: Autolosing when buying champion mid-fight.
This was not a bug, if you look your time is up. However, this is very similar to a β€œbug” I literally just posted about which is kassadin. Just faced a lvl3 kass who was pretty much unkillable. He would 1v4-6 and not take any damage.
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: Please nerf Tahm Kench and Riven for the love of god
For the love of god I agree. He's so insanely broken at the moment. Definitely top 3 of the most broken champs I've faced in LoL since my start in S4. I have yet to find a champ that goes even with him, he runs everyone down and is so obnoxious to play against. Makes me want to quit the moment I see I'm facing him. He's just so stupidly broken. Like come on, hotfix him already. He's just way too strong.
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