: Keep defending the leavers
This is the classic attitude of a person who doesn't give a shit about life. Don't just say "It's a video game. Anything worth doing, is worth doing well. Is professional football "just a game" too. I can tell you one thing, it sure isn't for the people busting their ass, and I say professional but it doesn't matter what it is. High school sports teams will break down crying when they lose because unlike you, they actually give a shit, and they would never want to be told by anyone that "it's just a game", and they sure would be pissed if some jackass didn't show up for their game and they lost because of it
: Oh man, there are so many things wrong with this thread.... > The only one that wouldn't open is his support that kept telling us we could win, which was obviously bullshit. Duo or not, everyone has the right to want to play the game out. It is bullshit you think otherwise. Here you are bitching about losing LP when you didn't even attempt to play to save it and you whine about someone who do want to attempt to play the game out. > End of game rolls around and obviously the other team won't report him because that would mean they didn't earn their victory, which obviously they didn't, but I think it's really horse shit that these people should be able to get away with this. Since when would the other team not earn their victory, report or not??? AFK is handled by LeaveBuster. LB does not need report to review and process the afk. What make you think he didn't get dinged by LeaveBuster, even if no one reported him? > He fucked over our whole team, we all lost lp for it, and the other team had to waste their time running down mid for 8 min. I also think it's horse shit that people defend these people that ruin the game. Do you know why he afk'd? He could had genuinely had an irl emergency that will always take precedent over a video game. From the sound of it, he attempted to come back. > I have to come on here, wasting my own time, to fucking report him because for some fucking reason he isn't punished yet, and I think that isn't fair to me, my teammates, or the other team. This is not the place to report anyone. LeaveBuster is automated. There is not a need to report anyone. > Every single person knows if they have bad internet. Now THIS is horse shit right here
Keep defending the leavers
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Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Palumboss,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ulHh0Nd7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-11-06T02:02:06.266+0000) > > Good one I mean, it’s true. Someone going 5/11 isn’t inting, that is someone who fucked up, is getting bodied, or is just outmatched, it happens.
Jamaree (NA)
: Just checked, out of your games for the last 7 days, there wasn’t an inter in any of your losses, what you had were players playing badly and that isn’t exactly punishable.
: Fucking Inting is Rampant and Riot won't do diddlysquat about it
You ban the people who actually care about the game and let the ones who purposely ruin it get away with it every time. Absolutely fucking ridiculous
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: Earn ranked emblems starting today
I play 90 percent of my games solo, but I play one game with one of my friends and I get a dynamic emblem.
blazd (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Blue and Red buff being randomly reset when you Maokai Q them.
: UPDATE: Play games that matter with /remake
All of you people whining, if you aren't in a game in the first 3 min, you are fucking your team. So you deserved to be fucked back
Bolter (NA)
: Do you feel like a bad person?
LOL. yeah that's what I was thinking. These are all good questions but you gotta ask the real ones. Like how do you sleep at night?


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