O.o
but keeping a level head and positive attitude, despite how bad you are doing, is absolutely honorable. Heck, thats straight up impressive, holding it together after a negative experience.
: Broody things? Does he still brood? I haven't actually read the new lore.
Phoenixdust (EUNE)
: Or Rito could not encourage honoring players who played early bad, but instead honor the ones who carried? O.o I mean keeping cool when you are inting, is not really honorable :D
Doing poorly is not the same as inting. I'll say it a million times if I have to!
Vekkna (NA)
: >•Understanding whether flat pen or AP/AD will provide more damage is often a really mathy choice, rather than a clearer trade off. Check out this conversation from a year ago: https://twitter.com/RiotRepertoir/status/932814895510257665 >**Me:** The problem is that we have pen-reliant mages without enough pen to preserve 7.21 power curves. 45% of the game's flat pen was just deleted from the game without any good reason. The design question is whether these mages should be less reliant on pen since the pen doesn't exist. > >**Rep:** They should probably just be less reliant moving forward, since we don't anticipate adding any flat pen back in. As such, if there are champions suffering on account of lack of pen (Zyra, Brand, etc.), we should just adjust those champions. Look at the changelogs for Brand and Zyra. Every damage change to Zyra since 6.14 and Brand since 6.9 has *increased* their pen reliance rather than decreased it. So what gives? To be absolutely clear, **I'm not saying they need more damage.** I'm saying that Riot shouldn't be making champions rely on tons of pen, deny them the stat they need, then continue to double-down on the pen reliance. If you aren't supporting these designs through pen itemization, these champs' power curves become disproportionately dependent on enemy MR. On the flipside, pen math makes it hard to judge their relative power, and unexpectedly high damage makes them feel cheap and frustrating to play against. I wish we could just get pen-stackers rebalanced to a point where they don't need a tuning pass with every pen/resist change. 7.24 and 8.1 are good evidence that it's not sustainable.
Hey do you mind explaining what makes them more pen reliant than before? I know its true from playing them, but why is it? Smaller Ap ratios yet more sources of damage?
S0kaX (EUNE)
: It's 2018 and people still use "of" instead of "have"
I'd say it comes from the "'ve" on should've sounds like an "of". Hopefully people are typing it that way to talk in slang short hand, like saying "wanna" instead of want to, since this is a video game and there's no need to be extremely precise in grammar. BUT it is totally possible think that's grammatically correct. Yikes.
Felvyne (EUW)
: Uhm... Let me give a try... P: Blessing from the Ancient Sands _Rapha's shields grant stacks of blessed per second. After three seconds out of combat or when shields are broken, stacks are converted into healing over time. CD per champion. _ Q: Oasis in the sandstorm _Rapha creates an AoE that gives base shield to ally champions. Ally champion receive additional shield per second as long as they stand on the Oasis _ W: Lost amidst the desert _Rapha shoots a sand cloud that blinds and slows first enemy unit hit_ E: Asylum under moonlight (if Bastet iconology isn't good, Asylum in a sandtomb) _Ally champion targeted by Rapha enters into stasis for seconds or until it cancels the stasis. While on stasis, it receives shield per second and blessed sand stacks _ R: Rebirth from the sand _Targeted champion receive a buff called lifeline and Blessed Sand stacks over second. If it's killed while on lifeline, it reborns with health based on blessed sand stacks and stacks begin to drop. Reborn champions die when killed or when stacks drop to 0._ Probably she would need a lot of balancing, but it's been funny to try more traditional enchanter/shielder
I really enjoy the idea of the Oasis, kind of like a baby janna ult.
: I like the idea so here's a kit for it. Roaming mobile healer support with stealth. She's very slippery and has good utility but has very little solo fighting potential. She might be able to jungle with this kit, but she would probably struggle to clear unless if her abilities were specifically given bonus damage to monsters. P: Being in a bush and not in combat for 2 seconds grants Rapha stealth, even if her opponents have vision in the bush. Stealth lasts up to 6 seconds after exiting the bush and is refreshed when in any bush. While Rapha is stealthed, she is able to see outlines indicating nearby enemy stealthed units, traps, and wards. [Rapha and her allies cannot actually target indicated units unless they are actually revealed with a control ward or sweeping trinket first, and clearing a trap or ward on her own would involve Rapha leaving stealth.] Some of Rapha's abilities consume herbs that restock slowly over time, and she can also collect herbs that appear in bushes around the map. [Rapha must roam to collect herbs around the map to make the best use of her kit. Rapha collects two different types of herbs: medicinal and poisonous.] Q: Rapha slashes an enemy target, dealing X physical damage. If Rapha has a poisonous herb available, the attack is laced with a slow-acting toxin, applying a ramping up damage and movement debuff and dealing X + %AP magic damage over 2 seconds. After the poison has run its course, the target is paralyzed for 1 second. [The damage and movement debuff is like {{summoner:3}} but ramps up over time instead of taking effect instantly, and it is also shorter ranged. Rapha is intended as a moderately squishy AP champion, so she needs to be careful when moving into range to apply her Q.] W: Passive: Rapha's first attack or ability within 3 seconds of leaving stealth blinds her target for 1 second and reduces their sight-range for 1-3 seconds. Active: Rapha pounces in a target direction and enters stealth for up to 5 seconds. While stealthed, this can be recast to pounce again and exit stealth early. If either pounce collides with an enemy target, she deals X magic damage and this ability's passive effect is applied to the target. [This ability gives Rapha the opportunity to get into a fight and use her Q and then retreat safely as a hit-and-run tactic. It also makes her pretty safe at escaping many situations, since she's a squishy roaming support without much solo fighting ability.] E: Rapha treats an allied target with a bundle of medicinal herbs, healing them for % Target's maximum health + %AP. If Rapha targets the ground instead of a champion, she places a cache of medicine that allies can walk on to heal from, lasting up to 120 seconds. R: Cast while Rapha is stealthed: Rapha conjures a sandstorm at a target area for 6 seconds. Enemies within the sandstorm have reduced sight-range, are slowed, and are dealt % Target's current health + %AP magic damage per second. Rapha can refresh her stealth duration by inside the sandstorm. Cast while Rapha is not stealthed: Rapha conjures a blessed healing rain in an area, healing allies % Target's missing health + %AP and granting % crowd control resistance. [Visually, this should be very pretty and brightly illuminated gentle rain, and not a gloomy storm. A rainbow should shine through the heavenly rain's mist.] Likely items: {{item:3158}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3905}} {{item:3107}} {{item:2065}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3190}} etc. I am not sure if she should be melee or ranged, so support item would depend on that. I am leaning towards melee, so likely relic shield. {{item:3401}}
Ooh I want to expand on this, love stealth roaming healer! I think the overall niche is too similar to Bard, with the leaving healing on the ground. What if, instead, she was a melee healer, having to get close to her allies to heal and buff them. Highly mobile, and with stealth, she would be jumping into fights to heal and buff her allies, and then has to jump back quickly into the brush/jungle to restock her supplies before diving back into the fray again. What do you think about the idea of.... healing auto attacks? If she has stacks of herbs, she uses AAs on her allies to heal them. This could also give incentive for interesting support builds with attack speed. We also have to remember that she left Shurima because she is a pacifist, so the less damage she does, the better. I think that one, slow acting poison would be a great method to get some damage on her kit.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Terozu,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=XVscjUvN,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2018-09-18T19:42:25.804+0000) > > You realize this entire thing is fake and he&#x27;s vote manipulating the boards right? How the fuck does one even vote manipulate the boards, You think im some kind of fucking low life that would do that. Why even give a fuck about boards, the boards legit have very little to no influence over riot decisions. Plus. I got fucking college and job . i just checked this shit and was amazed at the fact this shit blew up. it isnt board manipulation. its people agreeing with me that the system is bullshit and also including their own stories. fuck outta here kid
Oooh dude thats some raging already, you're proving why you got chat restrictions in the first place.
: It needs to have a thematic background because otherwise Riot adds a champion noone plays - by which I mean, Riot reworks champions who are considered ugly because it's just a statistic (said Riot, not me, btw) that less people play unattractive champions. That's the reason for Syndra and many others being fit. "But fat does not equal unattractive" spare me that bullshit, the general conception of beauty is general for a reason. If Riot wanted to make a champion for everyone rather than generally liked champions, they wouldn't rework Swain, Urgot and many other [generally considered] unattractive champions into their current form.
That implies that a character is automatically unattractive if they are fat. As you know, that isn't true.
: ADC {{champion:43}} time. My absolute favorite champion since I started playing this game is now going to be useless.
Just won our One For All with that OP ADC Karma
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